The Tentacle Fascination

I’ve had an idea to try out something like this for a while, and figured I’d give it a go. I wanted to be a source of information for those who wish to expand their horizons when writing erotica, because I know what it’s like to cross that threshold, and not know which way to go. While I was working as a ghost writer, I had to write about subjects I’d never written before, so I had to spend a couple hours doing research on a subject, learning why some people were turned on by this particular kink, and how they got into it. They say you should write what you know, but that doesn’t mean your knowledge should be limited to just what you know right now. So, to make things a bit easier for those wishing to broaden their horizons, I’ll be making the occasional post about different niches, what it is that makes it so damn alluring, and why.

For my first go at this, I figured what better topic to discuss first than good old tentacle sex. It was the first niche I was asked to write that made me raise an eyebrow, and wonder what kind of wierdo I was working for. Well, technically the niche they asked for was tentacle/alien/impregnation erotica, but the reaction I had was the same. I will admit to you now, I’ve seen a fair amount of tentacle hentai, and I’ve seen it occur in many forms, from some monster capturing a woman, to a boy turning into a mass of tentacles, and even tentacles emerging from a woman’s genitalia to be used on another woman’s genitalia. I’ve also found some live-action tentacle debauchery, but you tend to lose interest when it’s obvious you’re watching a dildo attached to a stick.

Now, this may seem like a fetish only guys would appreciate, but it’s often made a component of many female fantasies. However, most would never admit to it because of the stigma they believe goes with it. But that doesn’t stop them from looking up tentacle hentai whenever they get the chance. It may seem like one of the strangest things to be aroused by, but it’s not without it’s reasons either. After I did my research on the tentacle fetish, I found some truly intriguing things about why women quiver excitedly at the mere thought of a foreign appendage wrapping around their leg.

The first attractive quality about tentacles is the allure of a fantasy creature, whom has full knowledge of female sexuality, wanting to bring them to ecstasy. Because it’s a fictional creature, women will often imagine it acting exactly as they would want it to act. They can do this without any other expectations, because there’s no basis of comparison to an actual creature to contradict their fantasy. In addition, tentacle fetishes also take on multiple other roles women are often aroused by. The can play the part of bondage play, gangbanging from having a phallic limb in every hole, and sometimes, the ‘wet’ aspect of tentacles allows them to enjoy the image, without the worry of friction or injury.

But most of all, tentacle fetishes attract women because they often take the woman by force. Now, let me begin this explanation by making it clear:

Women do not fantasize about being taken by force. And that is not up for debate.

Now that I’ve cleared up my position on that, let me clarify the point. Nothing matters more in sex than consent, so consent is the main issue here. In BDSM play, both parties are fully informed of what will take place, establish safety words, boundaries, and perform aftercare when it’s over. There is another form of this that takes things very close to the edge, commonly known as “Consensual Non-consent”, which is often frowned upon in the BDSM community because of the risks to one’s safety. Now, I could make another whole post on consensual non-consent, but for now, I’ll summarize. It involves both parties agreeing to act as if consent has been waived completely, allowing one party to act however he chooses. So the two parties roleplay as ‘rapist’ and ‘victim’, except both parties have already given consent, far ahead of time, to take part in this kind of play.

As to it’s relation to tentacle fetishes, there are women who like the idea of consenting to roleplaying as if consent has been waived. However, doing so with multiple partners is a daunting task, so tentacles make that fantasy possible for them. As I mentioned earlier, a fantasy creature, like a tentacle monster, will do exactly as the woman will fantasize it to do. Because the women in hentai are entirely fictional, it’s much easier for women to place themselves in their position because the use of consensual non-consent has already been established in their fantasy, and their safety is guaranteed. They receive all of the pleasure, without any of the drama, or the risks involved.

Even with all of this, there are times when certain aspects of tentacle fetishes are a bit unappealing. Some women don’t like the idea of a tentacle being slimy, or it’s rigid texture, or the shape of it’s tip. Most of the time, they would like to see a woman eager to be taken by tentacles, rather than captured. It’s because of this, the genre often branches out into other forms, adjusting itself to fit the preferences of it’s readers or viewers. Keep this in mind when you use tentacles in your own stories. Often times, tentacles will be combined with other niches, like aliens, or impregnation. Don’t be so quick to dismiss these ideas either. You may be shocked to find out how popular it could get.

I’m unsure if I should place my resources in their own section, but please, let me know if you would like more posts like this about some of the lesser-understood niches in erotica. My hope is for you, the writer, to have a better understanding of the appeal behind this, and incorporate that into your story.

2 thoughts on “The Tentacle Fascination

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  1. A wonderful article, I’d definitely enjoy reading more. And I’m not just saying that cause your research happened to confirm a few choices I’ve planned in storytelling. 😀

    My only issue is your point concerning non-consent, but as you feel it’s not up for closer examination, I’ll go ahead and agree to disagree.


  2. “ Women do not fantasize about being taken by force. And that is not up for debate”

    Except i do? That doesnt mean i want it to happen, a sexual fantasy isnt the same as wanting anything like that fantasy to ever happen in real life

    But i 100% read and enjoy and fantasize about scenarios involving no consent or dubious consent all the time, again a woman having a sexual fantasy does not mean they want that in real life, someone having that kink is not an excuse to violate consent ever

    But to say no women fantasise about it safely in their own minds? Thats nonsense, i run a discord server about kink and the regulars who most heavily share fantasies and fiction about non consent are the other women

    Fantasy does not equal wanting it in realspace, but you cant deny that people do fantasise about stuff like that

    Same way i enjoy tentacle fantasies even if irl a real tentacle monster would be super gross and icky and scary

    honestly most of the kinks i fantasise about id probably find uncomfortable or boring if done in real life, or too impractical, or hot as a fantasy BECAUSE you’d never want it in real life

    But to deny people fantasise about literally anything is wrong, people fantasize about the most extreme disgusting stuff you cant even imagine and thats fine because its safely inside their own heads where it cant hurt them or others


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