Caught by the babysitter

This week’s Erotic Bite tells the story of a couple who finds themselves needing a babysitter for their son. They find Adria, and agree she’s perfect for the job. Soon, Adria begins to remind the father of a younger version of his wife, and finds himself drawn closer and closer to her.

The bright glow of morning began to shine through the blinds of the bedroom window. Although it did not shine directly onto the bed, it was still enough to stir the sleeping, brunette man that laid in bed, asleep. As he took his first deep breath of the day, his arm reached up above his head, and shifted his body to stretch his muscles. The grey sheets slid down his body, revealing a fit, shaven abdomen. It was almost a very relaxing wake-up, until the alarm went off next to him. Rick turned his head quickly, and reached over to shut it off with a slap, cursing it.

He laid his head back on his pillow, and rubbed his hand over his face. There was a good amount of stubble, and he’d need to shave before work. His eyes began to focus, staring at the ceiling, after rubbing the sleep from them. Just next to him, he felt his wife begin to stir, but settled again, not too disturbed by the sound of the alarm. He couldn’t see her face, as she laid with her back to him, but her silky, black hair rested on the pillow. Rick slowly pulled the covers off of his body, and quietly got up, making his way to the adjacent bathroom.

His skin began to feel a bit cold as he relieved himself, and moved quickly, but quietly, back into bed to warm himself up again. As he climbed back under the covers, his wife turned over onto her back, and gently cooed, still half asleep. He smiled, looking at her, admiring how beautiful she looked, even when she was just waking up. Carmina was an exotic woman with olive skin and the most beautiful almond-shaped eyes Rick had ever seen. The sheets had been pulled down a bit, and showed off her thin, white nighty barely able to cover the larger, natural breasts Rick was so fond of.

Rick watched her, and knew he had to make sure she was going to wake up, but he was drawn to her dark nipples, barely covered by the nighty. He was already feeling himself getting a bit hard as he licked his lip, and bit it. He’d been married to Carmina for eight years, and her body still had a huge effect on him. He gently brushed the hair from her face first, thinking it might draw her from her sleep, but barely affected her. Looking back down at her chest, he couldn’t resist gently taking one of her breasts in his hand, and slowly massaged it.

His exotic wife squirmed a bit, and cooed for him again. She wouldn’t open her eyes, but she slowly bit her lip as he continued to tease her breast. He knew his wife was waking up, and she was getting in the mood as well. He felt her nipple becoming hard under his fingers, and gently squeezed them between his forefinger and middle finger. Carmina inhaled sharply, and bit her lip more as she squirmed a bit more, but still refused to open her eyes. Rick took it as a challenge to see just how much he could tease his wife before she would give in and admit she was conscious.

Although, it seemed two could play that game, as Rick felt his wife’s hand grasp his hardening shaft, and started stroking him. There was no denying she was awake, but she clearly wanted to play this game just a little longer. Rick doubled down, and massaged both of her breasts with both hands, putting in more effort to tease them. Carmina was loving it. She bit her lip, and put some extra effort into getting him good and hard as well. It was too soon to know which of them would give in first.

Just under the covers, Rick could see the her legs begin to part more and more, and there was movement around her crotch. His wife was rubbing herself, and Rick knew it was about to come to a head very shortly. Her breathing was picking up, and she seemed to be trying to hold back letting out some very erotic moans. Her eyes were beginning to open as her cheeks flushed with arousal. Her honey-colored eyes looked up at him, and she smiled at him seductively, emboldening him to take her now.

He rolled over onto her, holding himself up above her, watching her eyes beg for him. Her legs had spread even further apart, and she used her fingers to open up her glistening womanhood, inviting him into her. Rick’s wife had always been a very sexual person, and never passed up a chance for great sex with her husband. He brought his stiff, hard rod to her opening, rubbing the head along her juices, coating the head, and pushed his hips forward. Carmina tilted her head back, and made a low groan as she felt his prick inside her.

Her insides always felt like warm silk wrapped around Rick’s cock. He moved slowly inside her, getting his whole shaft lubed with her honey. His caramel-skinned wife wrapped her legs around his waist, and she used her ankles to push him deeper into her as she moaned quietly. Rick could feel her body getting hotter with excitement, and was about to really give it to her. But his efforts were extinguished completely when a soft knock on their bedroom door was heard.

“Mommy?” a young boy’s voice spoke from behind the door.

In that one moment, Carmina’s libido had dropped like a stone. When she was in the bedroom with only her husband, she was the exotic, sexual animal that only Rick could sate; but as soon as their son, Michael, entered the picture, she was ‘mommy’ first.

“Yes, sweety?” she called out to him from bed. The two of them had stopped moving completely from the neck down. Rick sighed in frustration, knowing neither of them were going to get to finish that morning.

“Mommy, can you make breakfast for me?” Michael asked, not opening the door. Rick and Carmina made it a rule that their son was never allowed to open their bedroom door when it was closed, for obvious reasons.

“Ok, baby. Let mommy get dressed, and I’ll make you some cereal.” she answered to him. She looked up at her husband with apologetic eyes, “I’m sorry, hun.” she whispered.

Rick groaned as his wife pushed on his chest, and his softening prick slid out with a tiny ‘plop’, rolling onto his back next to her. She got up, and let her nighty slide back down over her hips and shapely, latina butt. Rick looked her body up and down, and still couldn’t help but wish they could finish what they started, but all he could do was say, “Damn…”

“I know, hun.” she said, putting on her morning robe, “But he starts school today, and I need to make sure he’s prepared, and finds his class. We can always pick this up again tonight, once he’s in bed.” she smiled, coming back to kiss him, and left the room.

Rick had always imagined things would get easier once Michael started school. The first few years of having a child are always difficult, of course, but he’d always thought he would learn to have more independence once he started school. But Carmina was also the type to be super advocating for Michael. She had high hopes for him, and encouraged him to get the best educational experience he could get. Rick wanted the best for his son as well, but also believed he and his wife needed some time to themselves once in awhile too.

The day had gone very well for the family. Carmina made sure their son looked good with his new school clothes, his hair brushed, his lunch packed, and all his supplies in his backpack. He was already a good-looking boy, with his father’s good looks, and his mother’s eyes and tanned skin. Rick and his wife watched with pride as they took their son to his first day of elementary school. Rick had to urge his wife to leave afterwards, worried she would wait in front of the school all day if he didn’t. Needless to say, she was a bit emotional as they left for work afterwards.

Later that afternoon, Carmina had left work to pick up Michael from school, but not without consequence. After Rick had come home that night, his wife had described how her supervisor was none too happy that she had to leave so early in the day.

“Well, doesn’t he know that you need to pick him up from school each day? What does he expect you to do then?” Rick discussed.

His wife shrugged, “I asked him that too, he only reminded me that I made a commitment to a specific quality of work, and I can’t do that if I have to leave early each afternoon.”

Rick scoffed, “Your boss is an ass. Probably doesn’t have any kids of his own.” It was a conflicting situation. Carmina worked in advertising, which paid very well for them, but was also very demanding. She couldn’t just quit to be a stay-at-home mom. Rick looked into the next room, and watched his son playing with his toys by himself, and considered his options.

“What about a babysitter, just for the afternoons? Someone who could pick him up from school, and watch him until we come home from work each day?” he suggested, “I mean, he was going to daycare before, this shouldn’t feel any different for him.”

Carmina looked up at him, looking intrigued by the idea. She twirled her finger through her ebony hair as she considered it, as she always did. She curled her lip, “Can we afford it?”

Rick nodded once, “We should. It’s only for a few hours each day.”

His wife didn’t give a reply, but turned towards the computer on the table, and did a search for local babysitters. A slew of results came up almost immediately, and there was no shortage of available babysitters. Carmina checked each one, and quietly muttered their qualifications and ratings, filtering through them all. Rick stepped into the kitchen nearby to pour himself a cup of coffee while his wife worked.

“Here’s a good one! Adria Sommers.” she called out to him. Rick returned to see a picture of a young woman on the screen with her profile next to it.

“She’s very highly rated, lots of prior experience, specializes in child education, and she’s available for hire.” his wife described her, enamored.

“How old is she?” Rick asked, leaning closer to examine her picture closer. Her face looked rather young for someone with as much experience as she did. He noticed she was quite pretty, and also rather exotic-looking. Her skin tone was a medium tan color, with dark hair.

“Umm, she’s twenty.” Carmina answered, “Oh! It says here she’s been working in childcare since she was fifteen.” she seemed to like this babysitter more and more.

“I’m sold,” Rick declared, standing up straight again, and taking a sip from his mug. His wife was already pulling out her cell phone, dialing her contact number. A few seconds later, she was speaking to her on the phone. Since it was a bit of an emergency, they agreed to an interview that evening. Carmina shared their details, and how to find them.

Around twenty-five minutes later, the doorbell rang, and Carmina practically leapt up to go answer the door. Rick followed close behind as she opened the door. Standing there was the lovely, young woman from the picture. However, Rick hadn’t expected to see that the babysitter also had the rockin’ body of an exotic dancer! She was very slender, with a perky chest underneath a light blue, short-sleeve top, and long legs that stopped at a tight pair of booty shorts. Her dark hair was tied back in a lazy ponytail as she smiled at them.

“Hi.” she spoke, her voice full of youth and spunk, “I’m Adria.”

Carmina stepped to the side, “Hello, dear. Come on in.” she replied, sounding pleased. The young woman stepped inside, and looked around at the interior.

“I’m Carmina Atherton, we spoke on the phone. And this is my husband, Richard.” his wife introduced him.

Rick extended a hand to the pretty, young woman, “You can call me ‘Rick’.” he said, smiling at her. Adria shook his hand.

“It’s nice to meet you both.” she answered them, “Your house is lovely, by the way.”

Carmina smiled wider with pride, “Thank you, I’ve worked hard on it.” she joked, and they both giggled. They continued to make small talk while Rick brought them something to drink. After several minutes, they proceeded to business.

“So, I figure since it’s only a few hours a day, and I live fairly close to here,” Adria began, “I suppose I can do about… twenty-five dollars per day?”

Rick and Carmina looked at each other, non-verbally considering her offer. They both made small nods to each other, then looked back at the exotic young woman. “Yeah, that fits right into our budget,” Carmina answered, “Would you like to meet Michael?”

Adria nodded with a smile. Rick stood up, and instructed her to follow him. He led her down the hall into Michael’s room, and knocked on the door before opening it. Michael was playing a game on his handheld device when he looked up and saw the new lady with his dad.

“Michael, this is Adria. She’s going to be picking you up after school, then watch you until we come home.”

“Mommy’s not gonna pick me up?” he asked with a small, shy voice, looking up at the pretty girl.

“I’m sorry, buddy.” he said softly, kneeling down in front of him, “Mommy and daddy need to work, but we’ll come home before dinner time. She’s really nice, it’ll be like when you used to go to daycare.”

“Hi, Michael.” Adria spoke, kneeling next to Rick, “I hope we’ll get to be friends. Whatcha playing with?”

Michael showed her the handheld gaming device, and showed her how it worked. Rick could see she was working on establishing a friendly relationship with his son, so he left them alone to get to know each other. He came back out to the den where his wife was already staring at a notepad, playing with a pen between her fingers. Rick figured it was likely his wife was writing out a checklist for Adria, listing her responsibilities, emergency contact info, rules, etc.

Fifteen minutes afterward, Adria bid them both farewell, and Carmina instructed her to arrive early tomorrow, and gave her the spare house key. Once she left, Carmina went back to setting up the checklist for Adria to see tomorrow. Even after Rick had taken a shower, his wife was still working on her list. He ended up going to bed alone that night, disappointed they couldn’t finish what they had started that morning.

Several days had passed since the couple had hired Adria to take care of their son after school. It was the middle of the afternoon, and Rick had just finished work for the day. He was employed as an accountant for a rather laid-back firm, and was allowed to head home early if he’d finished his paperwork sooner than expected. It didn’t happen often, but he would be able to spend more time with his son when it did. His wife wouldn’t be home for another two hours, so he had some time to kill as he pulled into his driveway.

Stepping into his house, he announced he was home, but there was no one around. Setting his briefcase and coat on a chair, he looked at the table, and saw Michael’s backpack open, and a sheet of paper with his homework already finished. Confused, he searched around the house.

“Adria?” he called out, but there was no reply. Then he heard Michael’s voice shouting something from somewhere. It sounded like it came from the back yard, so he headed out there. Stepping out back, he saw his son and the babysitter running around in the grass with their bathing suits on, while a sprinkler shot water all around. The two of them ran back and forth through the tiny streams of water, chasing each other, laughing, and playing.

Rick laughed as he watched the two of them having fun, which caught their attention.

“Daddy!” Michael shouted as he ran towards Rick. He knelt down to give his son a hug, albeit a wet one.

“He finished his homework, and wanted to play outside.” Adria told him, “I figured, since it’s a hot day, why not run through the sprinkler?”

Rick chuckled, “It’s fine, Adria.” he said, just as Michael jumped through the streams of water again. He and Adria looked at each other for a moment, and he thought, for a moment, that she looked a bit embarrassed. He wasn’t sure why, but his eyes began to travel further down her body, noticing her more. She wore a simple, black bikini that seemed to accentuate her exotic, tanned skin. The water seemed to bead off her, and the wet fabric caused her nipples to become hard, and poke through the fabric. Which made it difficult to leave anything to the imagination.

Catching himself, he quickly brought his eyes back to her’s and smiled, hiding his thoughts, “That’s fine, I just got off work early is all. You two can still play for a bit, if you want. I’m just gonna go change out of my clothes.” he replied, holding up his arms, and showing off the wet blotches on his shirt where his son hugged him.

Adria giggled, “Ok, Mr. Atherton. I’ll make sure he’s dry before coming inside.” then she turned and started playfully chasing Michael once more.

Stepping back inside, Rick had to exhale, and reached down to reposition his prick through his pants, making sure he didn’t have a bulge showing. Feeling himself become flush, he went to his bedroom to put on some comfortable clothes. Once he removed the wet work shirt he’d had on, he took a second to relieve himself in the bathroom first. After finishing up, he gave it a good shake, and was about to go when his eyes became drawn to something. Above the toilet was a small, tinted window at about chin height, which had a view of the back yard.

He watched as Adria chased and danced through the water with his son, and observed her body closer. He watched as her breasts bounced a little when she ran across the grass, and looked at her petite ass when she bent over. He quickly became fully hard as he watched her, and couldn’t resist the temptation to grasp his prick, and slowly stroke as he watched. In his mind, he saw Adria in her black bikini, water falling all around her, soaking her. Her hands running through her ebony hair as she watched him, and he stroked harder. He imagined this young woman slowly untying her bikini top in his mind, and seeing her perky, soaked breasts, and he stroked faster.

Rick slowly closed his eyes and bit his lip, feeling his face heat up. He no longer watched Adria playing outside, only the Adria that teased him in his mind. He could see her dark, hardened nipples on her two perfect tits, just before she turned around for him. He saw her look back at him, watching him as she slowly bent over, and pulled down her bikini bottoms. Her perfect, little ass taunted him, and he felt himself build towards cumming as he saw her puffy cunt lips peeking between her caramel thighs. He couldn’t hold back, and grunted as he released a huge load of spunk onto the bathroom wall; stream after stream bursting from his tip.

After feeling a much needed release, Rick calmed himself, and grabbed some toilet paper to clean up the mess he’d made. All the while, realizing that he wanted to fuck the babysitter. He couldn’t be sure if it was because he and Carmina hadn’t had sex much recently, or if it was because Adria reminded him of a younger version of his wife, but he wanted her. The fact that he could never have her in that way only seemed to make him crave her more.

Nearly a week had passed since Rick began fantasizing about his son’s babysitter in her bikini, and he still couldn’t stop thinking about her. Even in the middle of the day, sitting at his cubicle, going through paperwork, he was semi-hard for her. His only hope for taking his mind off of her was to try and focus more on the tasks at hand. He didn’t allow his mind to wander towards anything other than the numbers on the page, and the arithmetic that followed. He was brought out of his trance, however, when his cell phone rang. Checking it, he saw it was his wife calling.

“Hey hun.” Rick answered.

“Hey babe, it’s me.” Carmina began, “Listen, I’m excusing Michael from school for his dentist appointment.”

Surprised, he checked his calendar, realizing he forgot to mark it, “Crap, that’s today?”

“Yeah. It’s ok, I forgot too. I only just got the call from the receptionist today, so I’m taking the rest of the day off.”

“And what did your boss think of that?” Rick asked.

“Well, he wasn’t happy, to say the least. But he let me off anyway. I’m visiting my mother today as well, so I’ll just take Michael with me.” she explained.


“Also, I can’t seem to reach Adria. I need to let her know she doesn’t need to work today, but maybe her phone’s on the charger or… I dunno.”

“Well,” Rick checked his watch, then his paperwork, “I’m actually about to finish in a few minutes. I can tell her myself when I get home.”

“Ok, sounds good. I love you, I’ll see you when I get home.” Carmina finished.

“Love you too, bye.” Rick replied, hanging up.

True to his word, Rick managed to finish up the few extra reports in a short amount of time. He filed them out, and grabbed his briefcase to head home for the day. While entering his car, and driving to his house, he became aware of the fact that this would be the first time he and Adria would alone together. Although the thought of that made his skin hot, and his chest flush, he was a married man. He was going to be professional about it, and just tell the young lady she could take the day off, and that would be it.

Within a few minutes, Rick had pulled into his driveway, and saw Adria’s car there as well. It seemed she had already arrived, and was probably making preparations for the day. Rick was starting to get a strange feeling, like something was trying to send him a warning as he walked towards his front door. Ignoring his instincts, he opened his front door and stepped inside, setting his things down on the table. He didn’t see Adria anywhere, and hoped she wasn’t already standing outside the school waiting for Michael.

Just to be sure, he checked around the house, wondering if she was perhaps sitting around somewhere. But before he got too far, he did a double-take at the table, and noticed his personal laptop wasn’t where he left it. He checked the den, the kitchen, and the backyard, but Adria was nowhere around. Where was she? And where was his laptop? His confusion was about to frustrate him until he heard a noise coming from his bedroom. It was faint, but he definitely heard a whisper or murmur coming from there.

Slowly, Rick stepped down the hall towards his bedroom door. The door itself was cracked open, so he only had to push it to see inside. The door opened only a small ways in, and Rick nearly gasped at what he saw. Sitting on top of the covers was Adria, stark naked, laying on her back while his laptop sat next to her, playing a porno on the screen. He saw her hands already between her legs, and her knees up in the air.

Her body squirmed ever so slightly as she touched herself, letting out small, soft moans. It appeared she had earbuds in her ears, which would explain why she hadn’t heard him in the house sooner. She looked exactly as Rick had imagined she would look naked, with dark nipples that made her perky breasts so enticing. Her mound looked cleanly shaven, even if he couldn’t see her puffy lips very well from this angle. His manhood stiffened to attention almost the instant he looked over her body.

Unable to help himself, he kept quiet while he watched her, and shifted his view to the video on his laptop, wondering what was making her so horny on his bed. His mouth fell agape when he saw what was playing on the screen. The image was kinda hard to see from this distance but he recognized the sex tape he and his wife made a long time ago.He’d held on to it, and watched it when he wanted some alone time, and felt rather exposed knowing Adria had found it. That thought was quickly pushed aside when he realized half a second afterwards, she was masturbating to him!

He thought about saying something to Adria, perhaps storming in and scolding her for invading their privacy. Or perhaps, walking in, and taking advantage of the situation, except he was a married man. Out of tension, and unsure he would be able to scold her while having a hard-on, he decided he would take the safer route, and do nothing. He just turned around, closed the door back to a crack open, and would sneak out, acting like he hadn’t seen Adria doing what she was doing. Rick’s heart was beating rapidly, and he felt his skin go flush like a man leaving a strip club.

“Ho-ly crap…” he whispered to himself as he made it out the front door. His plan was to  go out somewhere, maybe a coffee house, wait a bit, come back when he guessed she would be done, act like he saw nothing, then rub one out later that night. It would be difficult to wait that long, however, since he was developing blue balls already. His cell phone surprised him as it rang in his pocket. He took it out, and the caller ID read: Adria.

Rick was worried at first, thinking maybe he’d been caught, but he was sure she didn’t notice him. Maybe she was already done, and just catching up on her missed calls? He took a moment to compose himself, and made sure he would sound casual, then answered it.

“Hello?” he answered, sounding almost too casual.

“I know you were watching me.” her voice answered, sounding sultry and seductive.

A sensation shot through his stomach, like a punch in the gut. His eyes widened in shock, and he was speechless for a few moments before he managed to reply, “I-I’m sorry? I don’t know what you mean.”

He heard her giggle on the other end of the line, “Yeah, you do. Why don’t you come back in here? I don’t mind if you watch.”

The phone clicked, and there was only silence. Rick was dumbstruck where he stood, wondering if this was all just a very lucid dream he was having. What was he to do in this situation? The tightening feeling in his stomach only persisted, and proved to him this wasn’t a dream. The right thing to do was go in there, and tell her they couldn’t do this, that their relationship needed to remain professional. But could he do it?

Not seeing any other options, he stepped back into his house, and slowly walked back towards his bedroom to confront the seductress he was paying twenty-five dollars a day. He stopped in front of his door and hesitated, trying to psyche himself up, and convince himself he was only going to tell her that they couldn’t do this. A moment passed, he took a breath, and pushed the door open. He saw her, still lying naked on his bed, and still touching herself as she made small, lewd noises. His laptop, however, was already closed, and had been pushed aside to the foot of the bed.

With a deep breath, and an inevitable erection in his pants, he spoke, “Adria, We really can’t do this. I’m married, and you’re my son’s bab–”

“Come closer.” she interrupted him.

Rick was silent a moment, and normally wasn’t one to take orders, but she had a strange effect on him. He stepped further into his room, and stood just in front of his bed.

“Do you want me?” she asked, looking up at him while her hands slowly moved up and down her body, going over her breasts, and along her thighs.

Rick shuddered at her words, but calmly tried to respond, “Adria, please.”

“I know you’ve been looking at me, and I’m pretty sure you’ve been thinking about my body.” she sat up, and shifted closer to the edge of the bed, sitting with her legs hanging over the edge. She looked up at him with hazel eyes, and ebony hair draped over her shoulder.

“I can’t.” Rick replied meekly, it took all of his strength and willpower to resist her. The only real sign to prove otherwise was the large bulge pushing through the fabric of his pants.

She reached up and rubbed his bulging prick, “If you don’t, I’ll tell your wife you did anyway. But if you do, it’ll be our little secret.” a smile crossed her face as she spoke those last few words. She was clearly not going to stop until she got what she wanted, and Carmina would probably believe her over him anyway. He found himself with very few options, and gave in. Adria began to undo his pants, and Rick did nothing to stop her.

With a look of victory on her face, Adria pulled his pants and boxers down, looking at his hard member with a lusty stare.

There was no denying how much Rick wanted her right then, and the only thing that really held him back was the fact he was already married. He watched her take his throbbing prick, and wrap her mouth around the head, sucking on it to tease him. Rick’s breathing picked up, in utter disbelief that this was really happening to him, that he was at the mercy of this young babysitter. Becoming gradually encouraged, he unbuttoned his shirt as her mouth made small movements over the tip, and her hand stroked his shaft. If he was going to be blackmailed into having sex with her, he may as well enjoy it, and not have to hold back.

He ran his fingers through her hair, and grabbed a chunk of it. Adria seemed to enjoy the feel of his pulling, and moaned a little on his shaft. He thought it was peculiar that she would do this, and even go so far as to ‘borrow’ his laptop just to see a video of him and his wife having sex. While Rick fantasized about her, apparently, Adria had been fantasizing about him as well. If she was bold enough to threaten his marriage just to get a good fucking from him, then he would give her what she asked for.

Rick reached down and grabbed her perky breasts, massaging and groping like he would to Carmina. The feeling was encouraging Adria to take more of him into her mouth, and Rick moved his hips forward so she would take as much as she could. She made some small gagging noises as his prick began to hit the back of her throat, but she didn’t want to stop. The little slut really him to give it to her, and seemed really persistent. The feeling was amazing, but Rick wouldn’t last much longer if she kept going with oral, so he had to milk it now.

He pulled her head off his cock, and pushed her down onto her back. Grabbing her legs, he brought one over his chest, with her ankle up on his shoulder, and spread the other one to her side. Her cunt was opened wide, and already glistening with her honey.

“Yeah baby, fuck me.” she spoke in a low voice, almost in disbelief that he was about to enter her. She reached down and rubbed her juices all over her labia, and spread them open for him. Her pussy was already puffy, and begged to devour his cock. Her opening was a beautiful, cleanly shaven, piece of heaven, with a perfect balance of caramel and pink.

He couldn’t wait any longer. Rick brought the head of his dick to her spread opening, and pushed it straight in, her juices lubing him instantly. She let out a loud moan of complete ecstasy as she tilted her head back, and clenched her eyelids. Her pussy felt tight around his shaft, and felt amazing for him. She had a clench that came from having orgasmed once already, but she clearly wanted more than that.

Once he was all the way inside her, he began thrusting into her snatch, feeling her walls slide back and forth along his length. Adria moaned like a horny slut, grasping her own breast with one hand, and reaching above her head to grab the covers with the other. His worries were beginning to fade as he watched how much she was enjoying his cock. He started working into her more and more, pushing deeper and deeper. He could feel her womanhood getting hotter with lust as she was getting close to an orgasm.

Rick groped her breast as he continued to plow into her, determined to make the little brat cum on his cock. Her moans began turning into high pitched cries as her body started tensing up. Her legs were pushing closer together, and her back started to arch higher, and her mouth open for a silent shout. A hot stream rushed through her insides, and coated his dick as her slit clenched him hard. The tight sensation began to send Rick over the edge as well, and he couldn’t hold back a large stream of his cum from shooting inside her.

Lights began to flicker in his eyes as his orgasm took over. His body tightened up, then went limp. He was breathing heavily, and grunting as he unloaded inside the babysitter, and reached his sexual high. After a moment, he slowly pulled his now softening shaft out from inside her, and collapsed, laying down on the bed next to Adria.

As both of them laid there, breathless, it was clear they were both a bit disappointed at how quickly they had both reached orgasm. Rick had imagined having a lot more fun from this experience, but it had been some time since he’d had sex with his wife too. He just hoped that Adria wasn’t too disappointed to the point of breaking the deal anyway. He turned his head towards her and saw she was looking up at the ceiling with euphoric eyes, and hoped he’d at least brought her some satisfaction, at least.

She turned towards him, and suddenly gave a very mischievous grin. At that point, Rick felt a pang of fear at her expression, and wondered what she was considering. Adria quickly got back up, and stood in front of him, leaning down to grab his half-soft prick, and started stroking it again. Rick was still quite sensitive from having just orgasmed, and jolts of sensory overload shot through his body, making his limbs jerk slightly. She took his dick back in her mouth, and focused on her oral game with him, bobbing her head up and down on him with a purpose.

“What are you doing?” he struggled to say.

She took her mouth off him to reply, but stroked him as she answered, “I want more.” then put him back in her mouth.

Even after releasing his load, she was making his cock grow hard again, and Rick could only lay there as wave after wave of pleasure rushed through him. Once Adria was satisfied he was good and hard again, the little minx climbed onto his lap, and mounted him. Keeping one leg up, she grabbed his rod, and positioned it right back at her opening. She let out a lascivious groan as he lowered herself onto him, and shoved his cock inside her. Her expression made her look insatiable as she started grinding on him, moving her hips back and forth, gyrating her cunt on his hips.

Rick was lost in sweet torture, the sensory overload alone was a bitter-sweet punishment for finishing so quickly only a minute ago. Now he had to endure the task of staying hard until this exotic goddess fulfilled her sexual fantasy of him. Riding him harder and harder, her body began to glisten with sweat, and her breathing became labored until she suddenly stopped. Her legs closed against Rick’s sides, and she tilted her head back with her nails digging into her chest. She had reached another orgasm, letting it wash over her, then immediately started riding him roughly again.

Rick didn’t know how much more he could take, but it was only moments before she tensed up, and orgasmed again. Was it possible that she actually was insatiable? How much was she going to take before she would get her satisfaction? Her love juices were starting to soak Rick’s lap, and he was about to reach a point where she was about to make him cum a second time. No one had ever done that to him, not even Carmina.

He held her thighs with his hands, and started to join the bratty babysitter in her movements. She seemed to be very turned on when she saw he was about to cum inside her again, and locked her eyes with his. Both of them never breaking their eye contact as Rick strained his body, and felt himself release another orgasm, and another shot of cum unloading inside the exotic princess. At the same moment, Adria seemed to almost explode with what must have been her strongest orgasm.

Rick blacked out at that moment, only Adria’s face as she experienced that final orgasm was locked in his mind. He awoke again a couple minutes later, with Adria collapsed next to him. His only thought was that this was probably the single greatest sexual experience of his life, and it was at the hands of a babysitter. Once he was able to stand again, he got up and told her she needed to go before his wife returned. They both got dressed quickly, and Rick walked Adria to the door.

He said nothing of what happened to his wife, and luckily, neither did Adria. Every once in awhile, Rick would use his lunch break to go to Adria’s place for some more fun behind his wife’s back. They were sure to be careful, and never gave any reason for Carmina to suspect anything. Adria continued to babysit Michael during the day, always smiling at Rick whenever they passed.

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4 thoughts on “Caught by the babysitter

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  1. This is not bad, but it does need some work. I recommend you read it back and check how often you use lazy words like ‘exotic’ (9 times), or redundant statements like ‘the sleeping, brunette man that laid in bed, asleep’. Also, think about the realism of the situations. I’m not sure what country this is set in, but in most Western countries you’d find it very hard to get a babysitter for $25 a day. $25 an hour is probably more realistic. Would a babysitter really be looking at her employer’s laptop in his bed? I doubt it.


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