The Mystery of Primal Play

Now, when I say ‘mystery’, I don’t mean it’s a mystery to us all, like some kind of exclusive club. It’s a mystery because this particular fetish is relatively new in the BDSM community. I was also oblivious to its existence until just a couple days ago. I was considering making a Fetlife account the other day, hoping I could network with more people like me, and it asked me what role I assume. I clicked the drop-down menu and looked at the choices. Normally, I would have just chosen ‘Master’, but I was curious, and the list was kinda long, so I read over them all.

Near the bottom, I saw some roles I’d never heard of, which went by the names ‘Primal, Primal Dom, Primal Sub’. I was intrigued and did a little research into what exactly a Primal is.What I found turned out to be a style of BDSM I always kinda knew existed, but I’d been simply attributing it as just being a Dom. Furthermore, it occurred to me, I may actually be a Primal. I’ve had many experiences in the past where I acted in ways described by many others as the behavior of a Primal Dom, but only recently has that behavior actually been given a name.

Now, to get into specifics, it’s a style of BDSM that deals with sex in a manner that is much more animalistic than conventional sex, or what they refer to as ‘Primal Play’. It’s not just being a bit more rough with your partner that makes this animalistic, no, I mean this in a much more literal sense. People who are primal tend to take the roles of predator and prey, where one member dominates, and mates, with their partner in the same way as, let’s say, a wolf or lion mates with their mate.

Believe me, I had to do A LOT of research to really understand what all of this means, and what the act entails. Disclaimer: Not all primals act exactly as I describe below. This is just an overall list of attributes. You do not need to perform all of these acts to be considered a primal.

To start, primals will often abandon the rules and protocols of BDSM/D.s., and forego the use of toys in lieu of hair, skin, nails, and teeth. Next, the primals would perform a kind of foreplay involving one participant capturing and taking control of the other, like a kind of ‘take-down’. During this act, there may be a lot of sniffing, growling, scratching and/or biting. Some primals have admitted their mate’s scent plays a big role in attraction. Furthermore, both participants may struggle to gain control over the other, which allows room for those of us who may play the bratty sub who doesn’t always like to be the submissive one. For this reason, primal play can look like wrestling, or fighting, and sometimes involves using ropes on their partner to establish dominance.

3118045My primal traits consist more of the biting, growling, scratching, and playing the ‘Alpha’ role.

As you can imagine, primal play is often very passionate and sensual for participants, and couples who regularly engage in primal play recommend every couple try it out at least once. The main aspect of primal play are the emotions involved with it. Whether those emotions are lust, happiness, loneliness, or even silliness, it can be expressed in primal play. It can be rough, or it can be gentle, but ultimately, it is always emotional. Sometimes, participants can engage in play without the need for sex whatsoever.

By now, you may be thinking this sounds a bit like the ‘furries’ or ‘yiffy’ sub-genre. Well, you’d be partially correct in assuming this. Primal play and these animal-like role-playing sub-genres are definitely separate, but have a lot of overlapping qualities. But, as I’ve said, you don’t have to engage in all the acts I’ve mentioned to be considered primal.

Along with all the research I’ve done, I’ve noticed there’s not a lot of erotica involving primal play. I understand that it’s new, so many writers probably aren’t aware of it as a niche, but I’d be interested to see what kind of stories people write using primal play. I can imagine, if someone were to write one, it would involve a lot of references to animal-styled sex and seduction. Components of Primal stories could be such things as a partner’s scent, mounting, description of skin and hair, struggle for dominance, maybe even some playful escaping, only to be captured by the alpha again.

If anyone reading this happens to get a story idea involving primal play, and writes it, I’d love to read it. You guys are always welcome to use the ‘Contact Me’ section to send me your stories. Or, if all you have is an idea, you can always tell me about it, and I may write it myself. If I like your story, I might even feature it as an Erotic Bite. If you’d like to learn more about how to engage in primal play, I’ve seen a very helpful video all about it on Kink University, a branch of obviously). The video demonstrates many of the acts involved and explains the dynamics of the human connection created. Disclaimer: They don’t pay me to advertise their site, I just genuinely think it’s an excellent resource.

Out of curiosity, are any of you primal? Have any of you had experiences in primal play, or engage in it a certain way? Feel free to tell me your experiences in the comments below.

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    1. Primal is new for the BDSM community. But honestly, I’m almost certain that it’s how most, if not all of us, came to be. It’s the most basic of human emotions all released in the most basic of ways. And I’ve proudly been a primal all my life. I also prefer the primal hundreds or dominess over the prey. Prey are good for releasing tension and letting the beast feed a little. But the ultimate connection and best sex comes with an alpha female.

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      1. John Davis,

        Could you explain a bit further how is it that best sex comes with an alpha female? That would actually be two primals together. I totally agree, but am also looking for another one’s perspective. Thank you!

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      2. I don’t want to over analyze things with names and categories. But do you like the alpha female to win? Or do you like to ultimately bring her to bay? One of the two is a brat.

        If there isn’t an—even if unspoken—acknowledgement of who will win, someone could get hurt. It could be that you like second or third degree games (as Eric Berne would say)—where people actually get emotionally or physically damaged. But, it’s probably better to keep it a first degree game if the relationship will continue to be healthy.

        And, of course, you might switch off occasionally or frequently.

        Personally, I’ve enjoyed dominating and being dominated. But, my natural inclination is to dominate. I probably can’t help but be bratty if I’m being dominated. I remember one woman repeatedly reminding me that she was in control and that I should not be resisting. At some point I told her that she then needed to take control of me or I would take the crop from her and show her how to use it.

        And, I think the only thing that really turns me on is if the female provides some sort of resistance—anything from fighting back to moving out of the way or trying to block me if I’m whipping her to verbal objections or pleas.

        The best experience is to run into natural resistance that comes from taking things just a little further than expected so that there is a genuine moment of fear. Not enough to say the safe word, but at least where that comes to mind as potentially necessary. There is something about a genuine moment of fear that is so intimate. It’s the only moment when both parties enter the now, when both parties are needed, when trust is built.

        At that point of fear, there is a degree of risk if the other person really fights back hard. Not only would I be irritated if I ended up with a broken nose (I’m not a Klingon and do need to go to work the next day), but at that moment of fear, I like to see the relief and gratitude and trust in her eyes when she submits and I know that I can release my grip a bit and enjoy my prize and have my way with her.

        And, if I’m the prey, I just want that moment where I realize that I’m not in control, and don’t need to be, and that I need to just relax and let her take her pleasure. And being physically powerful, that requires physical restraints against which I can strain until I reach a point of exhaustion. I’ve never reached that point of giving in. But, I do want it.


      3. Want a good story with this dynamic, it is supernatural fantasy. But the women of otherworld series, clay and his lover act this way. Books better than the show. But ya, clay will chase her,, she will fight it, then embraces only to take off again or to steal control..for them it was more like to alphas going at it. But the dynamic is there.


  1. I didn’t realize this kind of play even had a name until recently. I’ve just considered it role play. As a sub, I like to know my Dom can actually handle my strength (emotional and physical) and primal play gives me the opportunity to “make him earn or prove” he is strong enough. Knowing my Dom is capable makes it easier to let go of the “weight of the world” that I carry with me as part of my responsibility in my career and family. That weightlessness is one of the main reasons BDSM is so attractive to me and is essential for me to feel fulfilled in a scene or relationship.

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  2. Sorry, could not send this directly to you. So heres some of my oersonak research into it and whay I have become inside my own journey. The storyI well that s something ive had real ecperience with.
    Primal play… animalistic at it very primal core, the need to mate… from the most brutal of fights to the most sensual of beautiful acts… Many choose to be the wolf, others well, many animals take form here… for myself, I did choose the wolf for many reasons the wolf is the animal of my choice…. only the Alpha male and Alpha female of any given pack are the ones who will mate finding through a few hours of research…. at best for life they take this journey, together they breed the very life that becomes there pack… Once again proving only the strongest survive…

    I find myself running this very scene through my mind as if it has already taken place… Night falls, the air is heavy with your scent, I can almost taste your sex from a distance…. with one look into my eyes you know its time to run for your life, the chase is on…. like a scared child you bolt through the woods in hopes of not being caught, run little girl there is no place to for you to hide from me…. with one swift lunge you are tackled to the ground, your arms pinned behind your back, struggle you may but to no prevail I am stronger…. you fight to flee, your not going anywhere till I have had you…. ripping through your clothes with no regard, naked and helpless before me I now remind you who I am, for it is you I have chosen as you have chosen me…. the strong ones…. mine for life….

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  3. I am very new to the BDSM world, as I am in the middle of the end of a 20 year marriage that was never hugely sexually gratifying or adventurous. As I’ve talked to friends and done some research, I’ve figured out that I am Primal. I want the give and take, the fight for dominance, the deep connection, etc. It’s something I’ve always set aside or kept hidden/tied down, because I didn’t understand it, didn’t know how to control how this approach affected others, etc. I am interested to let that side out more and see how it goes. I’m just happy to have a category that seems to fit me, even if I’m not entirely sure how to tap into it.

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    1. I would recommend you use this time to explore your sexuality, and connect with others who share this interest. Being deprived of adventure for that long, it may take some time before you can dive in. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dip a toe in first.


      1. I agree completely. Definitely planning to tread carefully with someone I trust. I am sure it will take some time and experimentation to be able to truly connect to the primal. As caged as I feel right now, I know it will be worth the wait in the long run. A good hunter can be patient.

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  4. I have always wonder what comes over me sometimes during sex. I get the urge to attack sometimes and want to be taken down hard. I am a masochist, and enjoy pain, when pain is a part of intercourse though, I get very “primal”, I can’t control it, I start to pant and growl, and want to turn on my partner and force him to take control, take me down, and fight me. When I feel this urge coming on I try to curb it, as deep down I don’t really want to hurt my partner. It scares me sometimes. There have been a few times that I don’t remember and I was told that I became like a trapped animal fighting for my freedom. My partner handled the situation well, from what he told me, but now when I get these urges he slows things down and keeps me from going into the that zone completely. I feel these urges coming for frequently, I don’t know if I am doing the right thing by trying to curb the urges or not, all I know is they are getting harder to control. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have talked to my partner about these feelings and he said he has a few ideas that may help me release these urges in a safe way. Although he has not filled me in on his plan. I have dreams all the time about this and they are becoming more and more frequent, violent, and erotic. I truly do feel as though I could hurt my partner and if that ever happened, I don’t know that I could live with myself.

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    1. You can only loose control if you are the prey. You need to be restrained so that you can’t hurt him. Then have him provoke you until that beast comes out. You need to remember not to let it out when you are in control! I would never underestimate what has the potential to come out.


  5. Reading Personal Journey’s post, I feel like updating mine. I have found a seriously Primal partner, while he is the one who fears losing complete control, as the above post has mentioned (and has with other partners), he is incredibly patient, careful, and thoughtful with me. Before we even met in person, we talked about many, many options to see what was ok, what I wanted to try, etc. It was amazing. I had some hard stops that are things he enjoys, but he was fine with leaving them off the menu (yes, I literally wrote out a menu, it worked well as kind of a contract, plus planning it was fun and built a delicious tension).

    All of this built an incredibly deep trust ahead of time that allowed our first encounters to be amazing. He was good at staying relatively within my boundaries, and gently nudging the ones I said I would consider pushing. I was pleasantly surprised at the things I’d never considered that I actually loved and craved more of.

    A friend noticed one of his bites on the side of my throat (a formerly hard stop), and I hadn’t even realized he had gotten that close. I remembered the bite and that I had enjoyed it, but not determined the exact location until she said something. When I mentioned it to him, he chuckled and said he’d wondered how long it was going to take me to notice.

    It has been interesting as our relationship has continued, the things I want and am interested in exploring. I don’t know that I’m anywhere near complete loss of control (I’m SUPER controlled in my day to day life, probably because, in part, of my inherent Primal nature), so we will see. He has talked about things that would make him lose control, and he would like to try them with me, but is afraid he’ll hurt me. He is ridiculously strong, and I have some back issues, haha.

    He’s an amazing Alpha, he never submits, but always makes sure I’m getting what I want and need. He pushes my boundaries, but respects them when it’s too much or not what I want. I feel both safe and hunted.

    We both enjoy the fight and the take-down. I let him get a hand around my throat, which I never thought I would allow. EVER. We talked about it in detail, and at a few points I let him know that I was considering it. I wrote a narrative involving it, and my newer thoughts on it, so I think that let him be willing to chance me not freaking out. No actual choking, but usually, even the thought of a hand or teeth anywhere near my throat would cause panic. This was very interesting. I was held down, restrained, but still somehow felt in control.

    He has started telling me what he wants and likes, beyond the “I’ll take what I want when I want it, unless you say “no”, and as long as you get what you want, I’m happy” response. I like that we want to tend to one another’s needs, and allow each other to lose control a bit. I’m sure I’ve never seen him lose control, but he lets go a little more each time we meet, and that is incredible.

    Sorry to blather on, but this is such a new, wonderful aspect of my life, I have to talk about it, but there aren’t many who would get it. Even referring to him as my Alpha would weird out most of my friends, but as a 40 year old woman, “boyfriend” is a lame term.

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    1. No not many people would get it but I have found that like attracts like and the ones that figure me out do so on an instinctual level… They can smell it…

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  6. For years I was into “this” though, “this” had no name. I relate to Primal Prey. I’ve had a few experiences over the years I’d categorize as Primal. I have a few writings similar, but really just come off as really rough almost abusive sex lol. I now see this as a challenge though! Good read, thank you for sharing!

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  7. This is really interesting. The couple of people I encountered who identified as primal it seemed as though they wanted to be rough without the rules of bdsm or any of the equipment. I never really understood it in the animalistic way you’ve described. Primal sex is the only form of kinky fuckery I’ve ever really had tbh, but I think I’m more of a ‘count the spanks’ kinda girl lol

    Did you ever write any primal erotica? I’d love to read it.

    Aurora x

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    1. My experiences with primal are new and with only one person, but with us there are all the rules. Before we met in person, we discussed everything from possible options, things we like, don’t like, hard stops, soft stops, safe words, everything. The trust that was built ahead of time made everything even more incredible. There is definitely an animalistic approach and side to things, and as I’m exploring it, I see it as more than just what I like in the bedroom. Rather it’s an entire approach to life. One I’ve always had, but never put a name to. I only knew that my general way of interacting with people is usually seen as incredibly intimidating, especially by men.

      The concept of physical restraint by your partner is more fun and exciting than being tied. The fight/foreplay is just amazing and arousing. More than a tease, it’s to draw out the hunter in your partner. I’m loving exploring this side that always hid in the background, but never knew enough about it to let it out. I’m so happy to have a partner who is patient and willing to let me figure things out at a speed with which I’m comfortable.

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  8. Years ago my lover Ryan and I used to play a game of Hunter which involved a darkened room and the chase. Only guy I had that dynamic with. But I’m only just seriously beginning to discover my kinks. Doing a quiz to see where I’m placed Predator/prey dynamics were very high. But i’ve not really followed up on this at all. So I appreciate the article.

    I am now collaborating with a photographer and have plans down the track to do a photoshoot in a forest which reworks the story of Little Red Riding Hood. As I’m the only model I get to be predator and prey which should be interesting and difficult.
    I’ve just bought a faux fur tail for the final series of images…

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  9. My alpha and I are he is my alpha and IAM his tigress I have just been introduced to this a week ago. But the emotion and caring ways of protection and what not is the best my alpha takes great care of me no matter where or what we are doing. We are a 24/7 roll CPL and before I was jus a submissive who has been out of the game for to Long until last week because of my late husband wasn’t into any kind of BDSM so I had became a vanilla and from that to primal right out the gate I didn’t even know that it was a thing but can’t wait to see what lies ahead for the two of us.

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  10. This was so very helpful i personally am new to BDSM i say that but i have been into it actively 1 yr so it still seems so new. I started with the mind set that i am a submissive, i get my joy giving in and pleasing my master. being with hi the last year i have grown an changed an found this primal side in my as a prey an i kinda struggle with it but reading this has helped a lot. also there is A LOT of erotica books out there about primal an sex they are very yummy. Funny whats how i first found out it turned me on an was like hey i act like that sometimes. your post was so helpful thank you.

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  11. This category definitely fits me! I can’t even like masturbate because I 100% need to be able to smell the other person….pheramones are like a huge thing for me. I also love to “hunt” them (even tho generally he ends up dominate)

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  12. I know this is an older post, but I’m pretty sure “primal” is even older.
    The “consensual non-consent” scene approximately 200 pages into The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand (published 1943) has elements of primal activity, including biting, non-verbal communication, a take down, and a momentary escape for the bottom (Dominique) before the top (Howard) takes her down again. Just thought you might like to know. 🙂

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  13. My first time trying this, it inspired a poem:


    I could see the shame in your eyes
    And behind that, Power
    Raw and primal
    That’s what I wanted
    You sat quietly
    Stalking your prey
    Waiting until just the right moment
    By the time you arose, I was aching for you
    Then you descended fully
    You can’t rape the willing

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  14. I remember me and my ex would have brutal sex. I actually dislocated his shoulder once durring a particularly rough night. We didn’t know what it was then but this discovery has made us talk about getting back together.

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  15. I’m a primal predator (feline), and, for me, is more than simply bedroom play. I purr when contented or enjoying myself, even a back scratch. I growl when feeling threatened or irritated. I hiss when startled. I make a yip when hurt. These are instinctual, knee-jerk reactions that I cannot control. I’ll toy with objects in a cat-like way when bored. Chase with absolute excitement someone who teases and runs. Bite while wrestling. Primal behaviour permeates every aspect of my life; the traits simply become more prominent and noticeable in sexual situations. It is the core of who I am, not a choice of kink experimentation. Perhaps, it is different for everyone. For myself, it IS me, not merely what I do.

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  16. I consider myself primal. But I see here descriptions that refer to violence and control. For me it’s more about playing off of the energy of my partner. One of my favorite memories was of a woman who urged me to pull her hair and use her body in whatever way I wanted. That got fairly intense. To my surprise, she was invigorated and said that she wanted to really be dominated next time.

    But another time I really liked was a zazen blur of just rolling around kissing and hugging and fondling and sex all with fruits, wines, cheeses, and sweets by the bed. She looked a little disappointed that I didn’t cum. So, we finished up with that in a couple of minutes. But, for me, it was all about this slow sensuality where I can’t remember whose body was doing what.

    Another time is was a very choreographed kind of sexual sets performed to music of various types in a beautiful suit overlooking a river and amusement park lights. It wasn’t choreographed in the sense of being planned. It just changed tempo with music and involved very different types of sex at various stages. And actually, I consider this one to have been the masterpiece. It was almost like the music was responding to the type of sex we were having. But it was all very lucid and intimate and controlled.

    I remember once enjoying putting a woman on display in the middle of the room and inspected her like an animal while she stood quietly and pleasantly embarrassed by it all.

    Another time I put myself on display, following a strong woman’s instructions while she slapped my face, pee’d in my mouth while I gulped it down and she walked around me giving instructions until I couldn’t sit still any longer and grabbed her, pushed her down over the bed, made her hold her ass open while I rutted my nose and mouth around her ass.

    Another time, I remember being with this little blond hippie girl with bangs cut straight across her forehead. She looked like she had just walked out of a sixties playboy magazine. We spent the afternoon with the sun coming through the window talking and telling each other little things we liked during sex. She liked for me to grab her ass cheek and squeeze it really hard, but not too hard. I liked for both of us to watch ourselves in a large floor to ceiling mirror. It was very much like we were teenagers playing around and exploring. She had the most radiant smile and spoke with such quiet grace.

    None of any of these things were planned. It was just my partner wanting something and me teasing it out to be an extended theme. Sometimes I was very surprised by what we ended up doing.

    All of it was quintessentially what I mean when I refer to primal sex. It can involve violence and grit, but also sensuality and joy. But it’s all very spontaneous and a mutually created work of art.

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  17. So I have this women who says she’s into “animal primal” and i have no idea even after reading this of what to do but I want to give her my everything what can you all teach and or tell me??

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    1. Start by agreeing not to leave any marks on each other’s bodies (or no permanent scaring if you feel more adventurous). And agree on a safe word and repeat it back. I had a woman forget her safe word—so if you don’t know her well and it’s your first time, keep an eye out for the fear becoming panic and be ready to let her go.

      Walk in and tell her what to do. If she complies, good for you. If she doesn’t, grab her by the hair with one hand and the throat with the other hand and tell her she is wicked little bunny. If she laughs, cover her mouth and nose for a few seconds and tell her to shut up.

      Don’t squeeze her throat hard enough to cut her air or blood supply off. But enough to make the blood pound in her head.

      Be sure to turn sideways so that she can’t kick you in the balls. Be ready for her to either hit you hard or run. If she punches you, slap her. If she slaps you, grab her arms and hold them behind her back while you do whatever you want with her. Don’t respond in kind since the adrenaline will make it hard tell how rough you are being. You want her to be startled or angry or scared—you don’t really want to hurt her. But, be ready for her adrenaline to kick in and always be on guard since it may not cross her mind that she can hurt you.

      If she runs, just keep your fingers loosely curled so that her hair gets pulled. But you really don’t want to end up with a large clump of hair in your hand.

      Whatever she does, you should have an impulse to also do something. Just do it. Everyone has the instinct to chase running things and catch them and then nibble on it, paw it a bit, and inseminate or mark it as property it if it is a female of the same species.

      If you start to feel pity for her, pet her and tell her she is beautiful and looks delicious. But be ready for her to try to hit you. If she does, grab her hands and punish her. She will love that you didn’t let your guard down.

      If she submits, inseminate or mark her, unless you still feel like playing with your catch for a while longer.

      When you are done with her leave her lying crumpled on the ground and draw a hot tub for her. While she is bathing, make her some comfort food. Then hold her and listen to some soft music. Just be nice to her while she transforms back into her human form.

      And do whatever you want. Don’t worry about always being serious. If you do something silly, she will laugh at you. Just make sure she doesn’t get away with it unscathed;-). You might just end up rolling around on the floor laughing until your sides hurt. The important thing is to stop thinking and stop monitoring yourself.


    2. To put it another way, consider the ways in which wolves, bears, cats, and other animals go about courtship and mating. Have you ever found someone’s smell to be comforting or erotic? Ever felt entranced by the softness of someone’s skin or hair? To get even deeper, have you ever felt the desire to growl during sex and/or foreplay? It’s all about letting go of the traditional idea of sex, vis-a-vis positions, expectations, awkwardness, and embarrassment, and more to let your desires be driven by your senses and baser inclinations. You should stop holding back because of social restrictions and let the animal side out. If you like the way she smells, smell her deeply. If you like the feel of her skin, touch her, scratch her. If you feel the need to bite her, then bite her. Just remember that this if she wants you to be an alpha, then be the alpha. Guard, protect, show affection, show your true self, and then dominate.


  18. If you’re looking for primal examples in erotic writing you just have to look into werewolf erotic romance or even vampire. They typically exhibit hunter/prey traits.

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  19. Thank you for the write up. This is the first I’ve heard of it but I’m turned on by just reading about it! I love the thought of the chase/wrestling for dominance and me submitting (maybe) to a qualified dominant man (or them to me).
    This is so sexy…

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  20. I believe I learned what it means to be a Primal when I was born…

    As I always advise literally everyone on any topic:

    Please remember you are a human & please remember you are a mammal

    Y’all are 3 decades late (at least… I mean, remember the hippy movement…?) to this party.

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  21. Thank you for this post. I found myself here from a test that scored high in primal/prey and I needed to see what it meant. From what I have read in the post and comments it is possible to be this way naturally, is that correct? If so it truly helps clarify some things that go on with me. Scenting, and my ache to bite and claw, the aggression and submission at times. Teeth on my neck or my throat held firmly, growling, snarling purring, and this overwhelming desire to either attack or be attacked for a lack of better wording at the moment. And to be honest, the absolute hunger/ desire to be conquered or conquer. Like, have you ever seen a total stranger and your insides come snapping and snarling to life? You end up feeling like a bitch in heat. So that is Primal/prey?

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    1. For the most part, yes. There’s much to learn about what it means to be Primal, but it’s something I try to explore all the time. You’re always welcome to send me questions or discuss your experiences with me over social media. 😁

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  22. I’ve definitely taken part in primal play without knowing that’s what it was. In my earlier years,especially , I always liked to act kind of like a cat, purring and pawing, slinking around my lover haha. I loved to wrestle and some what fight before and during sex. Looking back now I realize an Ex of mine is actually a primal hunter/dom. Biting, scratching, growling, you name it, even said that he was attracted to my scent lol. I remember one time in particular we started sniffing and circling each other out of nowhere like a couple of animals! Honestly it’s quite fun and exciting not even just for sex, I highly recommend it! It’s nice to act or if the norm and to do so with someone who accepts toy and joins in on these fun ❤

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  23. Hey. I just found this article, and I only recently found out about “Primal” as a label, and I must say, I can relate to it better than anything else. I haven’t tried it with someone else yet, as I am incredibly selective of my sexual partners and who I allow close. But I am most definitely a Primal Alpha Female. I didn’t know this power struggle between two alphas, which I love and crave had a name. It’s a bit scary, since I’m quite sure if I were to release it during sex with another person, it would frighten them a lot. The snarling, the growling, subduing them with physical strength, hair pulling, scratching, and just overall acting like I’m possessed… It’s the best thing ever. However I have yet to meet a man who could handle me at my true beast self.
    Thank you for this article, you have most definitely contributed to my sexual awakening and self-discovery. I commend you, and wish you the best!

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  24. I was introduced to the idea of Primal some time ago. This article was one of the first I read in my learning what being a Primal meant. I have read this article SO many times and love it every single time. I am a Primal, and I fucking LOVE it! Thank you so much for adding to my self understanding!

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  25. Hello, I started looking for information on Primal today after taking a quiz that suggested I was primal(prey) I know of primal play and about it, but I never really thought it was something that Inpotentially was. I have a story I wrote named “the rabbit caught between two lions.” Or something close to that. I’d love to send you the link if you would like to read it.

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  26. Just saw this post today, read it loved it and all the others u did. So I figure I’d reply to ur question. I have known since high school back in 2002 (jeez seems like a lifetime ago) that I was a Primal. I didnt even think it had a name or that it wasnt normal. Me and my future wife being teenagers and just coming into our own sexuality, I found my self growling and wating to leave marks all over her, like a way to show that she was mine to the world. When we finally had sex, she would nibble and scratch and it drove me insane. Outside of sex, it was her scent that drove me up the walls. I always knew when she was excited, and in fact one day, asked her while we were just chilling on the couch reading, my head in her lap, why she was getting excited. She denied it of course but then finally asked how I knew. I told her I could smell her, which made her blush. Her scent would later also help calm me down or make me feel better after a hard day.

    Flashforward 18 years and cancer taking her away from me, I find myself no longer suppressing my animalistic/primal behaviors as much as I did in the latter half of my marriage. It’s good to know that there are actually others out there who have the same interests, cause I dont find normal dungeon/bdsm play very thrilling at all.

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  27. Holy shit! I just heard about primal play for the first time today.
    I thought it was just me, but thank god there are more people out there like me! Haha
    I thought humans were just boring, and now I’ve realized I’ve been hanging out with the wrong people.
    Honestly, this is life-changing. Thank you 🙏🥳

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  28. I didn’t realize I’ve been pushing for this in my interactions pretty much from day one (more than 20 years). But I like it to be a more equal power struggle a la alpha pair of a wolfpack.

    Of course in the end ultimately I accept my mate, unless it’s just being playful, but what starts out as playful doesn’t always end playfully.

    I find primal play to be far more intense a connection emotionally than either more traditional intimacy or the more classic Dom/sub top/bottom dynamic. What I didn’t know is that there’s a name for it. I had been on dating sites looking for people who had a similar worldview to myself and I have come to the conclusion that if this isn’t part of it then it’s never going to work. We can have everything else in common but if you can’t make yourself bite me or can’t tolerate being bitten then it’s best not to try to force the relationship to work. While I can enjoy vanilla-ish sex if I deeply care about my partner it’s never as intense or satisfying, and eventually I will become less interested in intimacy with that person.

    What I don’t understand is primal men who talk like the only expression of primal nature is to want to have sex with as many women as they feel the urge to do. For me, my primal nature is much more tied to actual Nature. So it’s really promising to see that people can have committed relationships with one partner and express themselves this way.

    Fingers crossed that I’ll find myself a true full mate and capable pack leader eventually.

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  29. Im a Primal Predator (Dominant Male), i have been savage and bestial since i got memory, hunting, wrestling, combat sports, lifting weights, hiking weights, camping, etc.

    A few years ago i discover that im a Primal Predator, always letting the inner beast out, while i was hunting, wrestling or having sex, the natural urge to dominate and impregnate a women.


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