“Amore: A Love Story” by Alexa Nichols – A Review


I originally pre-ordered “Amore: A Love Story” back in January, with the intention of reading it and writing this review soon after. Needless to say, I’m a bit late, and I apologize for that. But I find that I’m kicking myself for not having read this sooner. This love story by Alexa Nichols is much more than it appears on the surface. It’s both complex in it’s story-telling, and rife with erotic pleasures to excite you as you read.

“Amore” is the story of an up-and-coming model, Alicia, whose career is fueled by addiction and loss. Up until chapter 4, the story was a bit difficult to follow, but I soon realized I was reading two different stories that shifted from chapter to chapter. The first takes place closer to the present, while the second takes place close to five years in the past. Reading it this way, you can really see how the choices she made, and the events that followed, shaped her career into what it is now.

Her downward spiral into addiction and an always-on work ethic are punctuated by those in her life. Alica is surrounded by people in her life that she loves. There’s her husband, Link, her daughter, Lucia, and Amy and Aiya. The way these characters are described makes me suspect there’s some history between them all, and I suspect it may lie somewhere in one of Alexa Nichols’ earlier publications. Anyway, things begin to go from bad to worse as, one by one, the people she’s closest to are taken from her. It’s not until her new assistant comes into her life that she finds her saving grace.

Naomi is a passionate woman who is similar to Alicia in so many ways and is often referenced by our heroine as her doppelganger. Both have the same flowing, black hair, beauty, and even a few mannerisms. She’s first introduced as Alicia’s new assistant, after a long line of former assistants, but is the first one Alicia has ever had a relationship with. As the story goes on, you can see her emotions develop into a deep appreciation and connection to Alicia, which develops into a drive to become her protector.

Being a lesbian erotica, there’s certainly a lot of it for readers to enjoy. The author admitted to not having written it before, but she does an excellent job of portraying the love-making scenes involved. The description is apt and detailed, without being overly descriptive, and doesn’t use any absurd language. You can really get an idea of what the characters are doing, how they do it, and what they feel as they do it. What’s more is that the passion between them is palpable. You feel the emotions being felt by each character, and almost feel as though you’re a player in this tryst, rather than an observer.

Honestly, the only thing I could find wrong with this great story is that it wasn’t longer. There’s romance, horror, tragedy, struggles of the worst kind, and a well-developed backstory to invest you into their lives. I would have loved to see the relationships in this story develop even further, and continue to see how they moved forward.  That’s not to say “Amore” didn’t have a satisfying ending. There’s a hell of a twist that wraps everything up, but it’s still enough to leave the reader happy, and eager to read more of Alexa Nichols’ work. I’m certainly more curious to see what else she has to offer.

If you’d like to read “Amore: A Love Story” by Alexa Nichols for yourself, as well as other great publications she’s written, you can find links to her work down below. And be sure to follow her on Twitter as well.

“Amore: A Love Story” on Amazon
Alexa Nichols Author Page
Alexa Nichols on Twitter

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