Santa and the Sorority

This week’s Erotic bite is something a bit different. I wrote this as a contest entry for another site, but it was rejected because of the style I used. I understand their reasons, so I thought I’d share it with all of you instead. I hope you all enjoy, it took me a lot longer to write this than most stories. If nothing else, it should be good for a laugh.

T’was the night of Christmas Eve, best time of year,
For presents a-plenty, and holiday cheer,
Santa got dressed, in satin and sash,
Then out the door, ready in a flash,
The elves had been busy, making toys on the fly,
But special ordered the rest, from a place called Best Buy,
His sack was full, for an imparting cause,
He was hungry for treats, as he kissed Mrs. Claus,
Santa smacked her ass, hoping for a rise,
She cooed with a smile, at her little surprise.
He snapped his reins, and took off to the sky,
For his reindeer were magic, and obviously could fly,
It would be some time, before they reached Burbank,
He decided to relax, and have himself a wank,
The reindeer were magic, they knew where to go,
And like that, there were houses, all up in a row,
Delivery went well, going house to house,
He spotted a MILF, sleeping with no blouse,
The next place he landed looked like a sorority,
He checked the present, marked: ‘For Laura T.’
He watched his magic snowball, pretty sure she was naughty,
The coast was clear, because she was on the pottie,
Santa stepped out with an embarrassing ‘plop’,
He wasn’t used to this kind of present drop.
Without a chimney, he needed another way in,
He entered the backdoor, as they did in Berlin.
The building was dark, but he could hear music,
He couldn’t tell what, but it sure was acoustic,
The floorboards creaked under his heavy boots,
And right past him ran girls in sexy santa suits,
They hadn’t seen Santa, but Santa saw them,
There was some kind of party, which explained the mayhem,
Their outfits were small, all red with white trim,
They held glasses of liquor, filled up to the brim.
Santa looked at the present, and debated his odds,
Could he drop it off, without alerting the broads?
He watched the group, enthused and drunk,
Santa considered playing with his junk.
To business first, and pleasure after,
He made his move during their laughter.
Zigging and zagging, past the furniture,
Squeezing past, despite his curvature.
To the tree, the present finally reached,
For the good girl with hair clearly bleached,
He turned to leave, forgetting his wits,
And found his nose between two big tits.
Santa stopped, and I dare not gloat,
He was so bold to give her a motorboat.
She squeeled in surprise, her mind all a-boggling,
How Santa could be there giving her a fondling.
Every lady looked, at their new party guest,
With his face buried in their friends busty chest.
They giggled and chortled, thinking it a prank,
From that handsome party-crasher, known as Big Hank.
They gathered around making whoops and catcalls,
And Santa got a funny feeling deep in his balls,
They danced all around him, with a dip and a grind,
Santa was horny, and felt up a behind,
No hand slapped him, or a complaint to be heard,
Only drinks raised up, and cheerful words slurred,
From inside the crowd, a hand found his pants,
His front was fondled, could this be his chance?
He looked for it’s owner, hoping for the best,
It was the smiling blonde, with the familiar chest.
She pulled his pants down to give him a blow,
And Santa replied with a ‘ho ho ho’.
The ladies all watched, with cheers in the air,
They called her a slut, but she didn’t care.
Up and down her head did bob,
Santa loved the blonde’s head job,
The drunk partiers watched as Santa got mouthed,
And they themselves became very aroused.
Some touched their bodies as others touched their friends,
Some touched Santa, and his odds and ends.
Panties came off and tops were exposed,
Santa ogled them, completely unopposed.
Santa’s magic had affected them at this yuletide,
They put him on his back, to go on a sleigh ride,
The blonde climbed on first, with the buxom chest,
She was met with a groan from the horny rest.
Santa’s eyes went wide, surprised by his luck,
For he wasn’t expecting such a good fuck.
She held up his shaft, then sat down on his cock,
Her voice cried out, her hips began to rock.
Her folds were hot and somewhat loose,
Santa couldn’t help but grab her caboose.
Another one approached and stood at the blonde’s back,
With a smile and and a look, she played with the blonde’s rack,
She replied with a coo, but Santa’s view was hidden,
By a skinny brunette who wanted Santa’s face ridden.
She mounted his face, her thighs all a quiver,
The tickle of Santa’s beard gave her a shiver.
Her pussy was hot, and felt a lot like silk,
Santa liked it more than cookies and milk.
He felt the blonde tighten and squeeze and climax,
Then slowly climbed off to let herself relax.
As Santa tried to finish the one on his lips,
Did another girl climb right onto his hips.
Was there still time to do every present run?
‘Screw it,’ he thought, ‘might as well have fun.’
He ate out the naughty girl, his lips all slick,
Then sat up, and finished her off with his dick.
He took another from behind, with coppery red hair,
Her body bent over a sturdy armchair.
Another called for him, legs bent to her shoulders,
Santa obliged, helpless to resist those boulders.
Deep inside her cunt, Santa did thrust,
She moaned out loudly, voice filled with lust.
She was the last of the girls to be sated,
At least of those who hadn’t masturbated.
Santa held back for just long enough,
To not cum early from all this muff.
It was time to finish on these gorgeous dolls,
They stroked him off, and played with his jingle balls.
His semen went flying from his burning yule log,
And it taste in their mouths like sweet eggnog.
Santa pulled up his pants, and took off from the spree,
If he was lucky he could finish the delivery.
As he called for a rush from his bored reindeer,
He assured the fine ladies, he’d be back next year.
And so ends the telling in it’s sexy majority,
The tale of Santa and the lusty Sorority.

Thanks for reading! Check the Erotic Bites section for more stories like this one. See you next week!

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