Through his window

This is my first real attempt at flash erotica. I quickly found the word limit gives very little room for description, But I think it went well. Enjoy!


I saw him there again, through the large bedroom window of his home. He often left the blinds open. Probably thinking the tall fence in his backyard would keep prying eyes out of his second-story bedroom. But it doesn’t hide you from the second-story bedroom of the house behind your own. Not that I was intentionally spying on him, mind you.

Every night the neighbor would walk in, strip off what little clothing he had left on, lay on top of his comforter, and open his laptop to watch porn. How did I know he watched porn? You’d think I’d know from the way he started stroking that beast of a cock in his hand. The bright light from his window may have been what drew my eyes to him, but that monster he stroked each night was why I kept watching.

At first, I was repelled by what I saw, thinking it inappropriate. Then I became intrigued by his nightly ritual, then fascinated. I’d begun to watch every night, like some kind of voyeur. I thought I was the kind of woman who was above such perversions, and yet, here I was, touching myself through my silk panties and teddy as my neighbor jerked himself off. I was joining him in his ritual, trying to find a release as I watched someone I never met do the same.

I started to wonder what he was watching on that laptop. What kind of fetishes or kinks did he get off to? Could it have been some gorgeous blonde with her face between the thighs of another female partner? What if he liked picturing himself as the focus of a harem of women, all vying for a turn at riding that shaft? Or maybe his tastes were much more simple, and he got off to a young woman pleasing herself?

It wasn’t long until I began to imagine what a big rod like his would feel like inside me. I had to admit, he had a body I wouldn’t mind wrapping my legs around. I started to want it, I felt my body desire it. God knows I could use a good lay. The hours at my job made dating very difficult, and there are days I just wanted a good fuck. I can’t say if I’d want a relationship, but I’d definitely choose my neighbor as a fuck buddy.

But even if I could, how would I even go about it? It wasn’t as if I could just knock on his door and tell him I liked what I saw through his window. No, that would be too risky. I needed to let him know I was interested without coming to him directly. Maybe if he were to see me the same way I saw him? After all, if I could see him, he could probably see me.

My room was already dark, so I was well-hidden. I slipped my teddy off, leaving me bare-bodied except for my silk panties. I drew back the sheer curtain and turned on the lamp on my nightstand. As soon as my room illuminated, I felt butterflies fluttering in my stomach. I’d never let a stranger see me naked before, and worried if he’d even like what he saw. My cheeks burned red as I took a breath and stepped out in front of the window.

I tried my best to act casual, feigning my ignorance of someone catching me. I let my hands run over my stomach, and up to gently grope my own breasts. They’re just big enough to be a handful and more than enough to catch someone’s attention. I did my best to pretend I didn’t know he was there and kept my eyes away from the window. I took a seat on the edge of my bed, making sure only my profile could be seen and slipped my panties off my waist. I wanted him to see me do it.

I moved my thighs apart and leaned back, looking down at myself as I ran my fingers up the insides of my thighs. I was still plenty wet from teasing myself earlier and rubbed my own juices along my slit with my finger. I inhaled sharply at how sensitive I’d become in my anticipation, and rubbed myself some more, making sure to run my fingers over my clitoral hood. My earlier shyness began to melt away, and I found myself becoming more and more aroused at the thought my neighbor might be watching me.

I quickly found myself sliding my fingers inside my snatch, but I wanted to know if he was looking. In my haze of building pleasure, I got an idea. I turned around and bent over, supporting myself with my knees. I made sure my ass pointed straight at my neighbor, giving him the full show, and continued to finger myself into a lust-drunk stupor. With my face against the comforter, I managed to look past my hips and saw out the window again.

There he was, stroking his cock furiously. But he wasn’t looking at his laptop, he was looking at me. He was getting off by watching me get off to him. I watched his face contort as he shot his load onto his bed. That very idea of him cumming for me sent me straight over the edge. I couldn’t keep silent as my core clenched around my fingers, and my mouth let out a cry of ecstasy.

I took a quick glance out the window and saw the neighbor’s window had gone dark. I laid flat on the bed, thinking I was so stupid to do something so lewd. I was nearly about to swear off ever doing something like that ever again, and then the doorbell rang. It took me a moment to figure out who it could be, and I smiled. Maybe my night was only just beginning.

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  1. My favorite kind of flash fiction, quick and dirty. I loved her vulnerability and brazenness. I sure hope there is more like this to come 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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