The Teacher’s Pet – part 2

This week’s short story is the sequel to last week’s. The follow-up to another of my earliest stories. Enjoy.

Sitting out in the water, waiting for my turn to catch the next wave, I just couldn’t keep focused. The beaches were lined up with some of the most beautiful women you would have seen, but try as I must, I just couldn’t manage a hard on for any of them. I sat in a surfer line just off the coast while a group of bronze-bodied beach jewels watched and cheered from the beach. It was one of those days you’d wish would never end, but my mind wasn’t even in Fiji anymore. It was back in my office with that slut, Kat. Suddenly, I was being yelled at from behind.

“Hey! Go before you miss it!” I snapped back into reality and realized I was next and my wave was already coming. I staggered before paddling hard towards it. I tried to focus back to the wave, but it was too much. I stood up and rode the pipe, but a stray thought about that Brittney Spears wannabe moaning loud at me made me flinch and lose balance. I was thrashed embarrassingly early, and as I swam to the surface, I could hear the group of admirers laughing at me. It made me feel so little that I had to leave. I got back to my hotel room and took a shower, embarrassed, but still unable to shake the thought of her. That’s it, I decided, I wasn’t about to embarrass myself anymore. I got an earlier flight back to the states and waited out my vacation time at home.

* * *

Saturday had arrived and the day was starting to get late. Kat was in her dorm room moving around nervously. Her attention shifting from out her window to the clock. She was waiting impatiently for a message she hoped would bring good news. Soon it vibrated and Kat practically jumped on it to answer. She bit her lip and nervously opened the message. Relief ran over her like a wave as she read: “I’ll do it, be there soon.”

Time slowed down for me however, Saturday couldn’t come quickly enough. But pretty soon, I’d finally be able to finish what I started with that slut. I moved around anxiously all evening, waiting for that clock to hit eight. What felt like years had passed and eight had arrived, I however was crawling up the wall in anticipation. This little slut had snuck her way into every one of my thoughts like a fucking ninja and I couldn’t fight it. But I wasn’t about to let her know that she won the bet either. I had my pride to consider after all.

The doorbell finally rang and I resisted the urge to run to it. As I opened the door, I saw the familiar blond girl with an amazing body and an attitude matching her name, Kat. Just behind her was a gorgeous looking redhead. I had heard all the rumors about this one too. Her name was Emily, a short little thing, with an equally nice body to Kat. She was also known to be a slut, but anyone’s only ever seen her with other women, so it was hard to tell if she was bi, or a lesbian. She gave me a smile before she went back to checking out Kat’s ass. They were both wearing miniskirts, but Kat wore a small t-shirt, while Emily wore a thin sweater. I led them inside and they quickly found my bedroom. No ‘Hello, how are you? ’ they just walked in like it was business as usual. Kat collapsed on the bed and Emily stood next to her. They both removed their tops, Emily wore a bra, Kat did not. I approached Kat to start on her tits, but was then stopped by her friend.

“Uh-uh, those are for me.”

“Then what the hell do I get?” I knew I sounded pathetic, but I didn’t care. Emily then cupped her tits.

“This,” Then she cupped her ass.

“And this.”

So she wasn’t a lesbian after all. As it turned out, she was simply into older men, so none of the other college guys ever made it with her. She turned back around to face Kat and tilted her ass up the same way a gymnast does and bent over into Kat with her head turned to me, as if to say, ‘You may fuck me now’. She turned her attention to Kat and started playing with her tits. I wasted no time getting on my knees behind her and spread her ass open, nibbling on the insides of her thighs; she jumped a little at each bite. Her pussy started getting warmer and more moist. I took my thumb and rubbed it against her, taking some of her juices and rubbed it on her clit. She definitely liked it, because she took Kat’s tits in her mouth now too. Her hand worked down under Kat’s skirt and moved slowly around it. Kat started moaning more, but I could see her looking at me like she wanted me to touch her that way too.

I stood up and pulled out my cock, already rock hard and ready for anything. I brought my cock to her pussy and rubbed the head against her lips, and was surprised when she shot back straight up, turned around and got on her knees, then devoured my cock. Kat was shocked at the now lack of attention on her, but was getting hot from watching us. She reached under her skirt and continued what her friend had started. Emily kept taking my dick like a pro, before stroking me and licking my balls. This gorgeous little redhead definitely knew what she was doing. Kat could only watch with a look of wanting and jealousy at her friend keeping my cock to herself.

Emily didn’t suck for very long before she stood up and moved me to the bed and pushed me lying next to Kat. She removed my pants completely now and Kat unbuttoned my shirt, as she practically crawled on top of me, kissing my lips. Once I was naked, they both took turns removing their skirts. They were both cleanly shaven and wet for me, and each other. Kat went back to keeping my lips to herself, as I felt Emily straddle me. She grabbed my rock hard cock with her hand and lowered herself on to me. As I entered her, she let out a loud moan. Her pussy was so tight, but she loved the feeling of me stretching her. She immediately started rocking her body onto me, while Kat kissed me harder and guided my hand to her pussy. I started fingering her as she wanted and she moaned into my lips. Emily’s hands were on my chest and was moaning more and more as she rode me even harder. It must have been a long time since she had been with another guy.

Kat had suddenly become restless and climbed over me. I suddenly found myself with her soaked pussy on my face. I wasted no time tasting her delicious pussy and she moaned just as loud as Emily did, as she gently began riding my face. I was in shear heaven pleasing two women at once. Emily took her hands off my chest and wrapped them over Kat’s tits now and started playing with them. Kat leaned back slightly to give her easier access. I started squirming my tongue inside her pussy and this pushed her over the edge. Kat came on my face. Watching Kat orgasm caused Emily to cum, her pussy clenched around my dick.

Both of them stopped moving but still moaned and shook, as I kept licking Kat and Emily remained on my cock. They both got up and on to my chest. “Now it’s your turn to cum teacher.”

They both had a sexy smile. One kissed my lips, as the other kissed my neck. They rolled over next to me and Emily held Kat on top of her and adjusted her legs to be more open.

“Will this get me an ‘A’ teacher?” As I got up, I saw Emily had positioned both of their legs open so both of their pussies were open and on top of each other. It was like a pussy sandwich just for me. I positioned myself in front of them and entered Kat first. I knew she wanted it badly and she did, she moaned just as loud as she did when I fucked her before I went on vacation. As I started thrusting into her, I was almost surprised at how good her pussy felt. I barely knew how it felt, because I spent so much time fucking her tight little ass. I almost wanted to be in her ass all over again. I kept fucking her like the little slut she was and she loved every thrust. I pulled out and switched into Emily’s pussy, feeling that familiar tightness I’d felt only a few minutes ago. She moaned again, as loudly as ever and her nails began dragging down Kat’s back.

As if Kat could read my mind, she turned her head to me and had that wanting look again. She placed her hands on her ass and spread them open, exposing that asshole I fucked only days ago.

“Please teacher, fuck my ass again. I couldn’t stop thinking about since the last time.” Her voice sounded so sincere. So she obsessed over that day as much as I had during the vacation. Emily gave a sly smile, she was intrigued by what Kat meant by ‘last time’.

“Yeah teacher, she wants that ‘A’, so fuck her ass good.” She replied coyly, before reaching under Kat and rubbing her clit. Kat started moaning but never stopped looking at me, she wanted it desperately, so I was going to give it to her. I positioned my cock over her tight little hole and started pushing. After two or three thrusts, my shaft slid into ass and she let out that moan that made it so hard to forget her. Hearing that moan struck a chord in me and all of the sudden, I just couldn’t help but start fucking her ass hard. I had grabbed her hips and started pulling her into me with each rough thrust.

Her moans changed to utter ecstasy and her nails started to dig into Emily’s shoulders. Emily bit her lip and was getting very hot watching me fuck her like this; she even started furiously fingering her own ass. She definitely wanted me to fuck her ass next, but I only wanted Kat’s tight little hole. My hips were smacking against her ass, I was spanking her, and her fingers were preoccupied rubbing her own clit, as she wanted badly to cum for me again. As she managed to orgasm, she practically collapsed on Emily, as well as her asshole tightened around my cock. As I kept fucking her, my dick started to get stiffer and it was going to be my turn to cum. It was apparent on my face because Emily spoke first. “Cum in her ass teacher, fill her ass up!”

Emily’s voice was filled with desire and a little submission, she started playing and fingering her holes harder and faster, as she watched my face. It was all I needed to sit up straight and clutch Kat’s hips tight. My cock exploded in her has and I started filling her with my semen. Kat arched her body up, as shock and utter excitement filled her face. The very image of our faces then caused Emily’s body to arch up into her friend and started having her own strong orgasm. As our orgasms ended, we each started to collapse where we were and were breathing hard, our bodies covered in sweat, feeling a little sticky and euphoric. Then the girls sat up and looked at me. Kat spoke first, “So does this mean we both get an ‘A’ now?”

“I think you’ve both earned your grades, yes.” I tried to say between breaths. And then Emily spoke.

“Well, maybe now we should work on extra credit.” She smiled at Kat, who then smiled back at her friend. I gave an exhausted chuckle then sighed, covering my face with my hands. But then realized I probably should have covered my dick, because before I could open my eyes, I felt hands, lips and tongues on my cock all over again…


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