On Lingerie, and why men love it

Now here’s a subject I’ve been getting excited about for a while. The topic of lingerie has been hotly debated for years and years, from both men and women alike, regarding whether or not paying hundreds of dollars for something that will come off within thirty seconds is really worth it. Much of the time, the argument is broken down into topics of comfort, durability(does it tear easily?), accessibility, and of course, the cost. All of these things are good things to consider when getting lingerie for yourself, or for your lover. But, is that all there really is to it?

Just look at any woman who proudly buys and dons her sexy teddy and garter underneath her clothes. I promise, you’ll notice the cheerful skip in her step, her outgoing demeanor, and a generally suspicious attitude associated with full-blown confidence. There’s just something about wearing matching lace, along with a pair of stockings, held up with a couple tight straps. Even if none of it can be seen underneath the clothes you wear to cover it all, you know that if a man were to even glimpse at what hid underneath, he’d be helpless to resist you. You would have him kissing at your feet if it meant having you just for one night.

Since the 16th century, various types of lingerie have been invented, improved upon, re-created, and admired by both men and women. The earliest known forms of lingerie included the classic forms of Victorian corsets we’ve all seen in television and movies. Certainly, the very same design we still use to this day, if altered a bit to allow more comfort. Originally, corsets were built as a means to help ‘re-design’ the female figure. Even if women weren’t built with an hourglass shape, the corset was worn underneath garments to change their appearance. Though mostly to create the illusion, it was also used to reshape muscles, rib cages, and spines, so women would retain that appearance, even after the corset came off.

Equally as traditional as the corset, was the peep show that took place along with it. It wasn’t uncommon for ladies of wealth to invite a male visitor, or two, and depending on her wealth, even an audience, to a custom known as toilette. A time during a woman’s day, after her morning of luxurious bathing, primping, relaxation, and perhaps some time spent writing in her journal, to which she allowed herself to be observed as her handmaidens helped her put on her corset and undergarments, and getting dressed for the rest of her day. It was as much about entertainment as it was flirtation. Knowing this, it’s easy to see the drive behind the evolution of lingerie.

Since then, lingerie has evolved into many other forms, all befitting different types of women, and for various reasons. Gowns, drawers, open-crotch, closed-crotch, corselets, negligees, and teddies are among the spiritual successors to corsets, and all had a secondary purpose of signalling sexual availability. This went on until the 1920’s, when lingerie first started being made specifically for being seen by others, and not being afraid to show a little skin as well. Women who modeled in these alluring outfits were very popular among men, to the point of being pinned up on walls and calenders, hence ‘Pin up Girls’.


At this point, lingerie had begun to play a large role in the act of seduction, female empowerment, and even romance. It gives women confidence as they wear it, women wear it on special occasions and in times of passion for their lovers, and men are hopelessly smitten by a woman who wear it just for them. Hollywood has also proven this to be true in television or movies, when the female lead suddenly appears at the man’s door, only to drop her trench coat, and stun the man into silence.

Still waiting for the day a woman does this to me…

The bottom line is this: lingerie is meant to be seen. Whether it’s seen by your lover, or someone you want to attract is up to the woman wearing it. Men have always been very visual creatures, and we’re most turned on by the things we’re not meant to see. In many cases, the small bits of fabric women wear to conceal themselves can often be more alluring than the naughty bits it covers up. It shows us just how much effort you went into making us want you, and we’re only too happy to reciprocate those affections, when we get you to the bedroom, and never take our hands off your body.

Write me in the comments below. Do you wear lingerie? What kind of lingerie do you wear, and when do you wear it? Do you feel empowered, sexy, and/or confident? Do you wear it for yourself, or for someone in particular?

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