Beach Photography

This Erotic Bite is all about getting that perfect picture. Skilled photographers can usually manage to make any subject look amazing. But sometimes, the best subjects find the photographer. I’ve been bouncing this idea around my head for a while, and only just decided to make it into a story. Enjoy!

A flock of seagulls stood closely together, each pacing around, searching for any traces of food hidden in the sand. Knowing how skittish they were, I moved very carefully towards them. I stayed low, moved me feet closer and closer to them. A couple of them stopped and looked at me, before scurrying further away. It was a big risk for me to continue my approach, but I took that risk, and was justly rewarded.

I smiled to myself, held my body still, and waited a few moments before pressing the small black button under my finger. A series of clicks sounded from my camera, and I managed to get some amazing shots for my portfolio. Having gotten what I came for, I stood up quickly and stepped back as the seagulls scurried off away from me. I checked the screen on my Nikon D3200, and felt very satisfied with the quality of the shots. Not only did I get the angle and focus just right, but the setting sun created that effect you just can’t get at any other time of the day.

I slipped my dark sunglasses back over my eyes, and looked up towards the horizon. Without looking directly at the sun, I estimated I had about thirty minutes of golden hour left. Working as a freelance photographer seems like a dream job for any photography student, but it’s not as luxurious as it seems. You’re often stuck at your home office, only editing photos on the computer. When you do get a job to take some photos, it’s usually for condemned buildings, fundraisers, and occasionally a wedding. On the very rare occasions, you might actually get to go somewhere like a beach, and take pictures of models. Like today.

I was already done shooting photos of beautiful women, and wanted to take the opportunity to get some scenery shots for my portfolio. It wasn’t often I was able to go to the beach, so I figured I’d do this now before heading home. The beach was somewhat secluded to begin with, and was mainly owned by beachfront property owners. From where I was standing, it didn’t look like anyone else was going to be on the beach for the evening. I’d be able to take some scenic shots, and not have to worry about people being caught in the frame.

As I looked over towards the horizon, with the sun just about to dip over the line of ocean, I took the opportunity to get a shot of it. I had to change my settings quickly, and switched to a different lens. I managed to get the angle just right, with little interruption from the waves. The sea reflected the right amount of golden light to give the picture that perfect effect. I pushed the button, and smiled with satisfaction as the camera clicked. As far as landscape photos went, you probably couldn’t do better than that.

Without any other ideas for my portfolio, I grabbed my pack, and began to put my gear away. I quickly cleaned off some of my lenses before setting everything in the bag, and closed it up. As I stood up, and put the bag strap over my shoulder, something caught the corner of my eye. I turned my head to see an attractive, brunette woman walking along the sand. I was certain this area of the beach was private property. Did she live at one of these beach houses, or did she just not know? I already had permission to be here, myself, but she didn’t seem to care.

She had a slender body that was covered only by an orange, beach dress, and a pair of dark sunglasses on her face. The whole thing held up on her body by a pair of straps tied at the back of her neck. The wind wasn’t too strong, but a flowing dress like that blew around her with very little effort. As she walked past me, only a couple yards from where I stood, the light caught her dress in a way that let me see almost right through it. I hadn’t meant to stare at her, but I noticed she hadn’t been wearing a bikini or anything underneath.

She smiled at me as she passed, and I’m not sure she was aware of how transparent her dress was. Or she knew exactly how thin the dress was, and simply wasn’t expecting anyone else to be here right now. Looking at her from behind, it was certainly hard not to keep staring. She had a booty that was hard to ignore. As I kept watching her, the wind blew her dress up for only half a second, showing off her butt in it’s entirety.

My first thought after that was, ‘Man, I wish I got a shot of that’. But there was still a good chance it would happen again, so I opened my bag quickly, and pulled my Nikon back out. Keeping a bit of distance between myself and the brunette, I followed behind her. As far as anyone would be able to tell, I was just making my way off the beach, and happened to be going in the same direction. I kept my face down at the screen on my camera, looking like I was checking my saved pictures. In truth, I watched the woman from the tiny screen, waiting for the wind to blow just right as I kept my finger on the button.

I didn’t have to wait very long for my opportunity. The wind blew her dress higher again, and I took a few quick shots with no hesitation. Smiling again, I quickly looked over the photos, and was only somewhat satisfied with the results. At the risk of being discovered, I continued to  following her. A few minutes later, her dress flew up again, and I snapped the photos.

Still not satisfied, I took another risk by following closer behind her. I waited another minute for her dress to fly up once more, and snapped the photos. As the camera clicked, I saw her head turn ever so slightly to the side, then faced forward again. I worried she might have noticed me, but she hadn’t made any sort of reaction to my presence. These photos were actually pretty good, and I didn’t want to risk getting caught now.

I looked at the photos for a few more seconds, and was about to open my bag, when the brunette did something unexpected. Without turning around, or stopping, she grabbed her dress at the thigh, and lifted it up slowly. The fabric pulled up, and held against the small of her back. Her pert buttocks were completely exposed to me, and it seemed her pace had also slowed down. She didn’t say anything, or look towards me, or make any sort of sign, but I think she wanted me to take another picture.

I hesitated only for a moment, then raised my camera back up, standing still as I focused the shot, and snapped a perfect photo. The brunette slowed her pace more than before, and ran her free hand along her bronzed thigh. I moved closer to her, and took another photo. As soon as the camera clicked, her head turned, and I could tell she was looking at me from her peripheral vision. She had a wide smile on her face as she kept the fabric of her dress lifted.

It was no longer a secret what was going on between us. She knew I was photographing her, and I knew she was posing for me. At this point, I wondered if she might have been a professional model. She certainly seemed to know what to do, and she almost appeared to be playful about it. She grabbed her long, dark hair, and pushed it up as her hip swayed to the side. I smiled at her candor, and continued to take photos of her from behind.

She stopped at one point, and parted her legs, slightly, and bent over a little. I didn’t hesitate to snap a shot of that great view of her ass. As the camera clicked, she reached behind her, and grabbed one of her firm cheeks, spreading herself open a little, and leaning over further. Between her thighs, I just made out the small folds of her labia, and I froze in surprise. I knew I was being a bit voyeuristic trying to see more of her buttocks, but I never expected to get this kind of view.

Feeling a little twitch from within my shorts, I nervously brought the camera up again, zoomed the lens, and captured her womanhood. The sun had almost completely disappeared over the horizon, and I feared we would have to end this meeting soon. The sky would only remain lit for another fifteen minutes, at most. The brunette woman stood up straight again, and let the fabric of her dress fall to her knees once more, walking away. As I sulked at the short-lived adventure we were having, she stopped shortly after at a wooden staircase that led up to one of the beach house’s porches.

She placed a hand on the wooden railing, and turned to face me, waiting for me. Puzzled, I approached her, stopping just a few feet from her. She removed her sunglasses, and set them on one of the steps. She smiled widely at me, with the cutest dimples I’ve ever seen on a woman, and looked at me with hazel eyes. I was getting the impression she wasn’t done yet.

She tilted her head to the side, still smiling, and moved the orange material around her chest to expose her bust. I was very impressed with them; even if they weren’t the best I’d seen, they were still very nice. I wanted to take one of them in my hand, groping it, feeling it in my palm, but I held back. With a sly smile on my face, I photographed her again. I was still surprised neither of us said a word this entire time.

I took several more photos of her on those steps, each one with her in a different pose, and all of them with some part of her exposed for me. At one point, she untied the straps of her dress, and left the front open. I noticed her eyes constantly darting downwards, and back up again. I was also aware of the fact I was sporting a large bulge in my shorts. Neither of us were being very subtle.

She sat down on one of the steps, and lifted her dress once again. Her legs opened widely, and her womanhood was presented to me in all of it’s glory. Thus far, she hadn’t shown off more than a hint of her snatch to me, and now she showed it off, as if to a lover. My prick throbbed at seeing her puffing lips opened like that. Still, I wondered why she had taken this position now, if not for a picture.

Her hand traveled between her thighs, and her fingers slowly slid up the valley between her labia. She looked at me with a blush on her cheeks, and a look of attraction in her eyes. Her fingers continued to slide along her slit, becoming moist from her own pleasure. She slowly leaned back further, until her back rested on the next step behind her. Her eyes stayed locked on me, travelling up and down my body, as well as to my camera.

I snapped out of my mesmerized state, and readied my camera again. I took another picture of her every several seconds, while she touched herself. I wished I could be the one to bring her pleasure, to take her on these steps, and listen to her whisper my name as I entered her. But, we had only just met, and she hadn’t given me any sort of consent to touch her, so all I could do was capture her on film. These would go into my ‘personal collection’, anyway, and I would certainly enjoy looking at them later.

Her fingers slid inside of her, and she let out an audible moan. She moved two fingers in and out of her, and leaned her head back as I captured each lustful moment. My cock was almost in pain as I could only watch, but I persisted. I wanted every moment of this on film, all the way to the finish. Her fingers moved faster inside her, and her moans grew more rapid. I could tell she was getting close to her orgasmic finish.

I stopped snapping the camera, and quickly turned one of the dials to a different setting. I watched patiently as she she brought herself closer to climax. Without realizing it, I think I had my free hand reach down, and stroke my bulge over my shorts as I watched her. Her head finally tilted all the way back, and her voice clenched. I immediately held down the button on my camera, and activated the rapid shot function, sending out a flurry of clicks as it began capturing every frame of her orgasm.

Her hips jerked upward, and thrust up from the wooden step she sat on. The brunette rubbed her clitoris furiously as a stream of orgasmic juices shot out of her hot opening. I managed to capture the whole thing, but released the button the moment those juices sprayed all over me, and my camera! I took a step back as I got covered in her love juices, feeling it on my clothes, my face, my hair, and everywhere. By the time I was out of the line of fire, it was over.

After taking some deep breaths, and calming herself down, she looked back up at me, realized what she had done, and looked mortified. She struggled to get back on her feet, and approached me, “Ohmygod! I am so, so, so sorry about that!”

I tried to shake what I could off my body, then examined my camera. It was covered in liquid, “Oh no,” I spoke in a low voice.

“Oh, your camera,” she replied, noticing how bad it was, “Do you wanna come inside to clean it off?”

I looked at her, wanting to be frustrated by the potential damage, but I couldn’t be upset with her while she looked at me with those eyes. So I accepted the offer, “Yes, thank you.”

She took me by the hand, and led me up the wooden stairs. So, she really was one of the residents after all. The light was completely out of the sky now, and porch lights had flickered on. I suppose it was good that this happened, as I wouldn’t know how to part ways after that kind of excitement. The golden hour was over, but who knows, maybe my night was just beginning.


To be continued…?


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