Dealing with the boss’ daughter

This week’s Erotic Bite features two characters who disliked each other since they met, but find themselves becoming closer when circumstances force them to remain in the same, small room. Enjoy!

Still dark, and the parking garage was still empty. A lone car pulls into one of the spaces and shuts off. Crickets were still chirping while the streetlights buzzed overhead, and only a hint of blue formed in the night sky, signaling that dawn would soon rise. The driver door of the car opened, and a tall, black man exited. His head was shaved, and his designer suit was crisp and pressed.
Tyler was a very ambitious man, known to many people to be very resourceful, and very sought after. Furthermore, he was very good at what he did, acting as the assistant to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, as well as his concierge. His boss, Brandon Maddow, hired him two years ago to help him manage his time, and take care of the day-to-day events Mr. Maddow was unavailable to do himself. If Mr. Maddow needed his meetings arranged to fit everyone’s convenience, Tyler would be on the phone all morning, trying to negotiate schedules. If Mr. Maddow forgot about his anniversary, Tyler had a gift already wrapped, and dinner reservations at the ready.
Tyler closed his car door, and made his way to the office building, the clicking of his designer shoes echoed through the empty area as he walked. As he approached the doors, he left the glow of the orange lights in the parking garage and entered the fluorescent lights of the office building. A blast of air conditioned air welcomed him into the building as he opened the door, and the light-blue walls made him feel more comfortable. He marched down the hall, then made a turn at a junction, finding the elevator halfway down. The elevator came down and took him up to the main level of the building.
When the elevator opened, Tyler entered the atrium of the building. The floor was a shimmering tile, and walls were gilded with brass plaques. Glass doors sat at the front of the room for employees and business partners. After that was a desk where a security guard sat, and the front desk during business hours.
“Morning, Mr. Hill.” a man from behind the desk spoke to him as he walked through. He wore a blue security uniform and watched a small television.
“Morning, Jim,” Tyler replied. He gave the security guard a polite smile and nod as he passed by, as he did every morning.
At the other end of the room, where Tyler was walking, there were several sets of more elevators. Most of them were there for employees to reach the higher levels where they worked, but the one at the end of the hall was the executive elevator, reserved only for the higher-ups, and their guests. Tyler stopped in front of the executive elevator and pressed the button to call it. Within a minute, the elevator arrived, and Tyler stepped inside,
He pressed the button for the forty-fifth floor and waited as it ascended, listening to the musak he practically memorized. When the elevator stopped, and the doors opened, Tyler had reached the executive hall. The place was the epitome of luxury and business, even in the dark. With a flip of the light switches, Tyler lit up the area into its full glory. At the end of the hall was Mr. Maddow’s offices and Tyler’s desk.
The work day had begun for Tyler as he sat at his desk, going over messages, emails, and schedules. When he had a few moments, he went online to check the news. He was often the first one to arrive at the office, always making sure to be ahead on everything, so he would have the time to take care of the menial things that made Mr. Maddow’s life just a little bit easier. While others would say he was doing too much for his boss, his hard work was always rewarded when the yearly bonuses would come around. Last year, Tyler made enough to remodel his kitchen.

As business hours began, the executive hall came to life with secretaries, board members, and management delivering reports. Tyler was still hard at work, filling out paperwork on behalf of Mr. Maddow, extrapolating information he got from reports, and preparing them for filing. When his boss would come in, the only thing he’d have to do is sign each one. He heard the executive elevator ding all the way down the hall, and could almost sense it was his boss arriving on the floor. He quickly organized all of the paperwork, grabbed the planner, and stacked the slips of phone messages he’d written down earlier.
Mr. Maddow arrived in the executive hall wearing one of his best designer business suits, always made special-tailored just for him. He also had a weakness for shoes made from the best Italian leather, and always remarked on how people always looked at shoes last. Therefore, having excellent shoes make your outfit look even better by comparison.Mr. Maddow was a man approaching his fifties, with sandy blonde hair that was already graying, but always well kept. His age definitely showed, but his body still seemed rather fit.
“Good morning, Mr. Maddow.” Tyler welcomed him with a confident, husky voice.
“Good morning, Mr. Hill.” his boss replied, sounding rather chipper to begin his day, “How are you today?”
“I’m feeling well, sir. Thank you.” Tyler replied, following his boss into his office, “Johnson & Moore called, they’ve agreed to a meeting on Thursday, I’ve already scheduled it. Myrtle Beach called, and we’ve gotten approval to break ground. And I got an email from the board at VCD. They want to renegotiate the terms you gave them, but I already told them your offer stands, and none of the terms will be altered.” Tyler explained quickly and succinctly.
“Excellent work, Mr. Hill! That’s why I pay you the big dollars!” he replied, very happy with his associate, “Hell, sometimes I wonder who’s actually running this company.” he joked.
Tyler chuckled with him, “Well, your coffee is on your desk, and your first meeting is at ten o’clock sharp. Here are the reports for you to review and sign, and I’ll file them later this afternoon.”
Mr. Maddow took the pages from him, but stood a moment and looked at him with a fascination for a moment. “I gotta say, Mr. Hill, you have been quite the windfall for me these last couple years. You know, before I hired you, I had hired this bimbo to work with me as a favor, and she didn’t even last two days. There’s always a bunch of young women looking for a secretarial job, but then I found you. I was hesitant, to be honest, but I took a chance on you. And you turned out to be a great asset, and a great friend.” his boss seemed to be very earnest. He’d never mentioned this to Tyler before.
Tyler was flattered by his boss’ kind words. He knew his boss was really a nice guy, and they did spend time together, chatting whenever they went to the gym or had lunch together, or when Tyler went with Mr. Maddow on a business trip. After two years of his employment, Mr. Maddow never said that to him before. Still, it made Tyler’s day, and he felt like there wasn’t anything that could ruin his day now. His boss made his way into his office, eager to take care of the day’s tasks.


As the afternoon began, Tyler had left the office for lunch. Upon his return, he felt a bad vibe in the office area. Something had happened on the executive hall that made the air feel uneasy and filled Tyler with anxiety. Sure enough, as Tyler walked into the room, he saw the cause of it sitting on one of the lounge couches. A woman who was notorious for giving Tyler a rough time was sitting down, texting on a smartphone.
She had bottle blonde hair, and a designer outfit that was more expensive than fashionable, and radiated the privilege of a nineteen-year-old spoiled brat. She had a bit too much eye makeup and seemed to be trying to emulate some kind of celebrity look. Conversations with her in the past have always left Tyler feeling as if he’d lost a few brain cells, yet, he didn’t have much choice. As part of his job, he sometimes had to deal with this young woman, who happened to be Mr. Maddow’s daughter, Nikki Maddow. As much as he wished she wouldn’t notice him, her brown eyes looked up and locked with Tyler’s as soon as he crossed in front of her.
Left with no options, he faced the issue head-on, “Good afternoon, Ms. Maddow. Are you here to see your father?”
She gave a coy smile, and cocked her head back, “Yes, but he’s in a meeting. So, now I have to wait out here with you. I’m not happy about it either, but I would appreciate a coffee from downstairs if you don’t mind?” she asked, looking back down at her phone.
“We have coffee up here, too.”Tyler tried to explain.
Nikki looked back up at him, her face seeming almost offended by his words, “I don’t like the coffee up here.” she stressed her words to him, “I prefer the coffee they have in the atrium. Black, two sweeteners.”
Tyler sighed, exasperated. In truth, the coffee in the executive hall was far better than the coffee from the small kiosk in the atrium. They both knew it, but the boss’ daughter liked to push him around, and have him do things that were unnecessary, just to annoy him. Still, Tyler did as she asked because she was his boss’ daughter. So, he turned around and headed back for the elevator.
Down in the atrium, he found the coffee kiosk and ordered the coffee as the young lady asked. She didn’t come by her father’s office very often, but when she did, she always did whatever she could to make him miserable, if only for a few minutes. The barista handed him the black coffee, and he paid for the cup. Tyler went back to the elevator and ascended back up to the executive floor to Mr. Maddow’s lobby. As soon as he gave the coffee to Ms. Maddow, she took it without saying a word and set it on the side table next to her.
With a sigh, Tyler returned to his desk to resume his work. He kept on eye on Ms. Maddow, making sure she wasn’t planning some kind of prank, or cause any trouble. As he suspected, ten minutes had gone by, and Nikki didn’t even take a sip of the coffee he brought her. As he watched her, Nikki crossed her legs, and Tyler looked at them for the first time since he’d really known her. She may have been a pain in the butt, but she looked pretty good.
After nearly half an hour of waiting, Nikki seemed to be fed up with waiting and stood up to walk to Tyler’s desk. He braced himself, knowing she was about to make a scene.
“Is my father going to be done soon? I’m not gonna sit here all day.” she almost shouted.
“I’m sure his meeting will be concluding soon, Ms. Maddow.” he tried to calm her.
She scoffed at him, “Don’t give me that crap. You’re his assistant, you should know when he’s gonna come out. Are you just covering for him, or are you just stupid?”
Tyler almost rolled his eyes at her but resisted out of professionalism. Instead, he took a small breath and calmly replied to her, “I don’t know if his client will have additional questions, or maybe they’re having a conversation. In any case, I’m sure it won’t be much longer. If you’d to take a seat and wait, plea–.”
“Oh, fuck off, man!” she blurted out. A few people in the hall heard the commotion and stopped to watch from afar. “Like your job is really that fucking hard! I tried to get my dad to hire one of my friends, then he just fires her and hires you the next week. Like you’re so much better than her, but you’re not!”
“Ms. Maddow, please!” Tyler almost had to speak over her. She stopped talking but crossed her arms defensively. He continued, “I’ll call his phone, and find out if he’ll be out soon. Until then, please have a seat.” he told her, his voice frustrated.
Nikki didn’t look pleased that her father’s assistant talked back at her, but after a moment of her staring at him, she turned and sat back down in the lounge chair. Tyler knew it was wrong for him to interrupt Mr. Maddow’s meeting, but if it would get the bitch off his back, he’d bite the bullet. He took another deep breath and reluctantly dialed the extension for his boss’ meeting room. It rang a few times before the call was picked up.
“Yes, what is it?” Mr. Maddow answered, sounding a bit annoyed.
“Sir, your daughter’s here, and she’s anxious to know when you’re meeting will be concluding. What should I tell her?”
There was a long sigh, and Tyler knew the news wasn’t going to be good. He expected his boss to say something along the lines of another hour or so, but his answer was worse.
“Damn it, she’s getting a new apartment in town for school. I’m supposed to be there to sign for her lease, but I may be busy for a while.” he explained, “Hey, you’re already co-signed to my business account, right? Can you do me a huge favor and take her to the apartment building for me?”
“Uh, sir, I–” Tyler tried to protest.
“It’ll be fine, just take her there, make sure she likes the place, then approve the lease for me. After that, you can take the rest of the day off. Can you do this for me?”
Tyler was very conflicted. On one hand, he didn’t want to have to deal with Nikki any more than he needed to. On the other hand, it was his job to take care of tasks like this when he could.
“Yes, sir. You can count on me,” he replied.
He heard a sigh of relief from the other end, “Thank you, and please express my apologies to her.”
Tyler hung up the phone, and sat a moment, mentally preparing himself for his afternoon babysitting the brat. After a few moments, he stood up from his desk, walked over to Nikki, and stood in front of her a moment before giving her the news.
“Your father won’t be available for some time. He’s asked me to take you to your apartment building, and approve your lease on his behalf. He also wanted to tell you he’s sor–”
“Whatever,” Nikki replied nonchalantly, getting up and taking her purse. “Let’s go, then.”
Tyler led her to the elevator, and through the building to the parking garage. To Tyler’s surprise, his boss’ daughter didn’t say much during the trip. Even while on the road, and the moments they were stuck in traffic, Nikki didn’t say a word. He expected her to try to berate him along the way, and yet, she didn’t. Was she troubled that her father didn’t take her, or did she just not care?
Against his better judgment, Tyler decided to say something to her. “You’ve been pretty quiet so far.”
“Am I supposed to talk?” she asked casually.
Tyler tilted his head, “No, but I just want to make sure things are ok between you and your dad.”
Nikki scoffed at him, “Honestly? I just wanna get this over with, so I don’t have to see him as much. Once I get my own place, I can finally do what I want.”
“I see.” he replied, “So your dad doesn’t let you bring boyfriends into his house?”
“I don’t have a boyfriend. And that’s not all I wanna do, either!” she insisted to him.
Tyler smiled, knowing that for once, he was annoying her this time. “I do apologize, miss. So, you’re excited to be on your own then?”
“Yes, now shut the hell up and drive,” she told him and turned her head away from them. Neither of them said anything further for the rest of the drive. It wasn’t much longer before they had arrived at the address of the apartment building. Stepping out of the car, Tyler looked up and saw how the building must have been at least thirty stories. The craftsmanship of the walls outside gave it a clear feeling of high society. Tyler admired it but saw Nikki already hurrying inside, so he followed her.
The lobby just inside was very nice, if empty, and featured some knock-off artwork on the walls to give it a more sophisticated feel to it. Tyler followed Ms. Maddow down a hall that turned off from the lobby and reached a room that must have been the building manager’s office. Nikki was already at the front desk, asking the receptionist about her apartment. The lady behind the desk was middle-aged and wore a blue blazer over her white v-neck shirt. She informed Nikki that the manager was already waiting for her on the floor of her apartment.
Nikki thanked her, and the two of them went back down the hall to the lobby where the brass elevators waited for them. Tyler noticed the lady seemed to be in a hurry. She had mentioned having plans later, but for a girl her age, that usually meant just meeting a friend at a club somewhere. Perhaps her plans for later included moving into the apartment before nightfall, he thought. The elevator dinged, and the doors opened, showing no one currently inside.
The two of them stepped inside, and Nikki pressed the button for her floor. Tyler didn’t see which floor it was, but it was somewhere halfway up the building. The elevator itself was very clean, carpeted, spacious, and didn’t smell of urine, the way many apartment elevators usually did. The doors closed, and the room seemed to ascend slowly. Tyler noticed the walls were a clean, stainless steel, and this elevator seemed to play the same muzak as the one at his office building.
The ascension was slow and boring, but after six floors, the two of them heard a creaking noise. There was a loud noise, and the elevator shook violently, causing both of them to lose their footing. Then the room calmed down, but no longer seemed to be ascending. Tyler immediately opened the small panel just beneath the floor buttons and picked up the emergency phone.
“What the hell happened?” Nikki asked, sounding a bit scared.
Tyler shushed her, “I’m trying to see if I can get a hold of someone.”
There was still no answer on the phone for over a few minutes. They were getting quite nervous about their situation until the phone finally clicked.
“Hello?” a woman’s voice answered.
Tyler seemed a bit more hopeful, “Yes, we’re stuck in this elevator, can you get us some help?”
“Oh, hold on, let me call the building manager. I’ll be right back.” the voice replied, then clicked again as they hung up. Tyler gave Nikki a hand gesture signaling for her to keep calm. However, she still seemed to be rather on edge about being stuck in a small room. He wanted to reassure Nikki they would be fine, but had to stay on the line until they knew what the plan was. It was nearly ten minutes before the phone clicked again.
“Hello? Are you still there?” spoke a man’s voice this time.
“Yes,” Tyler answered, Nikki’s face also shot up in suspense, “We’re here.”
“I’m the building manager, I came down as soon as I heard and called the maintenance crew to come get you out. Is it just you in there?”
Tyler was pleased by this good news, “No, there’s a young woman in here with me too.”
“Ok, well, for the moment, you two are perfectly safe. The elevator locks to the shaft if there’s a problem, so you’re not going anywhere. The bad news, however, is that the maintenance crew won’t be here for at least an hour. But I promise you, we’ll get you out as soon as possible.”
Tyler let out a deep sigh, “I understand, thank you.”
“Just hang in there, ok?”
“Yeah.” and with that said, the emergency phone clicked once more, and Tyler hung up on his end. He looked over at Nikki, who had been watching in suspense, waiting to hear some news.
“Get comfortable, we’re gonna be here a while.” he told Nikki, his voice monotonous and deep.
“Is someone coming for us?” she asked in a panic.
“Yes, but it’s gonna be at least an hour, he said.”
Nikki seemed to be in more of a panic. Her hands began to shake, and fear was on her face.
“Hey,” Tyler tried to get her attention, so he could calm her down, “We’re locked to the shaft, now. We’re not gonna plummet to our deaths if that’s what you’re worried about.”
The young lady’s face seemed to be calming, “Are you sure?”
Tyler nodded, looking confident. His response seemed to relieve Nikki’s tension, “We’re not in any danger, we’re just gonna be stuck in this room for a while, that’s all.”
The next few minutes were spent in silence. The two of them were still getting used to the idea that they were going to be there for a while. At the very least, Nikki had calmed completely and just sat silent. She tried to check her phone, and held it up in the air, moving it around. It looked like getting a signal in this elevator was nearly impossible.
“Well this is just great,” Nikki said, breaking the silence, “I just wanted to get my new apartment, and have this cute guy help me move my stuff in tonight. But instead, I’m stuck in here with my dad’s assistant, and now I can’t even call him to let him know what’s going on, so he’s gonna think I’m blowing him off!” she was clearly frustrated as she ranted on about it.
Tyler could only chuckle as he sat on the floor across from her, “So you were planning on bringing a guy up here.”
Nikki looked at him with a look of shock and outrage, “How dare you! You’re supposed to show me more respect than that!”
Tyler knew she was right, and he would probably get an earful from her father later, but he didn’t care at the moment.
“And what do you have to laugh at? At least I can have a date. You can’t because you’re always working for my dad.” she tried to berate him.
Tyler clicked his tongue, and looked away from her as if to give the impression that he didn’t care what she had to say. She was always either having him do meaningless chores for her or just berating him at his desk. He was in no mood to put up with her now.
Nikki then decided to take things up a notch, “I bet you’re probably in love with my dad, aren’t you? You probably jerk off to his picture, too.”
“Hey!” Tyler almost shouted. This time, she was taking things too far, “I’m not in love with your dad. And not that it’s any of your business, but I’ve been with plenty of women. And they’re a lot classier than those savings bond chodes at your private school.”
Nikki scoffed, “Whatever, I can probably fuck better than any woman you’ve been with.”
“Sure,” Tyler replied.
Nikki could tell he didn’t believe her, and she stood up, “I’m serious, there’s not much that shocks me. And what would you know about the guys at my school? Some of them probably got a bigger dick than you.”
“I doubt that.” he replied, amused.
“Oh? Back it up, then. Let’s see it!” she challenged him.
Tyler looked at her pretty shocked now, “I’m not going to show my penis to my boss’ daughter, especially not in an elevator.”
“Why not?” she instigated, “We’re stuck here anyway, and we got time to kill. And you know what? I won’t even tell my father about this. So let’s see it.”
Tyler was flabbergasted by her change in attitude. He’d never seen this side of her before. Usually, she would just throw her status at him to push him around, but now, it seemed like she had something to prove. He hesitated, thinking it would be better not to risk his job over this. However, if she was telling the truth, this would probably be his only chance to put this brat in her place.
He stood up, watching her face for a few moments. There didn’t seem to be any sign that she was lying about keeping it between them. Slowly, he unfastened his belt, and her reaction didn’t change. After it came undone, Tyler unbuttoned his trousers and reached into his boxers. It was the point of no return, and Nikki still looked serious about her offer. Her face only changed when Tyler finally pulled out a thick, black cock nearly seven inches in its soft length.
Nikki’s eyes grew a bit, while her face tried to hide the surprise she felt inside. She may have done some big talking, but when Tyler’s rod came out, she blushed a little. She tried to speak while attempting to hide the fact that her eyes were fixated on his dick, “It’s… I-It’s not quite the biggest I’ve seen.” she spoke in a low, somewhat embarrassed voice.
“Well,” Tyler said, now feeling full of confidence, having humbled the brat, “It’s even bigger when it’s hard.”
“Why aren’t you hard now?” she said, not sounding so big anymore.
Tyler chuckled quietly, “Because I’m not as excitable as the boys at your school. And, there’s usually a sexy woman in front of me who can get me hard.”
Nikki looked almost offended, “Are you saying I’m not sexy?” her big voice was coming back, “I can be fucking sexy, too.”
Tyler raised his eyebrows, “Well, since we’re not going to say anything about what happens in this room anyway…” he challenged her now.
Not wanting to look like she couldn’t back her own words either, she opened up her top and showed off her breasts to him, her face looked determined. She looked up at the large, black man, and massaged her own breasts as he watched, and slowly moved her hips. Tyler smiled, amused by the poor excuse of a striptease, yet, he thought she had nice tits. He’d never seen this much of them before, but they seemed to be a large C-cup.
Nikki saw that there was no change or reaction from his dick. She took the lack of growth as a personal offense, “What? Not sexy enough for you?”
Tyler laughed, “Like I said…”
“Yeah,” she interrupted, “I know what the fuck you said.”
She stepped closer to him, and Tyler couldn’t tell if the look on her face was resentment, or some kind of lust, or both. She lowered herself down in front and grasped his soft cock in her hand. Tyler was alarmed but didn’t stop her as she began to stroke his shaft.
“Is this what gets you hard? Huh?” she said to him. Her voice was sultry, but somehow, seemed to still have a bratty tone about it.
Tyler had to admit, it was hard not to enjoy this kind of foreplay. He was slowly starting to get more and more hard for her. In the back of his mind, he prayed she would keep her word about this staying between them. Within seconds, Tyler was fully erect, and the stroking slowed down. He looked at Nikki, who seemed to be in a state of awe as she stared his dick, now standing firm at nine inches, and a greater thickness than before.
“Oh my god…” she whispered. There was no denying how impressed she was at this point. Blushing again, Nikki seemed to hesitate as she held it in front of her face, then opened her mouth, taking his shaft.
Tyler was in utter shock of her actions and exhaled as he felt her mouth over his length. She was barely able to take more than the head into her mouth, but she sucked on it with determination. “Why are you doing this?” he asked her.
Nikki pulled her mouth off and looked up at him, “I told you. I can be fucking sexy if I want to, and I’m gonna prove it.” she said, going back to sucking his head.
Tyler felt it was safe to say that this would be their little secret, and looked down at her, watching her, enjoying her. He watched as her breasts swayed as her head moved on his dick. She looked up at him and noticed him looking at her chest.
“You like them, don’t you?” she asked, her voice now completely sultry, “You wanna touch them? Then do it.” she went back to pleasing his cock again.
He reached down, and tenderly grabbed her left breast. He massaged it, and brushed his thumb over her nipple, moving in circles around her areola. She must have liked it too, as she moaned in the back of her throat, and sucked on him harder. He massaged her breast more, seeing just how much she liked it. While he watched her, he noticed her free hand had disappeared under her skirt.
It excited him more to know she was becoming very aroused by him. Strangely, he found himself really wanting to fuck her. He couldn’t stand the little brat, but his discontent for her only seemed to make him want to fuck her more.Did she feel the same way, with his large rod in her mouth right now? Tyler ran his fingers through her hair, and grabbed it, pulling her mouth of his member. She groaned a little from the pain of his rough pull.
“How about you stop playing with yourself, and let me show you what I can do for your pussy.” he spoke to her with a tone he often used when speaking to a lover.
Nikki blushed again, her eyes showed she was nervous, but also excited. Tyler placed his hands on her hips and stood her on her feet. Then he turned her back to the wall and pushed her against it. She gasped, but didn’t resist him, and said nothing as he pulled her skirt up higher, and slowly pulled her panties off. Her breathing was becoming heavier as he knelt down in front of her, and lifted one of her legs by her thigh, and his face barely inches from her shaved cunt.
Nikki kept her arms on the steel walls to keep her balance. She watched as he rested her leg on his shoulder, and felt his lips touch her moistened opening. She gasped as his tongue came out, and slither on her. She felt his tongue slide up and down her labia, sending waves of lust through her body. Each time it touched her little pleasure button, her hips bucked a little. Her heavy breathing escalated into moans as her pleasure was brought higher and higher.
Tyler had only been teasing her at first, but as her lust was building, he focused his efforts on making her orgasm. Her thighs began to quiver like she was going to lose balance, but her moans were becoming louder. He held her thighs steady, knowing she was going to clench them as soon as she climaxed. Within a few seconds, her body tensed, her thighs tried to close together, and her labia became hot on his tongue. She hollered as she orgasmed for Tyler.
Nikki’s chest heaved as she came down from her lusty high. She massaged her own breast slowly as Tyler let her leg down, and he stood up again. He thought this might have been the end of their little, forbidden adventure, and expected to see his boss’ daughter get dressed at this point. Instead, she only looked up at him, her brown eyes were still full of lust, and she didn’t stop massaging her breast. She said nothing but just looked up into his eyes, waiting for him to do something more.
If she wanted more from Tyler, he wasn’t going to pass up this chance. Her face was saying, ‘what are you waiting for?’ and he still hadn’t gotten off yet. He grabbed her by her waist, and pulled her away from the wall, just so he could turn her around, and push her back into the wall. She let out a groan of excitement from the rough treatment. She wanted him to be rough, just as much as he wanted to be rough with her. The moment she made a thud on the wall, she arched her back to raise her butt higher, offering herself to him.
Tyler teased her backside at first, spreading her tight ass cheeks, and running a finger up and down her hot womanhood. Nikki looked back at him, biting her lip as her eyes begged for his cock. As Tyler brought his throbbing, black phallus to her opening, she gasped in anticipation. She’d probably never had a dick this large inside her before this moment. She called out his name as he slowly entered her, moaning like a beast in heat for him.
Tyler kept pushing his length into her but found that he could go no further with only a couple inches remaining. He slowly began to move inside her, feeling her walls clench around his shaft. She continued to moan in utter ecstasy as she felt every inch of him stretching her insides. Her breasts pressed against the cold, steel wall. Gradually, he began to thrust faster inside her.
Very quickly, Nikki began to orgasm again, unable to take constant stimulation Tyler was giving her cunt. Her honey flowed from inside her, and coated his cock all over, lubricating him more as he continued to thrust. Nikki was losing all control of herself as her mind began to go blank. Tyler loved the fact that he had the little brat whimpering for him, but he wasn’t satisfied with just fucking her like this. He wanted to take it just one step further, just to make sure she was brought down by him.
With his dick well-lubricated by her orgasmic honey, he pulled out from her pussy, and slowly pushed the head of his member into her anus. She clenched up, shocked by what he’d done, but he’d taken a hold of her and didn’t pull out right away. Her breaths strained, clearly never having taken a cock in her ass before. Tyler didn’t relent, and Nikki never actually protested it. Little by little, her body began to relax, and Tyler was able to push in a little deeper, and begin to thrust slowly.
Nikki groaned the way any anal virgin would, but Tyler saw that her hand had returned between her legs, rubbing her own clit furiously. Even though this had been her first time, she seemed to be enjoying herself anyway. It encouraged Tyler to keep ass-fucking her, and he finally felt like he had dominated her. Before this day, he’d never thought he would get this kind of satisfaction. He began to really enjoy fucking the brat’s brown hole, probably more than any other partner he’s been with.
He was finally beginning to feel it. His own orgasm was approaching, so he kept working his cock into her, hoping to finish before the maintenance crew would arrive. As he got close to the edge, Nikki cried out again. She had been pleasured so much that she was climaxing again, only this time, there was a small spurt of juices shooting from her womanhood. Her whole lower half clenched, and it was enough to make Tyler reach his edge. He quickly pulled his large dick out of her ass, and he stroked himself hard, grunting as he shot long strings of cum onto Nikki’s ass cheeks.
The blonde brat looked behind her again as she felt the hot spunk on her skin, and saw that Tyler had finally been spent. She turned around with her back against the cold wall and slid down onto the floor, exhausted, used, and very satisfied. The two of them looked at each other as they caught their breaths, and laughed. Neither of them could believe the acts they had just done and knew things would have to change between them.
Before they could even get dressed again, the emergency phone rang. Surprised, they looked at it for a moment, and Tyler got up to answer the call.
“Hello?” Tyler asked.
The building manager’s voice was on the other end again, “Hi, are you two doing ok in there?”
“Yeah, we’re fine,” Tyler replied.
“Great! Listen, the maintenance crew has just arrived with the emergency gear. They said they can get you out in the next twenty minutes. So, that’s good news. Just hang in there.”
“That’s great,” he replied, “We’ll see you then.”
As Tyler hung up the phone, he told Nikki the news, and in a panic, they hurried to get their clothes back on. The maintenance crew arrived sometime later and got them out of the small room. Needless to say, Nikki blew off the guy she was planning to meet that night and invited Tyler to come by instead. He agreed; after all, he had the rest of the day off.



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