#SoSS March 24, 2018

It’s about that time to share some of those stories and posts that really caught my attention recently, and I think you’ll really enjoy as well.

5 Things That Have Helped Me Navigate Non-Monogamy by Floss#ProudToBeKinky

This was an extremely insightful post I found about what it really means to begin, and continue to have, a non-monogamous relationship with someone. There are different forms of non-monogamy, and a lot of information out there pertaining to how a relationship like this should be for those involved. There are steps to take, emotions to understand, and new routines to apply. Floss does an amazing job outlining all of these and provides a near ‘how-to’ on non-monogamy itself.

Smut Marathon and Mental Health by The Zen Nudist

In this post, The Zen Nudist shares his thoughts about his progress in the Smut Marathon. Despite having some personal struggles about his ability, and his progress, he seems determined to continue as far as he can get. Which is commendable.

Boob Day: TGIF by Violet Fawkes

Violet is ready to indulge in all things sinful and delectable for the weekend. Enjoy this photo celebrating Boob Day!

Haven series by Cimmerian Sentiment

Haven is the story of a young woman who is plagued with a bout of bad luck. Keeping her head up while being knocked down can take a toll on even the strongest of people. Determined to keep her chin up and her heart from being broken again she pushes forward. Can Haven resist the charm and persistence of the man who sees the real Haven beneath her façade?

This is a pretty long series, but worth reading.

Fucked on a pub table by Tits and Test Tubes

Continuing the story of their gangbang fantasy, Jadis describes her gangbang fantasy of being taken at the pub by both men and a woman with a strap-on. There’s so much going on, it can be difficult to keep up, but it’s absolutely worth the read. You can also find the first part here.

VIDEO CHAT: Giselle Thibodeaux (The Mistress Of Naughty) by Nicholas Tanek

Nicholas is the owner of YourKinkyFriends. A podcast where he interviews recognied individuals in the kink community, including yours truly! But I’m not sharing my interview in this. There’s lots of great interviews you should check out, including this one with Mistress Giselle Thibodeau.

Also known as the Goddess of Freedom, Control, and Power, Giselle Thibodeaux is a Domme and a PepLove Phone Consultant (phone sex). She likes to explore chastity, tease and denial, cock and ball torture, forced bisexuality, and more

Markiplier Not Getting Over It (Rage Compilation)

This isn’t so much my sharing of another author or blogger, but I thought it was worth sharing anyway. The gamer in me loves to see things like this. The game you’ll be seeing is called “Getting Over It”, and is currently a popular rage game (and you’ll see why it’s called a rage game pretty quickly). There’s not much to know about this game, except that the point of it is to try and get the player to keep climbing higher. Enjoy!

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