#SoSS Feb. 10, 2018

Recently I heard about the #SoSS (Share our Shit Saturday) movement going on across Twitter. In an effort to fight back against the social networks that ban and/or censor the adult content and sexuality that we all enjoy, there are many creators out who have taken up arms to help spread the word about their fellow adult creators. So I’ll be joining the supportive march, and use my site to tell all of you about the amazing writers I know. I don’t think I’ll be doing this every Saturday, but I’ll be keeping a collection of things I’ve found entertaining, and posting them when I can. So, without further ado, these are a few of the stories and content that have caught my attention recently, and I think you’ll enjoy as well. If you like their work, consider following them too!

The Wedding Present by Poppy Goodhead

Call me crazy, but I’ve always had a thing for public sex when it involves trying not to get caught. The Wedding Present may be a hot flash in the pan of smut, but it still delivers a finish that will have you feeling hot afterward!

Chasing Rainbows by Molly Moore

As a participant of #FebPhotoFest2018, Molly has begun taking erotic photos of herself each day of February following a new theme each day. On Wednesday, that theme was “Rainbows”. Her sensual recount of what led to her taking this photo brings the reader further into her world and provides insight into her own sexuality and eroticism. You truly appreciate the photo more, knowing what inspired it.

A Wicked Surprise by Floss

Floss is a multi-talented artist of all things to do with femdom. This is unmistakably apparent in this girl-on-girl story with D/s elements to it. It’s expertly written with plenty of detail to place you right into the story. It’s not often that I find a writer who can balance plot with sex, (and not bore you with either) but Floss clearly knows what she’s doing. It’s hard for me to ever let myself submit to anyone, but if anyone could, I believe Floss could accomplish that.

Blue Petal by Tom Starling

It’s one thing to have an anonymous encounter with a stranger for the sake of a thrill. it’s something else entirely when you create a connection with that stranger that goes beyond words. There’s a strange truth in Tom’s interpretation of the random encounter that makes one feel like the world is even bigger than we think. Every day, something new to discover that makes the erotic feel new again. But in addition to tantalizing stories, Tom Starling is also a very talented artist who takes commissions for his work. You should definitely see his other artwork while you’re visiting his site.


Via Oh Tom Starling on Tumblr


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