Survival wants to get her work out there.

Dear Charlton,

Though money would be a a nice little reward for a job well done, I am not interested in writing Erotica for a source of income. I simply enjoy writing Erotica because it makes me happy. My questions are as follows:

Is it feasible to write Erotica anonymously (since I do have family)?

If it’s done anonymously, where would I create a blog for it?

Is it allowed on WordPress, or do you have any ideas on other sites that are more accepting of this subject?


Dear Survival,

You might be really surprised by how easy it is to accomplish all of that. For starters, my own website is hosted by WordPress so I can say it is absolutely ok for you to write erotica on a WordPress blog. However, if you’re not feeling confident about it yet, you can try publishing your work on Literotica or Lush Stories. Personally, I would recommend Lush for beginners, as they have a great community, and have a team of volunteer editors who will help you with your work if there are any mistakes. Additionally, Lush has several new stories posted daily, giving you plenty to read as well.

As for anonymity, there are other alternatives you can go with. No matter where you go to publish your work, you’ll always need some sort of identity. I understand the need to keep this a secret from your family(My family doesn’t know I write erotica either), so may I suggest you create a pseudonym instead? Rather than using your real name, create a new one. While you’re at it, why not create a new persona to go with it? It can actually be a lot of fun, to be who you’ve always appeared to be when you’re with family, then steal yourself away from them to become this sultry woman who writes stories about hot sex between interesting people.

I wish you luck, and look forward to reading your work!


If you have a question about sex, sexuality, or the erotica genre you’d like submitted to Dear Charlton, you can send it to me through my Contact page. I promise to get to it as quickly as I can.

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