What Cosmo doesn’t say your man secretly wants

Earlier this week, I was at the grocery store, picking up cat food for Milo(since I forgot to get it when shopping for groceries). Standing in line to check out, I look over at the magazine rack, and I see the usual collection of celebrity gossip magazines, and lifestyle magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Redbook. We’ve all read them, checked out the articles, and read the tips on improving your sex life. In fact, it seems every issue of these magazines now has an article just for sexual improvement. Of these various tips, the most surprising ones are usually along the lines of “Things your man secretly desires”.

I’m not saying the articles are untrue, or not entirely accurate, only that these ‘secret desires’ are… not so secret. Most of the time, the things you’ll read list such desires as: watching porn with him, bringing in another woman for a threesome, wearing sexy lingerie more often, or just to let out your inner slut. These are good tips, they really are, but most guys would openly admit to having these desires. Most of the time, when writing these desires, the author would base that list on their own, personal experience, or on the opinions of some of their guy friends. It’s not a bad resource, but I wanted to find out more. These are the secret desires of men Cosmo won’t tell you about.

When I was working as a ghost writer, writing erotica eBooks on various topics and genres, the first thing I would do is research each of these kinks, and learn why people ‘get into it’. I can tell you right now, most guys are into some pretty crazy stuff(but don’t think women are into any less crazy stuff! I know many of you ladies fantasize about tentacle sex and getting gang-banged). So I decided to find out what most guys are actually secretly desiring in the bedroom, but are too embarrassed to ever admit. To do this, I needed honest answers from guys, without making them feel too self-conscious about their answers. There’s only one place where I could go to get that kind of honesty: the Whisper App.

It took me a few days, and I had to wade through the pile of sarcastic replies to get them all, but I’m happy with my results. I may even turn to using Whisper more often to get answers for questions like these. So, below are the top answers in order of the number of responses. For any ladies reading this, there’s a chance your man might be into one of these kinks, but would never tell you. If you think you’d want to try this with him, you could try suggesting it to him, but gently. For writers, you may even consider using this list as inspiration for your next story.



A few of the guys who responded gave some variation of this response. The spectrum is actually quit large here. On one end, there was a guy who responded there was nothing hotter than having a woman force him to perform oral, or as he put it, ‘forced to eat her V’. On the other end, one responded saying he wanted complete and utter domination from his woman. He wished to relinquish complete control, and wanted to be bound, slapped, beaten, and would even submit to getting pegged by his woman.

Prostate Massage


This may seem rather odd to a lot of you, but it’s got legitimate benefits, and is probably more common than you think. Although many guys responded saying they wanted to perform anal on their woman, others admitted to wanting this done to them. one responded saying he wanted to have a simple prostate massage, while another stated he wanted to have his anus fingered while his woman gave him a blowjob. For most men, an orgasm from prostate massage is quite similar to a clitoral orgasm for women, as far as it’s intensity goes. This is because both men and women have their own G-spot inside them, but while women can stimulate it vaginally, men can only reach it through the back door.



Believe it or not, this particular genre is not new to me. I had to do some serious research into this genre some time ago to write a story for a client. To make the story believable, I needed to understand why some couples go this route. There were quite a few guys who responded saying they wanted to be forced to watch their woman have sex with a better man, and they would be forced to watch. One went into detail, describing how he desperately wanted to feel depraved, and have his woman treat him like shit while being forced to give a blowjob to the bigger man. Couples often go out looking for another man(usually called “Bulls”), often more muscular, and sexually more experienced, than the husband(often called “Cucks”). The reason is because Cucks who watch their wife, or girlfriend, be taken by a Bull is a means of ‘mental bondage’. In this case, it’s the man’s sanity and pride that is tied down, rather than his body.

It’s actually a rather drawn out and elaborate process that often continues on much further than just the sex. Some of the Cucks never rise above their status as the ‘useless husband’, and continue to serve their wives or girlfriends in a desperate attempt to keep their affections. In some rare cases, the Cucks act as surrogate fathers for the Bull’s child. This isn’t to say this kink is completely one-sided. Although it’s extremely rare(rare enough that I’ve never heard of a specific instance), it is possible for the role to be reversed, whereas the husband forces their wife to watch as he has sex with a more attractive woman, while she is verbally degraded as well.

Inviting another man


This had, by far, the greatest number of responses on Whipser. However, the reasons for this varied greatly. One man responded saying he were secretly bi, or bi curious, and wanted to experience what being with another man might be like. A few others said the same, but specified they would also bring in a transexual, or someone who was a cross-dresser.

Yes, there’s virtually no end to the number of guys who wish they could bring in another woman for an ffm threesome, but as the rest of the responders described, there are a great number of guys who want to bring in another man for their girlfriend or wife as well. This may sound a bit like what I said earlier about cuckoldry, but it differs greatly as the boyfriend or husband is able to participate. For many guys, they enjoy the idea of watching their wife with another man to increase their own sexual desire for their wife. What happens in this case, is the boyfriend is filling up with testosterone due to seeing his ‘mate’ with another male, and this triggers a kind of ‘sexual competition’. When he then joins in, or takes his turn after the other man, he’s even more riled up than he would be if he had his woman all to himself. This leads to increased performance, endurance, and satisfaction for all parties involved.

Hopefully, if you have a boyfriend or husband, you have a better idea of what might be going through his mind at times. For men who have these kinds of kinky thoughts, take ease knowing you’re not alone, nor is there anything wrong with you. Many men like to enjoy some of the more taboo things in life, and some like to have a full menu available. Also, rest assured, there’s a lot of women who have similar desires as well. It may very well be time for you to have a conversation with your partner about these thoughts, and be sure you’re both comfortable, and trusting enough, to be open about these things.

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