“The Neighborhood Swappers” by Roslyn Hetrick – A Review


It’s always interesting to me how no two authors I read from ever have similar styles, or approaches, to their erotica. And I mean this in a good way when I talk about the smut writers I admire. Most recently, Roslyn Hetrick, just to name one. There’s a combined moment when you discover how one author chooses to portray the events that tantalize their mind, and the moment you realize you’re fancy is about to be tickled in a way you haven’t enjoyed yet. Some would call this an ‘A-ha’ moment, but I prefer to call it my ‘Oh, damn’ moment.

The book I chose to review is another collection of shorter books bundled up into one, which I chose mainly because this was a mini-series I wanted to read all the way through. And trust me, you will want to as well. “The Neighborhood Swappers” is a continuing story of Lindsey Monroe and her nephew, Lane. Being new to Shady Oaks, they are very quickly welcomed by their new neighbors, Greg and Beth Largent, and are promptly invited to mingle at their pool. What follows is a salacious series of events leading to partner swapping, seduction, and cocaine-fueled debauchery.

The story certainly catches you by surprise as each scene develops further with unexpected twists and sudden escapades of smut. Despite having only just met, the Monroes and Largents form chemistry very quickly and move on each other as if they have been long-acquaintanced. While some may see the use of drugs as controversial, it doesn’t detract from the fact of how well-defined and accurate its inclusion is. I don’t use cocaine myself, so I was surprised to see what kinds of effects it had on those who did.

Something I really have to commend the writer on is their use of description. Roslyn Hetrick has done an incredible job of describing the little details of select foreground details to help you sink into the story, and feel like you can really experience what the characters see, without making you feel like the words are dragging out for length. The prose is very enjoyable as well, using vocabulary that’s richer and more descriptive, but not so vague as to confuse you to its meaning. If there’s to be complained about, I can only fault the sentence length. Many sentences ran on quite long and probably could have been broken up into shorter sentences. In some cases, there have been 80+ word sentences that could have been broken down into a whole paragraph.

“The Neighborhood Swappers: Volume 1” culminates into a great three-part story including partner-swapping, a foursome, and even an incestuous scene developed throughout all three parts. I would absolutely recommend this book for any reader of the more wild smut that’s out there. If you’d like to get a copy for yourself, I’ll leave a link to the Amazon page below. As well as a link to Roslyn Hetrick’s Twitter if you’d like to follow her work. You should also check out her website, Ethical Smut, where she shamelessly explores her favorite taboo erotica for your enjoyment!

“The Neighborhood Swappers: Volume 1” on Amazon

Roslyn Hetrick on Twitter


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