Hypnosis and Eroticism

Among the various things I’ve written about, discussed with other people, read about in other articles, or just discovered in erotica, the trends have usually made sense to me. But the sphere of things in the taboo is growing all the time, and perspectives on taboo kinks continues to be split practically right down the middle. The taboo isn’t always something morally wrong, but can be things we do behind closed doors, because we feel it’s strange to have such sexual attractions. One such practice is the use of Hypnokink, otherwise known as Erotic Hypnosis.

Erotic Hypnosis is already an incredibly popular sub-genre of both written erotica, and porn, which entails one character or actor being hypnotized by another for the purposes of turning them into an obedient sexual partner. In recent years, it’s been gradually introduced into the BDSM community as a new extension of D/s practices. For hypnosubs(if I can call them that) it creates an entirely new opportunity to show vulnerability to their dommes by surrendering control of their mind itself. What follows can vary anywhere from roleplay in the form of guided mind journeys, to full-on mentally-induced orgasms. Others have used the practice to also condition their partners to overcome certain fears or mindsets when it comes to sex.

Google wasn’t very helpful in giving me resources about the subject, but I was still surprised by what I found. The internet is absolutely awash with websites dedicated to selling you erotic hypnosis MP3s, or claiming they could teach you how to do it at their seminars(which you must pay to attend, of course). I listened to a couple of the sample hypnotism MP3s that were available, and couldn’t help but chuckle to myself. Many were poorly edited voices meant to sound ethereal, but ended up being difficult to understand. In addition, there’s no actual hypnosis involved, but instead, a spoken erotic story. You’d get the same thing by having phone sex with a stranger.

To ensure I could provide you with the most accurate description possible, I spent the last several hours(and the better part of last night) researching how hypnosis and suggestion work, so as to better understand how it applies to hypnokink. To no surprise, it doesn’t work the way you might see on TV, or in stories. Dr. Amy Marsh, a sexual psychotherapist and certified hypnotist, explains that there is ‘no orgasm button, per se’ when it comes to post-hypnotic suggestion. Sorry to say, everyone, but you can’t hypnotize your partner into having an orgasm at the snap of your finger. However, she explains how erotic hypnotism is very much akin to guided meditation. Hypnofetishism is a means for us to experience a sexual thrill that most of us only ever dream of in our own erotic fantasies.

In her practice, Dr. Marsh explains how the process is done. The participant may go through poses or is exposed to stimuli known to increase one’s testosterone levels, thus helping the participant build personal confidence. They are then asked to lie down with their eyes closed, and drift into a personal comfort space, or ‘happy place’. Once the participant is comfortable, they are guided to creating the setting of an erotic fantasy in their own mind. From there, participants are talked through a sensual experience that leaves them feeling satisfied, most of the time. Participants describe the experience as being in a state just before falling asleep, but continuing to hear the therapist’s voice like some distant noise, cutting through the silence.

You may never be abducted by sexy aliens. But with Erotic Hypnosis, you could still experience it.

Upon reading about this process, my immediate thought was: “Okay, but where does the conditioning come in?”. It took some more digging, but I found a very useful article in Psychology Today written by a Dr. Mark D. Griffiths on the role hypnosis can play in sexuality and hypnophilia(sexual attraction to a state of sleep, or hypnosis). He discusses the use of aversive conditioning, which is normally used to create an unpleasant experience when ones thoughts are of a particular topic(picture the Ludovico experiment from “A Clockwork Orange”), then altering the stimuli to promote overall sexual health instead. Such benefits can include overcoming fear of fellatio, or other acts, increasing sensuality and libido, and even increasing one’s breast size.

Another expert in the field of hypnosis as it pertains to sexuality is Peter Masters, whom was also referenced in Dr. Griffith’s article. Masters explains the various factors that determine how well post-hypnotic suggestion affects an individual. One factor is how deeply entranced a subject is, and the individual’s own personal beliefs and morals. A person may not respond as well to suggestion if only lightly entranced, but even a deeply entranced person may not respond to suggestion if it’s more confronting than the person prefers.

For example: one professor of psychology attempted to demonstrate this by placing a few willing students into a deep trance, and instructing them to strip off their clothes and dance naked in front of everyone when given a trigger. When the professor later gave the trigger, most of the students didn’t obey the suggestion, since dancing naked in front of everyone was too confronting for them. However, the class was shocked to see one female student remove her clothes, and begin dancing where she stood. It was later discovered the female student was working as a stripper at night to supplement her income. Because the female student was already comfortable getting naked and dancing in front of an audience, she was much more susceptible to doing it while under post-hypnotic suggestion.

What this all means is it’s entirely possible to use erotic hypnosis as a form of submission, and given the right stimuli, can even program parts of our bodies to be more sensual, or sensitive. Since most somatic functions of the body are controlled sub-consciously, it makes sense that sub-conscious suggestion can, in turn, affect somatic functions. Masters also goes into much more detail into how suggestion works, but you can learn more from his book: “Look Into My Eyes” by Peter Masters.

Armed with the knowledge I’ve gained from all this study, I’ve managed to identify a few erotic hypnosis providers that seem more legitimate. One of which is Eraudica, which provides light ASMR and erotic hypnosis journeys. The site’s owner, Eve, does an excellent job bringing you to a state of comfort and confidence, before walking you through her erotic stories. Her audio clips also include some small muscle exercises to help bring you into an ideal state. In addition, I looked at a few of the ‘hypnosis’ videos available on porn tube sites, and quickly realized that many were designed to turn men into sissy slaves(and I don’t mean ‘sissy’ as a pejorative term).

This article from School of Squirt works as a great starting point for those who are curious about expanding their kink into erotic hypnosis. It’s well-written and informative on what is involved, precautions, and what possibilities exist if you should choose to include hypnosis into your kink. Consider it a crash course for the un-initiated.

A lot of them are compilation videos with spinning swirls overlapping it, and are a bit laughable to watch. But some of them do seem to know what they’re doing, like this alpha male hypnosis video(NSFW) that flashes words on the screen for your sub-conscious to pick up while using a compilation video to build one’s confidence and self-esteem. It certainly made me feel more confident about myself after watching it. But it made me wonder: with my graphic arts background, could I make one better? I know I’d probably use clips of women who are a bit more ‘real’ and not just incredibly-thin models. But I’m getting off topic now.

What are your thoughts on Erotic Hypnotism? Have you tried it, or want to? Do you have any previous experience you’d want to share? Have you ever used it in your own writing? What are some of the things you’re curious about regarding erotic hypnosis? Let me know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Hypnosis and Eroticism

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  1. Can’t say it’s not my list. I’d be interested to find out if it would be better to use hypnosis for getting past insecurties during the acts themselves i.e. to get someone self concious of how they sound to be louder without being unnatural. If you were to use it in simple ways then I don’t see why it wouldn’t work to some extent.

    If hypnosis worked as well as some fantasies rely on it being then why wouldn’t doctors use it to cure patients by telling them (and by extension their bodies) to heal themselves. Doesn’t make sense to me.

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    1. Funny you should mention that. I noticed a few references to hypnosis being used to heal injuries. It’s not only possible, it’s been done. But since every person responds to suggestion differently, I can also understand why it’s not considered a reliable form of treatment. Still, I can’t help but be reminded of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar”. (I think that’s what it was called)

      Apologies for the delayed response. I saw your comment last night, and meant to respond earlier today. But work got in the way, and it kind of slipped my mind.


      1. Wow. Knew hypnosis worked well but didn’t think it worked that well. I feel like I should be applauding someone.

        Must say it is making erotic hyponsis my next new thing to try.

        Don’t worry, i’m a big girl. I can take care of myself, just doesn’t mean i want to 😉

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  2. This is really interesting to read.
    There are a number of erotic hypnosis “specialists” locally to me. I would be lying if I said I were not curious, but if it works as the fantasy suggests it would I have no desire to be in the hands of a stranger if/when I try it.

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