I Dreamt I Was A Pornstar…

I’ve been having this recent dry spell when it comes to writing and inspiration. I know what i want to say, and I have ideas coming to me every so often, and I do the diligent thing and mark them down in my notebook while I can. But putting the story to paper, or sitting down to write an article, has been somewhat difficult for me lately. Ever feel like that?

The thing is, I know of ways to fix this, and can sometimes force it out when I need it, but it’s getting harder. I’m not sure if it’s because I need a break, or I need to renew my passion for writing, but I’m going to try something. Rather than find content to blog about, I’m going to try just ‘blogging’ for a change. So here’s an interesting story that happened to me recently.

Have you ever dreamed you were a porn star? I mean, I’m sure plenty of you have had dreams or maybe day-dreamed of it, or perhaps even pretended you were while you were in the shower. But the other night, I had a dream in which I was a pornstar having sex with another pornstar. But it wasn’t me who was the pornstar, per say, if that makes sense. I dreamt of specific porn actors I’m already very familiar with.

In a nutshell, I was James Dean, and was having sex with Angel Deluca (who happens to be one of my favorite female porn actresses) -Pictures below for reference:

GQ Men Of The Year Party - Arrivals
James Dean
Angel Deluca

I don’t know why my mind chose to be James Dean, given his past crimes. Although it could be, in part, because I’m bad with names, and he’s the only male porn actor whose name I remember. However, having Angel Deluca going cowgirl on me makes sense.

I did a quick search for what the dream could mean, and didn’t get much except for the possibility that I seek the qualities of the person I dream to be? That could be either a bigger penis, or to have a reverse harem. I dunno, my dreams are always weird.

Have you ever had a weird sex dream? What was it about?

2 thoughts on “I Dreamt I Was A Pornstar…

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  1. My most vivid dream in this vein was when I was pretty young and I dreamed that I was dating a singer of a light metal band, like one of the glam metal bands. 😂😂😂

    It was actually a very lovely dream and I used to think it was silly and embarrassing. The dream was SO vivid and enjoyable that when I woke up I was surprised and really sad that I wasn’t actually with the guy!(And I am NOT really into rock stars!!!!)

    However now that I write this I realize that I had seen one of their videos that was a romantic, honest ballad and one of the images kind of touched me.

    It doesn’t really surprise me that you had your dream the way you did. We are not always ourselves, at least I am not. Sometimes I’m watching something play out, I think?

    I *think* you are alluding to the numerous allegations that James Dean has violated women’s consent on many occasions and if true he is a tremendous ***hole?

    If so, perhaps your mind floated to a sexy scene of these two actors and then your conscience said, “Ewww! James Dean is a predatory A-hole and so I don’t want to see him in this scene. And your conscience substituted you because you are NOT an unethical jerk and went on with the business of watching (and participating) in said sexy scene.

    It may sound far fetched but if you look up lucid dreaming we can direct our dreams and steer them away from
    unpleasant or uncomfortable things.

    I personally CANNOT watch James Dean because of the stories I have heard about him.

    Porn-history wise though it was a big deal when he came on the scene because finally there was a more attractive male star that hetero women could admire. He looks like a normal/cute guy! Although I don’t actually watch him I have seen enough gifs of him (none of which include his measurements) to think I might REALLY (REALLY! lol) enjoy some of his work based on the theme. So I think he is probably very good at what he does from a film perspective. I wouldn’t expect any porny dream of yours to include unattractive and incompetent performers! That is not your style. 😏

    I think it is kind of humorous that you might be surprised that you dreamed something like this?

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    1. To my knowledge, I don’t think James Dean and Angel Deluca have ever done a scene together. It might be worth mentioning that she called me ‘Dean’, so it may not have been James Dean. And yes, and I was referring to the non-consent accusations about him.

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