Mail Order Love

This week’s Erotic Bite tells the story of a guy who has very little luck with the local women. After some bad experiences, he takes a roll of the dice with a woman he’s never met. Enjoy!

Sitting on the couch, Brian sat in a barely-lit room. His auburn hair was looking messy, as he hadn’t cared to even comb it that day. He wore a pair of blue pajama pants with a gray tee as he clicked a remote, searching for a good movie to stream on his large flat screen. He had to search for a while as he’d seen many of the movies on the screen already. He sighed, and set down his remote for minute, feeling bored.

He closed his eyes for a moment, and wondered how he’d ended being this guy. Six years ago, he would have put on one of his nice outfits, and been out at a club with friends, trying to get lucky.  He had some success in the past, but recently, things had become much more difficult for him. The women his age didn’t go to bars and clubs anymore, and the younger ones who replaced them were a bit too prudish for him. You would think a guy who works as an IT specialist for a large firm would have better luck, especially with his salary.

He snapped out of his thoughts when his cell phone began to ring on the coffee table, playing a tune from one of his favorite sci-fi shows. He grabbed the phone, reading Joey’s name on the screen. Joey had been one of his good friends for many years, though, he hadn’t seen much of him in the last few months. Not wanting to be rude, he answered his cell.

“Hey, man.”

“Sup, nerd,” Joey replied casually, “What are you up to tonight?”

Brian shrugged, despite the fact his friend couldn’t see it, “Not much. Just looking for a movie to watch tonight.”

There was a silence, then his friend spoke again, “How long has it been since you went out, Brian?”

Thinking about it for a second, he replied, “It’s been awhile, I guess.”

“Dude, it’s been almost a year since we went out for some drinks. You need to get out of your apartment. You’re thirty now, and you’re still single.”

Thank you for reminding me… he thought to himself. He tilted his head back against the couch, and rolled his eyes. It wasn’t as if he wasn’t trying, or that he was only looking for a hook-up now. He’d grown past that, and was ready for something more steady. His only problem was how far the bar scene had declined in recent years. The local nightclub he and Joey used to frequent had closed down since then, and the only bars that remained were small, and hardly anyone went there anymore.

“I know, man. I know. I just don’t feel like it’s even worth the effort to find a girlfriend at a bar. So, why bother?” Brian argued.

“I get that, man. At the very least, we should hang out. I haven’t seen you in forever.” he insisted.

“Alright, alright.” Brian said, defeated, “When do you wanna hang out?”

“I’m about to go out right now. Get ready, and I’ll be in front of your place in a few minutes.” Joey seemed to be in a better mood.

The phone clicked as Joey hung up. Brian rubbed his eyes as he set his phone back down. He stood up and stretched, and made his way to his bedroom to change. He thought perhaps his friend was right. It had been a long time since he’d gone out, and maybe it was time he tried the dating scene again.


“You’re not serious. Please tell me you’re not serious.” Brian stepped out of his friend’s car, looking towards the building they had arrived at. Joey stepped out of the driver’s side, wearing a blue suit, and his sandy, blonde hair cut short and spiked. Brian, on the other hand, decided to dress a bit more casual, and wore a gray, patterned button-up with jeans. The two of them stood in the small parking lot of a building lit by neon lights.

“What’s wrong with Jackson 85?” Joey asked, sounding honestly baffled.

“It’s a college bar.” Brian replied, motioning his arm towards the building.


“So?” he began, sarcastically, “it always smells like vomit, it’s full of bros, cheerleaders and ‘woo’ girls, the drinks are poorly made, and–”

“And it’s got the highest number of single women in town. You might not find a girlfriend, but maybe you can still get lucky.” Joey interrupted him.

Brian’s eyes narrowed, feeling foolish for thinking his friend only took him out to catch up.

“You’re an ass.” Brian told him monotonously.

“Yeah, but you love me.” his friend replied, smiling, “Let’s go, man.”

Reluctantly, Brian followed his friend to the entrance of the building. Waiting at the door was a large man checking I.D. cards, making sure no minors were entering. He looked like he was too husky for anyone to want to fight him, and therefore, had never lost a fight in his life. After he waved them in, they were met with an enormous crowd filling the building. The DJ had been playing a shitty collection of songs from the campus’ Top 40 list, and everyone was either dancing where they stood, or talking amongst themselves.

Brian put his hand on his friend’s shoulder, “You sure you want to hang out here?” he asked him.

“Relax, it’s not as bad as it looks. Let’s get a drink, and go from there.” his friend reassured him.

Brian still had his doubts. This didn’t seem like the kind of place where you could meet someone, and spend some one-on-one time with them. However, Joey already made it clear this wasn’t the kind of place to find a date, but a hook-up might be possible. They arrived at the bar, and stood there nearly twenty minutes waiting for the bartender to notice them. The wait only made Brian feel more uncomfortable about his chances there. Finally, the twenty-something guy wearing all black and looking annoyed asked them what they wanted.

“Bourbon, neat.” Joey ordered first.

“Whiskey and coke, please.” Brian followed up. He figured it may be best to order something easy to make, and hard to screw up.

After getting their drinks, the two friends turned back towards the massive crowd in the room. There was so much activity going on in the small building, it was difficult to focus on any one person. Still, they scanned the room, searching for any signs of single women, and any opening to join them. For a few minutes, it didn’t seem like there were any opportunities arising. Then, it seemed as one was going to find them.

“Hey! How are you guys doing tonight?” a blonde woman with blue eyes and and heavy eyelash makeup approached them. She wore a light blue tank top with a matching girly hoodie, but they barely managed to contain her large chest.

“We’re doing well, and you?” Joey answered her first as the two of them turned towards her.

“I’m great! I just saw you guys here and figured I’d talk to you. So what are you guys drinking?”

“Whiskey.” they both replied together.

“Sounds good,” she nodded, “Would either of you guys be willing to buy a lady a drink?” she asked, flashing her eyes at them.

Before Brian could respond, Joey patted his shoulder and spoke, “My friend here would.”

Brian gave him a look of confusion. But Joey responded to it with another look of reassurance.

“Excuse me, I need to use the restroom.” Joey lied. Brian knew he just wanted an excuse for Brian to be alone with this woman. With no other alternative than to let his friend have his wingman moment, Brian smiled at the blonde.

“So, what would you like?” he asked the blonde.

“I wouldn’t mind a cosmo.” she winked at him. Brian turned back to the bar, and tried to hail the man who was pouring shots for a group of ladies. He didn’t hesitate to take Brian’s order once he saw the blonde with him. He clearly enjoyed entertaining the beautiful women more than being professional. Brian asked the man for a cosmo, and paid for the drink.

“What’s your name?” Brian asked the blonde, handing her the drink.

“Samantha, but you can call me Sammi if you like.” she replied, smiling.

Feeling better about Joey’s decision to come here tonight, he gave Sammi a confident smile. Sammi took a sip of her drink, and Brian tried to figure out what to say next. It had been a long time since he tried to pick a woman up at a bar. Understandably, he was out of practice when it came to keeping them interested. In the end, he went with something easy.

“So, what are you studying?” he asked finally.

Sammi took another sip as he asked, then answered, “Education. I really want to become a teacher, and make a difference in some kids’ lives. Y’know?”

Brian nodded, “That sounds like a pretty noble goal.” he answered, before taking a swig of his own drink.

“Right?” her eyes widened at the ego boost, and she took another sip. Before Brian even knew it, Sammi’s drink was already finished, and she set the empty martini glass back on the bar. Brian was a bit surprised by her eagerness. He barely spoke two sentences to her before she finished his conversation starter. Rather than dwell on it, he motioned the bar, “Can I get you another drink?”

“If you want.” she replied with a smile.

“Another cosmo?”

“Ummm,” she started, “Would you mind if I got a daiquiri?” she tried to ask sweetly.

Brian nodded, trying to get on her good side. He paid the bartender for a daiquiri, which turned out to be twice as expensive, and suggested to Sammi that they go sit down. Sammi was happy to do so, and they did their best to navigate through the crowd of inebriated partiers. To Brian’s surprise, there were a few small tables along one of the walls.

They found a table that wasn’t taken, or very dirty, and sat down. Sammi sipped her daiquiri through a straw as she looked off. Brian reasoned that since the daiquiri was larger, he may have more time to talk to her before she finished it off.

“So, like, where do you work?” Sammi asked him.

“I’m an IT specialist at a software development firm here in town.” he told her.

Sammi giggled at him, “So, you’re one of those computer geeks?” she said, sounding amused.

Brian tried not to seem offended by that obviously condescending remark, and kept smiling as he replied, “I guess you could say that. But it’s probably the best job I’ve ever had.”

The blonde snickered again as she took another sip.

“What do you do?” he asked, trying to sound sincere.

“I’m a sales associate at a clothing store, over in the shopping mall down the street.” she said proudly.

‘So you fold shirts for a living…’ Brian thought to himself. He took another swig of his whiskey and coke, finishing it off.

“Wait here, I’m gonna get another drink.” he spoke, getting up.

Brian approached the bar once more to get another drink from the irate bartender who was busy chatting up a group of young women in tube tops until he showed up. He finally got a refill on his whiskey and coke, making his way back to the table where his blonde companion when he saw someone else there. Sammi was sharing her seat with a taller guy, short hair that was bleached and spiked, obviously spent a lot of time at a gym, and tattoos on his arms. He was all over Sammi, and kissing her like they were about to screw on the table.

Brian realized he’d been scammed by this chick. That wasn’t just some guy, but was obviously a boyfriend. She only made herself seem available to Brian just to get a few free drinks, then blow him off by bringing in the large boyfriend. Brian feared for the elementary students who would one day be placed in her responsibility. Choosing not to give her the satisfaction of a confrontation, he left her there, and looked for his friend.

He felt like a fool for having fallen for such an obvious scam. Normally, he would have seen that kind of thing coming a mile away, and now, he went for the first one that presented itself. He remembered why he stopped coming to these places in the first place, and why he didn’t want to be this person anymore. He spotted his friend, Joey, over by the other end of the bar chatting up a pretty-looking redhead.

“Can I speak with you for a second?” he asked him, patting his arm.

Joey looked slightly annoyed, but excused himself away from the young woman.

“What’s up? What happened with the blonde?” his friend asked, concerned.

“Didn’t end well. Turns out she was playing me for some free drinks.” Brian described.

His friend rolled his eyes back, likely also feeling a fool for enabling the interaction, “I’m sorry, man. I didn’t see it.”

“It’s fine. Look, I really appreciate you trying to get me back out there, but this place isn’t for me anymore.” he declared.

“Hey, now. Don’t say that! I’m sure there’s a nice girl around.” Joey tried to convince him.

Brian held out his arms, motioning to the whole room, “Look around. This isn’t a place for nice girls,” he said calmly, “Maybe there is a nice girl for me somewhere. But I’m not gonna find her by hanging around here.”

Joey lowered his head, defeated. He took a breath, and looked up, “I’m sorry, man. Hey, next time, it really will be just you and me. We’ll go out and do something instead.”

Brian nodded. That was something he always admired about Joey: he’s always looking out for him. Brian reached into his pocket and pulled out a ten dollar bill, and handed it to him.

“Next round’s on me. I’m just gonna grab a taxi. Good luck, and have fun, man.” he patted his friend’s arm once more before making his way past the crowd, and out the door.


The cabinet opened up, and Brian grabbed a bottle of whiskey from inside. He poured an ounce into a small glass, and filled it the rest of the way with cola. He sat down at his computer desk, taking a sip, and relaxing after a night of disappointment. His computer sat on the desk in front of him, a basic screensaver played on the monitor. He considered going online to window shop on some dating website, but decided to check his messages instead.

There wasn’t anything too interesting in his email, just the usual list of tickets he would have to respond to in the morning. Then there were the few spam emails he would get every day. He went through them, deleting each one asking if he’s looking for employment opportunities, or if he’d like to buy medical insurance. His attention was drawn to one particular email he was about to delete. Any other time, he would have deleted it without looking, but after the night he just had, he hesitated.

The subject of the email read ‘Your perfect, Russian bride is waiting to meet you!’. Brian scoffed at the title, and thought about the lengths these sites will go to. He’d heard about this kind of business from movies and tv, but never actually tried looking it up before. He was curious to see how valid it was, how it worked, or if it was just a website full of viruses. If worse came to worst, he was an IT specialist, and could easily clean up any viruses.

Brian took a large swig of his drink, and clicked on the link to the website. A rather poorly-made website was brought up, and his anti-virus hadn’t reacted, so far.The first part of the website to catch his eye was a tab marked: ‘Success Stories’. He chuckled upon seeing those words, and clicked it to see what it would show. There were pictures of happy couples dressed for brides and grooms. Each one labeled with the names of the happy couples.

Assuming the pictures were fake, Brian copied the URL of one of the pictures labeled: ‘Ana and Mark’. H then performed a reverse image search to see where the picture actually came from. Thinking he would see a marriage magazine ad, he was surprised to see the only results were from someone’s social network. It was the profile of the man identified as Mark, and curious still, there were more pictures of the wedding. Just to be certain, Brian checked his wife’s profile, and saw that Ana was born in Russia, and moved to the U.S. only a couple years ago. So all of it was real?

It seemed that Brian had been proven wrong, so he sat back in his chair, and decided to have another drink. He went to the kitchen to pour another one, and felt rather frustrated. Here he was, having so much difficulty finding a decent woman, and these guys were just ordering one online like it was a product. ‘Why should it be so easy for them?’ he thought to himself, ‘It should be just as easy for me, too!’ and he took a large swallow of whiskey. The more he thought about it, the more it upset him. Finishing another drink, and feeling rather inebriated at this point, Brian got back onto his computer.

He reloaded the website, and found the section for applying to get a bride for himself. The first thing it showed him was a search filter, asking him the specifics of the woman he wanted to meet. Brian sat in front of the computer, not moving for nearly five minutes, trying to think of what he liked in a woman. He always thought brown hair was cute, and blue eyes were his favorite, and she definitely needed to be a bit shorter than him, and preferably average or slim body size. He entered all the specific points, as well as some that were optional, and clicked ‘Submit’.

For a few moments, the webpage seemed to be doing a search, while a small wheel turned on the screen. Finally, a window popped up on the screen, which read: ‘Laysun matches all of your specifications. Would you like to make this woman your bride?’ For a moment, Brian wasn’t sure if he wanted to go through with it. But after the frustration he’d had the past few years, he wanted a sure thing, and he had a feeling this Laysun woman would at least try to be decent to him. He hit yes, and filled out the information page, including the information to give Laysun a fiance visa.


A few weeks had past since Brian arranged for Laysun to come see him. Her fiance visa allowed her to stay in the country for a few months so they could get married. Brian was having his doubts about this arrangement, and his decision to do this in the first place, but gathered he could spend some time with her first. If things didn’t work out, she could just go back, and if it did, they could have a quick marriage at the courthouse, and do a formal wedding later. But at long last, the day of her arrival was here.

Brian was a nervous wreck as he sat at the arrivals area of the airport, holding up a sign that read Laysun’s name. He still had no idea what she looked like, only that a website claimed she had all the characteristics he wanted in a woman. He checked his watch, and figured her plane must be arriving right then. He waited a bit longer, knowing the next crowd to come through the terminal would be from her plane.

The large group came through, and Brian’s stomach sank. He scanned the crowd, checking each person, seeing if any of them resembled what could be his perfect woman. There were a lot of attractive woman walking through, but none of them seemed to match the description. For a few moments, he started to think he fell for another scam, and lost all the money he spent on plane tickets and the visa. The crowd was just about past him, and Brian felt a pang of disappointment.

“Excuse me, you’re Brian?” a woman’s voice spoke from near him. A voice with a clear Russian accent.

Brian turned towards the woman, and his stomach fluttered drastically. Standing a few feet from him was a gorgeous young woman in a red shirt and jean jacket. Her pants were a dark-colored satin, like currant, or garnet. Brian was stunned to see she matched every characteristic the website said she had. Her hair was a beautiful, wavy brown, and her eyes were a deep blue he was lost in almost immediately. Her information said she was twenty-six, but she looked almost as if she were still a teenager, with how young her face looked.

“I’m sorry, while I was in crowd, I did not see your sign.” she explained. Her voice sounded sweet, and her English was very good, despite the small errors. The crowd may also explain why Brian didn’t see her at first either.

“Laysun.” he replied, smiling and feeling somewhat excited, “It’s good to finally meet you.” he extended a hand to her shyly.

Laysun looked at his hand, and smiled, looking amused. Rather than shaking his hand, she stepped close to him, and placed her hand on the back of his neck, before kissing him on the lips. Brian froze in nervousness, but let himself relax a bit, and enjoy the feeling of her lips on his. A second later, and Laysun slowly broke the kiss, looking into his eyes.

“We’re to be married, darling. No need to act so formal.” she told him, smiling again. She seemed very happy, and her eyes scanned his face. Her hand moved slowly from his neck to his chest. Brian got the idea Laysun was very happy with his appearance, but could tell he was nervous too. He looked into her eyes, and they seemed to look so peaceful. Seeing her eyes looking back at him seemed to put him at ease, and his body began to relax.

The two of them left the terminal to retrieve her belongings in baggage claim, and Brian led her to his car. It was a long ride to Brian’s apartment, so he talked to Laysun to get to know her better. He learned how she’d wanted to live in America for a long time, she was very fond of music from the 80s, really liked the fact that Brian had a well-paying job working with computers. The more they talked, the more Brian was beginning to really like Laysun. For once, Brian felt like something was going right in his life.

They arrived back at the apartment, and Brian helped his new fiance to bring her things inside. He showed her around the apartment, how to operate the tv, and how to get in contact with him when he was gone. Afterwards, Laysun wanted to take a shower, especially after having been on a very long flight.

“I won’t be long, darling.” she told him, closing the bathroom door behind her.

Brian smiled back at her, and sat on his bed. Just a few months ago, he could barely get a woman interested in him enough to want to sleep with him, and now he had a beautiful woman in his shower, and she wanted to be with him. If all went well, he would get to marry this woman. But, for the moment, he still felt like he had to go through the dating phase before making any major plans. Laysun had told him about how she wanted to see what fast food was like here, so he wondered whether he should order some food for them tonight.

He sat thinking for so long, he was surprised when the bathroom door opened. His first reaction was to give her some privacy while she got dressed.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to–” he started, but stopped when he saw laysun standing there, completely nude. Most women he knew generally kept the towel wrapped around their bodies when they exited the bathroom, but his fiancee clearly didn’t. She had simply toweled off, and walked out completely bare. She stepped out, and looked at Brian, looking confused, and also blushing slightly.

“What’s wrong, darling?” she asked, almost teasingly.

Brian became quite nervous, and tried his best to keep his eyes on her face, if only to try and seem like a gentleman. This made Laysun giggle.

“It’s ok, darling. There’s no need to feel embarrassed.” she said, slowly stepping closer to him.

“I understand. It’s just, uh.. I-I just wasn’t expecting to see you like this so soon.” Brian stuttered the words out.

Laysun looked rather amused, and stood right in front of him now. Her body almost against his, “But I am your fiancee. Da? This means I am your’s now.” she spoke slowly. She placed her hands on his chest, and Brian felt her breasts press into his chest, the moisture from her body began to soak into his shirt, “All of me.”

Brian was blown away by her candor. This was a woman he’d barely known for an hour, and she was already giving herself to him in every way. He wanted to be modest and gentlemanly, but she had broken down any barriers or obstacles Brian was used to battling. Before Brian could think about it any further, his fiancee leaned in to kiss him again. Brian put his hands on her waist, feeling the moist heat on her skin. He no longer wanted to hold back for Laysun.

The beautiful, Russian brunette pulled his shirt off his body, and continued to kiss him more passionately. Her hands ran over his chest, and around to his back. Brian felt her nipples harden against his skin, sensing her excitement. His prick hardened quickly for Laysun, and his bulging pants made it clear. She grabbed his pants by the waist, and quickly unfastened them. Brian couldn’t believe how quickly they were moving.

“Are you sure you want to do this now?” he asked her.

“Da! I was sitting on flight for twelve hours. I need workout now.” she replied, her accent making her words somehow much more erotic. Without any further discussion, she pulled his trousers down, along with his boxers, and looked at his hard member with excited eyes. Brian considered his dick to be fairly average, but the way she looked at it almost hinted it was bigger than she had expected. She grabbed his shaft, stroking him lustfully, and took the head into her mouth. Brian’s leg jerked upon feeling her mouth, and his mouth opened as she eagerly sucked on it.

She continued to stroke him as her head bobbed on the tip of his cock. Brian could only watch her in amazement, everything this woman did was a marvel for him, and went above and beyond his expectations. She was squatted down in front of him, and her free hand was now rubbing her own vulva. She was taking great pleasure in blowing his cock. She began to moan in enjoyment of him.

Large jolts of pleasure ran through Brian’s body. He took a handful of Laysun’s hair, still wet from her shower. She looked up at him with her gorgeous blue eyes, and it made Brian want her more. He wanted to please her now, however he could. He wanted to make her feel as good as she was making him feel. Before he could figure out what to do, his fiancee stopped, and got up. She laid on the bed next to him, getting comfortable before spreading her legs, and raising her knees up to her chest.

“Eat me, baby.” she demanded with a very sweet tone. Her face had an expression of eroticism, teasing, and a bit of amusement. She was having fun with him.

Brian obliged, and crawled onto the bed just below her. He brought his face just inches away from her opening, picking up the scent of her womanly honey. She had been cleanly shaven, and her cunt looked ready to be devoured. Brian extended his tongue, and licked her labia from top to bottom. She exhaled audibly, and her face demanded more.

He sucked the lips of her labia into his mouth, and gently pulled on them. Then used his tongue to move up and down her opening again, tracing small circles around her tiny pleasure button. He was making his fiancee moan louder, and her honey flowed onto his lips. Laysun held her legs apart as he continued to eat her pussy, and begged him for more.

Brian held her thighs in his hands as he felt her womanhood becoming hotter, sensing she was going to climax soon. His prick throbbed at the clue of her orgasm approaching. He focused his attention on her clitoris, and her moans became louder and more frequent. Soon, she shouted out as her hips began to buck on his mouth. She was climaxing for him for the first time, and Brian could feel the walls of her cunt contract against his tongue.

As her intense moan began to subside, and her body stopped bucking, Laysun lowered her legs, but kept them spread. Brian assumed she would need a minute, but noticed her hand reaching down to slowly continue rubbing her mound. Brian didn’t usually see women do that, but it looked like a sign she had an enormous sexual hunger. She opened her eyes and looked at her lover, smiling, then biting her lip. Her eyes moved down Brian’s body, and stopped at his fully hardened rod.

As she watched it, her rubbing seemed to get a bit faster. She put a finger on her lip, as if considering something. Her eyes came back up to Brian’s face, and she smiled deviously.

“Come here, darling. Lay down for me.” she instructed him as she got up.

Brian did as she asked, wondering what his fiancee was up to now. He was flat on his back with his head on the pillow. Laysun sat next to him, and took his hard shaft in her mouth once more, but only sucked on his member for a few seconds. She then lifted one leg over his body, and straddled him. Brian could hardly believe he was about to enter this gorgeous Russian beauty. She grabbed his shaft, and positioned the head just at her opening, then lowered herself onto him.

Laysun cried out with a great moan of lust, and Brian felt her tight walls grasping all around his shaft. His fiancee took his entire length, and lightly dug her nails into his chest. Brian didn’t know how it could be possible, but his cock must have been bigger than anything else his fiancee had taken before, the way she was reacting to it. Her hips didn’t move at all for a couple seconds while her opening stretched.

Brian reached up, and grabbed her breasts while she got used to his size, and massaged them tenderly. He hadn’t gotten the pleasure of touching them yet, and enjoyed how they felt in his hands. Laysun, also, seemed to adore the way he groped them, biting her lip lustfully as he squeezed and massaged them. His fiancee was becoming even more excited by his affections, and started slowly moving her hips against his waist. She gyrated her body against him, and her breathing increased, and strengthened.

She felt amazing wrapped around his cock, and he hungered for more. He lowered his hands onto her thighs, and held her as she rode him faster and faster.

“You like, baby?” she asked him erotically.

Brian nodded, “Oh yeah.”

“You want to cum for me, baby?” she asked, rocking her hips faster for him.

“Yes.” he replied, his voice strained as he was finding it hard speak anymore. She had him under her spell, and she could have asked anything of Brian at that moment. And he would have given it to her if it meant she wouldn’t stop.

Laysun rocked her hips harder, to the point of human limitation, and her moans became louder and quicker. Brian could feel her hungry opening heating up again, and more of her juices coated his prick. His fiancee cried out again, and a hot rush of her honey filled her womanhood as she orgasmed onto him again. Her walls clenched him hard, and pushed him over the edge. Brian couldn’t resist gripping her thighs as his body tensed up, and he released a huge load of cum into her.

His orgasm was probably stronger than any other he’d experienced in his life, and with the way Laysun caved on top of him, breathing heavily, and shaking, it was probably the biggest she’d experienced as well. Brian wrapped his arms over her back, and held her. She tilted her head up and looked him. Her eyes communicated she was very satisfied with how he made love to her. They both smiled, and kissed passionately as they embraced.

“Mmmm…. Would you like more?” she purred.

Brian’s eyes widened in surprise. She really was insatiable, “Maybe we should get something to eat first?” he suggested.

“Da, that sounds good, darling.” she said giggling.

“I love the way you call me ‘darling’.” he admitted to her.

She placed her finger on his lower lip, “Then I will always call you ‘darling’.”

Brian’s smiled widened, thinking he may very well have found his perfect woman. And was even more surprised by the means of meeting her. He didn’t know if this was simple chance, or providence. But he had no plans to send her back to Russia, ever. He couldn’t wait to introduce this perfect beauty to his best friend, and rub his face in it.


Thanks for reading! Check the Erotic Bites section for more stories like this one. Check back next week for a new one!

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