Hot Motives

This week’s Erotic Bite is another story inspired by the fantasies of a reader(my favorite kind). Robin is looking to relax in the sun and the sand, and decides to tease a voyeuristic lifeguard on duty. When he approaches her, it becomes more than what Robin bargained for. Enjoy!

Just fifteen minutes before five o’clock, and the beach was beginning to empty out. This was probably one of the best times to venture out into the sand, and enjoy the sun. Most of the tourists, or at least the ones who chose to come to this beach, were packing up and leaving to go have dinner. There was probably another hour or so before the sun was about to set, so it was best to find a spot soon. That was a bit difficult, because people at the good spots hadn’t left yet.

Raising a hand over her face, the young woman shielded the bright sun from her grey eyes, adorned with black-frame glasses, and scanned the area for a good patch of sand. The beach tended to slope upward away from water, but wasn’t very wide. If she didn’t find a good spot, she’d be chased off by the rising tide before she could get a good tan. She didn’t come to the beach to tan very often, but on those occasions she did, there was always a good spot for her. With people still in the middle of packing up, she’d have to venture out further.

Walking along the sand, with a towel under her arm, and a beach bag over her shoulder, she exhaled discontentedly. She wore her usual tanning attire of blue bikini bottoms, and a black spaghetti-strap bikini top. She liked her bikini top, which helped to reduce tan lines, but also looked really good on her. Even if she had an average chest size, she filled it pretty well. She certainly had no problem getting a few looks from guys anyway.

If it wasn’t her bikini, it was also because of her hair. She added green highlights to her short, raven hair on a dare back in high school, and fell in love with the look. Years later, she still liked how the green contrasted the black. Not much further ahead, way past her usual spot, was a lifeguard station, sitting below a cliff. It was usually easy to walk from the beach and go inland, but the cliff seemed to rise from almost nowhere.

The young woman, Robin, almost walked right past the lifeguard station when she noticed something. Behind the small building, etched through the cliff, there was a tiny alcove. It was far enough away from the tide, and received plenty of sun. Best of all, there was no one else there using it. Smiling, Robin hurried to the alcove, dropping her beach bag, and laying out her large beach towel. Looking straight up, the cliff seemed almost daunting, but peaceful.

Sitting down, Robin went to work, taking her tanning oil from her bag, and rubbing it all over her skin. Looking up towards the lifeguard station, she wondered if there might be any studs on watch just inside. Nobody seemed to be around, and she couldn’t tell if someone might be on duty. Shrugging it off, she continued to cover her thighs, and watched them begin to shine in the sunlight. Of all her body parts, she liked her thighs and hips the most. Though most guys would disagree with her, she thought her hips and thighs were her only good feature.

Once she finished with the oil, she laid back, raised her glasses up and placed them on top of her head, and closed her eyes, absorbing the warm sun. Laying there, she would occupy her time just getting lost in her thoughts. Although it was a mystery to her, feeling the sun always made her feel a bit more confident. She recalled reading an article about sunlight releasing pleasurable endorphins, which elevate one’s mood. Whenever she felt this way, Robin would sometimes fantasize about chatting up a handsome guy, and taking him home for some casual fun. Of course, in reality, she was usually a goofy mess of anxiety whenever she was around a handsome guy.

But since her thoughts had gotten to that point, she pictured a hunky lifeguard this time. Stepping out of the building, and carrying her off to make love by the water. She smiled to herself, bring her hand up to lightly move her fingers along her stomach. She stopped for a moment, looking up from her beach towel to check around her for anyone who could be watching. Luckily, no one was around, and no one was even close to where she was tanning. With any luck, there wouldn’t be anyone there to disturb her at all.

Laying back down, she returned to her fantasies, and allowed her hand to caress her own skin once again, moving across the top of her chest. She wondered if she should dare to take it a step further, and let her hand move underneath the fabric of her bikini. As the thought crossed her mind, she was surprised by the sound of something clatter. Jumping up, she looked around, seeing no one. Then another clatter, and her eyes shot straight for the lifeguard station. The door had opened and closed, and one of the lifeguards had stepped outside onto the small terrace.

It was still at least thirty yards away, but Robin brought her glasses back onto her face, and tried to make out who it was. It wasn’t a ‘Baywatch’-style bimbo, or the burly, muscled hunk she was just dreaming about, but the man who had stepped out was still kinda fit. Robin figured lifeguards needed to have at least some amount of physical fitness about them. The lifeguard was an average height, and she could make out his short, brown hair from here. He wore the same red swim trunks they all did, but they looked a bit big for him.

As she watched him, she thought it was strange how he hadn’t even looked in her direction. You would think a woman like Robin would be hard to miss amongst the white sand all around her. She couldn’t make out his face, but he brought something up to his eyes, like a pair of binoculars. He was watching the other beach-goers, looking for any kind of distress, or anything that would need his attention. Robin laid back down, letting the man do his job, then brought her head up again after a couple moments.

Something made Robin want to watch this guy a bit longer. The lifeguard looked like he was just observing the pedestrians, but then his hand moved. Robin almost missed it, but she caught what he did. His hand had moved down to his swim trunks, and rubbed over the material. She wondered if he was really doing what she thought he was doing. She wasn’t sure, but the guy angled his body away from her direction, and she knew it right then. He was trying to pull it off without her noticing!

The lifeguard was perving on the women in their bikinis, watching from far enough away, none of them would even notice he was there. No one, but Robin, it seemed. The guy was probably on duty in that building all alone, and nothing else to do. But why had he not tried to spy on her? Not that she wanted him to, she didn’t even know the guy, but he would have had a better view of her, rather than everyone else. She reasoned, perhaps it was because it would be too obvious to her if he did.

The lifeguard rounded the corner of the wooden terrace, and stepped behind the building, and out of Robin’s view. Her mouth sat slightly agape at his gall, and scoffed at him. She laid her head back down, and tried to lose herself in her thoughts again. For a moment, her mind was blank, then she pictured what that guy was probably doing behind the building. She imagined his hand was fully in his trunks, stroking himself as he watched bikini-clad babes splashing in the water, and bending over to pick their stuff up.

Without meaning to, the image of him stroking himself stuck in her mind. Her imagination went further, picturing what his dick looked like. Was it big, or on the smaller side, and did it have any thickness to it? She couldn’t believe her thoughts would get that dirty, but she unintentionally started feeling herself become wet. ‘Seriously?’ she thought to herself. She could hardly believe the thought of the lifeguard jerking off was turning her on.

After a minute, she realized her legs were very slowly parting on their own. A desire to reach down and act on her naughty thoughts was beginning to build in her, even if the reason repulsed her. Robin argued internally, maybe if she tried to think about the hunk again, she could touch herself a little guilt-free. She checked once more to see if the pervy lifeguard was still away, then reached down and pulled the fabric away from her mound. Even if no one was looking, exposing herself in public brought her some immediate arousal.

Biting her lip, her fingers found her labia, and rubbed it in small circles, imagining what that hunk was doing to her. Strangely, it wasn’t doing much, and her imagination kept trying to pull back to the pervy lifeguard. She didn’t want to admit it, but it was apparent she wanted to fantasize about him. Speaking of which, she peeked up while rubbing to check on him. There was no sign of him, but she wondered what would happen if he was.

Robin did spot something, but couldn’t tell what she saw. There was a shape concealed by the corner of the station, but she couldn’t tell if it was nothing, or if it was him trying to peek on her. Whatever the case, it didn’t appear to stop Robin from continuing to rub herself. Some part of her wanted to see what would happen if she let him watch her. Her fingers moved in further, and started to coat in her honey. Her fingers were already slicked from rubbing the tanning oil earlier, and brought her more pleasure as she teased her slit.

She peeked up towards him again, and he was clearly visible now. He stood there, leaning against the wall of the station, watching her, his arm moving in his trunks. Now that she saw him fully, and unapologetically, her arousal built up more. She didn’t even realize she was into exhibitionism until this moment, and it thrilled her. Part of her wanted him to come over to her, but she was a bit reluctant to invite a total stranger. Especially as she wasn’t entirely sure he was good-looking.

Robin took things a step further, and slid the fabric of her bikini top off of her breasts, letting them get some sun as well. She pretended not to see the lifeguard there, stroking himself to the image of Robin pleasuring herself. The more aware she became of him, the more exciting the act was for her. She wondered how well he could see her, and how excited he was getting. Did he get as turned on watching, as she did being watched?

Just as she was enjoying herself, she heard a faint noise of sand crunching nearby. She looked up again, squinting from the sunlight as she realized the lifeguard was now only a few feet away from her. That was the funny thing about sand: it muffles most footsteps, unless that person is right next to you. Towering over her, the fit-looking lifeguard looked down at her, with a playful little smirk on his face. Now that Robin got a good look at him, she realized he was actually quite handsome.

His body was a bit more pale than you would expect a beach lifeguard to have, and certainly more light-skinned that Robin. He was definitely no hunk, but he looked like he was a bit athletic. He carried the scent of sunscreen on him, which Robin already found appealing. She felt like she was going to blush heavily as she stopped touching herself for a moment. In any other situation, she may have just awkwardly walked away, but she was still horny, and that gave her a strange kind of confidence.

“Hi there,” she spoke playfully, “Did you come here to watch me?”

He chuckled nervously, “Um.. yeah? You looked like you didn’t mind.”

Robin blushed a little as she replied, “I don’t.”

“Well,” he started awkwardly, “I figured you wouldn’t mind if I got a bit closer, then.”

Feeling better about this handsome lifeguard, she gave him a flirtatious smile, “So, you like to watch?” she pulled the fabric even further away from her slit, fully exposing herself to him. She hadn’t even bothered to cover her breasts during the interaction.

As the lifeguard brought his blue eyes further down her body to watch, his hand reached back into his trunks. This time, however, he pulled out his almost fully-erect member, stroking as he pointed it at her. To Robin’s surprise, he was actually pretty thick, even if the length was only average. Watching him pleasure himself to Robin’s body heightened the pleasure she felt from her own fingers, and little, breathy moans began to escape her lips as her eyes stayed locked on him. If this kept up, she might reach climax even more quickly.

As her breathing became more rapid, and her finger strokes more invasive, the lifeguard came closer. He stepped next to her, and took a seat on the sand beside her. Robin’s first thought was he just wanted a really close view, and she had to admit, she wanted a closer view of his cock as well. Her moans became a bit more audible, and Robin began to wonder if the lifeguard planned on shooting his load on her when he finished. Instead, he stopped stroking himself for a moment, and placed his hand on Robin’s. Casually moving her hand away from between her legs, and replaced it with his own hand.

A nervous churn was felt in Robin’s stomach as she felt his unfamiliar touch. She was having fun touching herself while he watched, but she didn’t think he would be so bold as to touch her without her say so. Even if her first instinct was to bat his hand away, his fingers immediately rubbed small circles around her tiny nub, just as she usually did to herself. It was weird to feel this way, but Robin kept quiet, and didn’t stop him. Strangely, Robin didn’t really hate it either.

The fluttering in her stomach persisted, but was lessened when his fingers entered her. She was already quite wet from her own fingering, and it helped his fingers slide into her with ease. She let out a louder moan, and leaned up, holding herself up by her elbows. She watched as his middle finger invaded her, and worked inside her as if he knew exactly what to do. Robin couldn’t tell if it was because she was already so close, or the fact the lifeguard was a stranger, but he was bringing her even closer to orgasm. She may have been reluctant to let him do this to her, but she found herself hoping he wouldn’t stop.

She let out quick, short breaths, reaching the edge of climax, and feeling her muscles tighten. She looked over at the lifeguard once more, and saw him lick his lip in anticipation. All at once, her eyes clenched, her breath shortened, and her legs close around his hand as she contracted against his fingers, feeling a full-body orgasm rush through her. She barely managed to let a few words out mid-way through.

“Oh, fu-uck,” she mewed.

Once the shockwave of pleasure ran through her body, the son of a bitch had the nerve to keep going, making her suffer the post-climax tickling feeling on her sensitive nub. She quickly grabbed his arm and pulled it away, laying back, and trying to catch her breath again. Robin felt a high she hadn’t experienced in some time. It had been a while since a man had managed to give her this much satisfaction in such a hot act of foreplay.

The lifeguard chuckled at her playfully, pulling his arm away, and standing up again. He brushed the sand off his body, and made his way back to the station building. Robin was astonished by the lack of the lifeguard to do anything more. At that point, he could have taken her right there, and Robin would have happily given herself to him. Was he simply returning to work after a quick break, or did he just get his jollies from titillating beach babes?

As she watched him reach the small building, and step back inside, Robin couldn’t help but feel a little insulted by his devil-may-care attitude towards her sexual gratification. She became suddenly aware of her state, and rushed to cover herself up again. Sitting up, she tried to process what was going on, and what this whole situation meant. Was he actually interested in her, and why didn’t he bother making sure he got off from her as well? Was this some cruel joke, or was there some other reason for leaving her wanting like that?

Despite the fact she was usually so mild-mannered, Robin had made the decision of going up to him to find out exactly what the hell was going on. Working past her quivering legs, she stood up, leaving her towel and beach bag where they were, and marched straight for the building. She was going to have a little chat with him, and would probably end with him either giving her a damn good explanation, or a broken nose. As the station building got closer, the nervous feeling was starting to come back again. Civilians aren’t usually allowed in these things, but then again, neither is indecent exposure on a public beach.

She hesitated just before she reached the door, but hyped herself up once more, taking a deep breath before grabbing the doorknob, and letting herself in. The small building had the generic blue carpet you usually see in city-owned buildings. There was only one table in the room, a card table with foldable legs, with matching chairs. There was a cabinet with a walkie unit, equipment around it, and bottles of water. It was very minimalist for a lifeguard station; no wonder the guy spied on women.

As she barged in, she spotted the guy standing by the tinted window, binoculars in hand, probably continuing his antics. It wasn’t until now that she realized there could have been other people in here as well, and she wouldn’t have known. Luckily for her, there wasn’t. The lifeguard seemed legitimately surprised to see her walk in the building on him. His eyes widened at the sight of her, and he stood there almost frozen.

Robin didn’t know what had come over her. It was as if there was some primal part of her the lifeguard had awakened, and it was on the hunt. A fire was burning inside of her, and she needed to let that fire out. With a toying smile, she closed the door behind her, and approached her prey, grabbing him by the arms, and pushing him against the wall. She hadn’t noticed before, as she was laying on a towel, but Robin was actually a bit taller than him.

He looked up at her, his eyes looking almost terrified. Robin quelled his anxiety as she brought her lips to his, kissing him with all the intensity she could muster in her primal state of lust. As she kept her body pressed up against his, she felt his bulge beginning to grow again against her leg. For whatever reason, as confident as the young man was before, when he toyed with Robin, he seemed at a loss to react at this moment. What if that’s what this was about, and he just never thought it would get this far? To be fair, she was slightly apprehensive when he touched her.

In any event, she wanted him now, and needed to satisfy the hunger that had been building up in her. As she broke the kiss, Robin pulled the guy away from the wall, and down onto the floor. He grunted as his body made a thud on the blue carpet, groaning from the rough treatment. Before he had the chance to roll onto his side, Robin was already straddling him, dropping her butt onto his pelvis, crushing into him. He groaned again, but didn’t give her any resistance. All he could manage to do was let out a hoarse mumble, which sounded a bit like, “What the hell?”

Smiling like a beast that just caught it’s prey, she reached under herself, pulling down the elastic band of his red trunks, and reaching inside. She found dick, softened as it usually does when a guy experiences pain, and began playing with it. She wasn’t planning to leave until she got what she wanted. He became hard rather quickly in her hand, changing the expression on the lifeguard’s face. He still looked stunned by her behavior, but also appeared to welcome it more and more.

Robin felt the fabric beneath her mound begin to feel wet against the skin of her labia, soaked from her own orgasmic honey. A warm wave passed through her body as anticipation set in, affecting her newfound primal nature further. She kept her eyes locked on his, her expression screaming ‘fuck me’. The lifeguard seemed to get emboldened by her, and tried leaning up and pushing sideways in an attempt to reverse the positions. Robin responded with a strong hand on his chest, pushing him back onto the floor where he belonged.

Raising herself above his pelvis, she yanked the fabric away from her snatch, and rubbed the head of his member up and down along her slit. She watched his face, and saw the how badly he wanted to be inside her. Unwilling to hold back any longer, Robin lowered herself onto him, impaling herself with his erect cock. She let out a long moan of satisfaction, not realizing how sexually hungry she was until this moment. Feeling his thick member spread her walls open felt as good as a first bite into a bar of chocolate.

Robin felt like this feeling couldn’t get any better, until she began to move on him. Rocking her hip forward, then back, there was an electric feeling she hadn’t felt in ages, since she moved out of her ex’s place. She slouched forward, supporting herself by her hands, placed on either side of the young man. She continued to rock her hips on his pelvis, feeling his prick moving inside her. Noises began to escape her throat, whimpers and tiny mews she’d never heard come out of her own mouth before.

Her eyes had remained closed until she felt a pair of hands on her breasts. The lifeguard had taken each of her boobs in hand, gently massaging them, but almost timidly. In the midst of her enjoyment, she thought the guy was pretty bad at this. An even stranger thought occurred to her, ‘What if he was a virgin?’, but that couldn’t be the case. She leaned back up again, keeping her chest just out of his reach, and focused on her own satisfaction.

Leaning back, she rocked her whole body backwards and forth, letting his shaft slide in and out of her at an angle that felt strange, but strangely good for her. She moved faster, letting her pleasure build up in her, and moaning louder. The lifeguard may have been bad at playing with her breasts, but she wasn’t. She held herself up with one hand, and used the other to massage her own breast. Her body was already feeling hot from the sun, and her lust. She was surprised by just how much pent up energy she had for this.

She felt the lifeguard’s hips start to rise up into her as well. He tried to lean up again, thrusting into her with a wild tenacity and lust. Robin had experienced this before with her ex. He used to go as hard and fast into her as he could, trying to get himself off, but with no regard to whether Robin was reaching climax, or not. Any time before this, she would have passively let them get away with it, but she was getting too close to finishing to let it happen again.

Grabbing his arms, and tapping into a strength she didn’t know she had, she forcefully pushed him flat onto his back again, holding his wrists above his head, and slammed her butt back down onto his pelvis. Sitting there with his member fully inside her, and an intense look on her face as she looked down into his, she almost growled the word, “Stay.”

The lifeguard looked almost scared to try anything else, but his eyes also seemed to be begging her to let him cum. Robin would let him, but she was going to have her orgasm as well. She started up in a rocking motion again, moving so his prick would hit all the right spots. As she moved faster, her groin went from rocking to a bouncing motion, feeling her buttocks bump with each motion. Her glasses began to slip off her nose, and she let go just long enough to slide them back into place. She kept his wrists held down, clenching tighter as her moans grew, and watched her lover’s face as he came close to climax as well.

Just as Robin was reaching the edge, she saw her lover’s face clench up in orgasm, and listened to him groan as he had to hold still and release himself into her. Robin didn’t know why, but seeing a guy cum while she was in control was weirdly erotic for her. Her insides filled up with hot, thick semen, creating another dimension of sensations throwing right past the edge. Her head spun as she felt a tidal wave of satisfaction crash over her.

Her muscles tightened and spasmed, and loud, breathy moans escaped her throat. She could barely manage to continue moving her hips, as she felt her eyes practically roll back. After what felt like an eternity of bliss, it finally subsided. She collapsed on top of her lifeguard lover, breathing heavily, and feeling sated for the first time in so long. Her body shivered a bit as she felt his spent manhood softening, and slipping out of her.

After those blissful moments had passed, Robin was suddenly reawakened to her current situation. She was in a public building, with a guy whom she didn’t even know his name, and had just finished having anonymous sex with him. Her other side took over again, and suddenly, she was that awkward girl all over again. Getting up quickly, she covered herself again, blushing heavily, and backed away from the lifeguard.

“Um… What’s…” the lifeguard uttered as Robin moved towards the door. Clearly, he was expecting a different reaction from her, probably thinking it was weird for her to be running off. Before the lifeguard had a chance to say anything further, Robin had escaped through the door, charging as quickly as her quivering legs would take her, to retrieve her towel and beach bag.

“Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod…” she kept muttering to herself. She thought about how it was so unlike her to act that way. Once she packed up, she bolted back down the beach, far away from the area, but feeling rather good about herself. Despite feeling embarrassed, she felt a glow of self-appreciation. Stopping half-way down the shore, she decided to take a dip in the ocean, if for no other reason than to wash away the cum dripping from between her legs.


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