“Overcranked” by C.J. Douglass – A Review


To be honest, when I first saw C.J. Douglass’ advertisement banner for “Overcranked”, I immediately wanted to get my hands on it. Part of me hoped that if I conveniently shared my book review submissions page right then, she might see it and consider sending me a copy. Clever, I know, but it didn’t take, hahaha. Eventually, I just gave in and purchased a copy myself. I couldn’t help it, I just really wanted to read this one for myself.

Anyone who reads the description of this erotic adventure should be able to see how closely it resembles a popular Jason Stathom film with a similar name. C.J. Douglass has already admitted to “Overcranked” being inspired by a particular scene in that film, just to quell any suspicions now. The story tells of a woman, Leticia, or ‘Tish’ as she prefers, and an operation she undergoes to increase her own libido. The operation is a success, but comes with some unforeseen side effects, like suffering from a heart attack if she doesn’t have sex every time she gets horny. Worse yet, she needs an audience to watch her get laid, just to make sure gets enough adrenaline to fully satisfy her overcranked libido!

There’s much more going on as well, such as a group of religious extremists out to find her, a chase, and relationships that are tested, but I’d be spoiling too much if I told you about all of that. It’s the first book in a series that isn’t complete yet, but the author seems to be well-invested into her idea. The story itself makes some decent sense in its plot, so long as you don’t try to analyze it too much. Meaning, I doubt this type of operation exists, and even if it did, it probably would have these kinds of problems, but let’s just assume it does and enjoy the story, ‘kay?

I love Tish’s tenacity when it comes to her survival, and I appreciate how she reacts to every situation. It’s exciting to see how much she changes from her past self, and into this new, much more voracious, sexual woman who develops an appreciation for sex. Her ability to adapt to every situation, and do what must be done to survive, make her a character you quickly find yourself rooting for, and relating to. However, I did find some issues with unnecessary foreshadowing, at times. There were certain details that the reader is warned about, concerning major plot elements, that were much better off being discovered when they occurred, rather than be revealed this early on. Especially when it came to details about the religious extremists, there were details I wished I could have discovered as they became relevant. It would have been much more suspenseful that way.

The sex scenes that take place are plentiful, and detailed, without throwing off the balance between the plot and erotic action. Some of the language used in these hot scenes can be a bit humorous, but still ultimately satisfying. I enjoyed the last one in particular because of how descriptive Douglass was of every aspect. Not just of the sexual act, but also utilizing all five senses to create an extremely vivid experience, as if you were taking part in it all. The ending, however, left me a bit dissatisfied. Even though I knew this was going to be a multi-part series going in, I didn’t feel like it concluded at a reasonable stopping point. But that might just be my personal taste, and my natural inclination as a gamer to look for a reasonable ‘save point’ for the character to rest before moving on.

All in all, this is a great story, and I can’t wait to see where the author will take Tish next. How far will this story go, and what elements have yet to be introduced? I’m eager to find out, and so should you! Overall, this is a great story, and you should read it for yourself. I’ll leave a link to where you can get “Overcranked” on Amazon, as well as the author’s website, and Twitter, so you can follow her.

“Overcranked” on Amazon

C.J. Douglass’ Website

C.J. Douglass on Twitter

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