Big and Beautiful Women, gotta love them.

I don’t know when it first happened, but there was a time, back when I was a teenager, and I was only attracted to thinner women, as most young guys are. But at some point, I began to look at larger women with more appreciation for their appearance. I remember one such woman from my class when I was a junior. She was absolutely gorgeous, but was also a bit more curvy than the women I was normally into. I didn’t understand my attraction to her at the time, but she was probably one of my bigger crushes back then.

At this point in my life, I can tell you with certainty that I am a BBW lover. I won’t say I don’t find thinner women attractive, or good lovers either. But in my past experiences, sex with bigger women has been much more enjoyable for me. There are a lot of men who would agree, but most people tend to disagree because of the damage caused by dating apps like Tinder. It wasn’t so long ago you could find entire communities online dedicated to the appreciation, flirting, and hooking up with BBWs.

Despite the fact many of them still exist today, people are more reliant on apps like Tinder for dating, which allow you to judge a person’s desirability based on first appearances. This has left many women with worries about their appearance, and especially, their weight. Personally, I don’t care for these ideas of women who are an image of “perfection”, and how men should want for nothing less than a woman with a thin body. But I refuse to be the guy who lectures you about what ‘real women’ have. I don’t think real women have curves, nor do I feel real women have a perfect body they worked for. I feel that real women own their bodies.

Insecurities, and personal preferences about body types, aren’t going to go away. However, there’s no reason for you to not work with what you got. If you’re a woman with a few extra pounds, and some curves to go with it, you should show it off, instead of hide it. Your curves are nothing to be ashamed about. You need to remember there are guys out there who will appreciate your body as it is, more than they would someone thinner, and more boney. For us, it’s more about the decadence of enjoying a woman. It may sound cliched, but we really do love it when there’s more of you to love.

I do have a few tips on how to make things work if you’re a BBW, or a guy who’s attracted to BBWs. First of all, understand she’s probably going to be very insecure about her body, or at least certain parts of her body. Ladies, you should also know guys are very visually stimulated creatures, and we’re often drawn to you because some aspects of your body are more appealing, like your breasts, butt, thighs, and tummy, especially because they are bigger. For inst

Communication is very important in this regard, especially early in the relationship. Guys, if you like a certain part of her that she is insecure about, you need to communicate how much you actually enjoy those parts of her. As time goes on, she may begin to feel like she’s not attractive enough for you, because she feels ashamed of her tummy, or thighs, or some other part of her. Take those parts she hates, and make them a point of celebration. Let her know that you like those parts of her, and she should too.

Ladies, in the same regard, you need to accept when the guy you’re with compliments your body. This is not to say you should accept catcalls from guys you don’t know who comment about your body, but to those guys you take as lovers. I understand how insecurity can make you react by pulling away, and not believing your lover’s compliment, but he’s not lying. Believe me, if a guy desires your body enough to want to have sex with you, he honestly appreciates your body. Turning down these compliments will only make it sound like it’s meaningless.

In erotica, the use of BBWs can add a lot of credibility to your stories. Not because it makes for better stories, but it creates a wider spectrum of traits for you to use. Characters are supposed to have flaws, insecurities, and struggles. BBWs have these, as well as the potential to overcome them, and discover a sexual goddess hidden within themselves. This equates to a story that is much more relateable, believable, and even thrilling. I often find the most exciting erotic stories I read involve a sexy BBW, and sometimes write about them myself.

So what do you guys think? Feel free to leave any comments or questions, or just feel free to discuss you thoughts on the topic.

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