“Interracial Asian Adventures Vol #3” by Danielle Light – A Review

This review will be a bit different than the reviews I’ve done in the past. Rather than reviewing one story, I’ll actually be reviewing four! From author, Daniele Light, comes a volume of some of her best erotic stories bundled up into one extra-long read. And boy, there’s really only one way to describe her work: absolute literary porn! Mrs. Light is best known for writing steamy stories about BMAW(black men, Asian women).


Although every story shares the same theme, each one offers a different variety of kinks and perspectives to satisfy any reader. In each story, you can see the author’s experience shine through with story plots that support the crazy sexual situations her characters find themselves in. In “Owned in the Office” #2, Lucy finds herself fantasizing about a handsome associate she’s supposed to hate, and ends up getting manhandled by the bull of a man. “Insatiable” and “Still Insatiable” feature two friends who work at the same strip club, who are both dealing with feelings of unsatisfaction. They are taken for an exciting new experience by a man named Daryl as well as his 12 hung and horny friends! Finally, in “Learning New Tricks”, we meet Nina. She’s become a bit of a wallflower ever since her divorce from a sex-less marriage. But all of that changes when wealthy DeAndre helps her out of her shell, and shows her some of the finer things when it comes to sex.

Interracial Asian Adventures is absolutely filled to the brim with some of the hottest sex scenes I’ve read in a while. I found myself a bit flustered at some of the intense squirting action from Lucy, and surprised at Nikky’s eagerness the first time she found herself in the middle of a threesome. What I wouldn’t have given to be a fly on the wall during these sexy scenes. The women are absolutely wild, and the men they’re with know exactly what they want from them. What more can be said about these stories? You just have to go check them out for yourself!

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