A New Sensation

I know I haven’t published a story since August, and this probably won’t be my best work. Sometimes you just need to push past the wall so you can get going again. If this piece of flash erotica isn’t your cup of tea, I understand. But I do hope you enjoy it, anyway. Hopefully, I’ll have much more for you to read very soon. Enjoy!

A tell-tale sound of a plastic card quickly inserted and removed from an electronic door lock heralded the imminent opening of the motel door. Not that there was anyone there to hear the announcement. The door swung open with a chipper woman in a cheap uniform as she strode in first, with her associate pulling a small cart inside the drab room. The motel wasn’t particularly impressive. A lax smoking policy meant yellowing walls and a stale odor that never seemed to leave, along with generic artwork bolted to the wall that one might guess was purchased from a yard sale. It wasn’t as though this motel was popular, or made a ton of money, but it was cheap.

The associate, a man with an equally-lousy, dark brown, uniform started his routine of squirting the surfaces with a clear cleaning spray and quickly wiping them down, ensuring small amenities were positioned just as their supervisor often heckled them to do. He turned back just in time to see his partner lay in a used bed with the blankets and the top sheet pulled back. He gave her a weird look as he placed the cleaning supplies back on the cart, “You sure you wanna sit there?”

She looked up as she sprawled out on the wrinkled sheets and stretched her limbs, “I just want to take a break. Why? Are you worried about what happened in this bed last night? Oooh, how scandalous!”

She was being childish, but that was just the woman he came to know after so many months working together. Though she had a handful of years on him, you would think she was a bit younger than he was. Shaking off the smart-assed comment, he continued into the bathroom to change out the towels, and called out from within, “Well, don’t take long. If we’re behind on our rotation, ‘The Dick’ is gonna have our asses again.”

‘The Dick’ was the nickname they affectionately gave their supervisor, behind his back, and who happened to be named Richard.

“I won’t be long, I just need a few minutes,” she replied. As he walked back out into the room, dirty towels in hand, he caught her pulling up the skirt of her uniform, and tugged her stockings down.

“What are you doing?” he asked, dropping the towels into the basket.

Getting the stockings past her knees and off her feet, she spoke ever-so-casually, “I figured we should try something new. It might be fun!”

Her associate shook his head defiantly, “No, Cass. You know full-fucking-well that I’m married.”

The look she gave him when she paused midway was quite taken aback. Almost offended, she barked back, “Well, I didn’t ask you to fuck me, now did I?”

“Then why did you say ‘we’?”

A playful smile grew on her face as she pulled off her panties and laid back against the pillow, “I just want you to watch. You’re allowed to do that, aren’tcha?” the charming southern California slang was clear in her voice whenever she teased him on the job. She threw her panties at him and parted her legs, giving him an unrestricted view of her as she reached down between her thighs.

Her fingers moved through the trimmed patch of hair on her mound and quickly found their target, rubbing up and down against her. They captured his gaze and caused him to freeze in disbelief of the display before him. She watched him as well, trying to build the cyprine arousal that complimented the matted sheen of sweat on her thighs. The way her fingertips performed showed this was not for teasing or encouragement, she was working towards reaching her peak quickly.

The room already began to fill with a heady musk that made her partner’s head swim with inappropriate thoughts. Thoughts he shouldn’t have, but couldn’t resist picturing. He was faithful, and yet, the way she opened herself for his eyes had him picturing his own length slide up and against her vulva, before pushing the tip inside her. He could have walked away and finished his routine, but instead, reached in front of him to caress the growing bulge in his brown, polyester-blend, slacks.

He felt a twisting feeling in his gut, a feeling worry and shame. The more he watched, the heavier she breathed, the stronger her musk filled his nostrils, the less he could resist his hand from giving himself pleasure in return.

“This isn’t any different from porn,” he tried to convince himself, “or watching a stripper at the club.”

It didn’t cease the feeling in his gut, but it encouraged him to reciprocate as he unzipped his pants, and freed himself from his boxers. Her eyes dropped down to his pants quickly and intently focused on the image of the prick he stroked not more than four feet from her.

“Oh, did the big boy wanna stroke his big-boy cock?” she teased him, “fucking stroke it for me, then.”

Her voice grew into something aggressive as she started to whimper to her own growing climax. With her free hand placed at the back of her head for support, she gave him a little glimpse of her swelling vulva spread open for him before pressing the tips of her fingers within and sliding them up against the hood of her clitoris. She watched him as though she needed to see him get off as much as he did for her.

As much as he enjoyed watching her, however, the mix of shock, worry, and excitement, he wouldn’t last long before pushing the edge. He worried he’d look like a two-pump chump as his face clenched, and his torso slumped forward as small spurts shot forth from the tip, and landed on the bed sheets. The reaction from his associate on the bed was almost instantaneous.

“Oh, fuck,” she cried out, “fucking cum for me!”

A few, long, seconds after, he watched as she arched her back and writhed with her hand over her mouth in a muffled orgasm. Her thighs shook as she roughly rubbed herself in tight circles, bringing her orgasm to its crest, then releasing. She fell flat on the bed and didn’t move until she could catch her breath. As she did, her partner put his business away and quickly checked the window behind the curtain to ensure The Dick wasn’t coming to check on them.

“What the hell was that all about?” he asked, turning his head back to her. She didn’t answer him but did get out of bed to put her undergarments back on.

“You’re lucky we didn’t get caught, you know Dick likes to micromanage,” he scowled, “just… don’t make a habit out of that. Please?”

“Fine,” she sighed, “now, are you gonna help me change these sheets, or not?”

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “A New Sensation

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  1. That man has conviction! I don’t know that I could simply have gotten myself off if asked to watch someone else…but it would be seriously hot. That’s gonna change things between them for sure, poor guy. Great little story!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That was a sexy quickie! I like that you brought the sense of smell into it.
    I found the sleazy room and all the talk of cleaning materials a bit of a dampener, but that’s just me. I get that the contrast of sexy and everyday is quite erotic for many also the the juxtaposition of ordinary and illicit can be a turn on.

    Liked by 1 person

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