Forbidden Writings is now official!

Not long ago, I made a decision to finally invest into this site, and into my own writing, and bought a domain for my blog. I made the decision after mulling it over the last few days. I thought to myself, I don’t exactly have a large following, nor do I post as often as many other bloggers do. I’ve looked at a few other blogs, from writers who have been doing this much longer than I have, and tried to see what’s working for them. Things I may not be doing myself.

As I looked, the first thing I noticed was the layouts they used. Their blogs have a much more traditional layout, and leave a sidebar open for a multitude of things, like sponsors, navigation, links, etc. But those are all things I dislike about blogs, because they always make everything seem so cluttered. As if they want to draw your eye to too many places at once. I thought I was doing things the wrong way, not following the same pattern. I thought I would need to change the layout of mine, if I wanted to be taken seriously. Then I came to some revelations.

Why should I think they’re doing things 100% right? Sure, they post more, so of course they’ll get more overall views per day. They talk about many of the same things I do, but usually only as it pertains to their own lives. Not to mention, I’m already at a disadvantage because men are taken less seriously in the erotica genre. Furthermore, many bloggers break up their writing into small chunks, where I like to post the entire story upon completion. It’s not that other bloggers are doing things better than I am, but that they run their blog in a way that works for them. I like to write in-depth lifestyle articles, book reviews, and full short stories for you all to enjoy.

If I dislike the clutter in sidebars, who’s to say other people don’t as well? My layout, and my blog, work to bring my content to you in a way that best matches how I want it delivered to you. And now, I’ll stop talking about it, because I’ve gone way off script for what I wanted to talk to you all about: The blog is now hosted! And, given the increasing rise of the new TLD, I decided to make this a ‘.blog’ website. I hope this will help with my branding, make me more discover-able, and get rid of the ugly, basic domain that was difficult to remember, or promote.

is now

Ads are removed, of course. And that’s for your convenience. I do well enough in my day job to afford not using them for my own profit. But, I’m happy that I’m investing in myself as a writer. I feel a new stream of confidence, now that my blog is official. Of course, as I write for all of you, I’d like to know what you think. Are you excited to see more? Is there anything you’d like to see me write about more often? Any topics I should touch on? Any features I should try? Let me know in the comments. See you next time!

8 thoughts on “Forbidden Writings is now official!

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  1. Congratulations! What a huge step. While it’s good to gather inspiration from others it’s always best to pave your own path. Design your site how you want to represent yourself and your work and the peeps will love it… and your writing. I always think if it’s one follower or a million, what does the number matter if the reader loves what you share? I get the number bolster, but quality over quantity IMO(Haha I almost wrote that backwards). Back to the topic, way to go, you should be proud to be taking a step forward to do what you do so well.

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