Ritual Offerings: The Beginning

This week’s story tells the tale of a modern witch who plays with forces beyond her control, and several appendages who take control.

“I appeal to thee, oh goddess, please grant me my wish. Let my desire be fulfilled! Grant me the power to cast my will on those who have wronged me.” The words rang in the small room of the apartment, bouncing off the walls repeatedly. There was nothing else in the room to absorb the noise anyhow. This was Charley’s spare bedroom in her apartment, and like many young 22-year-olds trying to pay for school, she hadn’t filled it with anything. In fact, the only thing within the small room, besides Charley, were some candles, some incense, a few bundles of dried herbs, a cloth tapestry with a large pentacle, and a paperback spellbook from the local book store.

The young witch had been sitting on her knees with her arms raised, to preside over her ritual space. She wore a green ritual robe she bought online from a website selling magical goods, and thought it looked good on her, as it emphasized her cleavage, and made her curvy body look far more sexy, in her opinion. Just about all of her ritual goods had been purchased from one store or another, but that fact never seemed to bother her. She’d been a ‘practicing’ witch since she was nineteen, but never recognized the reason none of her spells or rituals ever seemed to work. So it was no surprise that this plea to the goddess was met with an anticlimactic lack of anything happening.

Charley had kept her eyes closed while she was chanting, and waited a few moments before opening them again. Her green pupils scanned the room a few moments, looking for any sign of magic, like a divine presence, or maybe some form of swirling energy. Nothing was happening, the way it often did, but she tried hard to feel some sort of magic at work in her body. She flung her head back, her curled, auburn hair swung around just past her shoulders as she tried to accept a magical energy that clearly didn’t manifest. She straightened herself up again as the imagined energy receded, and thought she would at least try to make something happen.

She focused hard on what she wanted to do. She imagined the group of preppy girls at her school who often berated her because she was a bit bigger than them, and because she didn’t conceal the fact that she was a witch. Strangely enough, she was often regarded as the ‘sexy witch girl’, and yet, didn’t get asked out very often. She would have said yes to just about any good-looking guy who offered her dinner, entertainment, and a night of rough passion. However, Charley blamed the preppy girls who spread rumors about her for not getting laid more often.

She knew the preppy group of bitches had only ever been jealous of her, but it was no excuse to act so toxic to her. Charley concentrated harder on making at least one of them suffer, but soon found herself feeling powerless, and a bit embarrassed. She sighed, exasperated, and lowered her arms, defeated. She started to stress herself out because she wanted so badly to use magic to get back at them, but nothing seemed to work out. She tried every spell suggested to her from the paperback spellbook, but ended up cursing the name of it’s author: ‘Raven Autumnspirit’.

She kept thinking there had to be something she could do, something proven to work, something she could perform by herself and with the materials she had. Her self-caused stress was beginning to give her a headache, so she left everything on the floor where it sat, and went back into her living room. This room was at least more furnished than the ritual room. There was a big, comfy chair where she liked to sit and look at her notebook laptop. A small television with a dvd player, and a few decent channels sat inside a small, wooden entertainment center. Finally, a small, attached kitchen completed the apartment, providing the essentials like a stove, refrigerator, and sink.

She grabbed a painkiller from the bathroom, and turned on the faucet to pour herself a glass of water. Once she took her pill, she sat down in her reclining chair to look up some of the witchcraft forums on her laptop. She was a member of several online groups, and even gained a spot as admin on a few. She opened several tabs on her web browser, with each one displaying a different group. Charley was determined to find out if there was an effective spell she could perform that would get her retribution.

She searched for over an hour, and was discouraged by the fact everyone insisted that it would be wrong to use magic to get revenge on others, nor did they even know of any spell or ritual that could accomplish that. Charley stressed herself out again, conflicted by her obligations as a witch to only do good, yet driven to get back at those that had just spread rumors around the school that she now had a bunch of STDs. As she continued to look through the message boards, she saw something a bit peculiar in one discussion about what to do with naysayers. There was a post from a user she didn’t know, but was quickly removed from the group after making the post. It was hidden to everyone else, but as Charley was admin in this particular group, she could still read it.

The author of the post mentioned there was a way to grant your desire, despite whether it was good or bad, and provided a link to go with it. Out of curiosity, and a bit of desperation, she followed the link. There was a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach as she clicked the link, and saw the next page turn black. She looked at the address in the web bar, but it didn’t look like any web address she’d ever seen before, just a jumble of characters that made no sense. On the page were several evil-looking symbols, and some text over it which seemed to describe a different kind of spell.

As she read the spell, she understood why the person who posted it was banned. The spell called for the aid of a demon, and was clearly the work of evil spirits. Charley was a bit scared, but continued to read it to herself. What she found odd was that the ritual called for materials she already had, and the invocation seemed rather easy and straightforward. It even assured the reader that the spirit would retreat back to where it came from once their desire had been fulfilled.

Charley could feel deep within herself that this wasn’t something she should take lightly, and questioned whether she was strong enough to control the ritual. ‘And why couldn’t I control a ritual like this? I’ve performed tons of rituals. This shouldn’t be any different.’ She thought to herself. Feeling assured, and confident that justice would finally be her’s, she returned to the empty room, bringing her laptop with her so she could set up the ritual arrangement. It called for a pentagram drawn with black salt, candles in each corner of the room, and a dagger to be kept nearby. All of which she did, and arranged it exactly as instructed.

There was a small flutter of excitement in Charley’s heart as she prepared to begin, and wondered what would happen to that toxic group of sluts. Whatever resulted from this, she was sure they deserved it, so she began. Charley had memorized the rest of the ritual, so she put her laptop away. The first thing she would have to do was become fully skyclad, which meant she had to become completely nude. She unfastened her green robe, and let it fall to her ankles, and looked down at herself.

Her pale, pink flesh became gently illuminated by the flickering flames of the candles, and made her feel slightly aroused just to see herself like this. Her large breasts looked firm and youthful, making her want to grab her boobs as she did sometimes, just because she could. Her womanhood was already cleanly shaven, as she did everyday, just in case occasion should ever suddenly come up. She ran her fingers through her hair quickly, and felt it fall over her back, and the tips tickled the tops of her breasts. She kneeled down to sit on her knees in front of the black salt pentagram.

Next, she had to speak an invocation to get the attention of the mischievous spirits, who would help her get what she wanted. She placed her hands above the black symbol on the carpet, and leaned in closer to whisper the words into the circle.

Suscipiam illud de manu mea. Tollite me, et da mihi.” she uttered in low, monotonous tone.

Just as the words left her lips, something happened that Charley had never seen before: the symbol on the floor gave the faintest red glow, and a low tone seemed to reverberate from it, then faded. Charley’s green eyes widened, and she moved away from it, surprised. ‘Did that really just happen? It’s dark in here, maybe the light from the candles are just playing tricks on my eyes?’ she thought to herself. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to keep going, but took a moment to compose herself, and remember this was what she wanted. There was only one more thing left to do.

The last part of the ritual was to use the dagger to give the spirits some kind of ‘offering’. Not only would this let the spirits know what you wanted to accomplish, but would also summon an appropriate spirit who could make it happen. Charley hadn’t thought this far ahead yet, but she considered what it was she wanted. The preppy sluts at school had been spreading rumors about her, and that had kept Charley from having a normal sex life, so maybe something to curse their sex lives? That seemed appropriate, but what could Charley offer to appease that particular spirit?

She thought long and hard about what she had to give, and what that spirit may want. Nothing easy came to mind, and nothing she had seemed good enough. ‘A sex demon…. It probably wants something sexual. But what?’ she thought. She had an idea, but it seemed a little farfetched to work. ‘I’ve come this far, it would be wrong for me to go back on it now.’ she finally thought.

Charley changed positions, with her knees in front of her, and resting her butt just outside of the border of the circle, her feet sitting on either side. Her legs were now spread open, and her shaved slit began to part, feeling the cool air in the room. Charley already knew, from lots of personal experience, that she was a squirter when she was stimulated enough, so that would be her offering. The ritual specified that the dagger was to be the tool required to give the offering to the circle, and that gave Charley a devious idea. As she inspected the dagger she had, she noticed the pommel was rounded and smooth, with a handle she thought was rather ‘knobby’.

The ritual doesn’t specify how the dagger is supposed to be used, only that it is used during the offering. Holding the dagger by the cross-guard, she laid down on her back, and touched the cold pommel to her small pleasure nub. It made her legs jerk a little, but she moved it further down to her slit,  already starting to feel herself become moist. It had been a few days since she last masturbated, so she became excited rather quickly. The stubby handle brushed up and down her clit as the pommel massaged her labia, and made her gasp quietly.

Within a few seconds of rubbing, her honey was already beginning to coat the pommel, letting it slide up and down her opening. She could feel her body starting to become warmer, and tiny shocks streamed from her pelvis all the way up her body. Something about doing this for a ritual was turning her on, strangely enough. She reached up and groped her own breast with her free hand, massaging it, and pinched her nipple just the way she liked it. She felt her sex throb from that pinch, and needed something inside her.

She held the dagger at a different angle, with the blade pointing out, and the pommel at her opening like a toy, ready to penetrate her. She let go of her breast, and used her fingers to spread her puffing lips apart, rubbing the tip of the brass knob over it, lubing it with her juices. Her desire and lust overtook her mind, and she slowly pushed the blade handle inside her. The cold metal teased her hot insides, with the size of the pommel larger than the head of any dick or toy she’d taken inside her before. It was a torturous pleasure she’d never experienced before, but she found it strangely satisfying.

She let out a quiet moan as she pushed it further and further inside her. She enjoyed the way the stubby handle felt as it rubbed past her labia. Soon, the entire handle was inside her. She kept it there a few moments, letting herself stretch around it’s size. Enjoying the feeling of something a bit bigger inside her, she almost forgot why she was using it to masturbate in the first place.

Slowly, she pulled it out a bit, then all the way inside her again. She moved it into her hot folds, feeling her honey coating it, and helping it slide into her easier and easier. Her hand picked up speed, moving faster and faster towards a steady pace that made her feel good. She knew that if she was going to make this happen, she needed to build up to a strong orgasm, so she thrusted it harder into herself, hitting her g-spot better and better. She let out louder moans as the intensity increased. Her breasts sat flat on her chest, and bounced with each thrust, and jiggled back into place. She loved that feeling on her chest when she had something thrusting hard into her.

Charley was starting to feel her sex building quickly, and she was eager to have her desire fulfilled, as well as her lust to be satisfied. She pumped the dagger handle into her faster and faster, while she roughly rubbed her clitoris with her other hand. Her moans grew long and loud, and she began to lift her butt off the ground. Just as she was about to reach climax, she focused her desire on making those bitches miserable. Her body clenched up, and a high-pitched squeal left her lips as she felt like she was exploding.

“Oh, FUCK!!” she yelled out as the dagger handle was practically forced out by the torrential stream of her love juices.

Charley continued to rub the entire top half of her swollen pussy, trying to get the most out of this incredible orgasm she wanted so badly. Her arm quickly grew worn out, and she could handle no more, so she stopped, and let her body rest on the ground once more. She laid there on the carpet, her chest heaving with heavy breaths as she recovered, and came down from her high. Remembering how the circle reacted to the incantation, she leaned up to see if anything had changed. Much of the black salt was definitely moistened by her love juices, along with some of it staining the carpet, but nothing had changed.

She groaned, and laid back down for a moment in disappointment. It was looking like her eyes were playing tricks on her before, after all. A moment later, she got up, and walked out of the room, and into her bathroom to clean off the dagger she’d used. Her insides were a bit sore from having something big and metal in her, but it did create some illusion of having had a night of rough sex. She wondered if, perhaps, she had just discovered a new kink he didn’t know she liked.

Remembering that there were still some candles burning in the room, she immediately went back in to blow them out. As she rounded the corner and entered the room, something grabbed her, and pulled her inside. It happened so suddenly, she didn’t even know what it was that had grabbed her. She screamed, but something quickly muffled her voice. She felt her body become suspended, like something was lifting her, but not by a person. She tried to struggle, but couldn’t escape from her captor.

She looked in horror as the culprit of her capture was a series of red, vine-like appendages that had wrapped around her arms, legs, and the center of her body. Her voice had been muffled by another one that had spread out over her mouth. The way the appendages held her, she was unable to break free, but they didn’t seem to try and cause her harm. She was being brought deeper into the room where she saw where her captor came from. The black salt symbol was now glowing bright red, and the long appendages had emerged from inside it, like a portal had been opened.

Charley watched on as she saw more tentacle-like appendages emerge from inside the circle. She couldn’t believe that the ritual had worked, and she had actually summoned this creature, but she was worried about whether it was here to help her, or harm her. As more tentacles rose out from the portal, she noticed these were different from the one’s that had bound her. Rather than resembling some kind of vine, these were a bit veiny, and had a larger knob on the end, almost phallic. Not only that, but they seemed to excrete some thin, clear slime from the ends.

The phallic tentacles came closer to her, hovering over her naked body, inspecting her. Charley squirmed, still trying to escape, and not have any of that slime drip onto her skin. She feared for her life, unsure what it was going to do to her, or why. Still unable to escape, the tentacles touched her chest, and rubbed their ends over her neck, breasts, and nipples. Charley jerked and let out a muffled yell of revulsion as the slime got all over her, yet, it glistened like she had been rubbed with baby oil.

Confused, she didn’t understand what it was doing, and then she felt it. She could feel it being absorbed by her skin, and sensed a burning sensation all over her torso. Her breasts were becoming extra warm, and a tingling sensation stimulated her nipples. She was burning up, but it also made her feel strangely aroused. Two tentacles were now coiling around her breasts, and moved curiously, squeezing and sliding over her swelling breasts. Charley’s large mounds had become much more sensitive as she realized the tentacles were groping her breasts, trying to please them. Worst of all, Charley was beginning to like it.

She started to squirm again, but this time, she reacted to how good she felt. She started to moan, but it was still muffled by her gag. She was reeling from the mixed feelings of horror, revulsion, and ecstasy she was feeling from these tentacles. A part of her was coming out that wanted to enjoy this, but they still left much to be desired. As if able to read her mind, her legs were being spread open, and held apart. There was more of the gel being smeared onto her pelvis now, as well as her inner thighs. Then she jumped as she felt it slide right down her womanhood, from her clitoris to her asshole.

She was worried to find out what would happen next, but as her skin absorbed it, she felt an insurmountable wave of desire and lust. Her body suddenly ached to be fucked, and her honey was already starting to flow. She felt herself become an insatiable beast in heat, and wanted something inside her: a cock, a dildo, the dagger handle, didn’t matter what, but she needed something quickly. The tentacle creature released the appendage gagging her, but kept the rest of her bound in submission. She was able to scream again, if she wanted to, but didn’t.

“Please. Fuck me right now! I need it! Please, put it in me.” she begged and pleaded.

It seemed to hear her pleas, and one of the knobbed tentacles started to hover around her wanting pussy. The anticipation was almost too much for Charley as her tits were teased mercilessly. She kept her eyes locked on that tentacle, not fighting her restraints any longer, and moaned loudly as she felt it touch her opening, and entered her. Charley flung her head back as she felt the blissfully perfect phallus inside her. It filled her to her limits, and it’s secretions sent her into fits of lust.

It started moving inside her, with the large knob sliding out just to her opening, and then as deep inside her as it could reach. It was already thrusting into her with the pace of a sex-crazed fiend. The secretions had worked as a good lube, letting it fuck her without any resistance. Charley let her head fall back, and let out a loud moan with each thrust. She could have easily been heard by any of her neighbors, but any of them would likely think she simply had an enthusiastic lover that night.

Charley’s body moved back and forth, swinging into her tentacled lover as it ravaged her. Her body was still sensitive from her last orgasm, which made every sliding movement inside her send small shockwaves through her body. She could feel an orgasm approaching already, and was already starting to pull on the limbs, wanting to clench her legs closed, the way she always did when she was about to cum. It was no use, the tentacles had a firm hold on her, and she would have to suffer the sweet agony of a climax, unhindered. She felt herself ready to explode, with white lights beginning to form in front of her eyes.

“Oh, fuck! I’m gonna fucking cum! I’m… gonna–!” she let out hastily.

Her chest clenched up, and her vocal chords tensed so her mouth could only let out a silent scream. Charley exhaled audibly as she felt a hot rush run through her cervix, and past the knobbed phallus. A wave of endorphins ran through her, and turned her mind into jelly. Surprisingly, the tentacled creature continued to ravage her sex, despite the orgasm. As if it hadn’t even noticed. For a few moments, Charley had gone completely numb to her fornicator.

As she came back from the orgasm high, her breaths were heavy and audible again. She looked down at herself, and watched, in bittersweet torture, the veiny appendage that was clearly not satisfied with her yet. Her large mounds were already swollen and red from her climax, and still bounced forward and back, dancing on her chest in a way her lovers always found alluring. Charley started to feel weak, her will to resist the creature had all but dissipated. She was already starting to feel the fatigue that came with multiple orgasms.

She began to drift towards blacking out, her mind emptied of all conscious thought, when a new sensation overtook her. A jolt ran through her nerves as something started to massage her hard nub. Another tentacle was rubbing itself against her clitoris, bringing her back to focus, and made her release another high-pitched moan. She spasmed uncontrollably from the sensory overload attacking her, already, extremely sensitive body. Charley could only let out long bellows of excitement as she was brought closer to her third orgasm.

She could feel this one would be the strongest, and almost wanted to cry, not sure if she could withstand it. She flailed her legs wildly, trying to escape, but it was no use. She could feel the walls of her cunt starting to tighten around the huge member. Her eyes started to roll towards the back of her head, and she used the last of her strength to orgasm once more, releasing a stream of her hot love juices, shooting past the tentacled prick. This time, the tentacled creature seemed to slow down, and ceased it’s copulation.

Too late, Charley was already beginning to drift into darkness, losing consciousness as her ravaging ended. She was lowered onto the ground, only able to breathe as the knobbed tentacle withdrew from her. Charley only managed to remain conscious long enough to see some kind of white energy being withdrawn from inside her as well. Her restraints were released, and every appendage returned to the glowing red symbol on the floor, dissolving inside it. As the creature disappeared entirely, along with the white energy, the glow faded.

Charley laid on the floor, used, exhausted, and only barely able to breathe. Her soulless body would remain in a constant state of sexual satisfaction she would never come down from. She would never know anything else, and she would never be restored. She had paid the price for tempting a demon of lust.

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