Revenge is best served three-ways

This week’s Erotic Bite tells the story of a woman with a sister who constantly sets her up with bad guys. She discovers an opportunity to get back at her sister, once and for all, and then some. Enjoy!

A yellow taxi stops in front of a cheap, little apartment building. A long row of fair-looking houses sit on the opposite side of the street. Each one was closed off by it’s own wire fence, and all lit by yellow street lights. The taxi door opens, and a petite, young woman steps out in a violet and blue, patterned sundress. Her brown hair was styled, and it was clear she had spent a good amount of time on her make-up.

As Bethany exited, a young man who was barely dressed to go out exited from the taxi door on the other side, and called out to the young woman.

“Aren’t you going to ask me to come in?”

“Not likely.” the young woman replied, not looking back. She only kept walking towards her apartment door. Part of her had been hoping tonight’s date would go much better, but she was beginning to realize the local men were all single for a reason. As she unlocked her door, she heard the taxi drive off. The guy probably thought she might change her mind before she got to the door, as if her need for sex would overpower how bad the date was.

Bethany closed the door behind her, and let out a long exhale. She cursed her sister, Carrie, for always setting her up on blind dates with losers like him. Every guy she’d dated in the last couple months seemed like they might be nice guys, but had some major flaws. There had been one that worked as a grocery bagger who complained his job was too hard, then the guy who was texting his ex the whole dinner. Then there was this guy who still lived with his parents.

Bethany knew her sister only had the best intentions for her, but jeez. At the very least, she thought Carrie could at least try to find out a bit more about these guys before setting them up. Bethany kicked off her heels, and grabbed a cold beer from the refrigerator. She took a long swig from her drink before deciding to collapse on her couch, and take some time to just decompress. Her apartment was rather small, and modest, but perfect for a single woman who worked in a clothing store at a local shopping center.

She had aspirations of greater things in the past, but it didn’t work out the way she’d hoped. She thought she could have been further up the corporate ladder after a few years, but still found herself as a sales associate who spends a lot of her time folding clothes. She even had a boyfriend in high school she was really hoping to spend her life with, but he broke up with her shortly before graduation. Still, she thought about him a lot, especially on days like this.

After chugging her beer, she tossed it like a basketball into a small trash can a few feet away. There was only one sure-fire way to relax and unwind after spending a couple hours listening to some loser explain his plans for the future, yet made no real preparations for. Bethany got in her bedroom, closed the blinds, and got undressed as she turned on her dvd player. The film that began playing was the same one she’d been watching every other night for a while now. She laid in her bed, completely nude, her medium-sized chest freed from her cheap bra, and watched a slender woman on the tv screen getting grabbed by a nude man with tattoos.

The video was one of Bethany’s favorite pornos, and featured dominant men getting rough with women who enjoyed that kind of treatment. She immediately began rubbing and groping her own chest as the video played, while her slender legs slid up and down her sheets in desire. She bit her lip as she stared at the tattooed man’s ripped body, and for a moment, she tasted a bit of the lipstick she was wearing that night. Bethany loved guys with tattoos, they always drove her crazy. Her ex-boyfriend, Nathan, got a bunch of tattoos shortly after they got out of high school, and she found it hard not to be attracted to him anymore.

The man on the screen had now gotten the slender woman on her knees, and brought his erect member to her lips. The slender woman eagerly took it into her mouth, and began sucking on him, clearly not afraid to take a good length in. Bethany couldn’t help but fantasize about taking Nathan’s cock in her own mouth as she watched the video. Since she couldn’t have Nathan, she had to settle for the next best thing, which was stowed away in a drawer in her nightstand. She opened the door and reached in, retrieving a sizeable, green dildo.

She’d bought it on a dare a couple years ago, and found herself using it more often than she cared to admit. It had a twistable knob on the back end to turn on the vibration function, which she only ever used on it’s lowest setting. Bethany wrapped her lips around the end of her toy, and sucked on it. She enjoyed putting something phallic in her mouth. It gave her the sensation of knowing she was driving a man wild with lust for her, and made her feel empowered to control how badly someone wanted her.

She took more of the green, fleshy latex in her mouth, a small moan of excitement emerging from the back of her throat as she pinched her nipple. She held the phallic toy in place, and bobbed her head forward and back, trying to recreate the sensation of working a man’s cock in her mouth. Her legs slid along the bed, and parted on their own, impulsively. She could already feel her womanhood warming up, and tingling in anticipation. But she couldn’t let herself give in to temptation quite yet.

She pulled her little, green toy from her mouth, and saw it glisten with her saliva. Spreading her legs further apart, she turned the small, black knob on the bottom, and heard the hum of the toy vibrate to life. Bethany quivered in excitement, and tilted her head back slightly as she brought the head of the vibrating phallus to her small hood. Jolts of pleasure shot through her body the moment it made contact, and another small moan escaped her lips. She loved to tease herself as she watched porn.

The tattooed man on the video began fingering his slender lover, his hand moving in and out of her with a rapid and ravenous rhythm. Bethany’s breathing picked up as her pleasure increased, and the head of her toy moved up and down her labia. A strong shock of bliss shot through her every time it came in contact with her little nub. She could feel the toy beginning to glide over her opening as her honey began to coat it. It was getting harder and harder to hold back, she wanted to bring herself to release.

The tattooed man brought his stiff cock to the slender woman’s opening, shoving it inside her, and Bethany heard the woman let out a moan of pure ecstasy. Bethany could hold it no longer, she needed to feel the same sensation. She held her toy in line with her opening, and pushed the green member deep into her cunt. The walls of her womanhood already began clenching it in desire. She let out a long moan as she immediately started moving it in and out of her opening.

She’d been wanting this all day, she wanted someone who was man enough to take her like the tattooed man in the video. To grab her and take her, make her submit herself to his pleasures. She doubted any of the guys she’d gone on blind dates with would even last a minute with her, or even try to take control. She tried to get a guy like that, but only ever had one guy who could take charge the way she wanted. She lost that guy back in high school to a total skank.

Thinking about it drove her into a jealous frenzy that made her want it rougher. She pumped the toy into her even more rapidly, and pinched her nipple with her free hand. She started moaning more as she did, and for a moment, worried the neighbor in the next apartment might hear her. Bethany looked up at the video, and saw the tattooed man pinning the slender woman’s legs down as they sat spread wide open for him. The man was driving his cock into her cunt like a jackhammer.

Bethany worked her toy into her pussy even more, she used her other hand to grab the back of her knee, and pull it closer to her chest. She started to feel her sex building to a climax, and persisted with the rough treatment. Her vaginal walls started to tighten around the toy, and she could feel a hot rush building inside her. Her neck began to crane, and her mouth opened up in a silent scream as she felt herself orgasm. The hot rush pushed through her, and she had to pull out her toy as a splash of hot, orgasmic fluid shot out of her opening.

She kept rubbing her fingers into her hot button, trying to ride out her climax, her legs lifting her pelvis above the bed. Finally, she could take no more, and let her body go limp and rest. She breathed heavily as she tried to recover. The air in her room was heavy with the scent of sex, the thin layer of sweat on her body, and the trace of perfume she’d been wearing that night. Bethany managed to open her eyes, and still see the video playing with the tattooed man still plowing into the girl. Not wanting to just let it keep running, she grabbed the remote off her nightstand, and turned it off.

Though she was feeling satisfied, there was always the disappointment of not having a someone who could make her feel this way. It just wasn’t the same doing it alone, no matter how hot the porn was, or how good her dildo was. Her thoughts came back to her ex, Nathan, and how he could have easily given her that kind of satisfaction. If he hadn’t left Bethany, she could have been enjoying him right now. Instead, Nathan was now married, and to Bethany’s sister, Carrie, of all people.


The next night, Bethany was just getting off work, and checked her phone as she was getting into her car. She had a missed call from her sister, Carrie, and let out an exasperated sigh. Every time Carrie set her up on a blind date, she would call the next day to find out how it went. Sometimes, Bethany wondered if Carrie set her up on dates like this on purpose, just to salt the wound of stealing Nathan from her. Bethany figured she may as well rip off the band-aid, and call her sister back.

“Hello?” called the voice on the other end of the line.

“Hey, girl. It’s me.” Bethany replied.

“Oh, hi!” she began, sounding elated, “So, how did things go with Tony last night?”

“Ugh, I needed a long shower after that train wreck.”

“Really?” her sister’s voice almost seemed genuinely confused, “I was sure he would have been a good match for you. He’s usually a pretty nice guy.”

“Carrie, his mother gave him money to pay for our date. I don’t think there’s any real future there.”

“Oh well, I’m sure there’s someone out there for you.”

Bethany rolled her eyes.

“Well, why don’t you come with me and Nathan to Maverick’s tonight? He’s bringing a few of his friends, and I’d be happy to have you with me as well. It’ll be fun!”

Bethany, thought about her offer a moment. It had been a while since she saw Nathan, and she loved to see how sexy he was whenever she could. If nothing else, she could ogle, and try to sneak in some ‘innocent flirting’ with Nathan.

“Alright, what the hell. It’s ladies night anyway.” Bethany replied, trying not to sound too excited.

“Ok, we’ll be there around seven. And, hey! You might even find a hot guy there.” Carrie replied, before ending the call.

Bethany snorted, doubting something like that would happen. She put her phone in her purse, and started her car. She pulled out of the parking lot, thinking about what to wear that night. She wanted something that would catch Nathan’s eye at the bar, but not give her sister any reason to think that was her intention. She would figure it out when she got home.


As seven o’clock rolled around, and the sky turned gold from the setting sun, Bethany pulled into the parking lot just behind Maverick’s. As she found herself a parking space, she spotted Carrie’s car in a space not far from her’s. She was relieved to see she wouldn’t have to wait for them, and got out, making her way to the front door. She decided to put on a small, dark purple dress she’d been holding on to for a while. It hugged her figure, and the back was almost completely open. She put on some matching heels, and some basic make-up.

As she passed the threshold of cool air from the interior AC, she was met with a large, dark room, lit partially by black lights. Mechanical light balls and laser machines always made Bethany giggle as she often remarked how the place reminded her of a strip club, without the strippers. She scanned the crowd, searching for her sister, along with Nathan and his friends. So far, all she could see was a large group of people dancing to some mediocre hip-hop. A bar, lit by blue lights, sat on the far end, and had several people already ordering beers and other small drinks.

There was also a seating area with several booths, and a couple small couches for couples to sit at. Looking at all of the booths, Bethany managed to spot Nathan’s short, blonde, spiked hair. She moved to their booth, and found everyone gathered there. Carrie and Nathan sat at one side, Nathan’s friends were sitting on the other side. The group greeted her excitedly as she arrived, and Carrie scooted over to let Bethany sit down next to her.

Nathan almost looked exactly the same as he did in high school, with the same hairstyle and very fit body. Nathan was on the wrestling team in high school, and still had the muscles that came with it. He was wearing one of his black, graphic tees, and a pair of blue jeans. Carrie, on the other hand, wore a strapless dress with a white bust, and black waist. Her hair was tied back and curly as always.

Bethany looked at the two men on the other side, and recognized them as well. Joe sat on the right, and wore a white, graphic tee and glasses. He worked as an IT guy for a business office somewhere, but he was rather good-looking, in a nerdy kind of way. On the left was Brad, wearing a white button-up shirt with a gray blazer. He apparently had a very successful online business, and liked to show off his money by occasionally paying for the round of drinks.

The conversation was starting up again, and Carrie was explaining some cheesey story about a friend of her’s from work. Bethany was barely half listening to what she said as her eyes drifted off and moved up and down Nathan’s body. He had some very nice tattoos on his arm, and seemed to have gotten a few more since the last time they saw each other. Nathan seemed to notice Bethany was looking at him, and smiled as he started looking back at her. For a few seconds, Bethany thought some of the attraction they had for each other was beginning to come back.

In the middle of the conversation, Carrie had been casually looking back and forth between Nathan and her sister, and decided to steer the topic somewhere else.

“So why didn’t things work with you and Tony last night?” she asked Bethany, abruptly.

Caught off guard, she broke her gaze off Nathan, and stumbled over her words, before replying, “Well, it’s like I told you earlier, he was just too much of a momma’s boy. I wasn’t about to get in the middle of that.”

“That’s a real shame,” Carrie feigned concern, “I really thought he was the kind of guy you would be into.”

Bethany tried to mask her annoyance with a grin, “Well, you’re judgement has been questionable in the past.”

Carrie raised her eyebrows, “I’m just trying to do what I can to find you a good guy, sweetie.”

Bethany was beginning to feel her face turn a bit red, Carrie knew she hated to be called ‘sweetie’, “Well, I think we all know what you do when you find ‘nice guys’.”

Joe and Brad had been sitting silently during this conversation until this point, when Bethany’s last remark was met with a low, synchronized, “Ooooh”.

The cattiness was becoming harder and harder to keep subtle, so Carrie dealt a heavy blow, “If you’re still sore about what happened in high school, I can’t imagine why. It’s all in the past. I just happened to be older, and a bit more experienced, at the time. I just happened to have what Nathan was looking for.”

The air around the booth suddenly felt a bit more awkward, as nobody seemed to have any sort of reply for that. The only thing anyone could hear was the barely entertaining music in the club. With no other defense in her arsenal, Bethany had no other recourse, but to resort to alcohol.

“I’m gonna get a drink.” she calmly announced, getting up from the booth. Bethany could only handle her sister in small doses, and always told herself she’d find a way to get back at her one day. Though, up until now, no such opportunity had ever come up. She made her way past some of the dancing groups, and found the bar. The woman on the other side of the bar  wore a tight top, and had a strangely full tip jar.

Bethany ordered herself a mixed drink as she pulled the skirt of her purple dress a bit lower. As she took a sip of her drink, Bethany had a sensation of another person very close to her.

“Hey there, have I seen you around here before?” a mysterious voice spoke just beside her. Bethany looked to see a man who looked rather inebriated, with a five o’clock shadow, and a wrinkled shirt. This guy looked very much like a ‘bro’, and was clearly only looking to get drunk, and score a one night stand, if he could. Bethany had dealt with guys like this before in the past, and rolled her eyes.

“Sorry, dude. I’m a lesbian.” Bethany answered him very matter-of-factly.

“Really? Is there no way I can change your mind?” he asked, not wanting to give up.

Bethany giggled, “Grow a vagina for me, and I’ll be all your’s.”

The bro looked a bit offended, and walked away, muttering, “Whatever.”

With a forced chuckle, Bethany took her drink, and made her way back to the booth, hopefully without attracting the attention of any more douchebags. Before reaching the booth, she overheard them talking. Joe was the first one she heard.

“Weren’t you just talking about how much more ‘experienced’ you were just a minute ago?”

“Yeah, but I’m married, in case you forgot.” she heard her sister say.

“I dunno, I think it could be fun to see.” Nathan replied.

Realizing there was something possibly scandalous going on between them, Bethany thought she would sit back and listen for a bit, out of their sight. After fighting a passive-aggressive battle with her sister the last six years, she could use some extra ammo.

“So you wanna brag to your sister about how much more experienced you are, and Nathan is giving you a green light, and you’re saying you wouldn’t even consider it?” Bethany recognized Brad’s voice now. But what were they discussing?

“Maybe if I was drunk enough, and horny enough, I may let you guys gangbang me. But that’s a big if!” Bethany’s sister sounded, almost sounding like she was joking.

Bethany’s eyes opened wide, and gave a chortle of disbelief. She’d always known that her sister was a skank, but she had no idea Carrie would openly admit to going that far, just to grab all the attention for herself.

“So you would be open to it?” Nathan asked Carrie.

“I said maybe, hun.”

“Well, in that case,” Joe began again, “We’re gonna need some more drinks!”

“I can’t drive if we drink too much, but we can do some shots at my place.” Nathan suggested.

Bethany was curious to see just how far this could go, and thought she would get the party going. So she stood up, and did her best to act like she just walked in on the conversation.

“Are we about to do shots? I’m in!” she declared.

Joe and Brad cheered like she was a sorority chick who was about to start pole-dancing. Bethany downed her drink eagerly, and the guys began sliding out of their booth. Carrie looked up at her sister, clearly reluctant about the idea of everyone being drunk at her home, but she was out-voted. With a little sneer, Carrie’s eyes locked with Bethany’s as she left the booth, and followed the group of guys out of the club. Bethany simply looked back at her, and set her empty glass on the table.


Nearly twenty minutes later, everyone had pulled up into the driveway at Carrie and Nathan’s home. Joe and Brad had arrived last, and had to park on the street, but didn’t seem to mind. As everyone got inside the house, Brad had apparently accepted the role of bartender. He immediately set up the kitchen for making drinks, setting out glasses, emptying trays of ice into a large bowl, and arranging every bottle of alcohol Nathan had laying around. The rest of them just chuckled at his enthusiasm, and remarked on how he was in the wrong line of work.

After Brad had set up his impromptu station, he began pouring shots for the group. At the start, everyone simply made jokes about Brad, and talked about whether or not they should worry about what he would be making them. Brad passed around he shots, and everyone clinked before drinking them. Joe was also showing enthusiasm as he turned on the radio, so they could have a bit of entertainment. Although, part of Bethany suspected he might be looking for a striptease from her later.

Two more shots later, and Bethany figured she would see if she could make her sister uncomfortable, “So, what were you guys talking about at the club? I only caught the tail end of it.”

The men all just snickered and giggled, already half-drunk, but Carrie was suddenly turning red, “Just regular stuff, nothing special.”

“You’re sister said she’d do let us group fuck her if she was drunk enough.” chimed Brad, he was clearly too inebriated to keep things to himself. The other guys chuckled the way most people do when they have a few drinks. Even Bethany was joining in with a little giggle, and was finally starting to enjoy herself after the ordeal in the club. Carrie was starting to look rather embarrassed. It was no secret that she was easy in high school, but she obviously didn’t want to carry that reputation into her adult life.

“Why would you just say that?!” Carrie shouted.

“Chill out, hun,” Nathan began, “we’re just having fun. Besides, you did say you would.”

“Oh, fuck you, Nathan.” Carrie told him, clearly angry now. “You know what, if you three wanna have a group fuck, you can all fuck each other. Me and Bethany are leaving.”

Carrie got up, and grabbed her keys. Bethany gave an awkward look on her face, but felt obligated to follow her sister out. Nathan and his friends reacted to her outburst with a choir of ‘awws’. Carrie was already heading out the door, and Bethany was just behind her. Before they got to Carrie’s car, Bethany stopped her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to make things awkward. I had no idea you guys were talking about that earlier.” she lied to Carrie.

“It’s fine, Beth. They’re just jerks when they get drunk.” she seemed to believe Bethany.

“Are you ok to drive?”

“Yeah, I’m only a little light-headed. I’ll be fine. I think I’ll just crash at Jess’ place tonight. You wanna come too?” Carrie offered.

“No,” Bethany replied, not wanting to ruin her night, “I think I’ll just head home, have some beer, and watch something on tv.”

“Ok, well… I guess I’ll call you later.”

The two of them hugged, and for a moment, there was a sense of sympathy between them. Both of them got into their cars and left. While Carrie left, Bethany was actually circling the block. By the time she arrived back in front of Nathan’s place, Carrie was long gone, and had no idea of what Bethany was planning. She parked her car on the street, a few houses away, and made her way back to the party.

She rang the doorbell, and waited for one of the guys to answer. Bethany didn’t want her sister to know how much she wanted to stay, nor make her suspect she was going to go behind her back to do it. Nathan opened the door, and was surprised to see Bethany standing there. She let herself in before Nathan could say anything, and heard another cheer from Joe and Brad. Bethany raised her arms up in a flourish, as if to announce herself as their prize.

Closing the door behind her, Nathan asked her, “What are you doing back? I thought you’d be out with Carrie.”

“Well, I wasn’t ready to leave. Besides, I was kinda liking the sound of a gangbang with the three of you.” she admitted, pouring another shot of whiskey for herself, then drinking it. There was a moment of total silence, when all of the guys sat there, looking at her with their mouths agape.

“Because I know you want me, and I know you two want me,” she remarked, pointing at Nathan, then pointing to Joe and Brad, “So if my sister doesn’t have the tits to let you all fuck her, then I will.”

As she said that last sentence, Bethany could almost hear the three of them getting an erection. She also found herself feeling rather excited, realizing what she had just admitted, and knowing that the three of them were now hard for her. It seemed that the more she drank, the more frank she was becoming about what she wanted. Bethany walked up to Nathan, and grabbed him by the waist of his jeans, pulling him to the couch, and pushing him onto it.

“And, I think I’ll start with you.”

Nathan didn’t seem as though he was against this idea, and laid back against the couch. Bethany knew she finally had her shot to get back at her sister for stealing Nathan from her, and it made her womanhood tingle in anticipation. She knelt down onto her knees in front of him, and unbuttoned his pants. Behind her, she could hear Brad and Joe whispering amongst themselves. She would get to them in a minute, but for now, her attention was on Nathan.

She pulled his pants down, and reached into his boxers, pulling out his erect cock. He was still as big as Bethany remembered, but she couldn’t remember how long it had been since he was this hard for her. She looked up at Nathan as she stroked his dick, to see the look on his face. His face showed both disbelief, and a deep-seated desire for her. It was hard to be tell through the glazed, inebriated look in his eyes whether he really wanted her bad enough to risk his marriage, or if he was too drunk to care what Carrie thought anymore.

She brought her eyes down to his throbbing member, and wrapped her lips around it’s head, sucking on it at first. Nathan groaned in delight, and Bethany couldn’t be more excited. She felt her panties begin to soak through, and moved her head further down his shaft. She was too nervous to do this for him when they were dating in high school, so she never got the chance to try it on him. Now she would get to do everything she couldn’t do before.

Her head began bobbing up and down in his lap, and Nathan grabbed a handful of her brown hair as she did. Bethany slipped the straps of her purple club dress off her shoulders, letting her breasts free, and slid the hem of the bottom up past the curve of her buttocks. She knew the guys had a perfect view of her silk, red panties she’d been hiding underneath, and heard them making small sounds of awe. She was enthralled with her performance working Nathan’s member, but found her other parts wanting attention as well. She let him out of her mouth just long enough to speak.

“My panties aren’t coming off by themselves, guys!” she didn’t turn her head to them, but spoke loud enough for them to hear.

There was a moment of silence, and then she felt a pair of hands on her waist. Her panties were being pulled past her cheeks, and down her thighs, and she felt a bit of cool air on her bare nethers. Her hips shook slightly from the sensation, as well as the feeling of the silk against her legs. At the same time, a hand cupped one of her breasts, and made her moan quietly on Nathan’s dick. Bethany wanted more, but didn’t want to take her mouth off of Nathan.

She felt someone’s fingers running up and down her labia, and her juices made it slick against her folds. Circles were being rubbed around her clit, and the jolts of pleasure she received were even stronger than when she did it to herself. She had to let her head up so she could let out her moans of lust at his touch, but kept stroking Nathan. That was when she noticed Joe groping her breasts, with his eyes locked on them through his cute glasses. Which meant it was Brad who was fingering her pussy.

She looked over her shoulder, and saw Brad hovering her ass. He seemed so entranced by the look of her cunt while she was bent over. His blazer was already off, and he seemed intent to get her opening as wet as possible with the way he started inserting his fingers into her. Bethany arched her back as his fingers lunged into her, and she loved the feeling. She moaned louder, stroking Nathan harder as her pleasure rose.

Nathan grabbed her hand and stopped her stroking. Bethany was momentarily confused, but he got up, took his pants off completely, and grabbed her, and positioned her laying flat on her back, on the couch. Then he just smiled and looked at his friends.

“I’ve wanted to fuck her since high school, I think it’s only fair that I fuck her first.”

Bethany’s face lit up like never before at his words. She was elated by how much he wanted her, and spread her thighs for him. Then grabbed him by the back of the neck, and looked straight into his eyes.

“Fuck me.” she told him, her voice full of lust.

He didn’t hesitate at her words, and held her legs apart as his throbbing cock disappeared into her opening with one hard thrust. Bethany let out a moan that must have been loud enough for the neighbors to hear, and was louder than Bethany thought possible for her. She’d gotten exactly what she’d wanted for years. She never thought she could feel better than this, but then he began thrusting into her. She started losing herself to his size and girth moving inside her hungry opening.

She opened her eyes and looked up at him, seeing his face full of hunger for her. She turned her head, and saw the other two men watching them with smiles on their faces, and large bulges in their pants. Bethany grabbed Joe by his pants, and pulled him down to her. His waist was just by her head when she pulled his pants down, and his phallus flung out and nearly smacked her in the cheek! She was shocked to see how girthy he was, despite his nerdy appearance.

Shocked, yet still consumed by desire, she took Joe’s cock in her mouth while Nathan fucked her. She bobbed her head on him and loved how his size felt in her mouth. Joe reciprocated by groping her breasts, as he groaned in delight. Bethany couldn’t stop moaning like a beast in heat as she was experiencing sensory overload. Brad had also gotten undressed, and stroked his own dick as he watched. Bethany didn’t want to leave him out, and replaced his hand with her own.

Bethany never dreamed she would every part of her body being satisfied at once, nor have multiple men lusting for her in one sitting. Nathan’s cock was moving so deep into her that every thrust drove her senses wild. She felt like her snatch was about to explode, and hot fluid seemed to be rushing past his hard shaft, and squirted out of her opening. She rubbed her clit furiously as it leaked from her, and the only thing keeping her from screaming during this orgasm was Joe’s cock acting as a gag.

Nathan stopped moving in her, and pulled himself out to see soaked his hips just got. Bethany took Joe’s hard rod out of her mouth, and caught her breath. That may have been the biggest orgasm of her life, but if she wanted to make it through this gangbang, she needed to change guys right now. She gently pushed Nathan away from her and got up.

“Now you, big boy.” her voice was sultry and seductive as she breathed heavily. She guided Joe onto the couch, where she had been lying, and straddled him. As soon as she saw how thick Nathan’s nerdy friend was, she’d wanted to know how he would feel inside her. She had to raise her hips a bit, and positioned his rod perfectly with her opening, and slid right down onto him. She groaned as she felt her walls stretching around his meaty pole, and reach all the way inside her, filling her to her limit.

Bethany’s breathing became strained as almost every slight movement seemed to send her senses into a fit. She moved her hips around slowly at first, gently riding him, then more and more. She instructed Nathan and Brad to come around and stand by the back of the couch, so she could suck them off while she rode Joe. Doing as she asked, Bethany had two beautiful, hard dicks in her face.

She took Brad’s cock in her mouth first, feeling like he’d probably been left out during most of this, and tasted a good amount of his precum on her tongue. She rocked her head up and down on his shaft while rocking her hips back and forth on Joe. She looked up at Brad as she pleased his dick, and could see he was very happy for it. Not forgetting Nathan, Bethany grabbed his cock and began stroking him as well. At this point, she was feeling much more experienced, being able to please and fuck three men at once.

“Oh shit… I’m gonna…” Nathan whispered. Bethany sensed his coming orgasm, and switched over, taking Brad’s dick out of her mouth, and began blowing Nathan aggressively. Nathan grabbed her hair again, and grunted loudly. Bethany tasted his hot, white, seminal fluid fill her mouth. Not forgetting about Brad, she went back to stroking him as she swallowed Nathan’s seed, and caught her breath.

Nathan took a step back, and slumped over as if Bethany had just sucked some of the life out of him. She imagined how Nathan probably never came that hard for Carrie before, and considered that a point in her own favor. But now that she had Nathans cum for herself, she wanted his friends’ cum too. Bethany had actually stopped her movement on Joe’s dick while she was blowing Nathan, and looked down towards him, while he looked back up at her, and held her waist. She gave him a seductive look as she began moving her hips up and down on him again.

She looked up at Brad as well, who had been looking at her expectedly. She smiled at him, and kept stroking him, teasing the head of his member with her tongue. She felt like a creature of lust, and just wanted more and more sexual attention on her. She felt more alive now than she ever had in her life. She felt another climax building in her, and her walls begin to tighten around Joe’s thick pole.

Bethany refocused her attention on Joe, and rode him harder and harder, trying to bring him over the edge. She was about to cum on his dick, which made her hunger for his cum as well.

“Oh please, baby! Cum for me!” she cried out amidst her unending moans. She clenched on his phallus so tightly that she had to apply more strength just keep moving on him. She was shocked, and impressed, by how much stamina this nerdy guy had. Finally, she accomplished her goal.

“Oh fuck!” Joe cried out. Bethany pulled herself off his member, and stroked him with one hand while roughly rubbing her own clit with the other. Thick, white strings of cum flew from Joe’s tip, and spread out over what little part of Bethany’s dress still covered her stomach. Excited by his cum, Bethany also climaxed on her fingers, and let out high-pitched groans of ecstasy. Having another strong orgasm made her feel euphoric, her body already felt like she was floating on a cloud. But Bethany knew she wasn’t quite done yet.

She climbed off Joe, and scooted beside him, and kept her eyes locked on Brad, whose cock was still twitching as he watched her. She went back to softly sucking on his begging phallus. The look on his face showed how badly he wanted her at that moment, and could barely stand waiting any longer. Bethany would give him what he wanted, but she wanted to have a bit more fun first.

“Did you like having me bent over in front of you earlier?” she said with a sultry tone.

Brad nodded, his fingers clenching the couch’s back.

“Did you like fingering my cunt?” each time she spoke, she went right back to taking Brad’s prick in her mouth and sucking on him. Again, Brad nodded.

“Does it make you wanna fuck me from behind?” she felt a hard throb from his shaft that time, and once again, he nodded.

Bethany giggled, seeing how bad he wanted it, and figured he had enough, “Then come back here and fuck me.” she commanded.

Brad hurried around the couch, and Bethany made sure her thighs were parted enough for him, and raised her ass higher so he would have easier access to her well-fucked womanhood. Bethany figured she could handle one more good screw, her body already glistening with sweat, and the room already palpable with the heady scent of sex. She bit her lip as Brad held her waist, and pushed himself inside her.

Bethany let out a moan of pleasure, and giggled as she relished this whole experience. Brad was apparently so pent up with the sexual teasing that he began thrusting into her hard and fast, unleashing his sexual frustration into her. Bethany loved it, and was hoping for some more rough thrusting from him. Something she wasn’t expecting was when Brad grabbed her hair, and pulled back on it like a set of reins. No one had ever done that to her before, but in that moment, Bethany realized, she liked it.

Letting Brad take her from behind had suddenly gotten a lot hotter, and her moans got louder. She could feel his prick hitting her g-spot repeatedly, and she felt her breasts bouncing roughly. There was a hand that grabbed one of them, and Bethany saw Joe start massaging it again. He really knew how to make her boobs feel good. She could also see Nathan, sitting on the arm of the couch, just enjoying the show.

Bethany found one more climax approaching quickly, and she seemed to be feeling it as it was building. Her hands clenched the cushions, her knuckles turning white. Once again, she was experiencing sensory overload. Her eyes started to roll to the back of her head as  this third orgasm seemed to stand alone from the others. She let out a roar of a moan as the climax seemed almost unending.

Brad began exhaling strongly as he pulled his cock out, and released a huge load of his cum directly onto Bethany’s lower back. Her head was spinning, and she felt a wave of satisfaction she didn’t even know existed. Her body let go, and she fell limp on that couch. Sweat covered her face, her body was covered in cum, and she felt like she was unable to walk at all. But all-in-all, she had gotten her revenge on her sister, threefold.

Once she had rested enough to be able to stand again. She grabbed a clean towel from the bathroom, and wiped off her sweat, and all the semen. She came back out, and all three of them were practically dressed again.

“Well. I’d say we need to have another drink.” Nathan broke the silence in the room.

Bethany rolled her eyes at him, “None for me, thanks. I need to get out of here before Carrie decides to come back.”

Everyone mutters in agreeance.

“But you’re gonna hang out with us again, right?” Joe asked.

“Oh, of course.” she replied very matter-of-factly. As she bid everyone farewell and left, she savored the memory of the four of them in her mind, and how much more intimately aware of them she was. Although she may never have another chance with Nathan again, she wondered if she could get to know his nerdy friend, Joe, a bit more. And have some more fun with his massive rod.


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