The Fuck-et List

I’ve been thinking over this for a while after a conversation I had with a friend some time ago. I had mentioned how hearing about the personal fantasies of others really helps with creating plots for erotica, at least for me. My friend then mentioned that they had a private list of fantasies and sexual acts they wanted to perform with their partner. I won’t go into details, but I remembered the name my friend used for that list: “The Fuck-et list”. There’s no arguing the clear reference to the Bucket List with Morgan Freeman, and how it relates to one’s sexuality.

I wanted to talk more about this list, and why you should have one but didn’t have any real idea how someone would go from no idea to a full list. But last night, I watched a movie with my wife that really put it into terms that made a lot of sense. The movie, by the way, is a French film from Quebec called “Le Trip à Trois”, which means “The Threesome” in English. It’s a great film, and there’s a version with English subtitles, in case you’re worried about not speaking French.

There’s a particular scene where the female lead (Estelle) is at a bar with friends, and the topic of discussion is how boring Estelle’s sex life has become. While thinking of ways to spice things up, one of her friends says something like,”Your sex is Kilimanjaro”. Which is to say, your sex life should be something you’re constantly pushing yourself further with. When Estelle asks for clarification, her friend asks her what it is that would give her the greatest satisfaction, and make her feel at one with the universe. The question really resonated in my mind and made me wonder: if sex is Kilimanjaro, then where does that put the peak?

For Estelle, the peak of Kilimanjaro was a threesome (and don’t think that’s a spoiler. It’s called “The Threesome”, I think we all know what it’s going to be about). But where does that put the peak for the rest of us? All of us have our own aspirations as well as our limits. There are some things all of us would like to do, or at least try. This is what the Fuck-et list is. But if you’re wondering how you’re supposed to come up with what to put on this list, then consider the same question: where is the peak of your Kilimanjaro? Once you know what that one ultimate performance is, everything else that comes after is simply another hill or ridge that you climb on your path to the peak.

For some people, items on this list can be as simple as using handcuffs, or maybe some light bondage. For others, it can be as complex as a specific situation they’d like to experience, like an improvised sexual encounter with a stranger, or attending a public event while being sexually stimulated and trying not to make it apparent. Chances are, many of us have already crossed off a few items from this list even before it’s creation. For example, I’ve already had my bisexual experience as well as my MFM threesome, but I’ve yet to cross off having an FMF threesome. But I’m not going to write my entire list for you all. At least not tonight, we’ll see what happens.

But what about you? What are some of the items on your Fuck-et List, if you have one? Where is the peak of your Kilimanjaro? You don’t have to list everything if you don’t want to, but if there are any items you’d like to share, you can do so in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I like this idea. I just call my list, The List. Lol. I may start using the Fuck-et list from now on. I have many many things on there and I really don’t know what the peak would be. I have the FMF on mine too and although I’ve done the MMF I’d like to do that again a few times. 😁 I’d also like MMMF. Hmmmm so many things. 🤔🤔

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  2. You’d get bored listening to mine. Long list. More than not are done. Got everything from skinny dipping with company to attending a sex party on there.


  3. I like this, it makes me thoughtful. I dont really have a proper list, but ideas bump around in my head. Being married and monogamous there would be 2 columns, things I’s like to try with my OH, things I would try if I was single. I suspect list 2 is longer! I tend to write stories about things on the second list!

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