My other self, discovered

This week’s Erotic Bite is a story request from a reader. I’m sorry if this story is a bit late, as well. Sara Hardy is just trying to work on her assignment, when a stranger approaches her who knows about what she does behind closed doors.

“Jake Mathews?” a voice called out from behind the counter of the cafe. A tall, skinny, young man wore a grey and green uniform, with a black apron and green visor hat, held a coffee in a to-go cup. He scanned the room, looking for the individual who ordered the drink. A moment later, a shorter man with blonde hair stepped forward from a group of people on one side of the room, and raised his hand. The tall barista handed it to him, thanked him, then went on to work on the next drink order. There was a steady roar of customers talking, machines beeping, and a quiet hum from the muzak no one can really understand.

The cafe itself was small, but catered to many of the college students in the area who needed a fix of caffeine, just to get through the day. The walls were decorated with various memorabilia, and products for customers to buy, like bags of ground coffee beans. Along the walls were several booths where customers sat; though, they were usually empty. With the cafe’s customers being primarily students, they didn’t often stay. For the moment, only one booth was occupied.

A young woman sat there with her long, dirty blonde hair tied into a ponytail. She listened for her name from the barista, eager to enjoy her half-caf latte while she worked on her Econ homework. She didn’t do her work at the cafe often, but she did enjoy the sweet smells and the aroma of fresh-ground coffee. She had looked up when the barista called the previous customer’s name, but brought her eyes back to her laptop when she didn’t hear her name. She adjusted the small-framed glasses on her face before she went back to reading the course material. She knew she had to focus, but didn’t want to miss out if her name was called.

“Sara Hardy?” the barista spoke out above the crowd.

Immediately, the young woman got up out of her booth, and hurried over to the counter to grab her drink. She smiled at the tall man as she took the hot to-go cup from tall guy. He smiled back at her, trying to pass off a flirty smile to the young woman. Sara was used to these looks, as well as the usual compliment she got from guys. It was annoying, on most days, and she would have loved to go at least one day without having someone say something to her, but she endured it. She knew guys thought she was pretty, but most days, she didn’t believe it herself.

As she went back to her seat, she could almost feel the barista’s eyes watching her butt in her pink pajama bottoms. Her thighs had always been a bit bigger than what most would expect a woman with her figure would have, but it did cause men to drool over her rump. She was still glad, at least, that her chest was just big enough to be proportionate, but still on the small side. It allowed her to wear just about any kind of top she wanted, but today was a lazy day, so she wore a blue shirt with the word ‘SEXY’ on the front.

Sitting back down, she smiled, and returned to her work on the laptop. Taking a sip, she read over the questions she needed to answer for her assignment, and read over the material again for the answers. She kept her attention on her work, despite the noise, and the shouting of the barista as he called another name. She sat there, working on her assignment until the business rush began to slow to a halt. Soon, she looked up, and saw the dining area contained only her and a couple other people, aside from the employees behind the counter.

Peeking across the dining area, she noticed a guy who had been glancing at her every few seconds, but would look away once Sara looked at him. His hair was a jet black, and a bit of scruff on his face complimented his fair features. He was also sitting alone in a booth, wearing a nice button-up shirt and jeans, but looked like he was waiting for a moment to approach her. She didn’t want to spend her morning turning a guy down, but that seemed to be exactly what was going to happen. The guy seemed to be noticing Sara was glancing at him, too, and got up to approach her.

Sara sighed inwardly, bracing herself for the coming conversation. However, as he got closer, she got a better look at his face. He was actually a bit more handsome than he first appeared at a distance, and his smile made her chest flutter for a moment. She may have intended to let him down, but now, she thought it wouldn’t be terrible if she at least gave him a chance. Sara smiled back at him with closed lips, looking up at him from her seat.

“Hi there,” he began. Sara immediately noticed his voice was rather husky, but had a firmness to it, “I wasn’t sure what to say, but I figured saying something now was better than just looking at you for a long time,” he chuckled, almost sounding embarrassed.

Despite the awkward introduction, Sara actually found him kinda cute, and giggled, “Yeah, that was probably the better choice,” she joked.

After a moment of smiling at each other, the stranger extended a hand to Sara, “I’m Nate.”

“Sara,” she replied, taking his hand. He held it firmly, but didn’t squeeze, then released her hand.

“Do you mind if I sit with you?” he asked, seeming very gentlemanly.

Normally, Sara had a rule about flirting when she was in her pajamas, or trying to do school work, but she decided to break that rule, if only just this once. She nodded, and the dark-haired man grabbed a chair from the table nearby, setting it next to Sara’s booth. As he sat down, he also set his drink on the table. Sara hadn’t noticed it before, but the aroma from his cup smelled like chai tea and cream. Next to vanilla lattes, chai tea was her favorite drink at this cafe.

“So, you go to the school here?” he asked her. Sara thought it was probably a dumb question, and would have made a remark, but stopped in her tracks when she saw his eyes were a pretty shade of blue. Instead, she let it go.

“Yeah, you go here too?” she asked, not wanting to stare into his eyes, but being drawn to them all the same.

Nate shook his head, “Actually, I just live in the area. I come here sometimes for the chai lattes.”

“And to chat up pretty college girls?” she coyly implied.

Nate smiled again, chuckling, “Not really, but I figured I’d make an exception for you.”

“Well, isn’t that nice of you?” she replied, finding him more and more charming. There was another moment where neither of them seemed to know what to say next.

“Did I interrupt your homework?” he said finally, looking towards Sara’s laptop.

Almost forgetting why she had come to the cafe in the first place, Sara adjusted her glasses as she looked back at the screen with her assigned reading material displayed. She opened her mouth, as if to say something, but she hesitated, trying to find an excuse to get her out of it. This was the first guy she’d flirted with in a while, and she didn’t want her obligations to her school work getting in the way. She wanted to reach up, and close it, but worried it might make her look desperate for attention. Instead, she thought she would try waving it off, or copping out.

“It’s fine, it’s not due for a while. It’s not even that hard, I could get it done later.”

‘Crap’, she thought, ‘Did I make it sound too obvious?’

She could feel her cheeks begin to redden slightly, and waited for him to make some kind of response. Nate almost laughed out loud, and scooted his seat closer to her, “It’s fine, you should finish it up if you’re almost done.”

“No, really!” Sara insisted, “I can finish this up later-”

She reached for her laptop bag, resting against the wall of her booth. While her back was turned, Nate seemed to have moved closer to her, to the point of sitting directly next to her in the booth. As soon as she sensed him there, she turned to face him quickly, her dirty blonde ponytail whipped around to her shoulder. He stared at her intently, making Sara feel almost uncomfortable; and yet, his almost commanding appearance stirred something inside her. There was a part of her, a side of her she kept behind closed doors, that wanted to see what he would do.

“I wasn’t sure before, but now I’m certain. You’re ‘SubSlutSara96’, aren’t you?” his voice was low as he admitted his suspicions.

A strong flutter rushed through Sara’s stomach, and she felt her cheeks become a deep red as she heard him say that name. Nate placed his hand on her thigh, gently squeezing it. Sara was in shock, not because he was correct, but because she had been found out. When she was behind closed doors in her apartment, she took on a completely different persona, than the one everyone knew at her school. At night, she delighted in stripping down to nothing, putting on a seductively risqué negligee, and pulling out a series of bondage-style toys.

At first, it was something fun she did with her ex, but even after they broke up, Sara had a fascination with the submissive lifestyle. For a while, she would only use these toys on herself, and have a vibrator do the rest. Eventually, she found it boring when someone wasn’t there to enjoy it with her, so she took it online. She began with just watching others on a fetish lifestyle website, then put up her own pictures. She soon gained a following, and they begged her for videos. Something about knowing they would see her in action, hear her muffled moans, and knowing they all wanted to take control of her, just made it absolutely thrilling.

Once she had become addicted, Sara became shameless in voicing her desires online. Her biggest desire had always been to be used by a stranger in public, but never thought it would ever happen. After all, people just didn’t do that kind of thing; especially not in this town. Up until now, Sara had always kept her personal life, and her erotic private life, separate from each other. It was as if she were two different people, and neither of them showed their face when the other was out. How was she supposed to respond to this situation? And how did Nate know who she was?

“I’m actually a big fan of your’s, so when I spotted you here, I honestly didn’t think it was really you,” he kept his voice low, as if his husky tone didn’t do that already. His hand travelled further up her thigh.

Sara was conflicted, as she was currently just Sara Hardy, the college girl, and he was looking for SubSlutSara96. It was a funny feeling, being here with a guy she discovered was one of her followers, and had probably chatted with her at some point on the website. Now that she knew who he really was, SubSlutSara96 was trying to come out of her hiding place. Even though she wanted to push his hand away, and scream at him to leave her alone and call him a creep, her other persona wanted him to keep going. This was, technically, in public, but what was she supposed to do if someone caught them? She hadn’t fantasized these events that far ahead.

Before she was able to decide how to react to Nat’s hand, it hand already reached the hem of her pajama bottoms. The elastic band had done nothing to prevent getting pulled back, and allowing his fingers to slide inside. Sara wanted to say something, to stop him, but SubSlut kept her hands pinned down, and kept her mouth shut. The two personalities were at war with each other, and SubSlut was starting to win. The gorgeous man’s digits slid against the fabric of her panties, and sent silky shocks through her pelvis. By this point, Sara Hardy had almost been quieted completely.

Her thighs began to part, and her eyes darted all over the cafe, checking each person who was there, seeing if any of them had noticed what was going on. Luckily, the table at her booth concealed everything going on below her waist, so no one could tell unless she were to react in some way. The stranger’s fingers had pulled back the fabric from her mound, and his middle finger touched her slit, finding a surprising amount of her honey, and slid upwards against her clitoris. That sensation was the turning point, and now SubSlutSara96 was out completely. Her body quickly hungered for more.

As she turned her head, looking at him, her expression changed to that of the sultry tease he knew her to be. He smiled, and continued as he saw her eyes tell him, ‘I want more’. Her legs slowly parted a bit wider, and she slid down her seat a bit. It gave his hand a bit more room to work, and touch more of her. Her slit was already much more wet than she had initially thought, but getting touched like this in public was much more arousing than she had thought it would be. The real challenge, however, was trying not to make any visible reaction where people could see.

She looked back at Nate, and saw he was trying to hold back a smile, and was doing a better job of acting casually. The son of a bitch even managed to take a drink of his chai tea with his free hand. Sara’s knuckles had begun to turn white as she gripped the edge of the seat cushion. The teasing was excruciatingly good, and made her crave more. His finger finally slid inside her opening, and moved about inside her. She nearly let out a yelp of pleasure when he did, but she had to keep her composure. He seemed to know just where to touch her to drive her insane. The excitement of doing this in public kept her slick enough to enjoy every bit of it, and drove her towards a climax surprisingly fast.

Feeling it approach, Sara worried she wouldn’t be able to contain herself once she was brought past the edge. She grabbed Nate’s forearm, hoping he would get the hint to slow down, but he didn’t seem to understand. His fingers worked inside her steadily, and she couldn’t stop what happened next. She felt herself about to explode, and she clenched her eyes shut, trying not to yell out. Her thighs suddenly clenched together, closing against his hand as her orgasm washed over her. She managed to avoid screaming from such a strong climax, but her body seemed to act on its own as she leaned forward, her chest shaking, making her breasts jiggle underneath her top.

Even though it was only a few seconds, her orgasm seemed to last so much longer. Thankfully, the stranger showed mercy, and withdrew his hand from her pants. Sara was still struggling to breath steadily, her face still burned hot, and her vision became slightly blurred. She took a few moments to compose herself, while Nate watched and waited. As soon as Sara had gained back her faculties, she quickly loaded up her things into her laptop bag. Pushing the raven-haired stranger out of the way, she climbed out of her booth, and made her way out the cafe door, with her new lover in tow.

“Where are we going?” he asked playfully, once they had stepped out the door.

Sara turned back towards him, smiling, and pushed him up against the bricked side of the building. Clutching his shirt with both hands, she pressed herself into him, kissing him deeply. It had been a long time since anyone had given her what she really wanted, but she wasn’t done yet.

“I’m taking you to my place, and then we can finish what you started,” she winked at him, leading him towards the small parking lot next to the cafe. It was off the road, and nestled between two buildings, but only had room for around thirty cars. As classes were currently in session, there wasn’t many people on the streets at that moment, so she could afford to be a little kissy with the stranger. Her car was parked near a corner of the lot: a little, yellow Kia her parents bought her a few years ago.

She opened the door, leaning inside to put her bag in the back seat with the rest of the clothes and junk that was collecting in the back, as many college students did. Nate teased her while her head was in her car by groping her buttocks. Sara bit her lip, thinking about what he had in store for her, once they were alone. She leaned out to let Nate get into the passenger seat, but instead, he shut the car door. His action was met by a confused look from Sara.

“You’re not gonna get in?” she asked. She hoped this wasn’t where things were going to stop.

He shook his head in response, “No, I think right here is good enough.”

The stranger grabbed Sara’s arm, and positioned her facing the passenger-side door of her car. Pushing her forward, she instinctively placed her hands on the car, to brace against it. Sara thought he couldn’t possibly be thinking what she thought he was thinking. The cafe was a risky move, but this was downright exhibitionism. Sure enough, she heard the zipper of his jeans, and she looked back to watch him. From the angle she saw over her shoulder, her buttocks were right in line with his waist, and it felt like she was watching from the perspective of a hot porno, but she was the star.

As anxious as she was, the whole situation filled her with a thrill she had never experienced before. Her arms shook, and her gut was getting tied in knots. The idea she would certainly be seen, or worse, recognized, both terrified and excited her. She continued to watch, still bent over her car, as the raven-haired stranger reached into his pants, and struggled to pull out his erect member. He must have been hard ever since they were in the cafe, and making out next to the building couldn’t have given it any ease. The length was average, but the girth was surprising.

Still feeling how wet her panties had become, she could only imagine how bad it had become now. She was already feeling her womanhood burning up in anticipation. The inclination to not be seen, and her desire to satisfy her lust, and take him right here, created some very confused emotions in her mind. She thought she should say something, anything to try and convince him going to her apartment was the better alternative, but her mind was silenced the moment she felt her ponytail grabbed and pulled. She yelped out in pain, but had experienced it before with her ex when he used her hair as a kind of reigns.

With one easy motion, Sara felt her pajama bottoms and panties slide off her buttocks, and past her thighs. The cool, outdoor air was already kissing her rump, and tingling her slit. A large flutter was felt in her stomach as she realized she was exposed now, and anyone walking by would see her like this. As the realization sank into her mind, she began to feel the tip of Nate’s member sink inside of her opening as well. She felt her labia spread, and her walls begin to expand as he filled her. She let out a low groan of lust, growing louder as he went deeper. At that same moment, Sara peered over towards the street, and saw a middle-aged couple taking a stroll past the lot. They had both looked at her at the same time, and their jaws dropped. Sara felt profuse embarrassment, but the couple quickly averted their gaze, and kept walking.

Her lover was as deep as he could get inside her, then started thrusting. As good as he felt when he entered her, the feeling was electrifying as he moved inside her. His pace became steady, and his hips started to make low, audible slaps against her buttocks. Sara continued to moan, trying to keep it quiet, but knowing she couldn’t stay completely silent. Her head dipped down as she took the pleasure, her face filled with blood, and her cheeks burned hot. Her snatch had already covered the stranger’s prick with her honey, and let him slide into her with ease, and gave no resistance.

He picked up the pace, held pulled her ponytail again, drawing her head back. Sara yelped in pain again, but could feel herself moving backwards into him. She needed to feel him, to feel it all, and yet, she was also extremely aware of her surroundings. She kept her eyes peeled for any signs of pedestrians going by. Cars drove by every few seconds, but never stopped, or slowed. Occasionally, someone would walk by, see what they were doing, and avert their gaze. Everyone seemed so concerned with modesty and privacy, they act as if you don’t exist.

Drawing her attention away from the passersby, the stranger pulled her shirt up to her chest, pulling the cups of her bra off her breasts. Sara was taken aback by the idea of feeling any more embarrassed than she already was, but she may as well have been naked at this point. As Nate’s hand grasped her breast, groping her, her excitement caused her to respond with a louder groan. She felt the walls of her snatch tighten further, and could begin to feel every ridge and curve of his shaft. Her breasts began to bounce freely, no longer bound by her brassiere

She could begin to hear his breath in the middle of it all, and wondered why how he could do this to her with such confidence. Why was he not worried about being seen? Before her mind could begin to think about anything, something caught the corner of her eye. Around the corner of the building next to the lot, a few people were peering around the corner, phones out, and seemed to be recording her outdoor dalliance. Her biggest fear had become true, but rather than loathe herself, she felt a strange satisfaction, even excitement. The moment she began to imagine what their phones were capturing, she reached the edge of climax.

Her body tensed up, her feet tiptoed off the ground, and she let out a groan of pleasure she had never made before. Before her orgasm could finish, her lover seemed to reach his edge as well. Pulling out from her used twat, he grunted several times, still holding onto her hair. Sara felt hot, little dollops of semen on her buttocks and lower back. Clearly, her orgasm was too much for the stranger to handle. Once her climax had washed over her, she relaxed, and tried to stay standing through her shaking legs.

Now that it was over, she quickly got her clothes back on properly, leaving his semen where it sat, and planning to have it cleaned later. As she turned around, Nate seemed to be making a run for it. Sara watched him run, shocked by his actions. As he turned around the corner, she remembered the group of people with their phones out were still watching her. She quickly got into her yellow car, and started it, peeling out of the parking lot, and heading home as quickly as she could.

Later, she arrived at her door, and took some time to let what had transpired set in. She had just spent the better part of the late morning flirting with a handsome stranger, who then proceeded to finger her under the table. Afterwards, he held her against her car, and fucked her from behind, for the whole street to see, and several people managed to get it on video. There was a few minutes when all she did was bury her face in her hands, cursing in embarrassment. Immediately following that was a realization of having lived out her greatest sexual fantasy to date. Rather than dwell on it as an embarrassing event, she went straight for her laptop, powered it up, and loaded up her fetish lifestyle forum, to tell all of her followers about what had transpired in detail.

After changing out of her dirty clothes, showering, and satisfying herself again, in said shower, she returned to find a heap of responses. Many were men responding with how lucky the guy was to get to fuck her, and women congratulating her on this feat, expressing how much they wished they could experience what she did. The experience had given Sara a new kind of confidence, and made her want to try other experiences like this. Her only response to all of her followers was a status update, which read, Nate, wherever you are. Don’t be a stranger 😉 “.


For more stories like this, check the Erotic Bites section. See you next week!

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