A Tale of Four Tails

This week’s Erotic Bite is another older one from my earlier years. I’ll admit, it was a gloating piece I did on an event that has never been repeated. I was also still making the amateur mistakes, like the laundry list descriptions, and making it very short. Let’s just call this one a flash fiction story. Enjoy!

My name is Charlton, and for a long time I considered myself an amateur when it came to sex. I was just a simple guy, enlisted in the Navy because it paid for college. I did have a girlfriend who I stayed with off base, but I had always worked really long hours. I would often get back so late that she would already be at work. My girlfriend, Jennifer, worked as a stripper at a club not far from the base, which is where we met.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re going to say…

Anyway, I spent most of my nights slumped around the house with her roommate, Mike, and his girlfriend, who was also named Jennifer. For future reference, let’s just call my girlfriend Jen, and my roommate’s girlfriend Jenny. Jen has dirty blond hair, stands at about 5’5” and has large C cup. Jenny is a few inches taller with red hair and a medium C cup, and also works as a stripper at the same club.


This whole story started one day while I was at work. I was on my ship and had just swept the deck when I got a text from Mike.

“Hey, bad news. Me and Jenny broke up. Can you bring me some of my things later tonight?”

I texted back and told him I would, then went back to work. I was surprised when my division chief called us all to say that he had a meeting to go to, so he relieved us early. Now I had a few extra hours to spend back at the apartment. At least I could get Mike’s stuff without being exhausted. I changed into my civilian clothes and headed home.

About thirty minutes later, I arrived at the apartment and I heard a strange noise through the door. It was like music and muffled voices, but it sounded kind of familiar. After I listened for a moment, I realized where I’d heard it before; it was from one of my porno DVDs that I watched at night while Jen was at work. Confused, I opened the door and stepped inside.

Four women sat on the couch: Jen and Jenny, and their neighbors, two other strippers. One of them was a brunette with the same figure as Jenny, that was Tiffany. The other was Tara, a tall woman with B cups and blonde hair. I looked at all four of them on the couch, all of them were wearing panties and a t-shirt. Each of them were rubbing their pussies and groping their tits while my porno played on the TV.

The moment I stepped in, all of them looked at me like a deer caught in the headlights. They started to blush, I suppose I did forget to text them that I was going to be home early. I wouldn’t find out until later, but the girls were there to support Jenny after her break-up. Apparently, one way strippers bonded around here was to watch porn together after the whole ‘you can do better’ conversation. I had just stepped into a can of worms.

They all closed their legs, then Jen ran up to me and kissed me lustfully.

“I can finally get a hard dick now,” she whispered in my ear.

Her hand reached down and stroked my pants, her fingers gliding lightly over my hard bulge. It wasn’t going to take long for me to become fully hard after I’d walked in on that. Then Tara leaned in and spoke.

“Jen, do you think we could share him?” she asked.

Jenny and Tiffany got smiles on their faces, and I guess that they’d had the same idea. Jen smiled back at them and looked up at me.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“Uh– whatever you want to do, I guess,” I replied, still trying to process the situation.

“Well it’s up to you too,” she slyly smiled.

“I wouldn’t object,” I replied. Like I was really going to turn down an offer like this!

All four of them grabbed me and laid me on the floor before they undressed me. They all giggled and admired my body. Boot camp tends to give a man a pretty fit physique, so I was proud to show off. Jen was the first to grab my seven-inch cock and took it into her mouth and sucked with a lustful hunger. The other three took turns to passionately kiss me, and each other. I must have been the luckiest son-of-a-bitch alive right then.

Tiffany was the first to remove her panties and top. Tara and Jenny began to remove their clothes while Tiffany straddled my face. She rubbed her clit as her juicy pussy lowered onto my lips. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and started to lick and suck hungrily. I couldn’t see who, but I definitely felt two mouths on my dick. I supposed it didn’t matter, I was too preoccupied with the delicious pussy on my face. I loved the sound of Tiffany’s moans as I ate her, but my main concern was not to ejaculate too soon.

It wasn’t too long before I felt a condom slip over my member, the generic kind that made it hard to feel anything. At least then I knew I could last a lot longer. A second later, I felt the firm grip of a pussy take my cock, and another loud moan mixed with Tiffany’s. She got off my face and immediately looked down to see who was riding me. It was Jenny, my friend’s ex-girlfriend had first take of my hard dick. Jen and Tara actually held her thighs in the air, raised her and lowered her over and over, which made her bounce hard on me.

Jenny’s head was thrown back as Jen and Tara had their faces on her tits. They sucked on her nipples as they forced her pussy to take me as hard as they could. Tiffany straddled my face again, but faced Jenny this time. She leaned over so she could lick Jenny’s clit while she rode me, and I continued to devour Tiffany’s delicious folds. They must have thought that Jenny needed this after her breakup, to make sure that every part of her body was pleased and teased.

Even though I could barely feel a thing through the condom, I could feel Jenny’s pussy get hot as her moans got louder. Then I felt a spray of warm liquid on my stomach. Jenny had just squirted on me! Right at that moment, Tiffany started to grind her pussy into my face. To see Jenny cum must have brought her to the edge, so I slid my tongue inside her and her pussy clamped down on my tongue as she came too. Both of them got off from on top of me. I figured it was time for me to take control.

I grabbed my girlfriend and bent her over the couch. I held her waist as I rubbed the head of my hard dick over her slit, and she was already soaked. I pushed myself inside her and took her hard as the women all turned on each other. All of them kissed, licked, rubbed and groped each other, as well as Jen, while I fucked her. It didn’t take long before my girlfriend’s body tensed up, and she cried out as she orgasmed with a breast in her mouth.

At this point, I started to get tired and sweaty. I sat on the couch in between them all and wiped the sweat from my forehead. Before I had any time to recover, I still had one more woman to satisfy. Tara straddled my lap and looked at me with a lustful grin.

“I think it’s time this comes off.” She reached down and yanked the condom off.

“Tara!” I said, wide-eyed.

“Relax, I’m on the pill,” she said casually. She reached down to grab my cock and rubbed my precum over her clit, then smeared her hot juices on my purple head.

“Cum in me whenever you want.” She moaned as she slid down my member.

Now I felt everything: her heat, her wetness, her tight snatch as it milked me hungrily. Out of the other three women, Tara seemed the most desperate to have me. She was so vigorous as she took me, riding me harder and harder. She grabbed my hands and put them on her breasts as she moaned more and more. She started to cum and it pushed me over the edge. I shot the largest load of cum I’ve ever released into her. I would never say this in front of my girlfriend at the time, but the best was definitely saved for last.

An hour later, I had Mike’s things gathered up and drove them to his mom’s house. There was no way I was ever going to tell him about what happened. Ever since then, none of the girls ever talked about what happened. They avoided any discussion about it like it was awkward. It doesn’t matter though, it’s an experience I’ll never forget.


Thank you for reading! Check the Erotic Bites section for more stories like this one.

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