Ritual offerings by Charlton C. Tod


ritual offereings cover(1)A collection of erotic short stories about people who dabbled in the arcane, and received more than they bargained for. First, a young witch who summons a demon to spite her naysayers. Then, a group of friends who thought to summon a goddess was a good idea. A man obsessed with his crush makes a deal with the devil for a single night of lust. A religious woman moves into an apartment, and discover it’s haunted by a spirit who awakens her latent sexual desires when it seduces her in her dreams. Later, two ladies decide to meet up for an old-fashioned sleep over, complete with an innocent sex demon summoning experiment. Things take an unexpected turn when the demon ‘gifts’ one of them with an extra appendage between her legs. Finally, a groom recounts the events leading up to his wedding, and the deal he made with a succubus to make it happen. Unfortunately, the succubus chose the wedding day as the day she came to collect on her end of the bargain.

This book is NSFW(18+) for graphic content and strongly sexual themes.

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