Site changes, Patreon, and Release Day!!

Some quick updates for you guys. I know it’s been a little while since my last post, but I’ve been busy recently with finishing my ebook, editing, setting it up on Amazon for pre-order, and all that good stuff. It’s been a lot of work, and it’s taken considerably longer than I thought it would. But I’m happy that it’s done now.

You may have noticed quite a few changes to Forbidden Writings over the past couple days, so let me go over what’s different. First off, you no doubt have noticed the layout has changed completely. As much as I liked the previous theme, the image headers always seemed to dominate the screen. Now, it’s much cleaner, and everything can be seen clearly once you get on the page. A few things have been moved around, including the list of recent posts and the tag cloud. All of those have been conveniently placed in the footer area below.

A couple new things I’ve added are the link to my new Patreon, where you can now support this site, if you so choose. If you do choose to be my patron, there are some benefits you can enjoy, like personalized stories, free books, and access to my google drive where you can read my work as it’s being written. Along with that comes a chat room where you can speak with me while I write. it’s not a lot to offer, but it’s what I have to work with, so consider helping me out… Please?

Finally, as you all may have noticed, there’s a countdown timer as well. This marks how long until the release of my ebook, “Ritual Offerings”. It’s currently available for pre-order on Amazon, if you want to stake your claim on it now. I’ll leave a link to it somewhere below. Release day is February 17th!

Pre-order “Ritual Offerings” on Amazon

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