Wishing I was writing…

Well, here I am, at my laptop, with a half-finished story on my screen, and I can’t think of how to continue it. I find myself suffering from that great frustration known as writer’s block. I keep telling myself I can push through it if I just sit down and think, but I do so, and I remember why I stepped away in the first place. It’s especially frustrating as I’ve made a promise to you, my readers, that I would provide regular posts, and a new short story every week. I fear I may not be able to guarantee every week at this point.

I was really worried that might drive people away, but is it really such a bad thing?

Everybody gets writer’s block sometimes, right? it doesn’t mean we’re failing as writers, it just means the muse is taking a day or two off. I do apologize if I’m not able to bring you guys a new story this Saturday, but I’m still working on bringing all of you stories as they come to me. I’m also working my butt off to get a book published for you guys, but it’s taking longer than I expected, and I’m running low on ideas. In a nutshell, I’m working to publish an anthology of stories in the occult/witch/succubus/incubus/etc. genre. I want it to have somewhere around 8-10 short stories, so it’s worth the value. At the moment, I have 3 done, 2 started, and maybe 2 more planned out.

It’s been somewhat difficult to do, as it’s not how I usually create my stories. My stories are usually based on experiences and fantasies shared with me from friends and other readers. I want you all to know, you’re always free to send me suggestions based on what you want to read, as well as share whatever fantasies you have. There’s a good chance I’ll turn it into a story that brings it to life, and I have something new to post.

Again, I’m sorry if I don’t give you guys a new story this weekend, but I am always working to write new stories. When I get writer’s block, it’s always just a passing phase. At some point, I’ll just sit down, and pour out a couple thousand words in a single night. Until then, keep being the sexy people you all are.

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