Charli has a young man in their sights

Dear Charlton,
Can you give me advice on how to seduce a young man? I have tried all I’ve got but it seems to be ineffective. I just want to get laid by this specific guy, care to lend a helping hand? Thanks so much.


Dear Charli,

This is a bit tricky to answer. I’d need a bit more information about this young man and what you’ve tried in order to give you a better answer. But I’ll tell you what I can.

It is a bit odd since most men who enter early adulthood are quite virile and eager to explore their sexuality. However, they do tend to be a bit naive. If you’ve tried to put the charm on him, and it was a little too subtle, he might not have understood your intentions. At that age, it may be better to be more direct with what you want from him. It may also be possible that there’s something specifically holding him back, like a girlfriend. Or, his sexual orientation could be different from yours. Any one of these could be the reason for not wanting to have sex with you.

Again, it’s difficult to give a more precise answer without more information. If you want to send me another message with more details, I can edit this post, and give you a better advice. But for the moment, I’m not sure what I could say that would help.

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