Caught touching, caught watching

I’m sorry if it’s been a long time since I posted anything. I’ve found myself in a bit of a rut over the last several weeks. Things have been changing, and it’s been kind of depressing to have less time to write. I’m working on finding more time to just sit down and just let the words flow out of me. But enough of my whining, let’s get to the subject.

What is it about watching someone masturbate that appeals to us so much? It is, by far, my biggest turn on to watch a woman masturbate before my eyes. More than big breasts, more than redheads, more than any other kink or fetish, nothing makes me more aroused than watching as a woman touches, teases, and pleases herself into a writhing orgasm that is decadent to the eyes. But why is watching masturbation even more erotic than sex? Why is it so much more exciting to watch people find pleasure on their own, than as a couple?

You may not share my views on masturbation, but chances are, you understand how masturbation plays a role in your daily life. I used to think it was difficult to say for certain how sexual the general public is, because no reputable study could be done. When these polls are normally conducted, they are done in online forums, or niche websites focused around sexual lifestyles. As the majority of people who frequent those sites are those who already lead active sex lives, they cannot be counted as an accurate representation of the general public.

However, in 2008, a study was conducted by Gossard Big M involving 1,000 randomly-chosen women between the ages of 18-30, and were surveyed as to whether or not they masturbated, and if so, how often. In a shocking revelation, 92 percent of women admitted to regularly masturbating. Of that 92 percent, roughly two-thirds of them did so an average of 2-3 times per week, with some answering as high as 5-8 times. That’s almost more than men jack it!

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The more I thought about it, the more I had to wonder why it was so entrancing to watch. I did some searching around, and I found a lot of information about women, masturbation, whether they like to watch, or be watched, or both. What I found was pretty broad. Some like to watch men masturbate, some like watching women, some get off on being watched, some don’t, some like watching but not being watched, some vice-versa, and some prefer only if they’re watched/watching with their partner. You could make a spreadsheet out of preferences. Ultimately, everyone has their own comfort zone, but I already spoke on this before with my post on Watching, and being watched.

There was articles and forum posts about how much women like watching, what they like to masturbate to, how often they like to do it, ways to add it into your sexual rotation, but less to do about why masturbation, itself, is more exciting to watch for many people. Until, finally, I got my answer. It seems obvious, in retrospect, but the simple answer is: you’re getting to watch something that’s normally meant to be seen by no one else. Sex is intimate, of course, but it’s also been public eye for decades in the form of pornography. Masturbation, however, is a private affair, where participants seclude themselves from the rest of the world for the sole purpose of fulfilling their own needs on their own terms.

How delightful is it, then, to discover, either accidentally, or as a voyeur, someone you find attractive touching them self in a way that brings them the best satisfaction, but the method is known only to that person? Your skin tingles and warms as you watch their technique, and see their face reflect a kind of ‘true’ satisfaction. You wonder, at that point, ‘Can I bring them the same kind of pleasure, if I were to do the same thing to him/her?’ Suddenly, you begin to fantasize about being the one giving the pleasure, and you find it difficult to keep your own hands off your body, and even more difficult to resist stepping into the room, and joining them.

Ultimately, masturbation is beginning to step out of the realm of discretion, and breaking the stigma. A Skype show is, essentially, just two individuals masturbating next to their laptops as the other person watches. Eventually, this evolved into masturbation porn, homemade masturbation porn, and even women choosing ‘cam girl’ as a legitimate career path(Apparently, it pays very well).

I feel as thought there’s not much point to this post, but I think I needed to write it as a way to get my thoughts out of my head, and onto a page once more. I know my site has become rather stagnant for the last few weeks, and I think this is just my way of easing myself back into it, and proving to myself that I’m over the rut that I’ve found myself in. As such… look at that. I wrote all of this in just over two hours. Hopefully, I’ll have some more posts and stories for you guys soon. Some of you have contacted me, wondering where I’ve been, and whether I’m alright, and if I’m going to post anything new. I assure you, I’m fine, and things are fine in my life, but I really appreciate your concern.

But, I won’t leave you without my usual ‘question for the audience’, so to speak.

What are your preferences when it comes to masturbation and watching? Do you like to be watched, or do the watching? If you’ve never tried it, have you thought about trying it? Have you ever walked in on someone playing with them self? Did you say something, or did you prefer not to interrupt them? Let me know!

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  1. When I was on the Gold coast of Australia several years ago with my late husband and 2 friends I was sitting one night on the balcony and the apartment opposite on the same level had their lights on and no curtains. The couple there were engaging in several sexual acts. The others with me had no idea. I stayed out there watching for over an hour…I hadn’t had sex for over 3 years at that stage and I was very aroused. I didn’t masturbate or even touch myself but I know I got very wet! And felt ashamed afterwards! Now…? Well I would masturbate for sure! But then my life has changed dramatically in the last 9 months! I’m 81 btw! I love you site…we both do! )))

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