Truth or Dare

In this week’s Erotic Bite, we meet a young man who was unlucky enough to be left out of a sexual adventure. That is, until a MILF bombshell helps him get back at those who snubbed him. Enjoy!

The pressure was on as the young woman glanced at the people around her, trying to decide who was going to be next. Her choices came down to either one of the three young men who sat in front of her, or her blonde friend who sat next to her. Two of the men who sat before her were brunettes, while the other had short, raven hair. All three of them had athletic builds, although one of the brunettes seemed more muscular than the other two. She knew she wanted to pick one of them, but which one?

The five of them sat in a circle in the middle of a girl’s bedroom, in what they all regarded to be a really nice house. It belonged to Chelsea, or rather, her mother. She was currently the one trying to decide who to pick.

“Brandon, truth or dare?” she said, pointing to the brunette man with the larger build.

With a cheeky smile, the young man replied, “Dare.”

The whole group chuckled, not surprised by his choice. This game had been playing out for a while now, and for a group of college students with nothing else to do, the game had grown rather sexual very quickly. Everyone had already been dared right down to their underwear, and they didn’t seem ready to stop the game anytime soon. Chelsea and her friend were already dared out of their bras, and used their arms to cover their chests. The young woman with bottle-blonde hair gave a mischievous smile, and made her decision, “I dare you to remove your boxers, now.”

Her demand was first met by a growing ‘oooOO’ from the rest of the group, as Brandon was the first one to be dared into full nudity. Without any hesitation, he stood up from his spot on the floor, dropped trou, and held his arms up as if to reveal himself to the world. The girls laughed as they saw his semi-erect member flop out, while his friends averted their gaze, embarrassed. He seemed rather proud of his dick size, and didn’t mind showing it off either. Satisfied, he sat back down again, and everyone looked to Kaycee, the pretty girl with dirty-blonde hair, as it was now her turn.

Spending almost no time considering who to choose, she looked straight at the other brunette man, saying, “Jared, truth or dare?”

Looking a bit nervous, and a hint of a blush on his face, he hesitated a few moments, not sure what to say. But he gave in to the pressure, “Dare,” he replied.

No one was surprised when Kaycee pointed straight to his boxers, and with an interested smile, said, “Off with them.”

Unlike Brandon, Jared was a bit more conservative. Rather than standing and making it into a spectacle, the bashful brunette rolled onto his back, slipped his boxers past his waist, and rolled back up into a seated position, moving the fabric down his legs, and off. He was now just as naked as his friend sitting next to him. As a joke, Brandon grabbed Jared’s boxers from him, and tossed them onto Chelsea’s bed, landing on her bright blue comforter. Jared was about to get up to retrieve it, but rolled his eyes as his friend chuckled beside him.

“Ok, it’s your turn,” Chelsea proclaimed, looking at Brandon. It wasn’t hard to see her eyes looking up and down his bare body. Plus, the way she would quickly glance at his groin when she thought no one was looking. She was terrible when it came to discretion.

Brandon was plainly having a difficult time making a decision on his next move. He wanted to make a strategic play that would work in his favour, and preferably, towards a sexual favour. It was a wonder he was able to use any sort of strategy, whatsoever, with so much blood gathering in places other than his brain. Still, the obvious choice was for him dare one of the young women to remove their panties, and let the pieces fall where they may. The group awaited his next move with anticipation.

“Chelsea, truth or dare?” he asked. You could almost see a tiny throb between his legs when he directed his question towards her.

Having come this far in the game, the blonde girl knew she could either take the dare, and be just as naked as them, or try to delay it by saying ‘truth’. But by doing so, she’d just be wimping out on a game that was her idea in the first place. She wasn’t about to punk out of the game, and she had other intentions once they were all naked anyway. She shifted in her seat, her breasts pressed up as she struggled to conceal them with her arm. With a bold look, she replied, “Dare.”

Kaycee gave her friend a look of disbelief, her mouth agape. Brandon gave the slyest smiled you’d ever seen, and went for the throat with his next dare, “I dare you and Kaycee to strip down and shower together.”

The whole group looked at him wide-eyed and fell silent. Up until now, this was just a friendly game that had turned into a peep show for them. But now, it had grown into what was possibly about to become a soft-core porno. Brandon raised his eyebrows at them, seeing if they would take his challenge or not.

Chelsea started first, “You can’t dare two people at once, just me. That’s against–”

“I’m in,” Kaycee interrupted.

Kaycee’s statement was met with another rise from the guys, and an astounded look from her friend. It was certainly not the reaction anyone was expecting from such a modest girl.

“See?” Brandon interjected, “Kaycee’s willing, so what’s it gonna be?”

Chelsea looked back towards Kaycee, and both of them began blushing and smiling at each other. They made small gestures with their faces, like small nods and moved their lips as if they wanted to say something. Their subtle form of communication seemed to concur to follow through with the dare. The two ladies got up, kept their chests covered, and sauntered into the adjoining bathroom. The guys watched with bated breath as there was only silence for a few moments, then the sound of the shower turning on.

All three guys got up, and wanted to see inside, as the bathroom door had been left open. They couldn’t see the shower directly, but the large mirror was visible, so they angled their heads to see the shower in it’s reflection. As promised, the two blonde women were clearly naked, in the shower together, and even went so far as to lather each other, making naughty noises as their hands ran over their bodies. The guys watched their peep show, making breathy chuckles, and kept their hands on their crotches, making sure their growing hard-ons didn’t touch each other. There seemed to be some giggling and whispers in the bathroom as the spectacle went on.

“Oh, Brandon,” Chelsea spoke with a raised sing-songy voice, trying to speak over the small roar of running water, “I dare you to come in here and join me.”

The two other men looked at Brandon, marvelled, and patted him on the shoulder, encouraging him to go in. Just as he did, Kaycee spoke up as well.

“Hey, Jared? I dare you to join me as well.”

With that, the modest young man with the dark hair got up, and eagerly made his way into the bathroom. Thinking he would be called in next, Justin waited patiently for one of the ladies to call him in. He imagined the wild orgy that would likely take place in the large shower Chelsea had. He’d never had any experience as wild as this before, and his heart was nearly about to beat out of his chest. All he had to do was wait for his invitation to join in on the fun.

He waited and waited, for several minutes, hearing nothing but small moans, kissing noises, and giggles. Justin was sure his moment would arrive any second now. As the anticipation built up further, he heard one of the girls let out a shudder, then a moan. Justin angled his head to see the mirror again, but it was already starting to fog up. All the same, he could tell Chelsea was the one moaning, and she and Brandon had begun having sex. Only moments later, Kaycee and Jared followed suit.

With all four of them in the shower, touching each other’s bodies, pleasuring each other, giving in to their desires, it was looking less and less as if Justin was ever going to be invited in to join the party. He had been left behind, still in his boxers, and beginning to feel rather hurt, and depressed. He considered leaving, but wanted to hold out for hope, thinking his friends would realise that he was still there. Every passing moment was beginning to feel more and more insulting. He decided to just sit back down, and waited for the awkward moment when they would come out, and see him still waiting there.

“Who are you?” a woman spoke from behind him. Justin turned around to see an older woman standing in the doorway of Chelsea’s bedroom, wearing a fitted black dress with lace over the shoulders. Justin recognised the blonde woman as Chelsea’s mother, from the few odd occasions she picked Chelsea up from her classes. She was a bottle blonde, just like her daughter, but had a bigger rack, and rocked a milf body to match. She was a bombshell of a woman.

Still, she had caught Justin in her daughter’s room, and he didn’t have any decent excuses as to why he was there alone, wearing only his boxers.

“I’m Justin, I’m… I’m a friend of Chelsea’s… from school,” he uttered, not having any other good responses to give. His stomach sank, and he felt a very real threat of being marked as some kind of pervert. The fact his dick was already hard didn’t help his case either. There was a moment of silence, coupled with an appalled look from Chelsea’s mother.

“Where is Chelsea?” she asked. Before Justin could muster the words to reply, a sudden, resonating moan from her daughter erupted from the adjacent bathroom. Chelsea’s mother opened her mouth, shocked, and understandably so.

She turned her attention back to the brunette pervert sitting on the floor, “Who’s in there with her?”

Justin thought it odd, at first, that Chelsea didn’t hear her mother’s voice over the sound of running water, but felt obligated to answer her honestly, “Brandon… and Kaycee, and Jared.” His response was nervous, and he feared what she might say next. Things weren’t looking good for him, or for his friends. She looked back towards the open door leading into the bathroom, and seemed ready to rain on the party.

“Every fucking time I leave her at home, she thinks it’s ok to pull some shit like this?” she proclaimed. Justin couldn’t help but wonder how often this happened in the past. Chelsea’s mom stepped forward, ready to barge into the bathroom.

“She thinks she can just have an orgy while I’m gone and–” she stopped abruptly, and cut off her own sentence, standing in the middle of the room. She turned to Justin again, and it finally occurred to her, “Hold on, did they just leave you out here?”

Justin nodded, reminded of how bad he felt prior to her coming into the room. The middle-aged blonde sighed, exasperated, and crossed her arms. More moaning could be heard from the shower, and it sounded like it was becoming a bit more hardcore in there. Justin could see the the blonde bombshell’s face start to turn red as she listened to her daughter getting pounded by a jock. It seemed she’d had enough, and was ready to take action.

“Get up,” she demanded of him, “What’s your name?”

“J-Justin,” he stammered.

She grabbed his forearm, about to lead him out of the room. “Wait,” she stalled, “First, take off your boxers. Leave them on the floor for them to find after they’re done.”

Shocked, Justin did as he was told, and removed them. He made sure to drop them on the same spot of the floor where he’d been sitting. He suspected she had some other, more devious, plan to punish her daughter, but had no idea what it entailed. He felt a bit awkward, being naked in front of Chelsea’s mother, but noticed that she stared at his hard member for a few moments. She seemed to make a quick smirk as she raised an eyebrow, then led him out of the room, clutching his arm like an angry mother.

“Little slut thinks she can fuck any guy she wants while I’m gone? No! I’m tired of her shit! This is my fucking house!” she rambled on while towing Justin behind her.

The brunette man was feeling very anxious, and kept looking around, wondering where they were going, and if anyone else could see him. She was leading him down some long hallways, and entered a room. Justin was taken aback by how nice the room was furnished, but that thought ceased when the blonde mother closed the door behind them. On the other end of the room was a large, king-sized bed with a dark, wooden frame. Justin found himself now standing in the middle of what must have been the blonde woman’s bedroom, with her staring him down.

“I– I’m not sure what’s going on,” he stammered.

“What’s going on,” she began, her arms crossed, and her eyes looking up and down his bare body, “is I work all day, dealing with bullshit from my clients, only to come home and deal with bullshit from my daughter. And she thinks she can just live off my success, and fuck any guy she wants?” she slowly stepped towards him, “No, I have needs too. And since you were so rudely left out, we’re both going to give that bitch what’s coming to her.”

Justin’s stomach dropped again, “I-I don’t… What’s happening here?” he could barely formulate his words correctly.

Chelsea’s mom tilted her head down slightly, and raised her eyebrows at him. She had a look that wondered if Justin was naive, or just stupid, “Did you honestly think I would catch you, and you would just walk out of here without doing something for me? You’re lucky I didn’t throw you out, just as you are now.”

He looked down at himself, nothing but his hands to cover himself. He looked back up at the blonde goddess again, fearful of her wrath, but eager to make her happy. He watched as she approached him, her tall stature placed her only a couple inches taller than Justin, but he was already below average height. She stopped just in front of him, and looked up and down his body. Her perfume was already invading his nostrils, and he felt her body heat against his skin. Her very presence made it difficult to keep his true desires hidden in his hands. Justin blushed, his skin began to turn a slight shade of pink as he was too nervous to do or say anything to this woman he’d fantasised about on several occasions.

She giggled as her eyes came back up to his. She may have been pissed at her daughter, but she was liking what she saw, and took the opportunity to send a message to her daughter about bringing people over just to have a fuck. She always had to keep herself so composed while she was at her own company, it was nice to be able to let go, and say what she really wanted. She had this virile, young man within her control, and kitty wanted to play.

“Unzip me.” she commanded him, her voice was low and domineering, but seductive.

Justin blushed a deeper red, and he hesitated for a moment before he removed his hands from his hardened member, and reached around her, searching her back for the little tab. Just as he found it, he pulled it down as his goddess had instructed him. As it stopped at the small of her back, she had already slipped her shoulders out, and a pair of huge knockers stared Justin in the face, covered only by a black and blue bra. There was a sudden tightening feeling in Justin’s prick, like it had just engorged to its physical limit.

The blonde giggled and bit her lip, “Do you like them?”

Justin nodded, not sure if he was supposed to do something, or nothing.

She smiled at his nervous expression, then spoke, “Well, touch them! I’m not gonna do all the work myself.”

Feeling flustered, he quickly brought his hands up to her chest, and cupped one in each hand. He was in disbelief for a moment before he slowly groped them. His breathing was anxious, but tried hard to stay cool about it. Gradually, he applied more pressure, making sure not to be rough, or too unnecessarily gentle.

“Good boy,” the blonde encouraged. She shimmied herself out of the black dress, letting it fall to her ankles. She kept smiling at him as she reached behind her back to undo her bra. The young man could hardly believe this was happening as the cups came off, slipping open into his hands. She took it from him, tossing it aside, and made sure Justin got a good look at her.

She was the full package of great body, awesome tits, and the persona of a vixen. Justin took her breasts in his hands again, savouring their feel in his hands. He was surprised to find they were too big for just one hand to hold, but didn’t stop him from trying. She held him by the back of the head, and pulled his face straight into her chest, trying to embolden him into putting in more effort. Justin began to feel like he wasn’t performing up to par, but remembered how bad he felt sitting in that room alone, dejected.

If he was going to get back at them, he needed to act like it. His attitude changed, and he no longer wanted to hold back, despite the fact this was Chelsea’s mom. He placed a hand at the small of her back, and pulled her into his body as he groped her breast. Her eyes widened, and her expression became more enticed.

“Well, it’s about time,” she purred. Reaching down, she found his prick and stroked him gently. Her breathing became excited, and Justin could tell she was starting to get hot. Her nipple quickly grew hard under his palm, and he took it between his fingers. As soon as he gave it a little squeeze, she tilted her head back and moaned. Her grip on his cock tightened, and stroked him faster. She grabbed onto his shoulder, and gripped tightly, digging her nails into his skin. Justin released her hardened nipple, and she let out a shudder, allowing her body to calm.

“Lay down on the bed,” he instructed the blonde woman. He had something in mind just for her. A woman in need of gratification as much as her, he thought, deserved special treatment.

She hesitated, not used to having someone else tell her what to do, but she was also intrigued by his candour. She walked past him, her eyes staying on his, and stepped to the side of the bed, scooting her butt against the faux-fur blanket until she laid in the centre. He followed her onto the bed, and sat on his knees with his feet hanging off the edge. His hands ran up her thighs, and his head looked up her body.

“I just realised, I don’t know your name,” he admitted, his hands creeping along her thighs, towards the bands of her matching black and blue panties, “You’ve always just been ‘Chelsea’s mom’ to me and the other guys.”

Her eyes kept locked on his while she gave a playful smile. There was this vibe about her that made Justin think that fact was actually cute to her. He worried admitting that might have offended her, but they were both past the point of over-familiarity now.

“Call me Yvonne,” she responded, sounding almost a little flattered by his request. There was a brief moment between them when the blackmail and punishment had dissolved, and the two of them now seemed motivated by their desire to have each other.

“Ok, Yvonne,” he spoke slowly. His fingers slipped around the sides of her panties’ waistband, and slowly pulled on them. Yvonne raised her butt off the bed to let it slide past her cheeks, then raised her legs pointing straight up to let Justin move them past her knees, and out past her ankles. All the while, giving Justin a hint as to how flexible her legs could be. As he tossed the panties aside, he took the back of her calves in each hand, moving them apart, spreading her legs. His eyes immediately fell upon her mound, and his prick throbbed with excitement.

He could barely keep in his lust as her thighs parted, and her labia broaden out to unveil her honey pot. Every part of Justin’s being wanted to plunge his cock deep into her opening, but he held back, knowing he had to savour this. Yvonne’s eyes watched his face as he lowered his head, and the lower part of his face disappeared between her thighs. He playfully kissed her perfectly bare mound, causing her chest to heave in surprise, and a small gasp to leave her lips. The scent of her sex was already driving Justin crazy, provoking him to devour her pussy. Keeping his hands on her inner thighs, he extended his tongue, and licked her opening, from the bottom, up to her clitoris, tasting her.

Yvonne’s thighs shook at the feeling of his tongue, followed by another gasp, and that was all that was needed to inspire Justin to do more. He licked her again and again, moving the tip of his tongue side to side, up and down, moving part-ways inside her slit, and tracing circles around her tiny pleasure nub. He licked up her honey as he felt her labia growing hotter against his lips. Yvonne moaned like a woman who had been without satisfaction for so long. Justin looked up and watched her grope her own breasts as she enjoyed the special treatment.

Yvonne’s moans grew, more and more as her chest began to heave. Justin could feel her thighs slowly starting to move together, beginning to trap his face in her snatch. He knew she was getting close to climax, and held her thighs down as best he could until he was finished. He felt her hands clutch the hair on the back of his head, and pulled his face deeper into her. Justin thought he would drown in her honey, but he persisted, focusing his tongue movements on her clit. There was a moment of bracing from Yvonne’s body, and then an explosion of spasming muscles. She let out a long moan of ecstasy, which Justin couldn’t hear, as her thighs were squeezing the sides of his head.

Unable to take any more, she forced Justin’s face out of her lap, and breathed heavily as she came down from her much needed endorphin high. Justin sat back and observed her, catching his breath, and smiling at how satisfied the buxom blonde looked. His cock ached as it was desperate to have a turn in her snatch, he reached down and gave himself a couple strokes as he watched her tits rise and lower when she breathed. He couldn’t wait any longer, he needed to be inside her. Justin climbed over her body, positioning his waist between her legs, his eyes looking down, and locking with her hazel eyes.

She looked back up at him, ready and willing to have him, but her demeanour changed, and a playful and devious look surprised Justin. She placed her hand on his shoulder, and shoved him onto the bed next to her. She kept him on his back as she rolled over on top of him, and giggled. She was ready to return the favour. Yvonne straddled his waist, and rubbed her puffy slit along his shaft, biting her lip as she watched his face. Justin had a look of torture as he watched his cock, already about to burst, getting rubbed on by the pussy of a goddess, instead of penetrating her. His eyes nearly welled up when she finally showed him mercy.

Raising her hips up, she giggled and lowered her torso onto his, letting her large mounds rest on his chest, and her lips lock with his. Justin returned the kiss, and felt a hand grab his member, and then the hot, moist feeling of her slit wrapping around the head of his dick. She moaned into his lips as she lowered herself onto him, taking every inch of his prick inside her. After being on edge for so long, it only took a few slight movements to make the young, brunette man unload inside her. He grunted, wrapping his arms around Yvonne’s back, and thrust his hips up as he came.

Oddly enough, Yvonne either didn’t seem to notice, or just didn’t care. She continued to roll her hips back and forth, feeling his rod slide in and out of her. Justin moaned with her, feeling an immediate sensory overload from his groin. His body spasmed as her folds clenched around his shaft. She felt hot all around him, her insides were like silk. Incredibly enough, Justin was able to keep himself hard, despite his premature ejaculation. He reached forward and grasped her thighs as he braced each shock wave of pleasure.

His touch only encouraged Yvonne to keep going. She began raising her hips up and down over his lap, bouncing on his cock. Her ass slapped against his hips harder and harder as she rode him, her moaning came out in short bursts that made her seem determined, and domineering. Her breasts swayed and bounced right over Justin’s face, dancing for him, hypnotising him. He couldn’t resist reaching back up and grabbing them, just to grope them some more. He already came inside her, and miraculously, managed to stay hard to this point. She was his goddess, and he would not squander this opportunity to bring her to climax.

Yvonne changed her movements again, going back to grinding back and forth in his lap. Her head fell backward as she leaned away, supporting herself with her hands on the bed. She appeared to be enjoying herself, and let herself slow down, while keeping a good pace. Looking up at her, the young man watched as her body shimmered from a thin layer of sweat. The hot scent of their bodies was already filling the room, like they had been long-time lovers. In the midst of her hips sliding her puffy folds against his member, and the long moans that escaped her lips, she managed to speak.

“God, your cock feels so good! I haven’t had one this good in a long time,” she spoke, never stopping.

Her words emboldened him, and he managed to get his second wind, finally. He was already sweating as well, but no longer had to focus just to stay hard for her. With renewed spirit, he decided to change things up. Justin leaned up, grabbing the bottoms of her thighs, and lifting them up, tilting her backwards onto the bed, putting Yvonne on her back. Keeping her thighs on his waist, Justin leaned forward over her, in a kind of pile-driving position. Yvonne’s eyes widened in a nervous shock. She barely managed to speak out when he started moving hard and deep into her, interrupting her with each thrust.

“Easy there, ti– Oh, my gawd, that– Oh, Fuck! Aaahh…” she could only moan loudly after that. Justin could feel the head of his cock hitting something in the back of her pussy that made her cry out, and her legs kick up every time he pushed in deep. He made for her g-spot with every thrust, holding her thighs where they were on his waist, and keeping his goddess under his control. Yvonne was a woman who was always in control, but it seemed like relinquishing it to Justin turned her on even more.

In less than a minute, her soaking pussy began to tighten around him. He could feel her folds stretching as he moved into her. Her body became hot, and it was clear she was approaching another climax. She cried out louder, and kept her eyes locked on his as Justin moved faster and faster. He felt his own orgasm approaching as well, and pounded his cock into her, hoping to make her cum with him. Only, too late, he had already begun to cum inside her again. His face changed, and he grunted loudly as he released into her. Seeing Justin cum, Yvonne suddenly arched her back, tilting her head away, her mouth open wide in a silent scream as she climaxed for him, and wrapped her thighs around his waist.

Seconds later, their orgasms had subsided, and Justin collapsed on top of her, struggling to catch his breath after what was the greatest sexual experience of his life. He rested his head on her chest, her breasts making the perfect pillows for him, and rested for a few minutes. Their hips continued to jerk a bit as Justin’s softening cock slowly slid out of Yvonne’s slit, followed by a tiny stream of white fluid. Now that his lust had been sated, a worry crossed the young man’s mind that hadn’t been there before.

“What am I going to tell the others what happened?” he asked.

Yvonne giggled a few seconds before she responded, “You tell them exactly what happened, baby.” They both chuckled for a bit before they found the strength to get up.

A few minutes later, Justin made his way down the halls of the enormous house, looking for Chelsea’s room so he could get dressed again. As he found the right door, and entered, everyone was already out of the shower, towelled off, and back in their underwear. The four of them immediately looked at Justin in surprise.

“Dude, where’d you go? You left your clothes here,” Brandon asked.

Justin couldn’t help but blush a little, “Oh, I was uhh–”

“Why are you wearing my mom’s bathrobe?” Chelsea interrupted, sounding a bit offended.

Justin looked down at himself, seeing the soft, black robe wrapped around his nude body, and tied with a sash. Before he could respond, Yvonne slowly walked past the bedroom doorway, wearing a purple, satin, see-through robe. Her eyes scanned everyone in the room, and smiled, biting her lip as she looked at Justin, then left. Everyone in the room froze in stunned shock as they realised what had happened. Chelsea looked mortified, her eyes wide and her mouth agape. Brandon and Jared looked extremely impressed, and held up their arms, looking to high-five Justin. That day marked the beginning of Justin’s legend, as ‘the guy who banged Chelsea’s mom’.


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