Time for a spanking

I can still recall the first time I raised my hand up, held my palm open, and swung it down onto the tender flesh of a woman’s buttocks. The room rang with a sharp, satisfying tone, followed by a whimper of pleasure and pain. The pale skin on her rear was already turning pink, and formed the shape of my hand. She took a breath, dipped her head, looked back at me with her brown eyes, and said, “Again”. Ok, so maybe that was how my second experience in spanking went.

My first experience isn’t as satisfying to read as how it happened later. The first time, we had been making out on a couch. She straddled me wearing only a t-shirt and panties, and my hands were already holding her ass. She seemed to enjoy having her buttocks fondled the way I had been doing so, so in my mind, smacking her butt was the next step up from there. I was very nervous about it, because I didn’t want to end up hurting her, so I went easy on her. So much so, it wasn’t so much a smack as it was a good butt patting.

She stopped, and gave me this bewildered look, and I immediately thought I had just killed the mood.

“What are you doing?” she asks me.

“Uh, I’m sorry. I thought…um.”

She smirks, and giggles at me, “You don’t know how to smack a girl’s ass?”

I was utterly embarrassed, and thought I wouldn’t hear the end of it. Instead, she immediately took the role of my teacher. She climbed off my lap, and bent herself over me, like I was about to discipline a child. She held her ass up, as if presenting it to me.

“Try again, but harder,” so I tried a little harder.

“I’m not gonna break. Go harder.”

I’ll be honest, I was still worried I’d go too hard, but I did as she said, and smacked her ass harder. It made a good sound, but apparently not enough.

“Ugh, dammit. HARDER!!”

At that point, I had lost all my inhibition to not cause her harm, and swung my hand at her round cheeks with the force I remembered feeling on my own ass when I had stolen something from my parents. At first, I was certain I’d gone too far. But as she rocked forward, and I felt the rising heat in my palm, she let out this cry I’d never heard before. It was a combination of whimpering, and an aroused moan. My first instinct was to apologize, but hers was to pull her panties down.

From that moment on, I discovered a lot of things about spanking, and the effect that it has. I learned that not only is spanking a very real fetish, but that it’s also one shared by more people than you would think. I also learned how much it varies from person to person, vis-a-vis: strength preferred, location, and tolerance. Furthermore, there’s different reasons for wanting to be spanked.

For a lot of people, it comes down to the feeling of that sting, the growing warmth that comes shortly after, and the tingling sensation on their skin. Some enjoy the amount of bodily contact that goes with it, while others do it for the punishment roleplay. The punishment roleplay usually comes from those who are more passive, or submissive, or just like seeing their partner acting more dominant.

As I mentioned, preferences in spanking vary in different regards. Although some like to be spanked in different parts of their bodies, I do know of a particular ‘sweet spot’ that is often adored by all. The section where the buttocks and upper thigh meet is particularly enjoyable, and if done right, isn’t exactly painful at all. This is due to the fact that the nerve endings on that part of the buttocks are directly linked to the same nerves in a woman’s vulva or man’s scrotum.

Now for the really tricky part: what if you’re into being spanked, but your partner is not? Or, what if you don’t know if you like to be spanked, but still curious about it? Well, I may be able to help you out with that. The first step, of course, is to understand what you’re getting into, and why. I mentioned earlier about people having different reasons for wanting to be spanked. Does the punishment roleplay entice you, or is it just the feeling you’re hungry for?

giphySpank me, dammit!

Take some time with your partner, and look up some videos on youtube, or some porn site, where spanking is involved. Watch it together, and discuss if this is something you want to do. Keep in mind, even though you may be scared as the spankee, your partner is also just as nervous being the spanker. They will have fears about hurting you, or going to hard or too far, but make it a point to start gentle at first, and coach them along until you both find your sweet spot. If you know the reason for your desires, be sure to let your partner know too. If you tell them you like to be punished, your partner can focus on their role as ‘punisher’, or if you just like the sensation, your partner knows to focus more on just doing it right. Finally, trust your spanker, and trust they will go only as far as needed to get you to that point of maximum excitement. If you’re still worried, establish a safe word beforehand, something to let them know to cease immediately.

If you want to take things a step further, there’s a few things you could try to make it more exciting. The easiest, but probably scariest, is to visit your local sex and lingerie shop, and invest in a new paddle, or flogger, or my personal favorite, the riding crop. It may seem daunting at first, but believe me when I say it adds a new dimension of sensation and excitement.

Next, if you’re in the mood to be spanked, but feel like it might be a little awkward to simply approach your man and ask, “Will you spank me?”, there’s some things you can do. Take a pair of your panties, and use permanent marker to write something like: ‘Spank me’, or ‘I’ve been naughty’ on the backside. These will be designated as your ‘spanking underwear’, and will cue your partner to your desires. Just slip them on when you’re in the mood, and make sure your partner sees them. Another less subtle, but very effective, way to communicate your desires is to dress in something sexy, lay out a collection of implements to use for spanking(floggers, paddles, riding crops, belts, etc.), and assume your favorite spanking position. Your partner will come in, and everything is already at their disposal. It will also build tension as they try to decide what to use on you.

Hopefully, this will help you in discovering, or developing, your interests in spanking. Understand, this is not some twisted pleasure, and your interest in giving, or receiving, this kind of pain does not indicate there is something wrong with you. As long as it excites you, and you can do so safely and consensually, then you should do so without regrets. And, may I say, I’m always available for a demonstration, should you want one 😉

Feel free to comment below, and tell me about one of your experiences in spanking, or being spanked. Do you have any other advice when it comes to spanking?


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