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Some of you may remember some time ago when I posted an Erotic Bites story called New Membership, I wrote about a couple who become members of a lifestyle club in downtown Nashville. I was inspired to write about this club after learning about it’s existence. Yes, it’s a real place, it’s in downtown Nashville, and it really is an exclusive club where people will dance, swing, and explore their own sexuality. It may seem surprising to the uninitiated, but these kinds of clubs are much more prevalent than you would think, with similar establishments in nearly every major city across the country. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself. Depending on where you live, there could be one just within driving distance.

Your first thought might be to worry over what happens behind the closed doors of these establishments. For some, the first image to come to mind is a modern rendition of an orgy scene straight out of Spartacus, with drugs, alcohol, and absolute debauchery rampant in some semen-covered room. The truth is actually much more sobering: safety is paramount in these establishments. The owners of these establishments hold their members to a high standard of conduct, etiquette, and even dress code. The biggest rule they have, their Golden Rule: consent is key. Nothing is ever done without consent and agreement, to ensure all parties involved have a good time.

Prospective members are normally put through a rigorous vetting process, to ensure no one who walks through their doors will likely cause a scene on their first day. This is sometimes achieved by having a friend, who is already a member, vouching for you. If you don’t know anyone there, you may be interviewed by members of the staff. These interviews can be quite lengthy, and are performed for the purpose of determining if, at all, your personality and lifestyle is parallel to what they look for.

Some clubs simply wish to provide a place for like-minded individuals to meet, and have a good time, make new connections, new friendships, and new relationships. For them, the vetting process may be somewhat easy to complete. Other clubs like the Ménages Club, the same club I used in my story, the establishment provides the same services, but also creates a place where those same, exclusive members, can explore those desires, and have a good time with new friends that same night. Obviously, the vouching you would need is equal to what these clubs will allow you to do on their premises. This couldn’t be more true for my final example:

Obviously NSFW

What you’ve just watched is an inside look in the extremely exclusive Dominus area of Snctm(spoken like “Sanctum”… I assume). This secret society was created by Damon Lawner, a 45-year old pioneer of sexual exploration. Curious as to how exclusive it is? Snctm only accepts the very best of clients, and their criteria is quite demanding. Criteria for consideration involves questions like: “If you could amplify an erotic trait in yourself, what would it be?”, “What will you contribute to the Snctm community?”, “Your greatest sexual fantasy has been brought to life, what is it?”, as well as information about your occupation and workplace. They wish to ensure members will help the society expand it’s knowledge and understanding of sexual appreciation.

If that’s not demanding enough, they also require a membership fee of $10,000-$50,000 per year, and an entrance fee of $1,800 at the door($1,500 if you bring a female companion as your guest, but a photo of her must be submitted ahead of time for approval). I’ve also heard rumor of some sort of ‘blood oath’ to be given, but that may be only a rumor. Guests who attend the parties at the Snctm Manor have a strict dress code as well: men must wear classic tuxedos and black tie, while women may wear lingerie, or a fitting cocktail dress. Every party is also masquerade style, so masks are a must.

What are you looking for in applicants?

Beauty, intelligence, wit, success, sexiness, wisdom, openness, non-judgement, desire to explore, fearlessness.

The entertainment for the evening is also as high-quality as it’s membership, ranging from exotic performances by fire dancers, to a live threesome for guests to watch, and even an individual known only as “Bunnyman”, who wears a mask and bunny ears, and demonstrates various, Japanese bondage techniques while sitting from his gold-painted chair.


When asked how Mr. Lawner finds his performers, he explains they apply to perform at his functions, and often choose the roles they play that night.

Our Devotees are like family, we watch over and protect each other, and push each other to explore deeper. My creative team and I block out performances, and create costumes and stories, but the performers choose their own roles within the theater on any given evening. It’s up to them what they desire to experience, and they often switch up roles, wanting to try new things. There is no question we give ladies the power and protection they deserve, and in turn as gentlemen we have the privilege of not only watching these ladies indulge their fantasies freely, but also have opportunity to indulge in our fantasies along with them.

The decision to even consider attending one of these exclusive establishments is a difficult one, and people have many reasons for choosing not to. Honestly, making the choice to try and gain membership is probably the harder option. If you’re considering applying, I hope the information I’ve provided will help you understand what you may be up against, and what you should be prepared to do. But before you ask, if I don’t know you personally, I’m not going to vouch for you. But if you do manage to get in, maybe I’ll see you inside.

Good luck.


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