Revenge is best served three-ways – part 2

Not long ago, I had an idea for a sequel to my story about the woman who gets revenge on her sister. This is the result of that idea. It took me longer to finish it than I anticipated, but I hope it lives up to it’s predecessor. Enjoy!

Sunset had already passed over the horizon as an older-looking Mazda pulls up in front of a cheap apartment building. As it sputtered to a stop, the driver set the parking brake, and exits, with high-heeled shoes hanging from her feminine fingers. The brunette woman closes the door behind her, and unfastens the two buttons of her medium blue blazer. She hated wearing it, but it was practically required to be worn at a job she recently just started. Hiding just underneath of it was her white blouse, and a knee-high skirt which matched the blazer in color. She walked barefoot to her apartment, careful not to step on any rocks along the way.

Her apartment building was like many of the others on that road, but each one overlooked the nicer, fenced houses that lined the opposite side of the street. The brunette had always wished she could afford to live in a place like that. Where she could walk around in her own home, and have several yards between her and her neighbors. Her sister had already achieved this dream first, after stealing her ex-boyfriend in high school, and marrying him only a couple years after. She tried not to think about it, as the thought made her mad every time.

Finally reaching her door, she fumbled with her keys until she managed to unlock her apartment, and stepped inside. As cheap as the building looked outside, it looked just as cheap inside. The basic white walls had a hue of yellow mixed in from age, and the carpet had been matted down from years of being walked on. The lights flickered as they turned on, and the hall seemed to get narrower every day. This was home for the petite brunette, who dropped her inexpensive heels next to the door, and slipped out of her blazer. Making her way to her bedroom, hung up the blazer, and peeled off her white blouse.

She stopped for a moment, and took a deep breath of exasperation, frustrated over everything that had happened to her earlier that day. It wasn’t as though she disliked her new job with the company. In fact, it was much less physically exhausting to work in customer service, rather than being the lowly employee who spent all day folding clothes for the chain department store. No, it turned out the only downside to the job was all the extra attention she was getting. Being in her position, she had to attend to the needs of customers who clearly wanted more than help finding something that fits.

Every day was nearly the same: she would help find a shirt, or some pants, for a guy in his forties or fifties, and was either still single, or divorced. It was almost too easy to predict the ones who would hit on her immediately after finding them what they were looking for. They were rarely subtle about staring at her tits, and every time she turned around, it was obvious they were looking at her ass. A couple times, some would even proposition her with promises of money, in exchange for being their little ‘pet’ for the evening. The very thought sent a sickening shiver up her spine every time.

Part of her wanted to report what was happening to management, but there wasn’t anything they’d be able to do about the customers. They would likely end up relocating her to a different department; or worse: back to her old position folding clothes. Besides, she was a firm believer in fighting her own battles. As she made her way to the kitchen wearing nothing but a bra and her skirt, she opened the fridge, taking out a cold can of cheap beer. It was probably the only thing left in this world that could help her get rid of the images of creepy men wanting to touch her.

Pulling the tab back, the can made a release of gas. The sound it made always felt like ‘welcome home’ to her. Taking a sip, it was time for her usual damage report. Sitting on the edge of the kitchen counter was the answering machine for her phone, with several messages waiting for her to hear. Thinking it was better to get it over with, she pushed the button marked ‘play’. With a long beep, it began the recordings.

“This is an automated message. Your cellular balance is at zero dollars. Please make a deposit to avoid overdraft fees.” Well, that one’s not so bad.

The next few messages were roughly of the same caliber. Just people reminding her she owed them money. Then there was this message:

“Hey Beth, it’s Brad. I know you’ve had a lot going on lately, but if you’re free tonight, I’d like to take you out for drinks. See where the night goes. Whaddya say?” the machine beeped once more, and finished with, “End of messages.”

You could almost hear Beth’s eyes roll as she listened to his request. Brad had been practically obsessed with her for the last several weeks, leaving multiple messages on her machine, and forcing her to awkwardly turn down his advances while in public. Ever since what happened a while back, he’s had this belief that Beth secretly wanted him. She wondered how many more times she would have to let him down before he finally ended his pursuit of her.

Finishing off her beer can, she chucked it into a small waste bin, and shuffled into her bathroom. A hot shower might not wash away the memories of every creepy comment she received that day, but it might get rid of the smell they left on her. After turning on the hot water, she stripped off her remaining clothes. Her brunette hair had been tied into a tight little bun on top of her head, and she stopped to examine herself in the mirror. She may not have been as petite as her sister, but she considered herself a desirable woman, and carried a rack she could be proud of.

Stepping into the shallow bathtub, the hot water felt relaxing on her lightly tanned skin. Once she was fully under the water, and felt the heat run over her chest and back, she could begin to feel the stresses of her day begin to melt. With a bit of soap, she lathered herself, feeling cleaner already, and let it all rinse away. Her hands moved around her abdomen, and along the undersides of her breasts, before cupping them.

Gently fondling herself, the heat and steam began to put her in a particular mood. With a flirty smile, she playfully plucked one of her own nipples, and her hips faintly squirmed in response. She watched as her nipple began to harden, before mildly pinching it again, and again, her body responded. Her dominant hand reached lower, and felt for the small valley between her thighs, and rubbed along her labia. Craving some real satisfaction, she thought back to her favorite, go-to memory to get off to.

Two months ago, Beth had fulfilled her greatest fantasy when she spent an obscene night having sex with her high school boyfriend, being in the middle of an orgy, and spiting her bitch sister, all at the same time. Carrie had stolen Nathan from her when they were both in school, simply by fucking him before Beth had gotten the chance. Since then, her sister tried to ‘make it up to her’ by trying to set Beth up with guys ever since. It seemed fair, on the surface, but Carrie had a tendency to set her sister up with losers.

Bethany had gotten her revenge, however, when she spent a night out with her sister, Nathan, and a couple of his friends one day. Nathan drank too much, and said a few things that upset Carrie, and she left. Seizing the opportunity, Beth came back to the party early, and offered to let the guys fuck her together. They were taken aback, but soon enough, they were all over her body. Never in her life, had she been taken so completely, felt so filled and sated, and pleased in the knowledge that she satisfied every cock in the room, including her sister’s husband. The moment those memories began flooding back, she raised a leg, setting her foot on the edge of the bathtub, and started rubbing her clitoris.

She closed her eyes, remembering back to when Nathan insisted on being the first to fuck her. Beth had waited years to hear him admit how much he wanted her. She remembered how big his cock was the first time she pulled it out of his pants, and how eager she was to take him in her mouth. Nathan liked it so much, he no longer cared that he was married to Beth’s sister. Her wet body began to squirm to the rhythm of her fingers.

She remembered how she encouraged Nathan’s friends, Joe and Brad, to join in. Both of them seemed nervous at the thought of being invited into an orgy, but it wasn’t long until their hands were on her body too. She remembered how nerdy, but cute, Joe would fondle her breasts, while Brad hovered over her ass, and fingered her hot folds. As annoying as Brad had become now, Beth did enjoy the way he touched her that night. It would be dishonest to say Brad hadn’t been the subject of at least one or two mastabatory fantasies.

Her body was already heating up as her pleasure began to rise. There was a slickness on her fingers that let them glide over her sensitive little nub, and made her hunger for more. As she felt her nub grow firmer, so she slipped her middle finger inside herself, and moved it in and out of her folds. She yearned to have someone who could do this to her every day, to satisfy her needs in ways she only ever experienced a few times. If she hadn’t kept agreeing to the blind dates her sister, Carrie, set her up with, maybe she would have found one already.

Her core grew ever more hot when she thought back to how Nathan felt the first time he entered her. She dreamt of that feeling ever since the day her sister stole him in high school. He filled her so completely, and it felt like total bliss. And then he began thrusting, and her mind went crazy with lust. She’d finally done what she always wished she did back in high school. Her fingers now moved inside her rapidly, while her breathing increased. Small moans began to escape the back of her throat.

Beth would have loved nothing more than to finish this little fantasy, and bring herself to a satisfying climax under the hot water. However, after several minutes, the water was already starting to grow colder. She cursed her low capacity water heater, and shut the shower off. Grabbing a towel, she scoffed at the thought of her ruined orgasm, and patted herself dry. Her frustration drove her to hurry to the bedroom, where she could put on one of her favorite pornos, and finish herself off.

Her bedroom was fairly small, but still had enough room for the essentials, and even a small window with minivenetiain blinds. As she climbed into her full-size bed, and pressed play on the dvd player on the dresser, she reached into her nightstand drawer to retrieve her little, green, lover. The video that played on the small screen, which sat just next to the dvd player, showed a muscular, tattooed man, climbing onto a sexy woman, ready to take her rough. The woman seemed eager to receive it as she purred at him.

As Beth watched this, she looked at her green toy, and came to the realization that it wouldn’t be enough for her. She needed something more substantial, something more real. She needed a real cock to satisfy her, just as the woman in the video had. She groaned in frustration, thinking of how the hell she would find someone on short notice. It’d take too long to pick a guy up at a bar, or club, and she didn’t have any friends with benefits to call on. However, on that thought, she realized there was no reason she couldn’t set one up right now.

Returning to the kitchen, still nude, and picking up the phone, she dialed the number of a guy she knew would want her enough to come running. She hit ‘call’ and waited for him to answer.

“Hello?” a man’s voice answered. Beth could hear club music playing in the background.

“Hey, sexy. It’s Beth.” she answered, almost giggling.

“Oh, hey,” he sounded legitimately surprised, “How ya doin’? Haven’t heard from you in a while.”

“Yeah, well…” she tried to sound flirty, “Do you feel like coming over and seeing me?”

“Seeing you?”

“If you’re not busy. I’m just craving some company right now, and I kinda want it to be you, so…” she hoped he would get the clue at this point.

“Absolutely, I’ll head there right now.” it was clear he was holding back some excitement, judging by how eager he sounded. She gave him her address, and how to find her apartment, and hung up. Not long ago, the idea of calling someone up for a hook-up was ludicrous. But now, after shedding her well-behaved demeanor, she found herself feeling more empowered, and in control of her sexuality. With an accomplished grin, she returned to her bedroom to put on a robe, so she could at least open the door without the neighbors seeing her.

Within less than ten minutes of laying on the bed with nervous, and excited, anticipation, there was a knock at Bethany’s door. She quickly moved to her door, and stopped for a moment, checking herself, making adjustments, and making sure her hair looked good. She wasn’t sure why, but she suddenly cared a lot about how he would see her at this moment. With a deep breath, she opened her door, and grinned wide at the man who was there. He was tall, and handsome for a nerdy IT guy. Since the night of the orgy, he’d been the subject of more than a few mastabatory fantasies.

“Hey, Joe.” she greeted, motioning him to come inside. He smiled wide, and stepped through her door. He’d been wearing cargo shorts, and a blue graphic tee. Beth thought it was cute how he would always dress the same, whether he was going to get groceries, or to the club with friends. She closed the door behind him, and hesitated as to how to proceed from here. She’d never had a friends-with-benefits deal before, so this was all new for her.

The first thing she did was move in front of him, wrapped her arms around his neck, and locked lips with him in a passionate kiss. She worried it might be weird, but his lips felt soft, and warm, and sent a pleasant feeling down to her groin. Satisfied, she broke the kiss, took him by the hand, and led him to the bedroom as she bit her lip. Just inside, she turned to look at him, and noticed he looked just as nervous as she had been. Clearly, he’d never been in this situation either. Best to put everything on the table now, she thought.

“To be clear, I called you over because I’m horny as fuck,” she annunciated, “and I just really need to get laid. I’m not looking for a relationship, or anything. But if you’re ok with it, we can still get together for sex every now and then.” she laid it all out so casually, even she was surprised with how easy it came out.

Joe looked at her, wide-eyed, and making quick, tiny nods at her as she just gave him the grandest of offers any guy could receive from a woman like her. He may have been more shocked at the fact she had chosen him, rather than someone like Brad. Beth made a quick glance at his pants, and already made out a huge bulge poking out of his tanned shorts. She couldn’t help but do a double take, feeling her chest flutter at the thought of what waited for her underneath the fabric.

“So, we’re good?” she inquired, though her voice suggested she would let him take her whether he agreed or not.

He nodded once more, and responded with, “Yeah, I can do that.”

With that, Bethany had no other reason to hold anything back, and gave him another lustful kiss, pulling at the hem of his t-shirt. Their lips broke only momentarily as it came off over his head, and Beth hadn’t hesitated to immediately work on his belt and shorts next. Joe was completely nude in a matter of seconds. With a yank on the sash of her robe, it fell off her shoulders, and she was just as bare as him. Her body was already burning with desire as his hands explored her body. Her porn still played at the other side of the room, but neither of them really seemed to care.

As Joe took hold of her bust with both hands, cupping them, and brushing his thumbs over her hardening nipples, Beth reached down to grab his prick. Once her fingers had wrapped around it, she remembered another great quality he had. Her eyes quickly went wide again, almost forgetting how big he was the first time she’d seen his hard rod. It excited her even more, and her legs quivered as she thought about how he felt inside her the last time they met.

Having no patience for kissing and heavy petting, she turned his back towards her bed, and pushed him onto it. He looked up at her with a surprised expression as he got comfortable, and waited for her to make the next move. Beth’s eyes looked up and down his body. He wasn’t exactly muscular, but he wasn’t scrawny either. Looking back at her, around six inches, and thick, was his hardened cock standing almost straight up.

She leaned forward, resting a knee on the edge of the bed, and hovered over his lap. She held her hair over to one side, and grasped his member in her hand, stroking it as she looked up into his eyes. She craved him in a way she’d never known until this moment. Breaking eye contact with him, she parted her lips, and took him into her mouth. Though she wanted to take every inch, she found she could barely get her lips past the head. Regardless, he reacted with a long sigh of excitement.

Beth had never experienced this kind of control in her life. She felt dominant, empowered, and finally in control of her sex life. She wanted Joe’s large cock, and now she had it in her mouth, and at her command. It thrilled her to continue, letting it slide out just to the tip, and taking it back between her lips. She continued slowly at first, then gradually picking up speed as she felt fit to. Joe started breathing heavily, and Beth could feel his eyes watching her every movement. Her breasts felt fully aroused, and hot with redness. She felt her core burning with hunger, and it begged to be touched.

She could feel him getting stiffer the more she continued. For the rest of his shaft, she compensated by stroking it to match the rhythm of her mouth. Joe had been trying his damndest to keep still for her, clutching the sheets until his knuckles turned white, and holding back from squirming too much. If Beth hadn’t just started, you’d almost swear he was about to bust right this moment. She wouldn’t relent, however, and continued.

Her center was throbbing, and she was less than two seconds away from sliding him out of her mouth, and sliding him inside her cunt. Then, the worst possible thing that could occur, did. There was an interruption, in the form of a clatter coming from within the apartment.

“BETH!! Where the fuck are you?” a voice called out from the hallway. The two lovers got up quickly, and fretted at the sudden disruption. They both recognized the voice that shouted as  Beth’s sister, Carrie. Before they even had a chance to react, or answer the call, her sister barged into the bedroom, stopping when she saw the two of them in bed, nude.

The sister with the chestnut hair looked straight at Beth, “Did you fuck Nathan? I want the truth!” she demanded.

“The hell are you doing?” the brunette sister rebuked, “Get the fuck out of my apartment.”

“No, I want to know the truth. Did you fuck my husband in my own home? Yes or no?”

Her first instinct was to lie, and say ‘no’, but someone had clearly blabbed, and Beth knew it couldn’t have been Joe. Instead, she redirected.

“W-who told you that?” Beth asked.

Carrie stood there with black and gray leggings, and crossed her arms in front of her blue tank top. Beth just barely made out the word ‘Naughty” scrawled on the front. Although it seemed inaccurate at this point. She explained, “After Joe left us, Brad got pissed because you didn’t call him, instead. Then got wasted, and admitted you all had an orgy after I left, that day.”

Carrie bit her lip in furious irritation. If Brad was upset she wasn’t giving it to him, he was certainly never going to get into bed with her now.

“So it’s true?” Carrie queried.

Beth smacked the bed, “Where’s Brad now?”

“Probably getting his ass beat by Nathan right about now. Why would you do that to me, Beth?”

“Oh, you know damn well why I did it. And you know you had it coming too.” Beth retaliated, as she pointed her finger at her sister. Beth had almost forgotten she was still naked through this argument.

Carrie stood there a moment in vehement contemplation, her leg fidgeting restlessly before she finally spoke again, “Fine. Since we’re fucking each other’s boyfriends now, I’ll fuck yours, too.”

Before Beth could make a response, her sister had already started pulling her tank top off over her head, and dropped it on the ground. Her bra quickly followed right after. Beth hadn’t seen her own sister’s tits since high school, but they were surprisingly perky, and only a little bigger than Beth’s. As she slipped her leggings past her hips, Joe finally spoke up.

“Uh, we’re not actually dating.” he chimed. Beth didn’t even turn to look at him when she rolled her eyes. As if that information would even make a difference right now. It just encouraged Carrie to make a smart-ass remark.

“Oh, good,” she answered sarcastically as the leggings and panties came off her ankles together, “It won’t be a problem, then.”

“You can’t be serious,” Beth scoffed at her boldness.

Carrie strolled over to the bed, right past Beth, and climbed right onto her bed, straddling Joe’s chest. Beth watched in disbelief as her sister threw herself at the man she intended to sleep with that night, and in her own home, no less!

“Don’t you wanna fuck me too?” Carrie purred at Joe, practically shoving her bald vagina in his face. The sexy nerd was at a loss.

“Hey now, I don’t want Nathan to–”

“Nathan’s not gonna do shit,”Carrie interrupted, “because none of us are going to tell him.” she turned her head, looking back at Beth, making sure she’d made herself clear. When she faced Joe again, she scooted herself closer to Joe’s head, this time literally shoving her vagina in his face, “Now, lick my fucking pussy.”

Beth’s jaw dropped as she watched. She couldn’t see if Joe was going to do as she said, but a small moan from behind the cascade of curly brown hair revealed the answer. Joe had given in, and was performing fellatio on Carrie. She couldn’t be sure if she was more pissed at Joe for doing as she said, or at Carrie for trying to steal a man from her again! Her first instinct was to punch her sister in the face, and tell them both to get the hell out; but remembered how getting upset was the reason Carrie got away with stealing Nathan. This time, Beth would have to play hardball.

Channeling all of her anger into conviction, she grasped Joe by the shaft, once more, and slid him back into her mouth, stroking him rapidly as her head began bobbing deliberately on him. She had almost caused herself to gag when she attempted to take him as far as her throat would allow. But the more she worked him, the more her sister seemed to wriggle and coo.

“Oh my,” Carrie spoke between lusty breathes, “whatever you’re doing back there, keep it up. It’s making him try harder!” she kept her back towards Beth.

Beth wasn’t stupid, she knew her sister was just trying to psych her out, make Beth think Joe wanted her more. Beth would have none of it, and refused to be ignored. This was now a competition of who was the better fuck, and Beth didn’t plan on losing. Taking her mouth off of him, but still stroking, she took things a step higher when she climbed up onto his lap, straddling the sexy nerd, and rubbed the tip of his shaft along the soaked valley of her core. She still desperately needed to be satisfied, now more than ever. With her body already burning with lust, she lowered herself onto him, and felt him penetrate her, slowly filling her up completely.

Up to a point, Beth felt a familiar kind of pleasure she knew very well, but after passing a certain point, Joe’s member had reached places that were rarely stimulated. She cried out in bliss as she took as much as she could handle, and felt wonderful just to have him inside her. Joe groaned as he felt her wrap around him too, which stopped him mid-fellatio. Carrie turned her head to see what her sister was doing. The two of them exchanged looks, both refusing to back down.

Carrie turned back to Joe’s face, running her fingers through his hair, and looking down into his eyes. She knew, with her perky breasts, and how well she took care of her body, Joe had a hell of a view from down there. If Carrie was going to get back at Beth, she would have to use it all. She reached down to her own swelling lips, and spread them open for his tongue to glide along. Using her middle finger, she teased her own tiny nub, and felt her hips gently buck in response. She cooed from the combined pleasure of Joe’s tongue and her finger, and kept watching as he licked her.

Joe seemed reluctant to do this, at first, but seemed to warm up to it quickly. His tongue slid along her opening, tasting her arousing honey, before letting his lips wrap around the folds of flesh surrounding her clitoris. His tongue slithered past them, and teased the tiny button, sending sharp shocks of pleasure through Carrie’s pelvis, and up her spine. She shuddered and bucked at the sensation, unable to endure the assault on her clitoris.

Without her realizing, Joe’s hands had reached up and grasped her breasts. Carrie watched him massage them, and shivered ever-so-slightly when he grazed his thumb over the tips of her nipples. The sensation was half-teasing, and half-tickling. Carrie had grown accustomed to the way her husband would grope and pull on her mounds, but feeling Joe do it was something entirely new, and naughty, and brought her a strange enjoyment from it. She smiled as she felt her body getting hotter, and delighted in the idea of being pleasured by him.

Just behind her, Beth took a breath as she felt Joe’s pulsing member spreading her open, and sliding every inch into her. Her honey coated his length as she raised her hips up a few inches, and brought them down again, feeling him fill her up. Joe felt blissfully good just sitting inside her, but feeling him move in her was absolutely electric. She couldn’t be sure if it was just how long it had been since she last got laid, or the anticipation, or her sister getting her riled up, but every nerve in her body was alive, and responded to him. The more she rode him, the more slick he felt, and the better it became for her.

Her heavy breathing turned into loud moans very quickly, and began to reverberate against the walls. She didn’t want to share him with her sister. She wanted to keep Joe her’s, and keep his wonderful cock for her own enjoyment. Beth moved faster, bouncing in his lap hard enough to make smacking sounds as her ass hit his pelvis. Her lust grew rapidly, and it felt like she could explode at any moment. She’d become so sensitive, Beth hadn’t realized she had crossed over the edge, and was climaxing, until it had already begun.

“Oh fu–uck, I’m cumming!” she cried out hoarsely. Her back arched forward, her legs shaked, and she could feel the muscles of her snatch contracting around his length. She could barely keep moving along his shaft when his torso tightened, and he let out a heavy groan from underneath Carrie. He throbbed inside her as she felt something hot filling her insides.

She tried her best to keep still for a few moments until their bodies calmed down. Still huffing, Beth raised herself off Joe’s prick, feeling extra sensitive as he slid out of her. For a minute, she forgot the world around her, and let her mind fill with the euphoric high her orgasm gave her. Her pale skin glistened with a layer of sweat, her breasts were swollen, and her core felt spent, at least for the moment. Her mind was brought out of it’s haze when something caught her attention.

Carrie had climbed off Joe’s face, and now seemed focused on his softening member. She sat on her knees, bent over his lap, just next to Beth, looking at it like some tasty treat she desired. She nonchalantly grabbed the nearest piece of cloth, which ended up being Beth’s bathrobe, and used it to wipe his dick clean. Then, tossing the fabric aside, took his semi-limp prick in her hand, and started stroking him. Joe raised his head, confounded by how all of this could be happening to him. In one quick motion, Carrie took half his length in her mouth with a delighted, “Mmmm…”

Carrie’s boldness seemed to know no bounds, as she began sucking Joe’s prick just after her sister had it inside her. The more incredible thing was, Joe was becoming hard again. It seemed he had a bit more stamina than Beth first thought. He was still sensitive post-orgasm, however, and shuddered as she orally pleased him. Beth watched as she worked him, holding her hair back with one hand, and her breasts gently swaying underneath her.

Beth was strangely entranced by it. The thought of watching her sister get fucked by a man who wasn’t her husband had a strange appeal to it. Her sister insisted no one ever say anything about this, and yet, she could still hold this over Carrie’s head forever. She wondered, did Carrie think of that, or did she simply not care? Regardless, she let her sister have some fun with her lover.

Getting up, Beth stepped to the head of the bed, next to Joe. He looked at her bewildered, and still making small shudders as Carrie had her lips wrapped around his tender tip.

“I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do in this situation,” he whispered to her, jokingly of course. Beth giggled and grinned, before leaning down to kiss him lustfully.

“You’re gonna fuck her,” she whispered back to him. Joe’s eyes widened further. Beth could tell, behind his eyes, Joe never imagined this could happen to him in his lifetime. After a moment’s hesitation, he replied with a nod, and looked back down at the lightly-tanned booty that hung over him. A small sheen of honey covered the lips of Carrie’s labia, and seemed to call out for attention. Beth took this opportunity to take charge of the situation.

She tilted her head, gesturing for Joe to take action. Then placed a hand on her sister’s back, and one on her shoulder, gently beckoning her to stop her oral gratification. Carrie looked up at Beth, and made a face, ready to rebuke her for trying to tell her what to do. Before she could speak, Joe had slid out from under her, and had sat up onto his knees. Carrie seemed at a loss when Beth shifted her sister’s position, putting Carrie on her hands and knees. Beth smiled, appreciating the irony, even if it was being orchestrated by her own hand.

Joe took his position just behind Carrie, and stroked himself slowly before holding his length right in line with Carrie’s opening. Just as his large head made contact with her center, Carrie gasped, anticipating his size. Then, her head shot up as she felt every inch spreading her open. She cried out in sweet agony as she endured his girth, and slammed her hand into the bed, clenching the blanket within her fingers. Beth laughed inwardly, wondering how much it must have shocked her, only ever knowing how Nathan felt inside her, and then to feel something even bigger.

Taking her hands off her sister, Beth got back on the bed, sitting on her knees just behind their mutual lover, and wrapped her arms around his body. Joe had already begun slowly thrusting into Carrie’s snatch. Carrie’s heavy breaths were highlighted with moans of ecstasy. The brunette sister watched everything as she peeked around Joe’s shoulder. Her lips were raised close to his ear, and she whispered, “Fuck her good, for me…”

At her command, Joe had started moving his hips faster. Beth felt every movement against her body, her mounds pressed into his back, her arms mildly wrapped around his torso. Carrie rested her head on the blanket, moaning loudly, but muffled by it. Beth’s eyes became entranced by the small jiggles of her backside when Joe thrusted into her. The heady smell of sweat and sex was quickly filling the room. She could feel her lover’s chest heat up, and redden, under her hand. The assault on the senses drove Beth wild, and she felt a need to touch herself, again.

Her eyes remained locked on the two people having sex on her bed as she let one hand travel down to her pelvis, and let her fingers slide along the valley of her core. The sounds of squishing and smacking of their hips was very erotic to her. The comparison was shockingly similar to her favorite porno. Her sister, in almost complete submission; and Joe, the handsome hunk who dominated her. Both of them were under Beth’s control right now. It sent her into a frenzy, compelling her to finger herself furiously.

Carrie’s moans were reaching a higher pitch, and she started bundling the blanket around her face. She was approaching climax quickly, and Joe hadn’t slowed down at all. Damn, did that boy have some stamina! With an arch of the back, and a heavily muffled scream, it looked like Carrie had been pushed over the edge, and exploded around Joe’s cock. It wasn’t more than a couple thrusts after that Joe groaned, pulled out of Carrie’s snatch, and started stroking quickly.

“Oh, shit!” he cried out. His face contorted as if in agony, as small spurts of semen erupted from his large prick, and landed on Carrie’s bum. Beth’s own pleasure had been interrupted when the two of them suddenly collapsed onto the bed, exhausted and spent. With nothing to watch, Beth stopped masturbating, and looked at the two of them with pitiful displeasure. With nothing more that could be done, she joined them on the bed, snuggling with Joe.

After a couple minutes of catching their breaths, Carrie was the first to get up. She said nothing to either of them, or even bothered to look at them. She just quietly retrieved her clothes, put them on, and left out the door. Neither Beth, nor Joe, said anything to Carrie as she did. It was silently agreed no one in the room need speak of what happened. Beth had gotten revenge on Carrie, and Carrie had gotten some semblance of revenge on Beth.

“I’m not sure how I feel about all this,” Joe remarked finally.

Beth turned onto her side, looking at him, “About what, exactly?”

“Having sex with both of you, the possibility of Nathan finding out.”

Beth placed a finger over his lips, “There’s no reason for anyone to say anything.”

The two of them kissed, Beth biting her lip as it broke, “Now, I think I know a better use for that mouth of yours…”

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