Bellesa – Normalizing Sexuality for Women

A couple weeks ago, as I perused through my Facebook feed, I found a link posted by a friend of a friend. The link described a website known as Bellesa, which was a porn site specializing in porn aimed at women. I didn’t take it seriously, at first, as every porn site I knew had a “For Women” section. However, upon reading further, and going to see the site for myself, I was very surprised to see how wrong I was.

Bellesa is a platform unlike any other porn tube site. The site has a variety of content for a number of tastes and preferences from a fast-growing community. In fact, Bellesa has become the top porn destination for women in 2017. I wanted to learn more about Bellesa, so I got in contact with the Bellesa team. They were kind enough to answer some questions I had about Bellesa’s inception, mission, and future plans.

Can you explain the process your team went through, as this idea transitioned from something that could be possible, to something you planned to create?

The idea for Bellesa- its actual inception- happened in July 2015. There was a ton of research and surveying before moving forward in a real way- a lot of which focused on really investigating female sexuality at its core. We wanted to understand exactly how women experienced sexuality- and how they felt about the options available to them, at the time, in terms of adult entertainment. We became obsessed with understanding what was working and what was not working (and what was really not working) for women. Our driving question was: “If adult entertainment were made in the vision of a woman- since day 1- what would that look like?” Once we began to understand this, once we got a true sense of what it would look like, we simply had to build Bellesa. We couldn’t not.

What are some of the challenges your team is facing in getting Bellesa off the ground and into the mainstream, both past and present?

At its very inception, when Bellesa was just an idea, it was tough for some people to conceptualize. Before we had an actual product, before we had our branding/messaging, before we had our badass community…it was difficult for some to see it as anything other than…well, porn. Smut. People didn’t understand the vision/movement and how our mission was and is to de-stigmatize female sexuality — and consequently liberate women. This all changed as soon as we launched. When people saw the elegant, tasteful product that we created and the amazing community it brought together…their minds changed. That was awesome to see.

Can you tell us about Bellesa’s mission and philosophy?

Bellesa’s mission is to empower women to live unapologetically and to eradicate any shame still surrounding female sexuality.  Our mission is to normalize sex…to provide a platform for women to explore their sexuality and to feel good doing so. We want our community members, and women at large, to truly internalize that it is 100% okay and 100% healthy to like sex.

What sort of content does Bellesa provide for women?

All kinds of content. Female sexuality is incredibly nuanced. A big misconception is that “porn for women” means softcore, vanilla stuff. Not the case. You’ll find soft/sensual porn on Bellesa, you’ll also find rough porn on Bellesa. (Fun fact: It’s one of our most popular categories!). The difference is that these rough videos are filmed in a way that focuses equally on female pleasure, the female experience. Women are shown to be subjects of pleasure- not just objects of conquest.

How big is Bellesa now, as far as your team, your content, and your following goes?

The network of Bellesa contributors keeps growing! What started out as a small team of just a few is now a larger scale operation with dozens of freelancers, contractors and fulltime employees. In terms of community, has just under 1 million monthly users. It’s pretty crazy. I think a lot of women were open to watching porn and looking to explore their sexuality, but hadn’t quite been able to find a platform on which they felt comfortable and good doing so. Until Bellesa. Something we’ve done quite well is bridging the gap between adult entertainment and mainstream by normalizing the experience.

What plans does your team have for Bellesa’s future?

We’re about to launch Bellesa Productions- where we will be creating and shooting our own high-quality, female-focused videos. We’re also weeks away from launching our online store, where we’ll be selling top of the line sex toys- including our own original Bellesa branded line, erotic fiction, etc. Our goal isn’t to create the next big porn site, our goal is to create the next major online community for women.

That’s sounds extremely exciting! I can’t wait to see Bellesa does next! Thank you so much, Emily, for taking the time to answer my questions. I appreciate it. And good luck to you ladies!

Thanks, Charlton!

With a team of amazing women working tirelessly to make what Bellesa is now, and what it will become, I believe they  could not only break into the mainstream, but redefine it entirely. Bellesa sounds like the platform we all need, and the future we should all look forward to in normalizing sexuality for women. Being an erotica writer, myself, I’m very much looking forward to reading their collection of erotic stories. They also offer entertaining and informative articles on their blog.

If you haven’t seen it already, I encourage everyone to take a look at, and give their support. Thanks for reading!

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