#SoSS March 3, 2018

Welcome to another round of Share our Shit Saturday. It’s still technically Saturday where I am so I will insist this post is still relevant! Here are a few of the great articles and stories I’ve read recently, and recommend you read as well:

Varnish by Violet Fawkes

This story about a man’s nail fetish is so evocative, it will have you holding your breath and wincing by the time you get half-way through it. And yet, it’s so deliciously painful, it would be too hard not to finish to the end.

Diary of Joni Bridges 2017 by Posy Churchgate

I’m not a big fan of Bridget Jones’ Diary, but this very erotic fanfiction is something I can definitely get behind! There’s flirting, teasing, some sassiness, and even some discrete self-pleasure that will certainly make your day!

Masturbation and the Right to Self-Pleasure in a Relationship by Emmeline Peaches

I really enjoyed this article about the role of masturbation not needing to be a role in one’s relationship. Just because you have a partner does not mean masturbation needs to be done for the benefit of that partner alone. I recommend everyone in a relationship check out this article.

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