“Their Natural 20” by Daire Faust – A Review


I was honestly surprised by how good this story was. Although it’s shorter than books I would normally review, I enjoyed this one enough to make an exception. “Their natural 20” is the story of Brielle, who was recently dumped by a douche of a boyfriend because he thought she was “too curvy” for him. To try and take her mind off it, and make some new friends, she joins a Dungeons & Dragons group at her college. The group is happy to welcome her in, and she even impresses them with her roleplaying prowess.

This is the first story published on Amazon by author Daire Faust, but it’s a really great start! The prose flows very well and each character is fleshed out as though they might be real people (they might be, I don’t know). As a fellow geek, I really appreciated the references and humor that was used. Dexter and Malcolm seem like the kind of guys I would have hung out with in high school, and Brielle reminds me of the curvy girl I had a crush on back then as well. As far as short stories go, this is actually one of the better ones I’ve read!

As for naughty scenes in the story, I can say that I was very satisfied with what occurred. The MFM scene was one of the best I’ve read in a long time. Though to be fair, I haven’t read a whole lot of them. But what I appreciate is how the lead up to was naturally built up, and not forced the way you might see in a porno. The characters all struggled amongst their own emotions, with each other, and ultimately, their own decision to move forward and start a new chapter for everyone involved. It’s just an interesting, charming, and legitimately good story I think everyone should read. I’d say more, but as I mentioned, it’s shorter than the stories I normally review. So I can’t say much more without spoiling the story. I purchased this a while back, and the author seems to have disappeared, more or less, but I still encourage everyone to get this book at the link below.

“Their Natural 20” on Amazon

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