Ritual Offerings Cover Reveal

It’s been a long time coming, and this has been one of the most intense story plot sets I’ve ever planned out. There’s still one more story I need to finish before I plan to release this collection. But here it is, ladies and gentlemen. The cover to my upcoming book, “Ritual Offerings”.

ritual offereings cover(1)

Now on to what readers can expect.

Ritual Offerings is a collection of short stories all surrounding a theme of sexual encounters with spirits, Succubi, Incubi, witches, and even a genuine Goddess. Story plots can range from summoning sex demons in a ritual that was supposed to be innocent, to making a deal with a demon to help you seduce the kinky woman you’ve had a crush on, and a spirit who makes love to a woman while invading her dreams.

Readers can enjoy erotic scenes featuring threesomes, lesbians, masturbation, femdom, futanari, tentacles, cuckqueanry, mind-control, and some orgasm denial.

Readers can already get a glimpse of what to expect by getting to read two stories for free right here on this site:

Ritual Offerings: Summoning

Ritual Offerings: Interview


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