The Roommate Mix-up

This week’s story is a favorite among my regular readers. Sometimes, desire is stronger than obligation.

Shawna yawned, both bored and sleepy, for her first day of college at Michigan State. She was still too used to sleeping in and not worrying about going to school at seven in the morning, but now, she had to start setting her alarm clock again. Fuck. She waited in line patiently at the dorm administration office to get her assigned room and key. It was a coed dormitory for both guys and chicks, and Shawna could already smell the sex in the air here. She was looking forward to sneaking her boyfriend Desmond into her room and having all kinds of fun. He was staying in a fraternity house almost all the way across campus; they practically had to drive to see each other now.

Shawna was getting impatient now as she was next in line and getting tired of holding her comforter in her arms. She just wanted to get up to her room and go back to sleep before bringing the rest of her stuff up from the car and unpacking. Finally, the blond butter-face with glasses got her key and it was Shawna’s turn. She stepped up to the desk and gave her name. As the administrator was typing something in, she just glanced around before she heard something on the desk move. Curious, she turned to look at what it may be before she realized it was her comforter moving a tray of documents and the sudden turn caused her to push them off the desk completely. All the papers scattered on the floor. She freaked, “Oh shit!! I’m so sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.”

She dropped her comforter on the ground away from the papers and helped to pick them up. As she knelt down, the guys (and maybe a few girls) were checking out her backside where short white t-shirt revealed her pink thong that was sticking out of her tight skinny jeans which accented her cute little ass. As she and the administrator gathered up all the papers, they were more piled than organized, so the administrator shuffled through them to find which room she was to be placed in. “It’s fine, umm, You said Shawna Bracken, correct?”

“ Yes.”

“ I- uh… I believe you’re to be in room 238… Wait, isn’t that…? No, it’s fine. Yes, room 238. Here’s the key.”

He grabbed the spare key from the rack of keys behind him and handed it to her. Shawna took the key and bent over once more to pick up her comforter, giving every guy in line one last look at her ass before standing and holding her blanket to her chest. It pushed up her tits slightly and made them look a little perkier than normal (not that they didn’t already look really perky). She had C cups and even though they weren’t as big as a lot of chicks who had amazing D cups, they still got men’s attention.

She made her way up to the second floor and found her room, she was hoping she didn’t have a chatty roommate who would talk about her boyfriend all day and how she wanted to join a sorority. She just wanted to get in her bed and pass out for a few more hours. She found the room and quickly opened the door and walked in, she almost didn’t notice the man lying on one of the beds completely naked and jerking off. He was watching something on a laptop, probably porn, and was wearing one of those noise-cancelling headphones, so all you hear is what’s playing. That would explain why he didn’t notice Shawna walking in on him.

He had very short dirty blond and a body built like a soccer player (Desmond played soccer too, so she knew very well what that kind of body should look like). He wore glasses that were small and looked as though they didn’t belong on his face. But Shawna couldn’t stop staring at his large cock, it was more thick than long, but wasn’t lacking in length either. She moved her short auburn hair out of her face with her fingers to get a better look. She knew she shouldn’t be staring, but it was her ideal cock. Desmond’s dick was pretty close, but this guy’s was verbatim, and it was shaved too! A sudden jolt of pleasure rushed down her spine and down to her pussy. She felt herself getting warmer and the jolt turning into wetness. Her pussy contracted as if she had a tiny, silent orgasm. It felt like hours, but it was only a few seconds before the guy finally noticed Shawna out of the corner of his eye and suddenly jumped and covered himself with his blanket.

“ Who the hell are you?” He said almost angrily, which was understandable.

“ I- ah, I’m sorry, I just got assigned to this room. Are you my roommate’s boyfriend?” She tried looking anywhere else in the room but at him, trying to be polite. But secretly wanted to keep staring at him stroking his dick.

“ No, this is my room; you’re in the men’s side of the dorms.” There was obvious frustration in his voice.

“ Oh,” She tried not to sound like an idiot, but she was slightly hypnotized by the image still fresh in her mind. “OK… I’ll… just go…” She slowly turned back to the door to leave but the man had quickly gotten up, rushed to her and grabbed her arm.

“ What’s your name?” He didn’t sound angry anymore. She hesitated briefly.

“ … Shawna, but I really should leave.”

“ No,” he gripped her arm harder and pulled a little causing her to drop the comforter on the floor by the door. “I’m Brandon, and it seems we have problem here.”
She turned her head a bit to see his face, “What problem?”

“ You walked in on me, didn’t say anything, didn’t walk back out or knock. You just stood there and got a free show.”

“ I’m sorry, I jus-”

“ So I think I should get a free show.” Brandon interrupted with a grin on his face. Shawna was a little creeped and reached for the door knob. “I really can’t-”

“ Oh you can,” Brandon pulled her away from the door and she stumbled backwards landing on the spare bed, “And you will.”

Oh my god, was he going to hurt her if she didn’t? Shawna went from creeped to scared. She wanted to scream but was too scared he might try to hurt her if she did. So she just stayed still, she couldn’t help but glance at his cock again. It was still rock hard and it made her a little more wet, but she didn’t want to show it. She just wanted to run away back to Desmond and forget about all of this.

“ Now strip for me.” His voice rang with authority, Shawna wasn’t going to argue, she just slowly took off her white t-shirt and looked at his face again.

“ Keep going.”

Shawna slowly removed her bra; she wasn’t stripping seductively, just as she would normally take them off. Next came her tight skinny jeans, but removed her jeans and thong together rather than separately. She didn’t look at him, just looked to the side and blushed at how bare she was in front of a stranger.

“ Now open your legs and play with your pussy.”

Shawna blushed harder and hesitated before laying back and reluctantly opened her legs, she barely rubbed herself at all before something unexpected happened. The image of his perfect cock made her very sensitive and even slight rubbing made her fingers feel amazing. Her legs jumped a bit at the jolt of pleasure and suddenly she lost control, she got much wetter really quick as she rubbed more and couldn’t stop herself from bringing her gaze back to his dick. She stared and felt so horrible thinking about having Brandon inside her. She tried to think of her boyfriend instead, but couldn’t get the thought of Brandon out. She stared at his dick longer than she should have before Brandon noticed and another grin formed on his face. Brandon got closer to her and started stroking his cock again. Aw shit, he noticed her staring, she thought.

“ You want this, don’t you?” Shawna stopped rubbing and looked him in the eye. She didn’t want to cheat on her boyfriend, but still felt dirty as she kept fantasizing Brandon fucking her.

“ No…” She tried hard to deny her desires, but her soaked and slightly twitching pussy betrayed her.

“ Oh yes you do…” He began to hover over her, leaning forward into her. She was frightened, tried to push him away, but he grabbed her arms and held them down on the mattress. She tried to close her legs, but his hips were already between knees, closing them was impossible now. His cock was only inches from her pussy now and only getting closer. She closed her eyes and tried desperately to deny that she wanted his cock, she tried to make herself believe she wanted Desmond more. Then she felt Brandon enter her, she closed her eyes tighter, but the moment he was all the way inside her, her eyes jutted open and moaned loud. Holy shit it felt so amazing….. No! I can’t, she thought. I only want to be with Desmond… but Brandon’s cock feels so perfect in me! Shawna’s mind kept arguing over whether she loved it or hated it. And it didn’t help that Brandon was holding her down and being rough. It was something she was turned on by whenever Desmond did it. She loved being submissive, but it somehow turned her on more now that the situation was authentic.

Finally, even though her conscious continued to deny it, her body betrayed her. Shawna’s legs began to relax and sink, giving him more access, she stopped struggling her arms, and allowed herself to moan in pleasure. Brandon started to thrust faster now; her open legs let him go deeper. As soon as he detected her enjoying it, he released her arms and instead grabbed her ankles. He brought them both to his shoulders and held her thighs in place. This drove Shawna insane as moaned louder and gripped the sides of the mattress. Her knuckles turning white and her toes curled hard. She couldn’t help what was happening; she started to cum, her pussy clenching around his cock. But it didn’t relax her, it only made the feeling of his thrusting more intense, each time she came again her orgasm was getting stronger, clenching harder around his cock until he finally started to stiffen more, she knew what came next.

Now even her own voice betrayed her, “Oh god! Cum in me!!”

As if on command, he immediately shot a huge load inside her. As his cum filled her pussy, it put Shawna way over the edge, her body stiffened, lifting her butt off the bed and she squirted hard. She had never squirted before, not with Desmond, not with anyone else. Juices flew from her pussy and sprayed all over Brandon’s thighs, hips and stomach; as well as the mattress. She didn’t realize she could even squirt that much, let alone at all!

Shawna collapsed hard after Brandon ceased to move and collapsed at the end of the bed too.

“ That was so amazing.” Shawna finally admitted.

Brandon got up a little, looking at her and smiled, “You can go now if you want.” His voice was much nicer than it was before. So he probably wasn’t really going to hurt her after all. She got her clothes back on and fixed up her hair before she picked her comforter and opened the door, she even smiled back at him before walking out.

She returned downstairs to report the mix-up to the administrator, but told no one about what transpired in there. The administrator made the mistake when he forgot whether room 238 was where the women’s side of the dorm ended, or where then men’s side began. And all rooms are assigned alphabetically, so it was a strange twist of fate to see that the room was meant for a, get this, Shawn Bracken. Shawna returned her key and got the key to the correct room, room 236(which was literally right next door to Brandon’s room). She went to her new dorm only to find she really did have chatty sorority girl wannabe for a roommate. She fell on her bed and passed out.

A week later, her classes were done and she had two days off for the weekend. Shawna was stressed and needed to relieve it, but Desmond was a fifteen minute drive away and she was low on gas. Frustrated, she tried to satisfy herself, but it just wasn’t the same, she needed something more inside her. So she stood up, wearing a miniskirt and no panties, walked out of the dorm, and knocked at her neighbor’s door. It was Brandon who opened the door with a smile. To which Shawna responded only with, “Oops, I think I’m at the wrong room again.” And winked.


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