Calling all writers of erotica and smut!

Like me, I’m sure all of you have a source of writing inspiration that creates the stories you are most proud of. For some, it’s a picture, a memory, another story that evokes your own imagination. For me, some of my best stories have been made possible because of a fantasy. Either my own or someone else’s. When I write a story, I never know how the people reading it are going to react, and I can occasionally get writer’s block from that kind of anxiety. But if I write something based on a fantasy someone has given me, I know, at the very least, that person might like it. It’s easier to get started if I have something to go on. More than a one-word prompt, but enough room to allow me some creativity.

That’s the kind of challenge I’d like to present to everyone now. I want to help you flex your creative and writing muscles by sharing prompts that are based on fantasies, rather than words. I was inspired to do this by prompt challenges like #WickedWednesday and #Storyin12. Though I’ve never participated in these challenges, I love reading the stories they evoke. I do want to try those as well, and may still take part in the future. Because every writer has a different method, some things work better for certain people more than others, and this challenge is all about taking a new approach. So, I challenge the writers of smut everywhere, old and new, to push their writing skills further. Join me for #FantasySmutFriday!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Each week, I’ll provide a prompt in the form of a fantasy. Sometimes a simple one, sometimes it’s something more specific.
  2. Using this prompt, craft a flash erotica(~1,000 words or more, up to you) story that satisfies this fantasy. The style, events, characters, and plot are all up to you, so long as it brings the fantasy to life.
  3. When you finish, post the story to your site, or a site where you post your stories, with the tag #FantasySmutFriday.
  4. Share your sexy story on Twitter(if you like) and comment on the post with a link to your entry. On the next week’s prompt, I’ll include the links to the stories from the previous week’s prompt. Sound good?

I’m really hoping this will catch on and challenge the talented and sexy writers of our community to get their creative juices flowing, and maybe even inspire some new stories. I look forward to reading everyone’s work!

Be sure to include this image as well, if you so desire.

Right-click and “Save As” to copy this to your computer.

This image is CC0 and edited by me, who gives you express permission to use it without the need for attribution or credit

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