“Sharing Elena” by Elle Danielson – A Review

Most times, when you begin reading an erotic novel, you expect a bit of backstory, or some introduction to the characters, before anything steamy takes place. But in the case of “Sharing Elena”, the author has managed to masterfully introduce her protagonists while one of them is getting a blowjob! Not many people can pull that off, and still get the story flowing right from the first page. But talented writer, Elle Danielson, has done exactly that! Her work can hook you from the very first paragraph, and will likely have you out of your pants before you can even get to page two.

“Sharing Elena” is a 28k word story about a couple reuniting with old friends, and past experiences, to re-ignite passions and act on desires they regretted not doing years ago. Corey was a nerd who never thought a woman like Elena would ever notice a guy like him, until they reunite in college, and marry a few years later. Elena is a sensual woman with a heart of gold, and a serious oral fixation. So much so that she used the football team to take care of her needs all through high school, earning her a reputation that stayed with her even up to their ten-year reunion. The plot begins to take shape when Corey tells Elena about how much he and his friend, Brad, used to fantasize about Elena, and a certain arrangement they made back in high school.

To Corey’s surprise, his wife is quite willing to help him hold up his end of the bargain, and is eager to meet his old high school buddy. What follows is a reunion party no one would ever forget, and a wild after-party that starts with one of the cheesiest(but funniest) porn-styled-start-of-a-threesome roleplays I’ve ever had the privilege of reading!

Things become a bit more complicated, later, when feelings begin to develop between between Elena and Brad, and Corey. Reading the story, you discover though-provoking insight into society’s expectations on monogamy, and the differences between having sex for love, and having sex to satisfy a primal desire. Elena is probably the perfect embodiment of a woman who can enjoy frequent sex with multiple partners, and not be identified as a slut for doing so. Her compassion and desire to see happiness in others is an extension of her sexuality, and she is only able to help others because of the support her husband provides. Corey and Elena are an excellent example of a couple who understands the differences between love and sex where monogamy is concerned.

Now, when it comes to the actual scenes of sex between Corey, Elena, and Brad, I can promise you there is plenty. I found myself questioning whether Elle Danielson’s dirty imagination truly had any end! If reading erotica was like listening to a song, Elle Danielson is Bon Jovi playing “You give love a bad name”. The mood is just always up!!! Though, I must admit, I had a bit of a hard time believing nobody had a refractory period throughout the whole story.

“Sharing Elena” is only the first in the “Reunion” trilogy. The sequel, “Tessa’s Secret Admirer”, is already out now, and I may go ahead and get my hands on it just as soon as I finish writing this! I highly recommend you check this book out for yourself, and give Mrs. Danielson some love for it.

“Sharing Elena” on Amazon

Elle Danielson’s website

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