Summer Heat

This erotic bite comes after being in a writing funk for a while. While I don’t think this is very indicative of the work I would normally do, I think the act of finishing this will be a step towards getting back to that place. In any case, I hope you enjoy!

A group of friends working on a college assignment become very bored of studying. One couple decides to have some fun behind their roommate’s back, but aren’t trying very hard to be discreet. Enjoy!

Why is there no air conditioning in here? You would think a small trailer in Florida would at least have an A/C unit come standard with the rent, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t. I suppose when you’re a landlord renting units to students and other low-income tenants, amenities aren’t exactly a concern of yours. Worse off, it was in the dead of summer when the humidity is at its worst and your skin never feels completely dry. Even a standing fan doesn’t make much of a difference.

If it weren’t for the slab of a wall separating a single bedroom, this trailer would be considered a studio apartment. Not a big deal for one person living alone, but it’s a different story when three people live here. My bestie, Jenn, is technically the one who pays the rent, but three of us live here. She and her boyfriend, Matt, get the bedroom, and I sleep on the couch in the ‘living room’. It’s not ideal, but it’s a lot cheaper than either of us having our own place, and Jenn’s boy toy is either too lazy to hold a job, or spending his money on weed.

All of us had ideas to work on television one day, so we were required to take a course in political science. Each week, we had an assignment to finish, and it always involved an insane amount of research. Which means I often spent a lot of time laying on the floor in booty shorts and a tank top, scrolling through websites about Congress, and watching videos about the political process.

“Christie,” a voice said from above me. Jenn stood over me, similarly dressed, handing me a soda she pulled from the fridge. I took it, grateful to have something cold to drink, while she laid on her stomach next to me, reading the screen. Taking a deep breath, she let it out as an exasperated sigh, “Why the fuck does he keep asking us to do these things? How does this shit apply to work in media?”

I shrugged, and said, “It doesn’t. But it’s a required course, so…”

“Well, how much do we have to read?” Matt chimed in. Rather than taking a spot next to his girlfriend, he practically got on top of her as he straddled her backside, and leaned forward with his chin on her shoulder. The three of us read over the contents of the screen. Our assignment for this week was to define the powers of the three branches of government and put it into an essay. But looking at the page, it was obvious we would need to start taking notes if we were going to keep track of it all.

“Ok,” I started, “how about I sift through it for the info we need, and you write it down?”

Jenn nodded and grabbed a notebook from a nearby spot on the floor. She sat up just outside my view. There were scribble sounds as she began labeling the page. I began dictating the powers of the Executive branch, while inwardly thinking to myself, ‘Jeez, Trump has the power to do all of this?’.

Half-way through the Legislative branch, I was starting to get really bored of reading. I rubbed my face, trying to wipe away any fatigue when I heard a huff. It barely caught my attention, but the second huff was much more noticeable. A quick glance over my shoulder and an anxious shock ran up from my stomach. I looked back at the screen again, not sure if I actually saw what I saw. One more slow, discreet look over my shoulder showed I was right. Matt’s pants had been pulled down, and my best friend Jenn was leaning over him with his cock in her mouth.

I look away again, wondering if they had seen me, but they make no audible reaction as far as I could tell. A nervous knot was beginning to develop in my stomach as I thought about what to do. Should I say something? Do I tell them to cut it out, and get back to the assignment? They’ve never done this while I was in the room before, so what was I supposed to do? My choices are either to keep reading and ignore them or keep watching.

Despite my usual tendencies, I felt a heat in my cheeks as I turned to discreetly watch them some more. I started taking in details I hadn’t noticed before, like how big Matt really was. I’ll admit he was thicker than I thought he’d be. Neither of them was looking my way so I couldn’t be sure if they knew I was watching or not. Jenn sure seemed to know what she was doing. She managed to fit a fair length into her mouth and swept her tongue around his head when she released him.

There was only so much I could see from my viewpoint, but I found myself getting excited by the show. I haven’t been laid in a couple months, and my desires were winning out against modesty. I absentmindedly humped the ground as I kept my torso propped up on my elbows. My thighs squirmed a little as I felt my arousal build up in my core. I never watched other people have sex, except in porn, but something about watching them was getting me hot. More so than the summer heat did.

I watched my friend reach into her booty shorts, and rub large circles over her mons and vulva. I inhaled sharply as the sight made my own vulva react with want. I’ve seen Jenn naked before, of course, but only ever in the shower. I’ve never seen her masturbate like this. With her hand moving against the soft, elastic material that rode up just to the base of her ass, her fingers parted the fabric just enough to catch glimpses of her wet vulva with each movement. Seeing her touch herself like that made me want to do the same. But doing so might catch their attention.

My thoughts at this moment were equal parts, ‘Did they want me to catch them?’ as well as, ‘Fuck, that’s hot!’

My own breaths were getting shallow and my cheeks flushed as I watched my friend move her mouth over and all around Matt’s length. Her pace and the small slurping noises would make you think she truly likes going down on her man like this. But with a hard cock like Matt’s, I can see why. Not that I wanted his cock, myself. Not really. But I could see why Jenn would want to keep dating his lazy ass.

Speaking of the lazy ass, Matt reached up to tug at her tank top, bringing it up her body inch by inch. As soon as he could get his fingers over the hem, he pulled the whole thing up until Jenn’s tits dropped out of her shirt. A nervous feeling immediately fluttered in my stomach when I looked at them, swaying under until her boyfriend started massaging one in his palm. I think Jenn likes it because her pacing has quickened a bit. I’m actually pretty surprised someone like Matt has lasted even this long.

I don’t know how much longer they went on for. Worrying when they would figure out I was watching them made every second feel much longer. But at some point, Jenn was done with having his prick in her mouth and slipped her booty shorts off. The nervous feeling in my stomach had just turned into a full-on knot that made my vulva muscles contract hard. As she straddled her man’s waist, I lost control for a single moment and let out a small gasp.

The two of them stopped for a moment to look back towards me, and in that instant, I was horrified by how awkward this was about to become. Yet, surprisingly, Jenn snickered and turned her head away. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how catching me watching them, right as the head of Matt’s dick rested on her bare labia could be considered funny, but my roommate, somehow, did.

She turned her head back towards me with a sideways glance and whispered, “Sorry…”

As that word left her lips, she reached under her hips, holding her man’s prick in place with her fingers as she lowered herself onto him, letting her cunt swallow his length whole. As it disappeared inside her, she let out a quivering moan. My mouth fell open as they proceeded to fuck in front of me, despite knowing that I was now watching. They didn’t care, they weren’t embarrassed. Hell, I’m not sure they were really trying to keep it a secret, to begin with! The worst thing of all was… I’m not sure that I minded.

Her hips rocked back and forth in Matt’s lap, and I found myself very turned on, and entranced, by the view of her ass gyrating as her man’s prick moved in and out of her. Matt’s dick made slick noises as his hips tilted upward in small thrusts each time Jenn came down onto him. Jenn’s arousal coated his length, giving it a small shine as the outside light reflected off it. Although Matt was letting out small, breathy moans, Jenn had completely given herself over the moment, and let her voice call out her lust. Modesty be damned.

My thighs squirmed and rubbed together as if they had a mind of their own. The two went at each other as if I wasn’t in the room at all. No humility or filter, whatsoever. I found myself in a strange place where I wanted to be both an onlooker watching this like live porn, and also a player in this carnal tryst. It wasn’t long before I gave up on awkwardness and decency. If they were going to get off, then to hell with it, so was I.

I rolled over and laid part-ways on my back propping my leg up so I could reach into my shorts. I hesitated at the hem, only for a moment, knowing this may be my last chance to just walk away from all of it. But I enjoyed it too much to stop now. My fingers slipped past the hem and felt the sensitive flesh of my vulva. I was so worked up already that even the smallest touches sent shocks of pleasure from my pelvis up along my body. Mentally, I told myself how crazy I was to be doing this.

My fingers rubbed against my arousal and moved slickly over my hood until I found my tiny pleasure nub. My thigh shook the first couple times my finger moved over it, but I found myself too distracted by my roommates to care. As the hunger filled up inside me, I started to crave what they had. I wanted to join them in their tryst, but also not with them. I wanted to feel Jenn’s fingers rub my clit while I rode Matt’s cock, but at the same time, not know it was either of them doing it. It was complicated, but I think what I really wanted was the eroticism and thrill without the idea of what it would inevitably become.

As the thought of someone else inside me pervaded my mind, my fingers followed suit, sliding inside of me. I wished for something bigger than two fingers but was grateful to have something. Looking down at my crotch, I could see the stretchy fabric of my shorts stretch and shrink again as I fingered myself towards an impending climax. Jenn had started picking up speed, and brought her hips down into her man’s lap a bit harder, making some lewd slapping noises as she did. I think her climax was quickly approaching as well.

As my best friend came closer to orgasm, my fingers moved faster, furiously fingering myself as I tried to catch up with her. My face and chest were already feeling hot, and my breathing was labored by holding back my own moans. I was almost towards the edge when I caught Matt’s gaze look away from his girlfriend, and turn towards me. I hated the idea of him getting off to watching me, as well as fucking Jenn. Even more so, I hated the idea of him thinking I was the one getting off to his cock. Chances were, I was going to have to deal with that at a later time.

Jenn turned her head slightly towards me, just enough for me to see her eyes side-glance at me. My fingers slowed as I felt her peeking at me. Her breaths became deeper, heavier, as she watched me. I could see her gaze traveling all over my body, moving more intently the longer she watched. When I realized why, I pulled my hood back, and started rubbing my tiny pleasure nub again. This time, not holding anything back.

They wanted to get caught, to be watched, to have someone they knew closely to be there when they did, like me. They wanted the excitement of exhibitionism, and I was to be their voyeur. As Jenn’s voice rose into what was about to be the crescendo of her climax, Matt groaned from beneath her and flexed his hips as he was first to finish things up. Jenn managed to keep it going for a few seconds before Matt was bowed out. With her man still inside her, she reached down and frantically worked to finish the job, rubbing her fingers quickly over her mons and clitoris.

Rather than focus on the task at hand, she looked right at me, watching as I watched her. Our eyes met, and I think it was clear, the two of us were now quickly reaching orgasm, getting off to one another. I can’t say for sure, but the moment my torso clenched and my eyes closed as I rocked my fingers straight into a strong orgasm, I’m pretty sure Jenn did too. I know I heard the husky cry she let out when she orgasms. The same one I heard many times from their bedroom. Knowing she was making that cry for me, my hips spasmed in the last few seconds of climax, causing me to loudly cry out, “FUCK!”

I stopped abruptly and let my body go limp. I’ve taken as much as I was sure my body could take. My chest heaved with rapid breaths as the rest of me felt as limp as dough. For what could have been several minutes, I didn’t move and nobody said anything. I came down from my high and it started to hit me what had just transpired. That nervous knot from before was starting to tighten in my stomach again, but I had to look up at some point. To some amount of relief, they had already nearly finished getting dressed again.

I felt some burning redness in my cheeks as I rolled back on my belly, facing away from them, and tried to put what just happened out of my mind. I wasn’t ashamed of what I did, just more embarrassed than anything. I was pretending to go back to reading the assignment material on the laptop when Jenn sat next to me, “So… about what happened.”

“Nooope,” I said immediately, “I’m so not ready to have that conversation right now.”

I got up and stormed off into the bedroom. My legs felt awkwardly wet, so I searched the drawers for a clean pair of shorts to put on. Once I had, I slipped the old pair off. Before putting on the new pair, I noticed just how much of a mess I had made inside the old pair. What had happened in there created a mess of arousal the likes of which I’ve never had before. Did I really enjoy watching my friends fuck that much? The thought of watching them again made the smallest contraction in my core. Maybe, the next time they come in here for some intimacy, I’ll pop in for another show.

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