Dual Attraction

This week’s Erotic Bite is a bit different than the stories I usually write. James and Lori are looking for a third person to bring into the bedroom, so they go to their favorite nightclub to find someone they like. They become very comfortable with a good-looking guy named Luke, so they bring him home. Soon, James realizes his wife isn’t the only one he’s attracted to. Enjoy!

There’s a moment when you wake up, where you’re right between experiencing a good dream, and when you realize your eyes are just closed. You don’t know which sensations are real, and which are just left over from your dreaming. James wasn’t sure what this sensation he was feeling came from. He was feeling really good, almost euphoric, like floating in his bed. However, he seemed to be feeling little jolts coming from his groin.

As he continued to feel this strange sensation, he was being brought more and more fully into consciousness. The more he woke up, the more he realized something was actually happening to him. Still rather groggy, he realized he was on his back. He almost always sleeps on his side, and rolls onto his back only after he wakes up. He collected his thoughts, shook the sleep away from his mind, and opened his eyes.

His vision was still a bit blurry, but got clearer as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He looked down and saw a large bulge under the blanket, right over his waist. The bulge was also moving up and down, raising and lowering. James realized what was going on, and moved the blanket off of him. He looked down, and saw the beautiful raven-haired woman who was his wife, Lori.

She’d been hiding under his blanket, and it seemed she had pushed him onto his back, and pulled his boxers down without waking him up. Normally, Lori went to bed wearing a loose tee and panties, but wasn’t wearing anything at all at that moment. Under her raven hair, James could still tell the sensation he was feeling was Lori giving him a blowjob while he slept. As soon as the blanket came off her head, she looked up at him with forest green eyes, which James adored about her, and she smiled up at him.

She giggled at his sleep-addled face, and slowly stroked his already hardened prick, “Good morning, handsome.”

James smiled back at her, surprised by her candor, “Good morning. What’s this about?” he asked meagerly. Lori didn’t answer him, she simply slipped her mouth back over the head of his shaft, and continued to send waves of pleasure through him. Morning sex wasn’t irregular in their relationship, but getting started before James was awake was certainly new for him. He stretched his arms over his head, and started to enjoy his wife’s affections. For James, it was the perfect way to start off the weekend.

Lori continued to suck on the tip as she stroked his shaft with her hand. James laid his head back, and closed his eyes once more. His breathing changed, and he reached down to hold a chunk of her hair between his fingers. She made a tiny moan, as she does when she enjoys having his prick in her mouth. Her head began to bob in his lap, more and more, slowly picking up speed.

This continued for another minute, with James, all the while, wondering what had gotten her so excited. Without warning, or any need for the usual foreplay, Lori began to mount his waist. He had a great view of her size D breasts in his face, and grabbed them with both hands. Her wonderful breasts were always more than a handful, but James considered himself a very lucky man to have a wife with a body like her’s. She leaned down to kiss him, her breasts pressing into his chest.

Lori reached down between them, and grabbed his shaft, positioning it along her slit. She rubbed the tip of his head up and down her moist lips, and held it right at her opening. With one movement, she slid down and back, and took his whole prick inside her. She let out a groan of desire, sounding almost desperate to have her husband’s dick inside her. It seemed she was already more than wet enough to completely lube his dick as he slid it in.

James placed his hands on her hips as she sat straight up again, and expertly rocked her hips back and forth, letting her walls clamp and slide all over his shaft. Her breathing picked up, and her exhales became more audible. She placed her hands on James’, and moved them up her athletic body, placing them directly on her breasts again. If she wanted James to massage her breasts more, he was only too happy to oblige. He groped them, cupping and lifting them, pushing them together, and squeezing them in his hands.

Loris breaths turned into moans, the grinding of her hips on his pelvis soon became gyrating and bouncing on him. James could feel the walls of her womanhood becoming tighter around his length. Her body was begging for an orgasm, and James wasn’t sure how long he would last at this rate. His wife had always been a sexual creature, and there were days like this which made her seem insatiable. He held himself back as best he could, to give his wife as much as she needed to have her satisfaction.

Her moans were becoming louder, and James felt her cunt get hot, and a clamping feeling all around his shaft. She was climaxing, and yet, she didn’t stop riding him like a beast in heat. James could feel his rod becoming stiffer, and his pleasure reaching a crest. Seeing his wife in ecstasy, crying out in the midst of her orgasm, and still riding, it was an overload of sexual energy. James’ whole body stiffened, and his hands gripped her breasts tightly, and he released a hot load of his spunk into his wife’s cunt.

Upon seeing this, James’ wife slowed herself down, and returned to the pace of a gentle grinding. She observed her husband’s face, giggling in arousal and satisfaction at having made him cum this early in his day. James was still trying to come down from the high of his orgasm when his wife stopped moving on him, and climbed off of him. As she raised her leg up and let his softening prick slide out of her, there was a tiny droplet of white spunk that dripped out from her opening. Lori laid next to James, looking happy and satisfied, and put her arm over his chest.

James was still catching his breath while his wife lightly snuggled him. After a few minutes, James was feeling fully awake, and he and his wife got up to start their day. Lori was the first to reach the kitchen, and prepared a pot of coffee while wearing only a button-up shirt with a pair of panties. She always loved to show off to her husband, and James loved to look at her. He went to the bathroom to relieve himself, and look at himself in the mirror. He was a good-looking man in his 30s, and a messy head of short, brown hair that matched his eyes.

Once he was done, the coffee was brewing, and Lori leaned against the counter, waiting for it. James stood in front of her and held her waist as he kissed her.

“So what was that all about this morning?” he asked her.

“I just had a really good dream last night.” she replied, a glint of desire still remaining in her face. She bit her lip before she kissed him again.

“And what was this dream? Hot sex from your’s truly?” He giggled teasingly.

“Kinda,” she admitted, “And maybe there was someone else there as well…” she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him again, the memory was clearly still fresh in her mind.

“I see,” he started with a sort of coy smile on his face, “So, one of your girlfriends were there too?” he kissed her neck as he prodded her with the question.

Lori hesitated, not answering him at first. James could see on her face that she was blushing. He couldn’t understand why, since his wife had invited other women into the bedroom with them on more than one occasion. It was another thing James loved about his wife, was her open mindset when it came to their sexuality as a couple. Was there something different about this occasion?

“It was another man. I had a dream about having sex with two men for the first time. It was so hot, I just woke up feeling incredibly horny.” she told him.

James was surprised to hear about the dream. Having another women in the bedroom was one thing, but another man had never been brought up before. It was inevitable, after all, for her interests to shift from adding women to adding men.

“Oh.” he responded.

“Well, we’ve never even thought about it before. I know it’s a bit weird for you, but…”

“It’s fine, hun. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just a new thing, that’s all.” James wanted to make sure he was supportive, and not immediately dismiss this new desire his wife may have. Besides, it wasn’t as if he was supposed to have sex with the extra man as well, even if his wife preferred to have her fun with the women they brought in as well. It would be unfair to not let her have two guys all the attention, especially since she often allowed him the pleasure of having sex with other women too. The coffee machine interrupted their thoughts as it beeped, letting them know the coffee was ready.

They both poured themselves a cup of coffee, and proceeded to enjoy their morning the way they normally did each weekend. Though in their thirties, they had decided not to have any children, and just live as they saw fit, without any expectations. Many of their friends had gone the route of having children immediately after marriage, which led to a disconnect between James, Lori, and their friends. Their interests were simply too different now, and no longer had any reasons to continue talking. They were happy, however, with how they chose to move on with their lives.

With no other obligations, they were free to focus on their own personal goals, and on each other. They found new friends in other circles, as well, and new hobbies that were just as diverse. They found new places to hang out with like-minded individuals, and after a while, they became very good friends with the ladies who frequented the place. In some ways, the lifestyle club they discovered a few years ago had made their life more fulfilling.

James sat down on the couch, and watched the news while sipping his coffee. He mulled over the idea for a while, not saying anything about it, and weighing the pros and cons in his own mind. There were a lot of things to consider from a male point of view, such as the anxiety that would come along with it. Would this guy be bigger than him? Or perhaps just thicker, or satisfy his wife better, or last alot longer than him? It had never been an issue when Lori brought home a new woman to join them, as they would both get to have their fun with her. This time, however, they were inviting a stranger for the sole purpose of his wife’s pleasure.

All of these thoughts weighed heavily on his mind the whole morning. By the time Lori had prepared some sandwiches for lunch, James had made a decision on what he wanted to do. He was confident his wife wouldn’t just up and leave him if the other man is better in any aspect. He also imagined how it may look to see another man taking his wife, and strangely, it turned him on a little.

“Hey, honey?” he said suddenly.

Lori raised her head, pulling her attention away from a magazine she had been reading, “Yeah?”

“That thing we talked about earlier? About another guy?” he began.

Lori looked almost regretful, “It’s ok, hun. I’m not gonna be heart-broken if you don’t wanna do it. It was just a dream, that’s all.”

“I think we should do it.” James declared.

Lori was taken aback, not expecting that to be his reaction. She probably thought the possibility was too extreme for her husband to consider. A smile then crossed her face, and a glint of arousal and excitement could be seen in her expression.

“You’re sure? You’re comfortable with it?” she asked, still slightly in disbelief.

James nodded and gave a reassuring smile, “Yeah, so if you want, we can go to NYX’s, and see if we can find a guy we both like.”

Lori nearly leapt out of her seat and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him deeply. For a moment, James thought his wife would want to take him again right then on the couch. Instead, she got up and excitedly made her way to the bedroom, likely looking for a dress to wear to the club. The lifestyle club was open only on the weekends, and the couple made an appearance there every other week or so. They always had a lot of fun when they went, and Lori loved to dance to their music.


Later that night, the two of them had gotten dressed up for their night at NYX, and had pulled into the parking lot just outside the club. Lori stepped out first, wearing one of her brilliant black dancing dresses, with reflective scales decorating the hips. Her short heels matched, of course, and with her styled, raven hair, you would almost think she was a goddess of the night yourself. James had a look that was complementary to his wife, with a white, button-up shirt and black slacks. His blazer was a charcoal black that went well with his ensemble, making him a perfect consort for his companion.

Lori held his arm as they made their way for the door. After James paid for their entry fee at the door, the two of them were allowed to enter the dance floor. It was a very well-designed interior, and the whole place had the feeling of elegance and great entertainment. The building was already full of people dancing in small groups, and couples grinding on each other to the music. The two of them made their way to the bar first. They always prefered to have at least one drink before they began dancing, and it was the best place to meet other individuals there.

James preferred a stronger, mixed drink, while his wife ordered a drink that had more juice than alcohol in it. He looked to his wife, who seemed as if she was excited all night. She definitely wanted to find a good-looking guy relatively soon, to make her dream a reality.

“Do you mind if I go dance by myself? I might get more guys to approach me that way.” she reasoned, trying to speak above the music.

With a smile, James nodded to her approvingly, setting her loose upon the crowd. As she entered the mess of people on the dance floor, she began to sway her hips to the beat of the music, and raised her arms in the air. You’d have to be mad to see her, and not try to get closer to her. But she was a big girl, and James was certain she would be ok in crowd. He returned to his drink, and observed the people around him, who were also having their drinks and talking amongst themselves.

Many of the people who frequented the club were female or couples. It wasn’t often that you found men there by themselves as the club was somewhat exclusive. It seemed the proprietors wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be full of ‘bros’ who would come in just to look for a quick hook-up. However, the men who did arrive by themselves seemed to be rather gentlemanly, and seemed the least likely to cause a scene. With any luck, they could find one such gentleman.

Assuming that Lori would be the one to find a suitable man to join them that night, James barely noticed when a man stood next to him at the bar, resting his arms on it.

“That looks pretty good. What kind of drink is that?” the man asked him leaning somewhat close for James to hear him.

Surprised by him, he looked at the man who approached him. His skin was nicely tanned, his hair was dark, short, and stylishly spiked. He wore a nice, blue plaid dress shirt and blue slacks, and he had a well-trimmed kind of scruff on his face. He was a fairly good-looking guy, whom James assumed was here with a girlfriend. James looked down at the glass of his light, golden drink, then back at the man.

“It’s whiskey and lemon-lime soda. It’s pretty good.” he told the man.

“I think I’ll try it.” the stranger replied. He hailed the bartender, and asked for a glass of the same thing James was having.

“I’m Luke, by the way.” the stranger told him, extending a hand to him. James took the handshake.

“James.” he replied.

“Nice to meet ya! Can I call you ‘Jim’?” Luke joked. The two of them chuckled. James couldn’t help but get a good vibe from Luke. He seemed to be a very likeable person. The bartender placed a filled drink in front of Luke, and he quickly dropped a few bills to pay for it.

“So, are you having a good time tonight?” Luke asked him. He picked up his drink, taking a sip of it.

James nodded, “Yeah, just got in not long ago. You?”

“I always have a good time here.” Luke replied reassuringly.

James turned towards him and leaned his elbow on the bar, “So, are you here with someone, then?”

Luke took another sip of his drink, “Not tonight, no. You?”

“I’m here with my wife. She’s over there, dancing with the black dress on.” he said, pointing out his wife dancing with a small group of women. James smiled, seeing his wife still working her charm on the other ladies, rather than trying to find a guy to take home. It occurred to him that he was currently talking to a guy who might make a good candidate. After all, James felt comfortable around him already, and they seemed to have an immediate connection. He looked back at Luke who was observing Lori along with him.

“You’re a lucky man.” Luke said, watching Lori.

Realizing he might be in luck, James decided to see if he could give him a small ‘interview’, and perhaps invite him to come back with them.

“Yeah, she looks good, huh?” James asked him.

“She does, and I love that dress on her. But then again, you both dress pretty well.”

“Oh,” James replied, not expecting the compliment, “Thank you.” he said, smiling. James took another sip of his drink before continuing. “Well, we often come here to have fun, and my wife will occasionally make a new girlfriend she brings home for some fun.”

Luke looked at him, his eyes widening, “Damn! You are one seriously lucky guy!” he was clearly impressed, “And you have threesomes with these women?”

James nodded in response, “You just gotta play your cards right, and find a woman who’s not afraid to get pretty freaky.”

Luke laughed, then took another drink, “I’ve always wanted to try something like that, getting to join in with a man and woman.” there was a small tone of disappointment in his voice, which made James think he’d tried before with no luck.

“Like with a couple?” James asked.

Luke looked at him somewhat nervously now, like he’d let something slip, “Not exactly. See, I’m– I’m actually bi.” he let out.

James eyes widened slightly. He certainly wasn’t expecting that, but that information made something else apparent to James. “You were trying to put the moves on me just now, weren’t you?”

Luke tilted his head down a bit, and chuckled nervously. James laughed and patted him on the back. Perhaps this guy was exactly what James needed in terms of who to bring home with them. “It’s ok, man! I’m not mad. In fact, I’m buying the next round!”

The two of them finished off what was in their glasses, and James called the bartender for another round. Lori also came back to refresh her drink when she saw her husband talking to another man, so she became interested.

“Hey, babe.” she kissed him as she reached the bar, “Are you making new friends?”

“This is Luke,” he said, placing an arm over his shoulder, “And he’s here alone tonight. So, I’m keeping him company.” James sent a wink to his wife.

Picking up his cue, Lori got the idea, ands smiled at him, “Nice to meet you, Luke!”

After receiving their next round, they decided to get a table, and spend some time talking, and getting to know each other. They made jokes, laughed, told entertaining stories, and enjoyed their drinks. After an hour of good times, Lori signaled to her husband that perhaps it was time to make him the offer.

“So, buddy, I gotta ask you something. Earlier when you were talking about how you wanted to be invited into a couple for some fun?”

Luke nodded.

“Well, maybe we can help you with that. My wife and I feel really good about you. So, if you want, you’re welcome to join us tonight.

Luke’s mouth was agape, speechless and amazed.

“A-And you’re ok with this?” he said, finally, looking at Lori.

“It was actually her idea.” James told him.

Luke looked down, his eyes making small quick movements, considering their offer. He raised his eyebrows, finished his drink in a large swig, and set the glass down, “Ok, I’m in.”

“Really?” Lori replied, her face starting to beam.

“Yeah, you guys seem really cool. And you’re both really gorgeous and sexy.”

James and Lori both chuckled a little from the compliment. James really liked how charming their new friend was.

“Well, we’re ready to get this going whenever you are.” James spoke.

Luke finished his drink, and started getting up from the table. James and Lori did the same, leaving a tip in the bartender’s jar on their way out of the club. As they were all pretty inebriated, they decided to grab a taxi to get home. All of them climbed into the back seat of the cab, with Lori in the middle. They were fairly silent during the trip back, but Lori took the opportunity to tease the guys.

Each of her hands found their way into James and Luke’s laps, moving over the fabric of their pants onto their groins. It was almost impossible for either of them not to get hard to her touch. Luke seemed to be getting especially excited, having one of his fantasies playing out. Lori seemed to be having fun teasing their new friend. James was more worried about whether or not the driver was aware of what was going on in his back seat, or if he even cared.

His wife took things a step further, and slipped her hand past the waist of his trousers, feeling up his manhood. Luke’s face was starting to turn red, and it was getting harder for him to keep his composure while he was being handled like this. She was still just sliding her hand up and down the bulge in James’ pants when she suddenly gripped and squeezed it. She exhaled deeply and leaned close to James’ ear.

“He’s as big as you are, babe.” she whispered excitedly.

James seemed to have some reservations about this idea at first, but he had to admit, it was fun to see how much fun his wife was having. She probably would have teased them a lot more, but they were arriving in front of their home. James paid the driver, and the three of them got inside excitedly. James closed the door behind them, and saw that his wife was already starting to take of Luke’s blue plaid shirt. It seemed the party was starting now.

James slipped out of his blazer while watching his wife kissing Luke, and pulling his shirt off his body. He stood in the doorway of the bedroom, watching them, waiting for the right moment to join in. He figured it would help Luke feel more comfortable if Lori had some one-on-one time with him first. Luke looked over towards him, watching him as well. His eyes seemed to be drawing James in, asking for him.

James couldn’t explain it, but there was a kind of appeal in his eyes. Something about Luke, his upper body exposed, and his wife now working on taking off his pants, it made him seem rather attractive. James felt himself wanting to expose himself as well, and began removing his shirt. Lori had begun unzipping her dress, and slipping it off her body. She pushed Luke onto the bed, and removed his bottoms in one pull, leaving Luke nude on their bed. James saw his manhood for the first time, and his wife seemed to be correct about his size.

Lori had slipped out of her dress, as well as her underwear, and crawled into the bed with him. She looked back at her husband, and blushed as she smiled, excited and nervous to have her first threesome with two men. James began removing his pants, not wanting to be the only one left who wasn’t nude. His wife, already very aroused and eager, laid on her side, and took Luke’s hard shaft into her mouth, slowly sucking on him.

Seeing her work her mouth on Luke made James a little jealous, but also feeling very turned on. He approached them, and placed his hand on her thigh, sliding it up her leg. Lori responded to his touch by opening her legs to him. Her womanly folds were already swelling in excitement, and almost seemed to beg for attention. Lori didn’t stop moving her head up and down Luke’s rod, but seemed to be signaling her husband to give her the same treatment. Eat my pussy while I blow him, she seemed to be telling him.

He obliged for his wife, and held her thighs as his face came between her legs. His tongue slipped into her opening, and he could taste her honey. He ran his tongue up and down her folds, giving her pleasure while their new friend occupied her mouth. He looked up towards his wife’s face, and heard her gently moan in enjoyment. Just past her head, he saw Luke, looking right at him, and seemed to enjoy watching him eat his wife’s cunt.

James was starting to feel like he wanted to make an impression on his dark-haired friend. As their eyes were locked to each other, James ran his tongue a bit more enthusiastically. His tongue traced circles around his wife’s tiny nub, and slipping it inside her to taste more of her honey. He used his thumbs to spread her opening wider, and worked his tongue harder. His wife began to move her hips against his mouth, and moaned more audibly, enjoying how much attention he gave her.

Lori stopped blowing Luke, suddenly, and pulled herself away from her husband’s affections. She was breathing heavily, looking at James with astonishment, “What the hell was that, baby?”

James looked at his wife confused.

“You’ve never eaten me out like that before! A few seconds longer and I was going to cum!”

James chuckled nervously, wiping his mouth. He didn’t realize he was putting in so much effort. He wasn’t sure why he was working that hard, however. Was it Luke making me excited? He thought to himself. There was certainly an effect he had over him, and it made him feel things he hadn’t felt before. One of which was this strange idea that he found Luke’s nude body very attractive. James never felt that way about a naked man before, but Luke was, somehow, different.

Lori took a few breaths, and recovered from almost reaching climax so quickly. She did always like to have some foreplay before letting herself orgasm. She turned towards James, and got on her hands and knees, pulling her husband towards her. James stood right at the edge of the bed, while his wife took his hard prick in her mouth now. He stood there, enjoying his wife’s mouth, feeling her lips moving over his shaft, and her tongue teasing his head. James grabbed some of her hair, just the way she liked it when she gave him oral.

Lori swayed her buttocks back and forth in Luke’s direction, letting him know she wanted him to fuck her. Luke quickly stood on his knees, and approached Lori from behind. He wasted no time in pushing his cock inside her waiting pussy. Lori moaned loudly, making her husband’s prick vibrate in her mouth. She bobbed her head, sucking him harder and more excitedly. As Luke started to thrust into her from behind, she reached under herself, and began rubbing her vulva. Her new fantasy of being taken by two men was being fulfilled for the first time, and she could barely contain herself.

James watched his new friend, curiously. Although he seemed to be having fun, thrusting into her snatch more and more, his eyes seemed to be focused on James. Namely, he watched as Lori had her mouth on his shaft. Luke was licking his lips as he watched her, and James was reminded of the fact that he said he was bisexual. In the excitement, James wondered if Luke wanted to put James’ prick in his mouth as well, and found himself wondering what that may be like.

His attention was brought back to his wife when her moans became louder. She was already close to climax, and Luke was taking her right over the edge. Luke hips were smacking her butt as his thrusts were getting harder and harder. Lori pulled her mouth away from her husband’s dick, and she let out a high-pitched moan of sheer lust. Lori collapsed on her side, out of breath and her senses overpowered.

James was happy that his wife was feeling so satisfied, but it seemed to be over a bit too quickly. James and Luke stood there, watching her, and looking at each other. James was feeling flush, and had to admit it was becoming more and more difficult to question how he felt when he saw Luke, the way he would look at James, how fit his body was, how well he seemed to know how to please his wife. It all made him much more curious to know him on a much more intimate level.

Luke must have sensed this, and crawled closer to him. He stopped in front of him, his face just inches from James still-erect phallus, and looked up at him. His eyes said he wanted to make James feel good too, if he would allow him too. Lori looked up and watched them, her eyes widened as she realized what she was seeing. James couldn’t help this attraction he had for this man, and slowly placed his hand on the back of Luke’s neck. Though he wrestled with the idea, and his own sexual identity, he didn’t stop Luke from opening his mouth, and taking James hardened member into his mouth.

James had a hard time coming to terms with what was happening right then. Another man was now pleasuring his prick with his mouth, and he was enjoying it. He felt throbs of pleasure fill his shaft as he did, and ran his fingers through Luke’s dark hair. Luke placed a hand on James’ chest, feeling his skin. James placed his hand on his wrist, breathing heavily in pleasure. He turned to look at his wife, and saw her watching the two of them intently. Her legs were spread again, and she breathed heavily as she furiously began fingering herself.

James couldn’t hold back anymore. The excitement of his new partner making him feel this good brought him to his limit quickly, and he cursed as he began to cum for Luke. After the first spurt of his hot spunk, Luke released the head of his dick, and kept his mouth open, his tongue out, and let James release the rest of his load onto his tongue. Once he was finished, Luke withdrew his tongue, and swallowed the small puddle of seminal fluid resting on it. Lori stopped pleasuring herself, and took Luke by the cheek with her hands, and passionately kissed him, her tongue invading his, and the two of them both enjoyed the taste of him.

James was feeling very conflicted, but also, he very good, like he had discovered a new side of himself. He wasn’t sure what to do next, but that same side of him was telling him he wanted more. Luke whispered something into Lori’s ear, and she nodded with a smile. She rolled over, and opened the nightstand drawer, retrieving something from inside. Meanwhile, Luke led James onto the bed, and without warning, he kissed James. James was astounded at first, but didn’t immediately pull away. Luke’s lips felt warm, his tongue seemed gentle, and his scent was surprisingly comforting.

As they broke the kiss, Luke moved and positioned himself behind James. Lori then took his place, right in front of James, and kissed him even more passionately. She reached past James, and seemed to be doing something to Luke. Stroking his dick, perhaps? Then she grabbed James’ hand, and brought it to her hot, lusting cunt. She wanted him to finger her, badly, so James obliged.

With his attention drawn towards his wife, her moans against his lips, and her pussy aching for him, he barely noticed he was being bent forward by Lori. James felt Luke’s hand on his hip, and something happening behind him. He felt some pressure, and a wave of euphoric ecstasy overcome him. His head shot up, and broke his kiss from his wife, realizing his bisexual friend had just penetrated his anus. His whole body tensed up in reaction.

“Baby, look at me.” Lori whispered to him. She held his face with both hands, and kept his eyes on her, “Just relax, hun. Let yourself go, and it’ll feel good, ok?” she tried to be reassuring.

James was still alarmed, but after a few seconds, he kept his eyes on his wife, and let himself start to relax. He trusted his wife, and also wanted to make Luke happy. Once he took a few breaths, and his anus loosened, Luke began to move his hips again, but slowly. Each movement felt oddly good, and seemed to ease right in. It was at that moment that James realized his wife was applying lubricant to Luke’s cock when she reached past him a few minutes before.

She kissed him again, and grunted in pleasure as Luke pushed into him again. He hit something inside James that sent a big jolt of pleasure through him. Luke moved more and more, slowly picking up speed until his movement was steady, and appropriate for James’ first time. James’ dick was getting hard again, to his surprise. Another surprise was when he felt a hand take hold of his shaft, and begin stroking it. It wasn’t his wife, but instead, Luke was the one who reached around to stroke him.

James was beginning to get used to this new feeling, and even started to enjoy it. He slid his fingers into his wife’s cunt again, moving them faster this time. His wife started moaning, and rocking her hips against his hand. A devious smile crossed her face, and she slid down the bed, her legs spread out wide to either side of the two men. She wrapped her arms around her husband’s neck, and slowly pulled him down further, bringing his body down onto her’s.

Luke seemed to know what she was planning, and followed her lead. He slowed his thrusts into James, and manipulated his prick so it rubbed up and down his wife’s opening. Lori took it from there, and guided the head of her husband’s shaft right in line to enter her. With a push of his hips, Luke pushed James’ hips down, and James entered his wife. Lori and James both let out a loud moan. James was now experiencing the best of both kinds, and total sensory overload.

Keeping himself supported with his arms, James kissed his wife lustfully as he started to move now. He pushed his hips so his fully hardened dick thrusted into his wife, then back up to let Luke further inside his anus. Every thrust repeated this process, and James was beginning to see yellow stars flaring in front of his eyes, feeling a pleasure he never thought was possible. All of them moaning as one, the room was brimming with sexual energy.

James was quickly losing his mind. His orgasm was coming back again, and he could feel it was going to be a big one. His wife’s breasts pressed into his chest, while Luke’s toned abs held firm against his back. James groaned deeply and loudly as a heavy wave rushed over him, his eyes only seeing white, and his dick throbbed hard as he came. Lori had wrapped her legs around the both of them, and clenched them hard as a heat rushed past her husband’s dick, and erupted from her cunt. As if on cue, Luke pulled out of James’ anus, and stroked himself quickly, releasing his spunk onto James’ lower back.

For the next few minute, nobody was moving, and all of them could only breathe. Eventually, They managed to get off of each other, and collapsed on the bed like ragdolls. James took some time to reflect on what had just transpired, and was amazed to discover this side of himself. A side that also found attraction in Luke, a desire to experience intimacy with him, and ultimately, to have him as a lover.

After some time had passed, they finally decided to get dressed, and share another drink before the night ended. James told Luke he was welcome to stay the night, but his handsome, new friend from the club insisted on heading home. The bid their goodbyes, and Luke left. They had his phone number in case they ever wanted to invite him back again. After their guest was gone, James confronted his wife about something he was suspecting.

“Tell me honestly. When you had your dream last night, it played out the same way, didn’t it?”

Lori simply smiled, and blushed.


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