Bad Daddy

This Erotic Bite comes as a special request from a reader. A Daddy Dom would love nothing more than to play with his pretty girl, but his job begins to get in the way of his responsibilities to her. Kitten isn’t happy about it, and begins to misbehave. Enjoy!

It’s never easy when you work in an industry so demanding as marketing. The hours are a bit erratic, and subject to change, depending on how trends flow. Things could shift in another direction within a matter of hours. Because of this, the industry can be rather unforgiving to its employees, so you need to be just as flexible. Normally, I’ve managed myself pretty well, and have proven myself to be quite reliable. However, this new project was a big one, and I began to doubt if I could hold myself to the task.

I arrived back at my townhouse, adjacent to several more along my street. The brick exterior and dark, steel metalwork gave it the appearance of age, despite being built less than a decade ago. The street was already quiet when I parked next to the sidewalk, and stepped out of my car. I had already loosened my aubergine tie and unbuttoned the top button of my Egyptian cotton shirt. They say you should dress for the job you want, so I made it a point to look like someone who could be made partner.

I climbed up the steps, laptop bag over my shoulder, and unlocked my door. Stepping inside, the interior was unlike the exterior facade. White walls everywhere, accented with areas of marble and carved stone. The modernized furniture was black, and modular, contrasting the white theme. I took off my shoes, and set them on a low shelf, where they wouldn’t get dirty, and felt the white carpet under my silk socks. I took a breath and inhaled the floral scent of the room. My wife liked it when the living room smelled like flowers.

Speaking of which, I peered around, and spotted her on the floor, not far from the couch. She laid on her stomach, with her legs bent, and her feet slowly swinging back and forth above her. She had several colored pencils sprawled out around her as she held a coloring book in front of her face. She had a look of fierce focus as she made sure to keep her colors inside the lines. Her lips were parted slightly as she held her tongue against her lip. I’d been married to her for the last two years, after living with her for one year. We decided to live under the same roof after she revealed to me her desire to be a little girl.

It wouldn’t have been apparent to anyone who met her, at first, as she was always so adult-like in public. She talked like an adult, acted like an adult, had an adult job, but when she was home, she let out a side of herself that would make you think she really was a little girl. I’ll admit, I was surprised, at first, but I quickly grew to love her even more for it. It was then, I took the role of ‘Daddy’, and promised her I would always love her. There were a few arrangements that had to be made, but I adapted to my new role rather easily. After a few weeks, I began to wonder why I never explored this role I had before now.

As I set my laptop case down, my kitten looked up from her coloring book with beautiful, hazel eyes. Her face lit up with joy when she saw I was home, and quickly bounded up. I noticed she was wearing one of her favorite dresses: white with a black overall design to it, with a preppy ruffle. Her strawberry-blonde hair bounced as she nearly skipped towards me, and wrapped her arms around me, and laid her head on my chest.She fit so perfectly in my arms every time I held her.

“I missed you, Daddy,” she spoke softly into me. I smiled warmly at her voice.

“I missed you too, Kitten.”

We broke our embrace, and she looked up at me with adoring eyes. Her arms swung back behind her, and she took a single step away from me.

“Did you do all your chores,” I ask her.

She gleefully nods with a cheery “Mm-hmm.” After my career had begun to take off, Kitten and I decided she would get to stay home, which allowed her to let out her little side much more often. She was certainly much happier ever since. I looked around the room and saw a pink bear sitting next to where she laid on the floor. Kitten liked to have one of her stuffies with her at all times. I won that pink bear for her at a carnival last year, which Kitten immediately gave a name.

“Did Priscilla help you?” I asked. She smiled wider and nodded quickly. Kitten was unusually chipper this evening. When that happened, there was usually a good explanation as to why.

“Can we play today, Daddy?” she asked as cutely as she could. In truth, I would have liked nothing more than to play with my Kitten, especially after a day like today. But, there was always something.

“I wish I could, pretty girl, but Daddy has some important work he has to take care of right now. But we can play later tonight, after your bath,” as I spoke, I ran my fingers through her soft hair. I made it a point to brush it for her every day. I always want my Kitten to feel special. However, her face quickly turned into a pout.

“But, Daddy!” she complained, “You worked all yesterday, too. And I really want to play with you today.”

“I know, sweetheart, and I will play with you. But you just need to wait until tonight. Daddy’s almost done with his work, and then I’ll be all yours.”

“But, Daddy –” she started to complain again, but I held up my finger, which stopped her from finishing it.

“Kitten, what’s Daddy’s first rule?” I queried her.

Kitten then made a sad pout, and answered in her cute, mopey voice, “Daddy’s word is final.”

I smiled, “That’s right. Now, I promise, we’ll play tonight. But first, Daddy needs to finish his work,” I step over to the couch, and find a stuffed, white llama sitting there. I pick it up, remembering when I bought it for my beautiful girl when we went to the zoo, and I handed it to her, “Take Lenny with you. I’m sure he’d like to watch you color as well.”

Kitten still looked sad, but she did as she was told, and took Lenny from my hand. She wrapped her arms around his short, white fur, and nuzzled its head with her cheek as she returned to her coloring book. I watched her for a moment as she laid back down in front of her colored pencils, setting Lenny opposite of Priscilla. She looked back up at me, and our eyes locked for a moment. I smiled, and sweetly spoke, “I love you, princess.”

She smiled warmly, “I love you too, Daddy.”

Content with things at home, I retrieved my laptop from the leather case and began working on my project. There was a large presentation that was going to be made to cover our plan for rolling out the slew of events we would be marketing, and how we would host each one with the time we had available. I had already made a ton of notes on how best to manage our time, and who to delegate to. But I would need to invest a few hours each evening after work if I wanted to have these presentations done in time.

I sat, and worked, for a couple hours. To save time, I went ahead and ordered some delivery for dinner, so I wouldn’t use up my time cooking. Every once in awhile, Kitten would approach me, and nuzzled me affectionately, like any good little girl would. She knew when it was time to be quiet, and let Daddy work, that she should not bother me. She knew the punishment for keeping Daddy from working was worse than the punishment for misbehaving.

Not long after dinner, I reached a stopping point in my stack of proposals. I may be good at my job, but I have responsibilities to my good little girl, as well. Rolling up my sleeves, I got up, and made my way to the bathroom adjacent to our bedroom. Nearly the entire length of one of the walls was a large bathtub, filled with plastic bath toys. The smooth, white plastic gave the illusion of porcelain and matched well with the beige tiles of its rim, and the floor. Next to it, on a stainless-steel rack, hung two fluffy, white towels. Sitting on the tiled rim, I turned on the water, and let the tub fill.

“Get ready for your bath, Kitten,” I called out from the bathroom. A couple minutes before the tub was full, I grab a large bottle from the cabinet under the sink and pour some of the blue gel into the water. Soon, the surface of the water became blanketed with white bubbles.

“I’m ready, Daddy,” spoke a soft voice from the doorway. I turned to look, and there was my princess: hair down, and nakie. I still never failed to find her body beautiful. She half-nervously covered her chest with her slender arms, but still revealed enough of her breasts and nipples to tease me. Her body gently curved down to her hips, looking perfectly grabbable, without looking boney. Her thighs looked as silky as ribbons on a beautiful gift and begged to be caressed. But as alluring as her thighs were, her prettiest feature sat between them, as the perfectly smooth mound of her womanhood.

I smile at her, and hold out my hand, beckoning her to come closer. She’s just within arm’s reach of me when I gently take her by the arm and lead her into the bathtub. She always seems to act shy when she’s fully nude for Daddy. I hold her arm as she steps into the hot, bubbly water, and lowers herself in. Before long, the heat relaxes her, and her modesty begins to fade away. I’ve already placed some of her favorite bath toys in with her, and she’s only too happy to play make believe with them. I can’t help but watch in adoration as she slips into her own little world while I bathe her with a soft washcloth.

“It’s time to wash your hair, Kitten,” I tell her, wringing out the washcloth, and setting it aside. She stops playing, and sits up, tilting her head back. I take the portable shower head off its holster and turned it on. I sprayed the hot water over her shiny hair, and set the head inside the tub, without turning it off. I figured I’d use it again in a minute, anyway. I lathered her hair with shampoo, and gently massage her scalp. Kitten seemed relaxed.

In the middle of cleaning her hair, I see her shoulder move, and the hose from the shower head moves with it. Kitten has taken the running shower head, but why, I wonder? I realized, when her face changed, what she’s doing. With her eyes still closed she gently bit her lip, and moaned softly. I knew she was trying to tease me, by pleasuring herself with the shower head while I was busy washing her hair. I could feel myself getting harder at the thought of Kitten getting horny and equally frustrated that I couldn’t do anything about it until I was done.

“I need the shower head, sweetie,” I said as calmly as I could. My babygirl made a small pout as she brought it out from under the water, and handed it to me. I quickly rinsed her hair, making sure to be quick, but still thorough. Afterwards, I drained the tub, and got up to grab Kitten a towel. As I unfolded it, I could see she was staring at the bulge in my pants with a look of excitement. I smiled back at her and held up the towel to wrap her in, knowing we had a long night of fun ahead of us.

But that was when the worst possible thing happened: my cell phone rang.

“Be right back, my love,” I whispered, leaving the room to take the call. I won’t bug you with all the details of the call, so I’ll sum it up: The client wanted to move up the deadline a couple days and asked to see some of the completed marketing plans tomorrow. Which meant I would have to finish what I’d been working on tonight. I’d never felt so infuriated as I did at that moment, having a raging hard-on, and knowing I’d have to break the news to my baby girl.

I walked into the bathroom, seeing my beautiful princess wrapping her hair in another towel, and sighed, “Bad news, darling. Work called and said I need to finish my work tonight. I don’t know if Daddy will be able to play with you,”

Her face went straight to disappointment, then frustration, “But Daddy!!”

“I know, princess, but there’s nothing Daddy can do about it. If I don’t start now, I might not finish it, then Daddy will get in trouble.”

She pouted more, looking legitimately disappointed by the news. Her head lowered, and she responded in defeat, “Ok…”

It broke my heart as I watched her sullenly walk to the bed, and sit down, wearing only a towel. She grabbed the remote from the nightstand and turned on the tv. I couldn’t do much more to console her without eating into precious time that could be spent working. So, I turned and left to return to my laptop and my pile of proposal drafts. With any luck, I might be able to finish in time to catch my babygirl before she fell asleep.

I sat on the couch and kept a soft light on me. My fingers typed away with a kind of determination I normally had when play time was taken away from Kitten and I. It left us both feeling frustrated, so I worked quickly. But I found myself having to go back over my work, making one set of changes after another.

Finally, I reached a point I was confident in the completion of my documents, and let out a sigh of relief as I closed the laptop. My eyes still felt sore from staring at the bright screen, and I felt mentally exhausted. I got up from the couch and began stripping off my clothes as I made my way to the bedroom. By the time I arrived, Kitten was already sound asleep. The bedroom was lit solely by the light of the tv screen. Having lost my opportunity, I slid into bed and shut off the tv with the remote. Tomorrow would be better.


The next day, I’d made my presentation to our clients, and unveiled the start of our marketing plan. Overall, it went rather well. However, it only encouraged them to move forward with their plans and asked for an expedited completion of our strategy so it could be implemented ahead of schedule. As you can imagine, this meant another entire day spent working for me. That evening, I found myself sitting at the dining room table, documents spread out all over it. I sat there, working on final edits, and thinking myself into a frustrated anger.

I would have sat there and stewed for a while, had it not been for my precious girl wrapped around my leg. Kitten had become desperate for affection and took up cuddling my leg as I worked. I didn’t mind, so long as she didn’t distract me too much from my job. After all, I didn’t need my legs to look at papers and type.

I sat there, and I’m reading papers, and cross-referencing excel spreadsheets, trying to make sense of all the numbers. I was already developing a small headache just above my right eye. I almost didn’t notice it when my pants were unzipped, as I tried to keep everything else out of my mind. However, I sure felt it when Kitten slid her fingers into the opening, and gently stroked me. I tried to ignore it, thinking Kitten was just trying to get some attention, but I still had things to do, first.

Despite not moving, or even reacting, I still became hard to her touch. I was a man who desired his wife, after all. But even with that, I tried not to let it pull my attention away from the numbers. It had taken a lot of effort to remember where I was in my work, and which documents required my attention at that moment. I was completely in a zone when my cock was slowly pulled through the little gap in my boxers. For the first time that day, my thoughts were interrupted.

I tried to be nice about this, I really did. I gave the benefit of the doubt and assumed she wouldn’t try anything to deliberately distract me. But she broke that rule when I felt her warm lips wrap around my tip, and a sharp wave of pleasure radiate from the head, and through my body. I felt her take more of me into her mouth, moving her head slowly. Did she think I wouldn’t notice if she did it slowly? It wasn’t that I didn’t want it; my god did I want it. But she knew we couldn’t play until I was done.

I got up abruptly and pushed the chair back as I did. Kitten crawled out from under the table, popping up on the opposite side to me as I tucked myself back into my pants. I was quite upset with my little one, and her disregard for my rules. I saw the look on her face, she knew she was in trouble.

“I told you not to distract me while I’m working, Kitten,” I spoke firmly, but without raising my voice.

“I just wanna play, Daddy. Can’t you finish your work after?” she begged in her little, whiny tone.

“No! Not this time,” I responded quickly.

Kitten pouted and stomped away. I would have gone after her to punish her, but I had too much to do. Now all I could do was sit back down, and pick up where I left off. Only now, I had to do it with a hard-on. Luckily, I was able to remember where I was pretty quickly. I was able to work without interruption for about ten minutes before I started to worry. As soon as I found a place to stop and take a break, I stood up and stretched. Kitten didn’t usually spend this much time in the bedroom unless she was sleeping.

I quietly stepped down the hall, just in case she was napping and opened the bedroom door a bit just to check on her. As she came into view, it was clear she wasn’t napping. Kitten had her skirt lifted, and her panties were taken off. Laid out on the bed with her legs spread, two of her fingers had already disappeared deep into her glistening snatch. She held a pillow to her mouth and bit it as she tried to muffle her moans. I was quickly getting hard again as I watched her furiously finger herself, as well as getting more upset.

I barged into the room, “Just what do you think you’re doing, young lady?”

She immediately stopped and tried to cover herself with her skirt. As if I didn’t already see what she was up to. She said nothing but looked up at me.

“You know the rules: Kitten is expressly forbidden from touching herself unless instructed by Daddy. Remember?”

I saw her eyes quickly glance down at my crotch, and back up to my eyes. I’m sure I was visibly hard through my slacks.

“What are you gonna do about it, Daddy, punish me?” she asked taunting me.

I should have punished her, right there, even though I knew she only provoked me to get a rise from me. But I had no idea how much longer I would need to work before it was done.

“As soon as I’m done, you better believe there will be a punishment in store for you,” I turn to walk out, but I’m almost immediately struck in the back of the head by something soft. It didn’t hurt, but it certainly caught my attention. I looked down at the object and saw one of Kitten’s stuffies next to my foot. She’d thrown it at me. I turn my head a bit, “I’m serious, Kitten. Do not make things worse for yourself.”

I barely manage to take a single step when I’m struck again. This time she threw a pillow at me, “Kitten…,” I spoke in a low voice.

I turned to face her, she looked at me defiantly and sat on her knees as if ready to wrestle. That was it, she’d misbehaved past the point of my patience. I unfastened my belt, and pulled it off, holding both ends in one hand. Kitten needed to be punished.

I took one step towards her and saw her fret. She must have known I was serious this time, “Turn around,” I instructed to her.

Kitten meekly lowered her face and turned towards the headboard. She bent over and kept her butt raised, ready to receive her punishment. I hesitated for a moment wondering if this was the best time to be doing this, knowing how much I still needed to do before tomorrow morning. But I pushed those thoughts away and stepped closer.

With the belt in my strong hand, I pulled up her skirt with my free hand. The moment my eyes fell on her beautiful ass, a part of me wished I would just ravish it instead. There was still a small trail of Kitten’s aroused honey glistening from her womanhood and along the curve of one buttock. I picked up the scent of her arousal in my nostrils and felt my heart flutter as my mind reverted back to memories of times I would taste her. I held up the leather belt to my side, then swung it at her pale ass cheeks.

She cried out with a short yelp of pain but didn’t move. The soft skin on her has started to turn pink. I smacked her butt with my belt again, which was met by another yelp. After three more swats, her ass grew redder and swelled. And yet, I saw what looked like more of her juices dripping down the inside of her thigh.

“You’re not supposed to enjoy your punishment, Kitten,” I said matter-of-factly.

She wiggled her bottom at me, “Whatcha gonna do about it, Daddy? Spank it out of me?” she teased.

I was already hard, and I couldn’t be sure if it was pent-up lust or just frustration at Kitten’s disobedience, but I dropped my belt and decided to go with a different approach. Tucked underneath the mattress was a set of restraints I kept for situations like this. They were already attached to the bed frame, so all I had to do was strap them on. I took each of my babygirl’s arms and locked them by the wrist. She watched as I did, but didn’t resist, or protest.

With her arms spread open on either side of her body, and her torso resting on the pillow, her small body could do nothing but sit there, with her ass sticking up for Daddy to play with. I caressed her swollen ass with my fingertips and heard her wince at my touch. I draw my fingers further down, into the valley between her cheeks, and slide along the slick opening of her soaked pussy. I felt the whole bed vibrate as her body shook at the sensation.

“If you want to act like a little brat, I’ll treat you like one.”

“Daddy…” I heard her whisper.

Kitten knew the rules very well, and what happened when she broke them. I stood up straight, and unfastened my pants, letting them fall off my legs, and loosened my tie. I was already hard enough to push the fabric of my boxers to their limit. I had to adjust myself just to get them off. But now that I had, I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself right behind my Kitten.

Holding myself by the shaft, I made small movements, rubbing the head along the valley of her opening, “Is this what you wanted? To make Daddy tie you up and punish you, babygirl?”

“Oh Daddy, please…” she pleaded.

I scoffed, “No, Kitten. You lost the right to tell me what you wanted when you broke the rules. So, tonight, you’re Daddy’s little fuck toy.”

I watched her face laid on the mattress as she let out a whimper. I continued to rub my tip along her labia a few moments longer before I raised my hand, and smacked her rosy ass. She let out a pained yelp and wriggled in front of me.

“You don’t break the rules, and you don’t break them just to get a punishment. Understand?” I commanded.

Her little voice broke through her whines, “Yes, Daddy.”

“You’ll behave like the good little girl I know?” I said, slowly pressing the head of my cock past her opening. As aroused as she was, I had little resistance.

Kitten inhaled sharply, followed by a pleasured groan. Her body writhed as she felt the smallest amount of my length enter her, “Yes, Daddy. I promise!”

Without replying, I slowly pushed the rest of my length inside her. From the corner of my eyes, I saw her arms pulling on the restraints as she reacted to me. Her hips shifted backward, trying to swallow my shaft whole. I took a firm grip of her love handles with both hands, just enough to remind her who was in charge.

“Oh, please Daddy. I need it so bad,” she pleaded again. Truth be told, I wanted very badly to just plow into my babygirl. But I had to remind her what it meant to have a dominant daddy. Resisting her movements into me, I slowly pulled myself back out, then waited a moment. Kitten groaned and whined at me, which only made me smile. After what must have felt like a long time to her, I pushed myself into her again and pulled out. Kitten tried harder shift her hips back, and force me back inside her, but I had a firm hold on her.

I did this a few more times until she began to complain and sob. She begged me to fuck her, and I couldn’t hold back my lust for her any longer. I pushed my entire shaft into her, spreading her insides apart, and this time, pushed hard enough to make my hips slap against her swollen ass. I adored the way she cried out in that moment. With sheer ecstasy, and just a hint of decadent pain.

I loosened my grip and held her more freely. Just as I did, Kitten immediately shifted her hips forward, and away from me, sliding her hot snatch down to my head, then back into me. She moaned out again, then repeated her movements. I barely had to move as she rocked her hips into me. I began moving into her, hungry for the feeling of her tight hole around me. For the last few days, my desire for her had been building up. If I wasn’t careful, this would have been over too quickly.

My wife’s cries grew higher, and I knew she was quickly reaching climax. Sex was always more intense for her after receiving punishment. I wouldn’t stop her, of course, as I was too desperate to feel her cum on my stiff prick. I watched as my wife buried her face into the mattress, trying to muffle the loud moan she made when she orgasmed. But I kept thrusting, feeling all of her muscles contract all around me. Nothing ever felt better than that moment when you feel a perfect pussy contracting around you in ecstasy.

I never stopped moving, but I did slow my movements, allowing the pretty thing to come down from the intense reaction. It only took about three seconds before her body began huffing to catch her breath. Her thighs shook violently beneath me, before slowing down. She turned her head, and called out to me, “Please, Daddy. You need to cum too.”

As she spoke those words, Kitten resumed rocking herself into me again. I watched as her beautiful ass bounced against my hips, despite the redness and sensitivity. The way my cock was repeatedly swallowed up between the slick, pink lips of her labia. She always drove me crazy with the way she would call me ‘Daddy’ during playtime. I held her hips tighter and pulled her into me as I picked up speed. I felt myself approaching the edge and found myself desperate to reach it faster.

“I feel it, Daddy! Please cum for me,” she managed to say, mixed in with her moans of delight. I felt it as well, my prick hardening into steel, the way I always did just before releasing. The bed creaked loudly as I fucked my babygirl harder. My chest tightened, and I felt my veins nearly pop out as I went straight over the edge, and came hard into her. I felt my seed fill her up, mixing together with her own orgasmic juices as I made a few final movements into her.

I locked up, letting the final few seconds of my orgasm wash over me. Then felt every muscle relax as I regained control. I moved backward slowly, letting myself slide out of my wife’s core. I took a few moments to catch my breath, then released the straps from Kitten’s wrists. She rolled onto her side, rubbing the parts where she was bound and looked at me with a small pout on her face.

“Are you ok, sweetheart?” I asked her lovingly, sitting next to her, and stroking her hair.

Kitten made a tiny whine before replying, “My booty still feels sore, Daddy.”

“I know, pretty girl, but it’s over now. Daddy doesn’t like punishing you. But sometimes, you’re a bad girl,” I gently booped her nose with my finger, which made her smile, “Daddy’s going to bring you a treat, and some more stuffies, then you can let your booty rest until I’m finished with work.”

I got up, putting my pants back on, and made my way to the bedroom door. Just before I could open it, I felt something strike the back of my head. I stopped and looked down to find another pillow had been thrown at me.

“Oh, Kitten…” I murmured, pulling my belt off, once again.


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