Ritual Offerings: The Interview

This week’s Erotic Bite is another teaser from the Ritual Offerings collection. A paranormal investigator is interested in the case of a mental patient who claims to have had sex with a demon. He soon finds himself digging too deep, and too close to the answer.

September 22nd, 1:30 p.m.

I arrived at the Rosemary Psychiatric Institution, where I’ve been promised an interview with a patient who was admitted over two years ago, and whose mental condition remains unchanged. It’s my hope to learn more about the conditions of her admittance, as the media would only say it was of an ‘occult nature’. Those words were what first got my attention. I was a man with a dream of one day becoming a recognised paranormal investigator, but thus far, had only ever investigated frauds and wild goose chases. Ever since this case showed up on the news, I’ve been trying to find out more, thinking this could be my first real break.

After two years of inquiries and requisitions, I finally had my in. The official investigation had been closed, so I was no longer barred from having an interview. I was already on bad terms with the warden, having annoyed him with my past repeated attempts to gain entry. However, he couldn’t legally keep me out anymore, much to his dissatisfaction. Even as I entered the facility, and was let through security, his snub-nosed face sneered at me the whole time.

Once I was through, I was met by one of the psychiatrists who worked at the facility. He was a middle-aged man, wearing a cheap suit, and signs of a receding hairline. His face was adorned with a pair of glasses with large frames, the kind of appearance you would expect from a professional at a psychiatric institution. He smiled at me, holding a file under one of his arms as the other one extended to shake my hand. I courteously smiled back and took the handshake, introducing myself formally. As he did the same, he led me down the halls of the facility.

He explained he was Ms. Campbell’s primary doctor, and had been working with her since she arrived at the institution, and would answer any questions I had, so long as it wouldn’t violate the doctor-patient confidentiality protocol. I first asked him if the rumours about the circumstances of her admittance had any truth to them. He told me, although it’s true she was found in a room which appeared to be used for ritualistic purposes, he didn’t believe it was the cause of her mental state. He suspected her mind had become progressively more fractured due to her occult beliefs, and one day, she just snapped entirely. Since then, he’s been trying to piece her psyche back together, but has made very little progress in the last two years.

I asked him what, if any, kinds of treatment had been used. Specifically, had any extreme treatments, such as lobotomy, been performed. The doctor then explained, in her current state, such treatments would have no beneficial effects for her. However, they had attempted to use medication for hallucinations, and even experimented with different combinations of medicine to fix her mental state, but wasn’t at liberty to say which ones. He then handed me the file he’d been carrying, telling me it contained information on her prognosis, and observations made during the last two years. As I read the file, there were some photos of the patient, and a few of the walls in her room, with symbols and phrases drawn in chalk.

Age: 23
Sex: Female
D.O.B.: [redacted]
Eye colour: Gr
Hair colour: Rd

Status and Treatment: Patient was admitted after being found in her apartment. Patient showed signs of delirium, though the cause is unknown. Patient was sedated, and transported to Rosemary Psychiatric Institution for analysis and treatment. Dr. Eckleburn assigned as primary doctor.
Doctor conducted interview with patient. Over a two hour period, details of the patient’s illusions were found to be as follows:
Patient claims she was visited by some other-worldly creature, and had intercourse with said creature. Patient gave no details as to how she encountered said creature, nor could explain where it is now. Patient claims she belongs to the creature. Patient was unresponsive during majority of the interview, save for reactions resembling a state of post-coitus.

Patient has since continued to claim she belongs to some other-worldly creature, but has not shown any behaviour of other patients who have claiming possession.
Patient is stable, and non-violent.

After reading the file, the doctor showed me to the female ward where Ms. Campbell was staying. He said I would be allowed a short interview with the patient, and could ask her about what caused her illusions, as well as take photographs of her, and her room, but nothing more. Furthermore, the institution would not support the legitimacy of occult causes in any form, at least professionally. I agreed to the conditions, and the doctor showed me to her room. He introduced me to Ms. Campbell, and explained to her I was to interview her. Then turned to me and informed me she had already been sedated in anticipation of my arrival. I was allowed to speak to her in private, and to knock on the door to let the orderly know when I was finished.

1:40 p.m.

Dr. Eckleburn left me alone with Ms. Campbell in her room. As I stepped inside, I’m immediately drawn to all of the sketches on the walls. Much of it is drawn in chalk, some of it smeared, and all of it seemed incoherent, yet, done with purpose. I turned to look at Ms. Campbell, and she’s laid on her bed, looking up at me, and smiling with a glazed look in her eyes. I fear her sedation may prevent me from conducting the thorough interview I was hoping for. Still, I should at least try. I may not get another opportunity like this again.

I grab a chair, and set it next to her bed, sitting in it. I retrieve my notepad and pen from my back pocket, and  observe the young woman for a moment. Her auburn hair was messy, and sprawled on her pillow as her head rested on it. She wore the same white smock all the patients wore in the ward. Although her state seemed very euphoric, she still appeared to be aware of me, and why I was there. I asked for her name, and if she understood why I was there. She answered with the name on her file, and understood I was interviewing her. I was relieved, and confident she was coherent enough to answer my questions.

I asked her if she remembered the event that took place two years ago, which put her in this state. To which, she replied saying I was very handsome. I was flattered, but didn’t want to encourage that behaviour, so I repeated my question. She nodded and said she did. I asked her if she could describe the events that took place on that night. As I watched her, waiting for an answer, she simply kept looking up at me seductively, a hint of blushing was in her cheeks, and she bit her lip. I had to admit, she was very pretty, and under different circumstances, I would have flirted with her. But this was hardly the time or place, or the person, to be doing such things.

Several minutes into the interview, I was beginning to understand why it took two hours for the doctor to get very little information about that night from her. Most of my questions were met with a seductive look, or a flattering comment about my appearance, or sexual prowess. This was probably the first time I ever had to turn down the advances of a beautiful woman, especially one who tried so hard to seduce me. Thinking it may be a lost cause to continue, I quickly transcribed the information from her file instead. I then turned my attention to the walls, wondering if the markings might give some insight.

I excused myself from our discussion, and stood up to examine the walls better. Pulling out my camera, I took a hi-res photo of each wall, so I could examine the smaller details, if needed. Ms. Campbell remained in her bed as I did so, and said nothing while I did my examination. Much of the markings seemed rather incoherent, with sketches that made no sense, symbols I didn’t recognise, or had been partially rubbed away. I did, however, notice a few things. In each corner, there was a drawing of a candle, which seemed peculiar to me. There was also a rather crude drawing of what appeared to be a dagger, but the handle looked more phallic, than symmetrical. Finally, a pentagram symbol, which was the universal symbol of witchcraft, and the occult, was drawn on the wall opposite to the bed, with the words ‘KLAC TABLS’ written beneath it.

I made a notation of all the peculiar markings on my notepad, and thought I may have been onto something here. What happened next, shook me to my core. I practically jumped out of my skin the moment I turned, and came face-to-face with Ms. Campbell, standing directly behind me. I hadn’t even heard her get up, nor her feet shuffle on the floor, as if she just appeared there. I was terrified, but took a few deep breaths and calmed down. I became nervous wondering how she could have been standing right there, looking right at me, while she was still sedated.

I tried to play it off, telling her she surprised me, and I would have to be going now. Just as I spoke, she stepped closer to me. I moved backwards away from her, nervous of what she might do, and ended up with my back against the wall. She was almost pressed into me, her eyes staring right into mine, full of hunger. She opened up her smock, and bared her chest; no t-shirt or undergarments underneath. She reached into it and pulled her breasts out for me to see. Her skin was pale, and looked soft and smooth. She gently rubbed them, and arched her back to raise her chest closer to me, daring me to touch them. I stood frozen against the wall, afraid to do anything but look.

She gave me a devious, playful smile as she bit her lip, still rubbing her breasts. Her nipples hardened, alluring me to take hold of them. She was getting no reaction from me, so she became bolder. She reached down, and rubbed my pants, precisely along the shaft of my growing erection. My attempts to feign disinterest seemed to fail, she had called me on my bluff.

With a lewd giggle, she lowered herself onto her knees, and skillfully unfastened my pants in about a second. Before I could protest, she had already reached into my boxers, and pulled out my erect member. She cooed lustfully as she stroked me, and I could only wonder if, perhaps, her sedation had simply worn off prematurely. As precum secreted from the head of my prick, she stared at it hungrily. Her hand stroked me harder, trying to milk out more of it.

She licked the slit of my penis, cleaning it all off, and took the entire head of my cock in her mouth. She sucked on the end of my penis, stroking me along the shaft, her eyes continuously looking up into mine. I had to admit, being a paranormal investigator didn’t get me many dates, so it was difficult for me to say no to this. Her auburn hair bobbed back and forth past her shoulders, and part of me wanted to grab it, and just enjoy this. I wanted to take her breast in my hand, and massage it, grope it, and make her feel good. I admit, I wanted to fuck her against this wall.

Then, I snapped out of those thoughts, knowing an orderly could walk in at any moment. I pulled myself away from her, stepping sideways from her grasp, and put my throbbing member back in my pants. Rather than look insulted, Ms. Campbell seemed eager to continue, slowly walking towards me with that look of sexual hunger in her eyes. I quickly grabbed my belongings, and anxiously knocked on the door to be let out. The orderly immediately answered, and I exited. I explained what she did, and she assured me that it happened sometimes, before going in to re-dress the auburn-haired woman, and put her back in bed.

Needless to say, I decided I was done with my interview, and compiled my notes. I met with the doctor again, and returned his file as he escorted me out of the building. We had a short chat about what happened along the way, but he was relieved to hear that I hadn’t engaged in any sort of sexual act with her. Of course, I had to lie a little about that part. Once I had made it through security, and signed myself out, I was on my way home.

8:50 p.m.

I sat at home, going over my notes and pictures, trying to make sense of all the nonsense that had taken place several hours ago. I was bothered by the events that took place in Ms. Campbell’s room at the ward, but it hadn’t stopped me from quickly relieving that tension the moment I got home. I stared at the cork board with all of my photos, and the notes I took from my observations. I stared at it like I was some ‘beautiful mind’ genius, trying to find the connections to everything, like some puzzle. I tried like hell to see how everything fit together, but my mind just wouldn’t shake the image of that young redhead about to blow me right there against the concrete wall.

I closed my eyes to think, but I saw her again, on her knees, right in front of me. I start to get hard again, and I had to let out a long exhale to calm myself down. I refocused my mind, and brought my attention back to the mess on the wall, and figure out if there was a case here. I mulled over the specific pictures I had noticed earlier, and saw they resembled the components of certain rituals. If Ms. Campbell was drawing these shapes in a specific way, she may have been trying to tell me by recreating what happened. That made me wonder, what did the words ‘KLAC TABLS’ mean? I had already checked many languages, and they didn’t seem to say anything in any language.

I decided to try an experiment, and grabbed some candles. If she drew a picture of a candle in each corner, would that indicate there was a candle in each corner of the room during the ritual? I placed one in each corner of my living room, and lit them, trying to place myself in the situation. The mood certainly seemed right, and I definitely felt a sense of nervousness. I stepped back to the cork board, and grabbed the picture I took of those strange words.

I sat on my couch, in the low light, and examined the photo closer. The words still didn’t make sense, and the pentagram above it didn’t seem to give any clue. Frustrated, I set the photo on my coffee table, and got up to get a drink. I could sense I was going in the right direction, and those words and pentagram were the next step. I just could not figure out what it meant. With a small glass of whiskey in my hand, I relaxed on the couch, taking a sip.

I allowed myself to think about the redhead again, if only to unwind my nerves, and give myself something nice to think about. I imagined how far things may have gotten if I hadn’t stopped her. How her breasts would have felt in my hands, how deep she would have taken my prick in her mouth, how tight her snatch was, and how much she would enjoy feeling me inside her. It wasn’t long before I was fully hard, and beginning to want that fiery woman. ‘Oh well,’ I thought to myself, feeling like a fool for desiring a woman trapped in a nuthouse.

As I opened my eyes again, I could have sworn there was a red flicker in my peripheral vision. I looked towards it, and nothing, just my coffee table, and the photo. I shrugged it off as my eyes just playing tricks on me, and took another sip of the dark whiskey. I yawned and  laid my head back against the couch, closing my eyes. I only had them closed for a minute, but when I opened them, my house had become much darker.

There were still lights flickering on the walls, and I remembered the candles were still burning. I sat up, blinking the drowsiness from my eyes. I was surprised I hadn’t dropped my glass as I nearly drifted off, and set it on the table. I didn’t know what happened, whether there was a blackout, or I had gotten drunk and forgot I turned the lights off. I composed my thoughts, and tried to remember where the nearest flashlight was. I remembered I put one in the stand next to the front door.

I opened the drawer in the stand, and searched around for it. I pulled it out, and twisted the head to make sure it worked. Sure enough, the beam was bright, and lit the door in front of me. For the second time that day, I was surprised nearly out of my skin when there was a knock on the door. I stepped back, and exhaled, assuming the neighbour must be checking to see if the power was out in my house as well.

I opened my door, shining my flashlight outside at the guest, and was taken aback by what I saw. It was a person, but not one of my neighbours, I was sure of that. The stranger had a curious, green robe covering their whole body, along with a hood covering their head. With everything having been dark, I could only see black under the hood. I was creeped out by this stranger’s presence, but I stole myself, and asked who the stranger was, and if they needed something. The stranger didn’t answer, or react in any sort of way.

Feeling even more on edge, I repeated my question, and leaned in to try and see their face. As I raised the flashlight towards their face, the figure stepped towards me, and into my home. Startled, I backed away from the stranger, nearly tripping over my own feet. The door closed by itself behind the stranger, and I was unsure if it was the wind, or some other force. I felt the arm of the couch on the back of my thighs, and was too frightened to move anywhere else. The figure stopped within inches of my body, and slowly, two pale, slender hands reached for the hood, and pushed it back.

I never could have imagined the person in the cloak, who seemed to appear at my door in the middle of the night, had the same red hair and familiar face. Her green eyes pierced into my mind, and invaded my thoughts. It was Ms. Campbell, but at the same time, it wasn’t. I couldn’t explain what it was, but the person standing in front of me was exactly like the mental patient I had just met a few hours ago, and yet, her demeanour was entirely different. Rather than in a state of delirium, she was calm; her face and hair seemed cleaner, as well. By all accounts, I could swear the woman before me had never had any sort of mental illness.

I called her by her name, and she smiled, and nodded to acknowledge me. I tried to ask how she got here, and how she got out of the asylum. My words were stifled as she leaned in and kissed me, gripping my shirt with one hand, and the other behind my head. Even with all of my questions and worries running through my mind, her warm lips melted them all away. My nerves started to calm, and my muscles relaxed. There was a moment of euphoria as my adrenaline drained from me.

She broke the kiss, and guided me back to the front of my couch, gently seating me on the soft cushion. Whatever the reason for her having been here, it didn’t matter to me anymore. She gingerly lowered herself to her knees in front of me while her eyes stayed locked on mine. The red-haired beauty unfastened my pants, just as she did earlier that day, and I was sure I knew the reason this time. I had to restrain myself, as much as I wanted her to finish last time, out of professionalism. But, this time, I had no intention of stopping her.

By the time she had pulled my trousers off, I was half-erect for her. But, no sooner did I feel her warm mouth wrap around the tip, was I fully erect. I could feel her tongue slither around my shaft, teasing me, and causing the base of my member to throb. Her hair covered my lap, making it impossible for me to watch, but I felt everything. My breathing became erratic as it responded to every tiny jolt of pleasure I felt. She seemed to be even more eager to please me than she had when we first met.

A moment later, and she slowly slid her mouth off of me, pursing her lips as she released the head, and let out a low moan of enjoyment. Her head raised, and her eyes met mine again. I watched as she stood, and sat on the opposite end of the couch. It was only then did she open the green cloak concealing her, and revealed she was completely nude underneath. The candlelight shimmered on her pale skin, and made it look like she glowed in the darkness. Her breasts looked even more tantalising than they did before, and the curves of her body bewitched me. She released a clasp near her neck, which seemed to be the only thing keeping the cloak on her body.

Her body shifted, turning towards me. Her head rested on the arm of the couch, and she brought her legs onto the middle cushion, and laid her body along the length of the couch. Her legs parted, revealing what hid between her thighs. I stared in awe at the beauty of her womanhood, and the soft, pink, puffy skin that surrounded it. She reached between her thighs, and used her fingers to open her slit to me. My prick throbbed hard, and repeatedly, as my mouth twitched. She appeared to want me to return the favour for her, which, at that moment, was the only thing I wanted to do.

My body leaned in closer, almost on it’s own. It was difficult to distinguish if I was acting on my own, or if I was losing control. My head came closer to the crevice between her thighs, and I could see her smile growing wider on her cheeks. She bit her lip and inhaled quickly as my breath touched her mound. The sweet scent of her invaded my nostrils, and the hint of her honey glistened with the light of the candles. As my lips touched her divine flesh, she gasped, and closed her eyes. As I saw her reaction to me, I wanted to give her more.

I continued to kiss her womanhood, letting my tongue out to lick her, and taste her honey. She reacts like a woman who has never been with a lover, gently jerking her limbs in an act of ecstasy. My hand reaches up to grab her breast, and it feels soft and firm in my hand. I grope her playfully, adding to the pleasure I’m giving her with my tongue. She moans and gasps in pleasure, clutching my hair, and encouraging me to do more. I felt her body heat up, and her hips began to buck.

I pinched her nipple, and focused my tongue lashings on her tiny pleasure nub. She let out a shriek, and I began to taste something hot, and sweet, escape from her opening. I lapped it up, and she held my head there, still letting out small noises as her whole body tensed in climax. Her thighs squeezed my face, and held me in place until her orgasm subsided. I found my chin soaked in her juices as I pulled my face away from her mound. I wiped my face as she caught her breath, and watched her pale skin turn to a highly-aroused pink.

My cock had already been ready to burst by that point, and pointed straight at her as I raised my body straight. Her eyes darted straight for it, and I could see a deep hunger on her face. The seductress grabbed my arms, and pulled me on top of her. I was face-to-face with her, and could see deep into her emerald eyes. I felt her hand grasp my shaft, and guided it to her opening. Her thighs closed in around my hips, and I felt the heat of her body against my skin. I felt something soft, and wet, against the tip of my member, and then her legs clamped around my hips, and pushed me deep into her.

There was a moment of disbelief in my mind, followed by the incredible feeling of her soft walls squeeze all around me. I let out a gasp as I felt myself enter her, while she moaned in pleasure of the initial penetration. She held my body in place for a moment, and pulled me in to kiss her again. Her large mounds were pressed against my chest as I returned her kiss. Her tongue invaded my mouth, and played with mine, seducing me further into her. I was still throbbing inside her, so she released me, and allowed me to move into her.

I pulled myself out, part-way, and moved into her again. She moaned into my lips, so I did it again, and again, and again. Each time, I moved faster, then harder, and more, until I was ravaging her. She moaned more and more, even after our lips broke from each other. I watched her face, looking into her eyes as I took her. Without speaking, her expression pleaded with me not to stop. As if she couldn’t bare to have me stop pleasuring her, and part of me wanted to fulfil that wish.

Unfortunately, I had been building up ever since we began. I felt myself quickly building to orgasm, and did all I could to hold it back. I managed to edge myself for, what felt like, an eternity, but to no avail. As soon as it was clear I was going to cum, she wrapped her legs around me again, and forced me to release myself inside her. She seemed to enjoy the feeling of me unloading into her, and I felt her walls sucking me in as my prick emptied.

Once I had finished, I felt breathless, and climbed off of her, sitting on the couch next to her as I waited for the endorphin high to pass. I had thought we were finished, and reveled in having had relations with such a beauty. Clearly, the fiery woman was not done with me, yet. She had not given me more than a few seconds to recover, before she climbed onto my lap, straddling me. Reaching down, she grasped me again, and stroked my half-softened dick. Still coated in her honey, it was partly slick in her hand.

I was still in the middle of recovering, and didn’t think I’d be able to continue. I wanted to protest, feeling her slick fingers glide against the over-sensitive head. I tried to speak up, and addressed her as ‘Ms. Campbell’, but she placed a finger over my lips, and shushed me. Her eyes looked into mine, smiled playfully, and insisted I called her ‘Charley’. With that, she had succeeded in bringing me to full erection again, and lowered herself onto me.

I shuddered as I penetrated her again, still overly sensitive, and feeling drained. I didn’t want to stop her, I wanted to please her, to make her mine. I took comfort in the thought that I didn’t have to do the work, and as long as she kept me hard, she could do as she pleased. Larger jolts of pleasure shot through me as I suffered in bitter-sweet torture of my lover moving her hips up, and down, against me. She moaned as she tilted her head back, enjoying herself to the fullest extent.

Her movement became more and more aggressive. Her honey began to flow even more, and made sounds of slick sliding with every motion. With the burning candles, the thin layer of sweat on our bodies, and the heady scent of our lovemaking made the room palpable with passion and lust. Her heavy movements made the large mounds on her chest bounce so beautifully against my face. I couldn’t resist them, and brought my hands up to grab them, and push them together, groping them.

Charley felt encouraged to add a rocking motion to her movements, and created an entirely different sensation for me. Even though I felt overly-sensitive, I felt myself building up again. It was smaller, but I felt another good orgasm approach. I had never felt this before, and didn’t know what to expect. As it got closer, I felt the desire to release into the fiery woman again.

My hands clutched her thighs, I listened to her moans, and focused on how tight her soft walls felt all around me. I needed that release, and she could feel it coming. I groaned loudly, and my whole body stiffened as I came inside her again. Lights began to dance in front of my eyes as I finished, and I felt a dizzying light-headedness. I could no longer focus on anything else in the room, and my body began to feel numb. I could still see Charley, and I could still feel her folds around my member.

She giggled, almost deviously, and continued to keep going. Strangely I was still erect inside her, despite having orgasmed twice. I heard her let out little breaths of satisfaction, and hunger, as she continued. My body was weak, and I was unable to stop her. The only sensation I was still aware of was the feeling of both our juices churning inside her.

I could barely move my head, my vision became blurred, and I could no longer move my arms. I looked down at my arms, and they began to look thinner, almost shrivelled. I was losing focus, and didn’t understand how I could be able to continue having sex with this woman. My only conclusion was she, somehow, wouldn’t let my manhood go soft. I realised, she was draining me, of everything, not just my semen. She was a demon of lust, and I was her victim.

In the following moments, all I could feel was one more orgasm rise from my body. Unable to do anything about it, it was quickly released into the red-haired demon. My vision began to fade completely, and I lost all sensation. All I could see was white, and heard only her playful, devious laughter as she left me there to my fate. I should have known better than to play with something I didn’t understand.


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