New Membership

This week’s Erotic Bite is the story of a couple who has enjoyed what life had in store for them, but have started to become bored with each other. However, a very exclusive night club may offer new excitement possibilities. Enjoy!

The skyline above the city was filled with colors of orange and pink, holding up the dark blue hues of the coming night. Street lights were already blinking on along the road of the gated community, creating yellow beams of light in Michael’s car as he drove by them. The scent of fast food french fries filled the Cadillac Coupe with a scent that teased his nostrils. He was very tempted to reach into the paper bag in the passenger seat, and snatch a few fries to snack on, but resisted the temptation. He’d be home in just a few moments, and then he could sit and enjoy his food.

Turning into the driveway, he continued on for a few seconds into the large plot of concrete, easily able to hold eight other cars, and still have some room to spare. Reaching the garage door, he stopped just in front of his large, 90s-style mansion. Mainly taking the appearance of white stucco and faux stones, it matched the handful of large houses surrounding the area in their private community. Pulling on the emergency brake, and grabbing the paper bag as he unbuckled, he made his way up the walkway to the large wooden door. Stepping inside, he set the paper bag down a moment to take off his coat, and hang it in the adjoining closet.

Just before getting settled, he stopped in front of the ornamental mirror in the doorway to examine himself. His friends and family always told him he was a good-looking guy, with his dark brown hair; and a charmer to have blue eyes like his. Even for a guy in his early thirties, he had done very well for himself, and looked as if he’d barely aged at all. Out of everyone living in the private community, he and his wife, Nicole, were probably the youngest homeowners in their community.

Michael had found his success years ago when he entered his career in journalism at a respected, local paper. After working there a couple years, the company was facing a financial crisis, and bankrupted its owner. He liked working there too much to let it fail, so he bought the company for a low price, and with the help of a modest loan. Less than a year later, Michael had succeeded in getting the business back on it’s feet, and even rising above and beyond where it was. In two years, it had expanded, and was currently one of the top news distributors in the middle Tennessee area.

Being the good guy he was, Michael had even brought his old boss back on the force in an administrative position, to repay him for giving Michael a chance. It had also been how Michael met Nicole. At the time, Nicole was a writer for an advice column, and caught his eye one day. They married a year later, and had been together ever since.

As he made his way into the living room, he sat down on the couch, and flipped on the tv. As he got comfortable, he heard a voice come from another room, “I smell french fries.”

Nicole came out from a hallway, and joined her husband on the couch, opening the paper bag, and pulled out the hot food. They sat there, enjoying their food as they watched a reality show they both enjoyed on their huge television screen. They could have afforded to hire a private chef to come in and cook their meals every day, but they had both come from modest upbringings, and didn’t see the need for such luxuries. But, with Michael’s company currently worth over two billion dollars, they could certainly enjoy the fine things in life.

Once they had finished their food, Nicole got up, heading to the kitchen, still dressed in pj pants and a tank top, “I’m getting a glass of wine, do you want anything?” she asked, looking back at her husband.

Michael shook his head, “No, I’m good.”

His wife turned back and turned a corner into the kitchen. She returned a moment later with her wine in hand, and sat back down, taking a sip. After a few minutes, Michael looked at his wife, appreciating her body for a moment. Despite looking like she had just gotten out of bed, her strawberry blonde hair was brushed and straight. She made it a point to work out when she could to keep her slim figure.

Feeling very attracted to her at the moment, he placed a hand on her thigh, moving it up and down along the soft fabric covering it. Nicole, still watching tv, slowly blinked her eyes, almost looking annoyed, “Not tonight, hun. I’m really just not in the mood.”

Michael brought his hand back to his lap, and returned his attention to the tv. A few years ago, when things were going really well for them financially, they began to go on little adventures. They loved travelling together, and their sex lives were quite active. Almost every night, they would try something new to keep their passion burning strong. Lately, their sexual bouts were much more sparse, and even more vanilla. They couldn’t figure out if they had simply tried everything, or were just getting bored.

If past experience was any indicator, it was unlikely Nicole would change her mind at any point that night. Getting up, Michael decided to go to his study, and sit at his desk while he enjoyed some porn on his computer. He had the feeling his wife was already aware of his reasons for doing so, but never said anything regarding that issue. All that did was support the idea she was starting to lose interest.

The next morning, Michael had gotten up early to work out at the private club he signed up for only last year. He and his wife liked to stay in fairly good shape. Nicole, however, signed up for a local gym, where she took spin class and yoga. Their mornings were often spent apart. After two hours of running along the track, and some calisthenics, he showered, and went to the smoothie bar for a drink.

“Hey, Mike!” a voice called out from the seating area nearby. Turning to look at the source, Michael saw a man with short, blonde hair, and wearing gym clothes. He recognized the man as his good friend, Avery. He had also done very well, financially. He wasn’t a CEO, but he was very high up on the food chain in a packaging and delivery company that had gone international several years back. He waved back at his friend, and took his orange and pineapple smoothie from the barista before going to sit with him.

“Avery, good to see you. How are things?” Michael asked politely.

“Not bad, business is good, stock’s going up.” Avery replied, trying not to look like he was bragging.

“That’s good. Anything exciting going on?” Michael inquired.

His friend shook his head as he took a sip of his smoothie through a red straw, “Not really, just the usual.”

Michael nodded, looking away. His friend must have sensed there was something on his mind.

“How are things with you and Nikky?” he asked, his voice sounded slightly concerned.

Michael came out of his thoughts, and forced a smile, “Things are fine.”

His friend furled his eyebrows, not convinced, “fine?” he mimicked, “What do you mean ‘fine’?

“It’s not a big deal,” he reassured his friend, “we’re just going through a bit of a dry spell, is all.”

Avery’s head popped up, as if remembering something, “Oh, yeah, been there before. Not a fun experience.”

“Does it ever feel like you just get bored?” Michael asked, “Like you just don’t seem to be adventurous anymore?”

“Sure,” Avery shrugged, “everyone goes through that, I guess. It’s perfectly normal.”

“Did you?” he inquired.

His friend nodded, “Of course.”

“So what did y’all do?” he asked his friend.

“Well… for me and Monica, it was different. But, couples in your case have a lot of options. You can do couple’s therapy, find some new experience to share, take a romantic date, things like that.”

This didn’t make Michael feel any better. He and Nicole had done these things before, and it didn’t seem to help.

“How was it different for you and Monica? What did you do?” he inquired, curious to know what his friend had tried, but Michael clearly hadn’t.

As if caught in some dilemma, Avery sat speechless for a moment, his mouth partially opened, trying to figure out what to say.

“It’s… hard to explain. And I don’t know if it’s something you and Nikky would try.”

This only heightened Michael’s curiosity, and intrigued him.

“What are you hiding, Avery?” Michael asked, his eyes narrowing, “Come on, we’re all friends. If it worked for you, then I must know.”

Avery didn’t respond right away. He simply looked down, his eyes shifting, like he was considering something. Michael was quiet, patiently waiting for his friend to decide. After nearly two minutes of silence, Avery responded.

“If I tell you, can you remain discreet, and open-minded?”

Michael nodded.

“You’re sure?” he responded, sounding quite serious.

Michael nodded again.

“Ok,” he leaned in, and spoke in a hushed tone, “There’s an exclusive nightclub in downtown Nashville. It’s members only, but I can sponsor you and Nikky. It saved my marriage, and I think it can do the same for you.”

A nightclub? Michael thought to himself. He had his doubts, but he trusted his friend.

“Call me next Thursday, and rent a hotel room near this address.” Avery instructed, jotting down something on the back of one of his business cards, “You’ll want to dress nicely. Classy, but not too formal. Tell Nikky to dress for dancing.”

Michael was starting to think he might be serious. An exclusive nightclub, with a dress code, and needing sponsorship? Those types of places were few and far in between nowadays. Whatever made this club so exceptional had Michael intrigued. He picked up the business card, and studied the address.

“Anything else I should know about?” he asked, almost feeling timid by what this place might be.

Avery stood up and thought a moment, then replied, “That’s about it, just remember to keep an open mind.” and with that, Michael’s friend left.

The following week passed by relatively uneventful. Michael told his wife about the conversation he had with Avery at the club that day. He told her about the exclusive nightclub, the dress code, and how it would somehow fix their relationship. Surprisingly, Nicole was on-board with the whole idea, noting how Monica always seemed to be so upbeat. Neither of them had spoken to Avery, or Monica, since that day, but were confident their friends had their best interests in mind.

Thursday had rolled around, and the couple had packed some of their nicer attire, and booked a room at a hotel only a short taxi ride away from the address. After an early dinner, the couple got dressed for the night. Michael put on one of his nicer button-ups, with a blue blazer, and deep blue slacks. He decided not to wear a tie with it, thinking it would look too serious. Nikky had chosen a silky red dress that stopped just above her knees, and hung over one of her shoulders.

She was still in the bathroom, fixing her hair when Michael got a phone call from Avery, “Hello?” he answered.

“Michael! Buddy! Are you guys nearby?” Avery exclaimed, sounding pretty excited.

“Yeah , we’re only a few minutes away. Nikky is just fixing her hair up now.”

“Perfect! We’re already at the club, it’s just opening. I’ve spoken with the hostess of the evening, and she’s expecting you. Just give her your names, and she’ll take care of the rest. We’ll see you inside, buddy!” The phone clicked as Avery hung up.

Michael was taken aback, but assumed his friend was just really eager to have the night begin. Avery was vouching for them, so he wanted to make a nice impression. He made sure that he looked good, smelled good, their outfits were crisp, and their demeanor was distinguished. Nicole was ready, and the two of them went downstairs and hailed a taxi.

“Can you take us to this address?” Michael told the driver, handing him the business card Avery gave him. The driver looked at the address, and his eyebrows shot up.

“Oh yeah, that place. I know where that is.” the driver replied, starting the meter.

“Can you tell us what the place is like?” Michael asked, hoping to learn something.

“Not much to say, never been inside. Just a lot of women walking in, looking like lingerie models.” the driver replied, sounding as if he were sorry he couldn’t be more helpful.

Five minutes of silent driving later, the driver stopped in front of a two-storied building that looked more like the front of an upscale restaurant. The only real, distinguishable feature was a sign bearing a large ‘m’ with an accented dash over it, and a circle around it. Michael paid the driver, and the couple stepped out. They saw other couples making their way inside the building as well. The women who came in with their dates were just as the taxi driver described. They made Nicole look as if she may have been overdressed.

As they stepped inside, they saw a small lobby area, with red carpet, and red, painted walls, and a low, black ceiling with small lights. There was a counter on one side where guests were signing in, and paying a lady at the register. Another woman stood behind the counter, wearing a gorgeous, silver dress. Her hair was auburn, and curled. Her hazel eyes studied the faces of the guests in the lobby, then met Michael’s eyes, and smiled, approaching them.

“Hello, are you new here?” she asked with a casual, yet flirty, voice.

“We are.” Michael replied.

“Oh, good! Do you have an appointment here?” she asked, picking up a clipboard.

“Umm, I think so. I’m Michael Davenport, and this is my wife, Nicole.” He replied, following Avery’s instructions.

A look of recognition rose in the hostess’ eyes, “Right! Our prospective members.” she replied, checking a list, “So you’re being sponsored by…. Mr. Avery Coleman?”

Michael smiled, “That’s correct, he’s a good friend of mine.” He was relieved. Nicole still looked quite nervous as she examined the other women who came in. Probably worried about her husband looking at them, wearing outfits leaving little to the imagination.

The hostess had them fill out an application, then pay a membership fee, and she filed it all away, looking even more perky.

“Alright, let’s take the tour!” she proclaimed. She led them through the large doors inside. Michael and Nicole were amazed to see inside was a large dance floor, with seating areas in the corners. The hostess pointed out the VIP areas, pole-dancing stages, a full bar, and a DJ booth. She led them upstairs, and showed them the other areas. They were shown a lounge, where couples seemed to be making out already, some with heavy petting, and a seating area, where groups of people gathered to talk and laugh.

“Oh, I almost forgot to mention,” the hostess interjected, “Since this your first time, we want to express that you’re under no obligation to do anything you’re not comfortable doing. Feel free to just relax, make new friends, and just watch, if you want,” she said with a smile. As the tour continued, Michael and Nicole looked at each other with a look of concern. Both of them thinking, what kind of club is this, exactly?The hostess took them to another room which looked more like a dungeon with various BDSM apparatuses around.

“This is the room everyone calls ‘The Red Room’. As a lifestyle club, we ensure every fetish is accommodated, and make sure everyone is safe in their practice.” the hostess said those words so matter-of-factually. Michael and Nicole were in shock as they realized what kind of club they had been invited to. Any other time, the two of them would have just walked out. But Avery had vouched for them, and Michael had given his word to keep an open mind. He looked to his wife, who was blushing profusely, but seemed to still be on-board.

“Well, that’s the whole club! Do you have any questions for me?” the hostess asked, stopping them in the middle of the hall.

The two of them were silent for a second before Michael spoke up, “Do you know where I can find my friend, Avery?”

“Well, I would imagine if he’s not up here, then check the main dance area, you may find him there.” she answered.

“Ok, thank you.” Nicole replied before her husband could speak.

With a bright smile, the hostess turned and left them alone. Nicole exhaled loudly, still trying to take in the fact they were invited to a lifestyle club by their best friends.

“So… are you ready for this?” Michael asked his wife, nervously.

“I, uh… I-I think I need a drink before anything else. There was a bar downstairs, right?” Nikky replied, clearly flustered.

They both agreed on the way to the bar, they would at least stay for an hour or so, just to give it a try. At the bar, Michael ordered a beer, while his wife asked for a tall glass of red wine. Michael turned towards the dance floor, which was huge, and lit up with party lights often found at nightclubs. The music had an amazing beat, and felt almost seductive. Couples, and groups of people, were already dancing together, and women were already pole-dancing on the stages, wearing nearly nothing.

As he scanned the area, he barely recognized the back of his friend’s head, as he watched one of the pole-dancing stages, watching a rather sexy woman dancing. He pointed Avery out to Nicole, and they went over to meet him. Strangely, he seemed to be alone, even though Michael was sure he said Monica was with him too. He came around the man to check his face, wanting to be sure it was Avery. It was him, and his friend’s face lit up as his eyes met Michael.

“Buddy! You made it!” he spoke loudly, talking over the music. They shook hands, and Avery patted him on the shoulder, “How y’all liking it here?”

“Not what I expected at all!” Michael replied, also speaking over the music, “You said that you and Monica come here?”

“Yeah, we do.”

“Well, where is she?” Michael asked, confused.

“What do you mean? She’s right here!” Avery answered as if it should have been obvious.

Michael and Nicole looked around their immediate area, turning their heads, inspecting the faces of the people around them. None of them looked like Monica. He felt his wife pat him on the arm, and looked towards her. Nicole was looking up towards the stage, and Michael saw why. On stage was a voluptuous woman with butterscotch blonde hair, curled, and reaching down to her large breasts. She wore a caramel-colored, cup-less bra that clearly wasn’t meant to cover her large breasts.

It was Monica, his best friend’s wife, twirling, and dancing so seductively around the metal pole in the middle of the stage. He’d never looked at her in this way, and now, he found it hard to take his eyes off of her. As she passed in front of them, her buttocks craned outward, using it to get people’s attention. Michael could see she was wearing a pair of crotch-less panties that matched the color of her bra. He only caught a glimpse of her labia poking out as she continued around the pole. As she came back, her eyes met Michael’s, and she smiled. Monica kept her eyes locked on him as she gyrated her hips, then spread her legs as she dipped, and Michael saw everything.

The song ended, and Monica stood up and left backstage, snapping Michael out of his trance. He looked towards Nicole, who had taken a big swig of her wine. They looked at each other, and Nicole’s eyes widened, as if to silently say ‘wow’. Avery was now leading them to a seated area near the stage. Michael always thought he knew his friend pretty well, but now, it was like he barely knew Avery and Monica at all.

“So, Monica works here?” Nicole asked, beginning to seem a bit tipsy. Normally, Michael would be worried, but his wife seemed a bit more confident. Michael followed suit, and took a large sip of his beer.

“No, that was her idea.” Avery answered her, “She doesn’t even get tips, she just does it to tease all the other guys here.”

“How did you even get involved with this place?” Michael asked.

Avery shrugged, “Same way you did. I was referred by a friend, Monica and I gave it a shot, and we liked it so much, we became members. I know it can seem a little intimidating at first, but people here are very friendly, and just wanna make you feel comfortable, y’know?”

“I can see that.” Nicole responded, “Hold on, I’m gonna get some more wine from the bar.”

Just after she left, Monica walked up from some backstage area, and joined them at the table, wearing a red bustier top with a pair of black spanx. Michael didn’t usually stare at Monica’s breasts, out of respect for his friend, but was now finding it hard not to. Now that he’d seen them in their full glory, his eyes were drawn to her huge mounds, which looked as though they might push out of her bustier any moment.

“Monica!” Nikky almost shouted the moment her friend sat down. Another glass of red wine in her hand, the other arm outstretched, looking to hug her busty friend.

“Hey, Nikky!” Monica greeted her, sitting up to embrace her, “I’m so glad you could come tonight.”

“Me too! You looked so sexy up there. I didn’t know you could dance like that!” Nikky exclaimed, sitting down next to her.

“I was just telling Michael about our first time here.” Avery interjected.

“Yes,” Michael chimed, “I’m just curious how you two managed to integrate, being new members, like us.”

Monica giggled, “We decided we would just jump in. Do something crazy.”

“Like?” Nikky asked.

“Well…” Monica began, giving a secretive smile to her husband, who returned it back to her, “The first time we were here, I swapped husbands with our sponsors, and we went upstairs for some fun.” Her eyes locked with Michael’s as she spoke the last part. He swallowed hard, and felt his face getting hot, and his pants became very tight. Monica and Avery always seemed so modest, up until this point.

She then turned to Nikky, and very starkly asked, “Would you mind if I took your husband for tonight, and you can take mine?”

Michael’s eyes widened, and for the moment, he was speechless. He looked at Avery, who seemed to look as confident as his wife did. Then looked at Nicole, who blushed profusely, and looked straight up as she took a rather large gulp of her wine. Michael was sure this was the moment his wife would freak out, and have them both running out of the club. Michael never expected to hear the words his wife spoke next.

She swallowed her wine, and responded with, “Fuck it, let’s do it.”

Michael felt a churning in his stomach, like too many butterflies at once. They all looked at him, and awaited Michael’s response.

“Uh, yeah, ok, let’s do it.” he didn’t know how else to reply. If his wife wanted to do it, and this was the best way to rekindle the excitement in their marriage, he wasn’t going to argue with it.

Monica took his hand, and led him out of his chair, and upstairs above the dance floor. Avery was walking arm-in-arm with Nicole just behind them. They came to an area that looked like a large, outdoor patio, with several round beds along it. Covering the beds were large, dark curtains, hanging like mosquito nets, but seemed to be meant for concealing whomever was inside. Monica picked the closest one, and everyone got inside, with Avery closing the curtain behind them.

The bed was actually quite comfortable, and had some throw pillows to lay your head on. Michael barely managed to get into a comfortable position before Monica managed to climb onto him, passionately pressing her lips into his, and pulling his blazer down past his shoulders. Michael nervously obliged, feeling like a deer in the headlights. He looked at Nicole, who seemed utterly shocked, then did the same to Avery, kissing him with an almost animalistic hunger. Was she competing with Monica?

Monica’s lips seemed experienced, and Michael decided he was going to enjoy himself. He slipped his blazer off, and placed one hand behind her back, pulling her in, while his other hand groped her curvy ass. He wanted to grab it ever since she flaunted it on stage. She purred in approval to his touch, and ran her fingers through his dark hair. Michael could feel the buttons of his shirt become undone, and wondered how he never fantasized about this before.

Nicole seemed to be one step ahead of them, with her hand already down Avery’s trousers, stroking him as they made out next to them. Avery was also grabbing Nicole’s ass, which made her coo in a way Michael hadn’t seen since they were dating. Seeing her with another man, especially his best friend, gave him mixed feelings of anger, and extreme arousal. Monica sensed Michael’s attention was towards Nikky, and stopped kissing him to look at her as well. She grabbed Michael’s chin, and brought his eyes back to her.

“Does that turn you on? Seeing your wife do that to my husband?” she purred with a heat of lust.

“Yeah.” he replied, he couldn’t deny how much it turned him on, and only seemed to make his desire for Monica even stronger. Monica smiled deviously, and unzipped his pants, reaching in to find his hard member. He quivered at Monica’s touch, and felt himself throb. She took hold of him, and moved her hand up and down his shaft. Although he wasn’t huge, he was still above average. She kept her face extremely close to Michael’s face, watching, and enjoying, the reactions on his face as she pleased his erect cock.

Michael wasn’t sure if he’d ever felt this turned on in his entire life. Whether it was because of Monica, or because she was Avery’s wife, or the fact that Avery was about to sleep with his wife, it was hard to tell. He wanted even more. He regained his focus, and unfastened the back of Monica’s red bustier. She did nothing to stop him, but only bit her lip as her breasts became more and more unbound.

Once it came off, Michael tossed it aside, and grabbed her beautiful mounds with both hands, massaging them. Monica seemed to approve, as she tightened her grip on his member, and sped up her stroking. Michael took one of her breasts into his mouth, sucking on her nipple, as he pinched the other. Monica let out an audible moan, which gave that away as her weakness. Michael focused on her nipples, while she worked his cock, until she could take no more.

With her body starting to heat up, Monica pulled herself off of Michael, and yanked off his slacks, revealing his hard shaft, standing straight up. She took his rod in her hand again, but just to guide him into her lips, taking him deep into her mouth. Michael’s eyes rolled back in ecstasy as her head frantically bobbed up and down on him. He reached down and grabbed a handful of her butterscotch blond hair. He could see Nicole watching her, jaw dropped in awe.

Not to be outdone, Nikky immediately pulled down Avery’s trousers, and did the same. Avery exhaled, and laid his head flat on the bed. The two couples looked as though they were having a contest to see who’s wife could give the other husband a better blow job. Michael wasn’t sure how much longer he would last if this kept on going the way it was. He could only imagine how much his friend was enjoying Nicole’s performance.

Monica finally raised her head, and ran her fingers through her hair, brushing it all back where it was. She pulled Michael up towards him, and kissed him deeply once more, before moving away, and turned her back towards him. She pulled her spanx down past her knees, and off her ankles, and bent over in front of him.

“You’re gonna take me just like this, babe.” she spoke with a slutty voice he never imagined her making. And yet, she was ready to have him fuck her, with her curvy ass looking so enticing. Her womanhood opened for him, begging for his shaft.

He brought his erect cock to her inviting pussy, and with a single thrust, slid his entire length inside her. She moaned loudly as he pushed into her. The walls of her pussy seemed to constrict around him, squeezing his member. She felt so amazing that Michael had to keep going, keep thrusting into her. Monica pushed back into him, her ass smacking into Michael’s hips.

Monica’s moans of pleasure caught Nicole’s attention, and she decided she would take control instead. Quickly getting out of her panties, she held Avery’s chest down, and climbed onto his lap, sliding herself down onto his shaft. Now, her moans joined Monica’s and she rocked her hips, grinding herself into Avery’s dick. She seemed to be enjoying Avery about as much as Michael enjoyed Monica. The heady scent of sex was building in that enclosed space, and all inhibitions had melted away.

Michael looked at his wife while he continued to thrust into Monica, and Nicole looked back at him, still riding Avery. Michael grabbed his wife’s hair, and kissed her with a passion he’d never felt before. He groped her breast as she started bouncing on his friend’s cock, and feeling Michael touch her seemed to push her over the edge. Nicole’s lips broke away from her husband’s and she let out a high-pitched moan, which Michael knew meant she was climaxing. Avery grunted, and it looked like he was releasing his load in his wife as well.

Not more than a few moments later, Monica started pushing into Michael’s cock harder, her moans getting higher. Michael felt her get tighter, and a wave of heat ran past his cock as she climaxed all around him. Michael grabbed her hips, and pulled her in with each thrust, holding himself back from cumming so he could make Monica’s orgasm as strong as possible. She only gripped him tighter and tighter until Michael reached his tipping point, and released his load deep into Avery’s wife.

Once their orgasms subsided, they all collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily.

“Holy fuck,” Monica spoke first, “Nikky, I didn’t know your husband had it in him!”

Nicole chuckled, “I haven’t seen him fuck like that since we started dating!”

They all laughed, then fell silent for a moment.

“We gotta do this again sometime.” Avery said casually, and everyone laughed again, and gave gestures of agreement.

Back at the hotel, Michael and Nicole were just walking back into their room. They had spent the rest of the night, drinking, joking, and conversing with their good friends. It seemed as though their friendship would never be the same, but was undeniably better than before. Before leaving, Michael and Nicole expressed their intention to become full members of the nightclub. They had found a new excitement in their marriage, and were willing to continue this path of discovery.

Michael immediately took off his blazer, and sat on the edge of the bed. He figured Nikky would want to go straight to sleep, but it seemed she had other plans. She put her purse down on the table, and pushed her husband flat on the bed. Surprised, Michael watched as his wife took off his slacks, and went straight to work, taking his softened prick in her mouth. ‘Again?’ He thought to himself. She made him fully erect in seconds.

She pulled her mouth off his member, and kept stroking it with her hand. Then looked up into his eyes, and spoke in her own slutty voice, “I can still taste Monica’s pussy on your cock, baby.” Then took him back in her mouth.

Michael was pleasantly surprised, and found himself lusting for his wife in ways he’d forgotten he did before. He didn’t have to say anything, she was already climbing onto him. She hiked up her skirt, and Michael saw she hadn’t even put her panties back on! She hungrily took her husband’s whole length into her, and rode him.

“I wanna go back…” she said between moans.

“We will.” Michael replied.

“And I want to dance on that stage.” she moved her hips faster.

“I’ll watch you.” he obliged.

“I want meet more couples.” his wife moaned out.

“Yeah…” Michael was about to release another load into her.

Nicole gripped his shirt, leaned down so she could whisper into his ear while grinding into him, “And then I want you to fuck me in the Red Room….”

Together, they orgasmed for each other.


Thanks for reading! Check the Erotic Bites section for more stories like this one. See you next week!

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